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Bachmann: Obama is a Socialist

Michele Bachmann ended her presidential campaign, criticizing President Obama’s “socialist” policies and saying this election may be the last chance to keep the United States off the road to socialism.

In an emotional but decidedly determined and non-weepy withdrawal speech, Bachmann said the founding fathers were watching, casting the election as a referendum on whether the country will continued to uphold their values.

28 thoughts on “Bachmann: Obama is a Socialist”

      1. Vote him out, or, set term limits and make them retroactive.
        So, anyone that has held office over and above the limits established have to refund the $ benefits for the time spent in office over the limit to the SS fund.
        Is that fair ?
        What a concept !

      1. Heard he has a primary challenger for the first time in years. Don’t have any details on the challenger, but he supposedly has links to the Tea Party.

        1. The gentleman who is currently being touted as running against Boehner is David Lewis–we wrote to him and asked him if he could specifically tell us which OH Tea Party group he belongs to and here is his reply:

          Hello ***** ****,

          I would be happy to tell you which Tea Party organization I am involved
          with. I help produce the largest Tea Party show that there is, it is
          called “The Voice of Resistance”. You can view the show Monday thru
          Friday at 4:30pm at The show gets over a million
          unique views per month. You can see if it is broadcast in your area here:

          There are many “Tea Party” bloggers out there that question whether I am a
          member of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is an idea. The idea is fiscal
          responsibility, limited government, and free markets. I believe in this
          idea. The reason that some Tea Party members are questioning me is
          because I am also a pro-life activist, and they don’t believe that I
          should speak out against legalized child-killing. Just to let you know,
          even pro-lifers are speaking out against me, calling John Boehner
          pro-life. When running for office attacks come from every direction. I
          am happy that you asked me about my Tea Party affiliation. Specific
          “bloggers” out there just wrote articles about me saying I am not a Tea
          Party member without even asking me about my affiliations first.

          God bless you,

          David Lewis

          Not sure, but back in Sept 2011, heard that he was not (at that time) living in Boehner’s distract (OH-8) but that could have changed by now.

          Fox Nation recently had an article on him (a few months late as this info was circulating around the web in late summer 2011):

          The good news–Boehner is being challenged.
          The bad news (from around the grapevine here in OH)–he’ll probably be re-elected hands down.

  1. Sorry to see her go but knew she didn’t stand a chance. The Republican Party machine has already determined who their candidate will be, Mitt Romney, so the others may as well hang it up as well.

    That means we have to either put up with another four years of quick destruction of the country (Obama) or slower destruction of the country (Romney).

    1. You make a very good point about the GOP machine “determining who their candidate will be”–but does that have to be who, “We the People” vote for–are we “sheeple” who will blindly go along with the GOP–I think not. We need to be more vocal and show our family, friends, neighbors the truth about who/what these candidates (BHO as well as GOP) are. We have let the politicians tell us what the agenda is rather than “We the People” telling our elected officials, who are suppose to work for us, what WE want, the path WE want our country to take–and as seen lately–they aren’t listening so we have no choice but to vote them out of office if they are not truly representing what WE (the majority of Americans) want. Saw a great bumper sticker the other day, “You can’t fix stupid so vote it out of office”!

    1. …I think “Marxists” openly torture & murder any of their ‘opponents’…?
      But after the “2012 Election” I would not be surprised by anything the ‘Obama camp’ could try…

  2. God’s blessings to Michelle. On the up side, she can go back to congress and continue to speak out, stand up and fight back for you and me–I hope she calls on Americans to come to the Capital (to protest) more and more (like she did for healthcare)–thank you Michelle.

  3. Of course MrO is a least a socialist; he admits it with his plan to reward those who work hard, to redistribute the wealth of the few, and every other wack-a-doodle anti-capitalist, marxist plan that the White House can spew forth.
    I listened to her speech. Very impressive lady.

      1. I felt as though she had the strongest convictions of all the candidates, and expect that she will keep up the good fight.
        She loves the USA too much for her to give up

    1. Mark Levin was trying to find a word to describe all the different flavors of leftist ideology for his fantastic book “Liberty and Tyranny”. He said he was reading some Aristotle and there it was — statist. Then again…Mark has also said Obama is a Marxist. Can’t wait for the release of his new book “Ameritopia” – already have two copies pre-ordered.

  4. As a side note (and a curious one at that)–was wondering why this ad is on this website:

    Defend Elizabeth Warren
    Stop Rove’s Group from Smearing Warren’s Name. Sign Our Petition!


    It appears directly under the article/Just curious–thanks!

      1. Didn’t think you chose them as–thanks for the clarification–incidentally, if you wait long enough, an ad for Rush Limbaugh pops up after the Elizabeth Warren one, so I guess, at least they are bi-partisan-lol!!!

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