In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Officially Abandons Governing

While President Obama was in Hawaii, the White House put out word that he has stopped being president.

Instead, he plan to resume his preferred role as presidential campaigner. Meantime, the country will be run by . . . no one.

Obama will now be able to devote himself fully to the things he loves best – campaigning during the week and golfing on Sunday.

In a startling interview with the New York Times, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest all but acknowledged that Obama was finished with the presidency until he wins it again.

“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012,” Mr. Earnest said at a briefing, “the president is no longer tied to Washington, DC”

The president is no longer tied to Washington DC? Are Congress and Obama going to take their act on the road and make laws in Cincinnati? We’re finished legislating for the year?

“There are certainly other things the president would like to do,” Mr. Earnest said, citing other provisions of the jobs bill. “But in terms of essential, must-do items, the payroll tax cut extension is the last one.”

So, the economy is stalled, millions are out of work, and there are no more “must do” items, other than the president’s reelection?

I have to give the White House credit for putting its card on the table. This is certainly a record-setting level of Chutzpah they are displaying. I called the Guinness Book of World Record, in fact, and they agreed to publish it immediately.

I wish there more jobs around where you could just announce that you were taking the rest of the year off.

Obama starts campaigning immediately upon returning from Hawaii, engaging in some kind of video hookup with Iowa Democratic Caucusgoers today and traveling to Cleveland Wednesday.

Sure, it’s a political year, and Congress is full of Republicans out for Obama’s scalp. But that doesn’t mean you abandon serious effort to pass legislation.

But what fun would legislating be? It would take awkward, tedious meetings with members of Congress, putting politics aside, cutting back on trips to Ohio – all the things Obama hates!!

It would require leadership.

Bill Clinton signed welfare reform in August 1996, reaching agreement with a Congress full of Repulicans who were out for his scalp. And it was good for the country. And few months later, he was reelected.

This year, the White House has telegraphed, we will not see Obama do much that is good for the country. And so, we may well not see him reelected either.

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  1. Since when has he “governed” anyway? His so-called presidency has been
    a fallacy all along.. nothing but self indulgences & thuggery.The GOP nominee should better take full advantage of obambo’s folly.. If not then woe to us!

  2. Well, duh. It’s most pressing that we get that $20 a week. He does that, and imagine what his commercials will be like!!!!!!

    Zombie wants us to draft someone else (outside of the current field) to save us from Obama until 2017 – when he would step down following his second term.

    2017, folks.

  3. This country can’t get this worthless POS out of office fast enough. If he’s not going to perform his job as president for the next year, do not pay him for the next year, and get him the heck out of the White House. The tax paying public is straddled with the upkeep on the White House, and if we have an absentee tenant, he needs to be gone !!!! Not next January, but NOW !!!!

  4. At what point does impeachment become an option ? For both Obama and Biden ? A vote of no confidence would be a good start. Aren’t there any normal Democrats left? (Most of us left the party after the 2008 kerfuffle). Not only is Obama giving the Presidency the finger, but he’s putting our economy and national security in grave danger :(

      1. Let’s start with the oath for starters….

        “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  5. Since he does not want to be POTUS the folks with the pursestrings should pull them very tight. No more AF-1, or White House dinners, or vacations for the Ms & children at taxpayer expense.
    Make sure each and every minute away from DC is charged to the Democratic National Committee or his personal slush fund.
    Hell, make him refund the 4 Mil they just blew on Hawaii.
    In other words, make him realize he is not indispensible.

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  7. No more snide swipes at Cantor, microphone grabs after tragedies, trips to the Straw Man Store, demonization of Republicans, the nose in the air, the Socratic so-called “discussions” with the other side, no more Skippy trying to splain…just the press love-ins and the fakey bounding on and off stage? Oh, man–this is not good news. I guess we have to comfort ourselves in our empty malls and food banks with AssPress stories about “:encouraging signs.”

  8. “In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012,” Mr. Earnest said at a briefing, “the president is no longer tied to Washington, DC”
    I think what he meant was that Little Barry is finished with congress period. Whether he gets re-elected or not he will continue to be disconnected from the American people and he will keep doing the same things he has been doing for the past 3 years which is to “dine” on fancy sh!t, play golf, spout meaningless drivel and diss America.

  9. This from the man who stated “he would not rest until Americans are back to work”. Suppose work to him is collecting unemployment and sitting around the kitchen table wondering how to pay the bills.

  10. At first I thought this had to be another satire article. Sadly, it’s not. Obama continues to show us he’s the worst POTUS ever. I hope and pray the people of America give him the pink slip he so deserves… if not an impeachment first.

  11. We can only hope that your conclusion is correct. However, with the clowns that we have jockeying for position in the GOP in Iowa this very day, I fear that Obumbo will nearly walk right back into the office he is abandoning for the next 11 months. And if by some miracle he should be defeated, the imagination cannot even approach the havoc he will be able to effect by executive order, between election and inauguration day.

    1. And here is the thing. I have read so many posts by people saying if so and so (fill in a name) is the GOP nominee, I will not vote or I will vote for Obama if so and so (again fill in a name) gets the nomination. WRONG answer. Whoever the GOP nominee is, we have to take him or her for bettter or for worse and vote for them. Otherwise the communist disaster that is currently stinking up the WH will have 4 more years to wreak havoc on the nation.

      1. Veritas…you are absolutely correct. Please know that which ever “clown” gets the GOP nomination, gets my vote in November. The entire field is vastly superior to Barry Hussein Obama-Soetoro-Obama. The voting strategies you describe are a fool’s game. And now is not the time for a third party candidate, either. Although if Barry does win re-election, November 7, 2012 would be a good time to get the ball rolling on a legitimate third party.

      2. Agree…
        Im a passoniate student of history and Obama is making things damn scary in America (1776-2013?)
        I pray the Republicans find a 21st century Lincoln, TR or Reagan… but to DEFEAT the neo-socialist Obama 2012 WE NEED TO VOTE GOP THIS NOVEMBER…

  12. I had a big laugh this morning when I saw Yahoo’s New Headline…”Obama shifts focus to re-election”. He has not stopped campaigning since he sought the Senate seat. He announced his bid for the presidency less than 6 months after arriving in the Senate. If he gets re-elected he might have a nervous break down considering he can not hold office for a 3rd term There would be no reason to campaign Campaigning is his drug. Getting on center stage with the spotlight is his fix. ..

  13. I think he thinks he doesn’t need Congress because he plans to rule by issuing two or three “directives” each week. Is this a synonym for executive orders?

    If those efforts fail, the White House says, Obama’s re-election year will focus almost exclusively on executive action.

    Earnest said Obama will come out with at least two or three directives per week, continuing the “We Can’t Wait” campaign the administration began this fall, and try to define Republicans in Congress as gridlocked and dysfunctional.


    If this NYT article came from the same interview, why didn’t the reporter mention the statements about executive directives?

    1. Manny,

      I do not know if anyone notices but Congress is still in session pro proforma. Every two-three days they open and then adjoin. They do this to prevent Obama from making recess appointments.

  14. Did he ever do it in the first place? I must have been off sick that day. I’d say he’s really got a set but that would we be wrong. Those are firmly in Michelle’s

        1. I can’t decide which would be worse for our relationship with Israel: another term for BHO in which he would not be constrained by his need for liberal Jewish voters or, Ron Paul who has shown himself countless times to be a hater of that nation and those here who support it.

          1. At least with Paul Israel would know where they stood, as opposed to the lies and misdirection they get from the current pres.

            I don’t like Paul, don’t get me wrong, just adressing your comment :)

          2. And, Iran would know where it stood with that jerk. It doesn’t take too much of a stretch of my imagination to see him GIVING them enough enriched uranium to build at least five nukes!

          3. In no particular order: it’s a representative democracy in a sea of either “secular” despots or theocracies; it’s home for a people who damn-near were wiped out about 65 years ago but who fought back with sheer grit, and who have won every single war launched against it by numerous nations who have sworn to wipe if off the map and it’s a producer of high-tech goods that have enriched the world.

            This list is incomplete but, I reckon you get my gist.

  15. Thanks for confirming this…it was bound to happen but I did not think so soon….America, wake up and get to work to defeat this poor excuse for a man, much less POTUS.

  16. I thought this was satire.

    Now, I’m just confused, but I think he means that he is done pretending to use the forms of our government to achieve his goals. Congress has dismayed him by not capitulating to his charm.

    He and his administration have made it clear that they don’t follow the laws that they don’t like, e.g., immigration, and will use any situation in a petty way to achieve their goals and irritate their opponents, e.g., cutting border guards and blaming it on Republican actions. Every power is a power to be used not in accordance with law, custom, and tradition, but to eke out any advantage for Obama’s side of the issue.

    If he isn’t elected will he declare himself king?

  17. Mr Koffler i clearly understand that you are against all things Obama and feed red meat to the ill informed conservative masses on a daily basis but even for a right wing pundit this is terrible. The President of the United States no matter his party or race does not run the country. He or she is head of one branch of a tripartite government in this case the Executive. For a man who panders to those who want America governed by the Constitution you seem to forget that document to suit your ideological needs.

    What you have done here is of the worst types of yellow journalism but, alas, this is what those more interested in hating the man in the White House than fixing America’s problems adore.

    Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

      1. Quite a snooty lecture from the “titled” one.. ya think?

        cavalor, i can only think of one person who is impressed with your
        poop… and that would be yourself !

      1. Uh, Cav baby, read again please. The interview was done with a WH Deputy Press Secretary by the NY Times. The part about Little Barry not being engaged with Congress came from the WHDPS lips.
        The reason that a large part of America loathes Sir Barry is that he has taken our country down the road to perdition and we do not want to go there. He made a huge mistake by thinking that he could hypnotize the enitre country into his “fundamental change” baloney.
        BTW, how do you say bugger off in Latin? That’s what we are going to say to Little Barry later this year.

        1. Veritas,

          And I agree with Mr Obama’s strategy that he should aid the American middle class all he can without enlisting the aid of Congress. The main reason so many Americans dislike the 44th President is because they are ill informed, bigoted or some admixture of the two. The first African American president would have gotten a tough time from the GOP even if he had been a Republican. Put him in the Democratic party and you can see the manner of treatment that a President all should have rallied around gets.

          Lastly my salutation is not Latin it is Hellac.

          1. *The main reason so many Americans dislike the 44th President is because they are ill informed, bigoted or some admixture of the two. The first African American president would have gotten a tough time from the GOP even if he had been a Republican.*

            You, sir, are the racist if by “bigoted” you mean “racist”.

            BHO is a Communisty, plain and simple. I have studied the man since 2008, and as a former member of the CPUSA, I know one when I see one.

            As for that last sentence of yours I quoted, take a look at Rep. Alan West.

          2. Ms Manners by bigoted I did mean bigoted. This word and racist have two full different meanings as all racists are bigots but not all bigots are racists. And as For Alan West he is just a member of the House and your need to point to him as an example of a black Republican meakes my point as you say “in spades.” Me West is not and never will be the President because the GOP will never have a black, gay or female nominee in your lifetime.

          3. My own political leaning which because of my position I rarely have to discuss is Socialist. Moreover, I say that and wear it as a badge of honor. I feel that Jesus Christ was a Socialist in his time and while I disagree, bitterly, with many who now do evil via the power of his Church I do feel he was a great man possibly the most compassionate Socialist to ever live. So, my desire to see every family fed, clothed sheltered and doing some work that benefits society and taken care of by the State in their time of illness and old age is antithetical to you and your ilk because it makes your taxes go up. Therefore, conservatives are more in love with money, the very root of all evil, than they love their brethren and care for his or her good will? How is this following what Christianity espouses?


    1. <>



      Did you even read the NYT article? You also might want to read the article I linked in my first post on this thread. BHO plans to rule by “directives”.

      1. Mr Koffler i clearly understand that you are against all things Obama and feed red meat to the ill informed conservative masses on a daily basis but even for a right wing pundit this is terrible.


        What you have done here is of the worst types of yellow journalism


        1. Did you read the article I linked in my first post on this thread?

          Keep up with the snide comments, Cavalor. I’m quickly developing a soft spot for you.

          1. Cav responding to Mandy about how ignorant and bigoted she is and how disgustingly redneckkie she is and that she probably hasn’t even graduated graduate school and how disgusting and dimwitted and narrow minded all conservatives are and how pathetic and ignorant they, not to mention how stupid they are are in 2..3..1..

          2. Cheryl i do not believe this at all. I know and associate with some very intelligent and well spoken conservatives and beyond that these people know that politics is the art of compromise no the brute tactic of getting your way all the time. Of course these people would not be conservative enough to many of you because they might be willing to give an inch on social issues to gain a mile in American prosperity.

            I know these issues are not connected but would you give up guns to pay less in taxes? Would liberals allow Christian churches more access to the political process if they paid taxes? Would you vote for gay marriage in your state if you knew it would lower unemployment? Just a few thoughts.

        1. That’s the thing Cav, the middle class is suffering, and largely at the hands of an imposter named Barack Obama who is not fit for high office and should never have been elected due to his socialist ideology and his lack of experience. Barack Obama cares about 2 things – his own comfort and enjoyment, and his re-election. Despite his constant and meaningless drivel to the contrary, he certainly does not care about the well being of American citizens. Most Americans do not give a rat’s butt what color the president is. They care only that we continue to live in freedom and prosperity. The whole racist thing is a fabrication of the Left Media and people who buy into the racist baloney are either stupid or deceived. Herman Cain is a perfect example of a Republican black man that could have had great success in politics were it not for the Left demonizing him because they were afraid (and rightly so) that he would have totally overwhelmed the weakling Barack Obama. Oh and one final thing; when I Googled Hellac, the only thing I could fine was “shellac.” In America we have a saying that a person or a team or whatever is going to get a good shellacing. I guess that will suffice to say of the upcoming presidential elections…we are going to give Little Barry Obama the shellacing of a lifetime.

          1. Veritas you read too many right wing blogs. Herman Cain is not fit to be the head of the New York City Department of Sanitation, much less President, not because of the color of his skin but because of his lack of character and intelligence . The main problem in America is that politics have become so polarized that it is more important to conservatives like you to replace Obama than it is to have a candidate that has real solutions to America’s problems. If you elect someone who makes the current economic situation worse I’m sure there will be those who have the resources who erect billboards with a smiling Barack Obama that ask the question, “Do you miss me yet?”

          2. “Herman Cain is not fit to be the head of the New York City Department of Sanitation, much less President, not because of the color of his skin but because of his lack of character and intelligence ”

            We believe the same thing can be said about Barack Obama (I will also add his lack of experience to the list) but for some unknown reason, only regressive liberals are allowed to feel that way, if we do we’re being racist.

          3. No cavalor, the main problem with AMERICA is we have
            distorted misfits like YOU who only want to take out your private jiihad on the true grit Americans who prefer to save it rather than see it crushed under your failed poopy theology!
            heww !.. can you make the wind blow the opposite way??
            .. its worse than camel dung!!!

          4. ol gator:

            True grit Americans??? Really??? America’s worse than it was when I left it last. The joke is on uou my friend. The mistake that the Founding Fathers made is that they created a template for Freedom for everyone eventually. They allowed for changes to be made to the Constitution that would one day assure actual equality not just equality and power for a chosen group. You people must be terrified based on your beliefs but honestly what has been taken away save for your “right” to tell others how to live their lives?

  18. Good to have you back Keith. You are a breath of fresh air coming from a cesspool of graft and corruption. I read the MSM articles and they report on his shenanigans as far as non-stop campaigning and unconstitutional bypassing of congress through executive orders and signing statements as though it’s nothing out of the ordinary…business as usual.

    Looks like he’s back on the campaign trail with another visit to Ohio tomorrow to campaign against that dastardly congress. Little do any of his starry-eyed teenage fans know, but Obama controls half of that congress with his little toady, Harry Reid, running offense against any and every piece of legislation the House puts forward. To make matters worse, nobody in the Republican leadership has the spine to stand up to him. There is a vacuum in leadership in DC, which doesn’t bode well for pulling America back from the abyss…

  19. He needs to pick up his toys and go home – back to the Hyde Park dump that apparently is not good enough for the royal couple anymore!

    This is unprecedented contrarion behavior and seems to be an impeachable offense – JMO!

  20. Keith – keep up the good work on your top notch reporting. It’s obviously hitting a nerve with the left – they’re on here calling the kettle black.

  21. If this is true, then MrO has given up all pretense of being Presidential and joining with Congress in addressing our problems. All of the polls show that MrO has lost the support of a majority of all citizens, they don’t expect him to win another term and are greatly disappointed in his policies.

    He’s going to spend the next 10 months travelling and campaigning until the last 44% of his supporters are sick of hearing and seeing him. His only campaign platform will be that no one does what he wants done, that the rich are the base of all our economic woes, and he needs 4 more years to finish whatever his goals might be.
    His fellow Dems who will also be running for re-election will shun him like a smelly goat at the dinner table.
    He’ll be on his own and should he be re-elected will have no friendly base in either chamber.
    He will be the lamest of all lame-duck Presidents.

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  23. So if ‘Obama is offically abandoning governing’ for the year… will the “Main Stream Media” report/look into that?
    I know the WH “press corps” is too weak & sycophant to challenge Obama about his lack of leadership… But come on! If Obama is flying to pep rallie$ every day and NOTHING is getting done and America goes to H#ll in 2012 do you think? the “media” might climb down from their elite NYC-DC liberal ivory towers and start to figure out that Obama has NO LEADERSHIP…?

  24. Doesn’t a Muslim man only need to declare ” I quit you” three times in a public square to be divorced? Is he asking for a divorce? If so, we should get the house, the plane, and the dog.

  25. You guys realize that once a president gets out of office, that they get a yearly lifetime pension, right? Even if they only serve a single term. They’re all set for a lifetime of luxury. T_T

  26. If Obama does nothing but campaign, he had better have a bit more enthusiasm than he did last night. He looked ridiculously lame telling his faithful that he needs one more term to get stuff done.

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  29. And it’s not like Obama has been a President much during the last 3 years. I hope more people start to see that Obama does not care about the country or the people, only about his own agenda.

  30. racist ilk?
    This is not about the color of anyone’s skin. It’s about how think the skin is. And your’s is about as thin as it can be without bleeding to death.
    Whining democrats are like the ghosts crying in the wind…useless cry babies. Grow up!

  31. Obama has ‘uniquely expressed himself’ many times to America .. him officially abandoning governing in 2012 is just another instance. Oh by the way what expression am i referring to? That would be holding up his middle finger over America. Obama is a closet Muslim, and has a deeply embedded hatred for American values, the American military and half of Congress. A few examples: the disastrous rapid drawdown of our troops out of Afghanistan almost caused General Petraeus to quit .. nice peachy relationship with our military leadership there ( Liberla and longtime Obama supporter MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has pretty much trashed Obama (at least in this interview), where he says from firsthand knowledge from Congressmen that Obama has no real relationship with Congress, they never hear from him personally, that Obama is more of a ‘virtual’ president obsessed with gaining inroads to voters via Facebook (am serious, Obama is really not in love with America .. he represents a concerted (worldwide) effort to fundamentally transform America, not in the way everyone thought he would, but into a socialist nanny state. He’s America’s enemy.

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