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Last Chance on Iran

I don’t think sanctions are going to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. I think only our F-16s will. But it’s worth trying sanctions until we absolutely have to choose the military option.

Obama has one more shot at making sanctions work. It involves an aircraft carrier

The Defense Authorization bill that he recently signed created an oil export embargo against Iran through restrictions on dealings with Iran’s national bank. Obama insisted on language in the bill that allows for waivers that could keep Iran’s oil flowing. And Obama released a signing statement saying, in essence, that he doesn’t have to enforce the provisions if he doesn’t want too.

Is Iran afraid of this guy? No, not the guy on the left.

In order to make sanctions work, Obama must do two things. He must ignore these caveats, and he must send an aircraft carrier through the Strait of Hormuz.

Why the latter?

Because Iran has threatened to attack the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier if it returns to the Persian Gulf. The carrier recently left the Gulf and steamed through the Strait of Hormuz into the North Arabian Sea.

Obama must buttress the sanctions by showing that the military card is on the table and that he is not cowed by Iranian threats. He should immediately turn the Stennis around and have it sail right back through the Strait with flags flying and speakers blaring John Phillips Sousa marches.

This will let Iran know that the Old Obama, who begged for negotiations and asked politely for our downed drone back, is gone, and the New Obama is willing to enforce the new sanctions and blow up Iran’s nukes if the sanctions don’t work.

Unfortunately, my suspicion is that the Old Obama is still with us.

25 Responses to Last Chance on Iran

  1. In my opinion, there is no old or new Obama. There is only the charming chameleon who promised hope and change before he pulled off his mask to expose the despotic narcissist Obama. Obama is an evil and dangerous man who would rather impose harsh sanctions on America and blow up our economy before he takes any action against Iran.

    • Who is advising him? Look at the people he has surrounded himself with since before he was fraudulently elected Senator. Socialists, Communists, and extreme radicals of all shapes and sizes. He isn’t in the game to help America prosper and be a force for good in the future. He’s in it to take her down, to create mass chaos, discontent, class and generational warfare, destroy all of the institutions that exist to give people opportunities to thrive and survive themselves, and help establish a one world government ruled by the self-appointed, leftwing, arrogant elitist’s who believe they are gods and therefore have the authority and right to determine how everything in the world is to be.

  2. If I were the guy in charge, there would be 3 carrier battle groups parked IN the area, one in the Persian Gulf, one in the Gulf of Oman and one in the Arabian Sea. Just because.

  3. Calling the Iranian bluff would be the easiest thing in the world. However, it takes an intestinal fortitude that is sorely lacking in this administration.

  4. The campaigner in chief has no stomach, no cujones, no spine, nothing. All talk and no substance and the entire world knows it. Like Al Gore inventing the internet, Obama got bin Laden. Big effing deal. The Iranians have no fear, they talk the trash and even if they are eventually forced to ratchet down the rhetoric they have already shown that Owimpy will not act decisively or with any fortitude. Hell, he just gave a spy drone to the Iranians, Chinese and the Russians. Turn that carier around and sail it right up to Iran’s doorstep. Not gonna happen.

  5. It’s coming soon, today the EU agreed to a oil embargo as well, to back up are sanctions.I believe the meetings over finalizing things is between the 23rd to the 26th of January.
    Also were moving several thousand troops to Israel at the end of the month along with setting up the THAD systems
    While I agree that the carrier needs to turn around, but dont look for it to go far, as there are 2 more strike groups sailing in that direction.

  6. The “old Obama is still with us”? Why would you expect a “new” Obama? Hasn’t he proven that his corruption, incompetence, criminal activities and treason go unanswered? Hasn’t he proven he is a pathological liar who has used Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals methods to incrementally lead us into the goals outlined in the Communist Manifesto? Hasn’t he proven he is on the side of Islam and against Israel and Christians? Hasn’t he proven he doesn’t give a hoot about the rule of law, the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, and clearly espouses the ideology of the true believer in first Socialism, the bridge between capitalism, and pure Communism? He is on the side of America’s enemies, pure and simple.

  7. No Old Obama. No New Obama. Just the Same Obama leading us merrily down the garden path to our downfall. Obama isn’t going to deal with Iran, not if he can help it. He will waffle along as long as he can with his head firmly planted in the sand, singing “la-la-la-la, re-elect me, my work isn’t done…”