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Iran Blithely Disses the United States

Iran in recent days has conducted naval exercises in the Persian Gulf, threatened military action if a U.S. carrier returns to the Gulf, lobbed practice missiles in the air, and warned that sanctions the United States has imposed against the country could lead it to close the Strait of Hormuz.

Closing the Strait would be an act of war that would incur U.S. action to reopen it.

I think.

No – I know it’s an act of war. But I think the U.S. would act.

Because engaging in a plot to blow up embassies in the United States was also an act of war, but the Obama administration did nothing.

This is what you get when you are elected president and you have no experience for the job and you think really bad guys have a little nugget of gold somewhere in their heart of darkness.

Iran knows Obama is soft. Can anyone imagine this type of belligerence being directed at Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?

Obama assumed office on one knee, begging Ahmadinejad to show his reasonableness and talk about all this messy nuclear weapons stuff.

Ahmadinejad did this:

Ahmadinejad gives finger

And Obama still hasn’t gotten this very clear message.

Obama recently had to be dragged kicking and screaming into signing legislation that will finally force biting sanctions against Iran by targeting its central bank. Then, he threatened not to implement the provision.

When Iran shot down one of our spy planes, Obama, instead of going and taking it back or destroying it, asked the Iranians if they might return it.

Not sure, but I think he offerred to pay the postage.

These signs of weakness, coupled with our headlong retreats from Afghanistan and Iraq, are carefully noted and added up by the Iranians.

Obama, who has already cut the Defense budget by half a trillion and is threatening to double down, is not taken seriously in Tehran. The Mullahs are moving happily forward with their Mullahbomb nuclear program, fully convinced that we will do nothing about it.

With a little bit of determination and fortitude, which even Obama can probably summon, we can reopen the Strait of Hormuz, through which almost half the world’s oil supply flows.

Once Iran has a nuclear weapon – like, maybe next year – it will become a lot more complicated.

We can and must act militarily against Iran’s nuclear program. But that would require a quantity of determination and fortitude Obama will never amass. Particularly during an election year.

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  1. I honestly don’t think Obama cares about National Security. Who’s been advising him, other than his campaign team? If we go to war, it will be for re-election because voters don’t like to change horses in mid-stream, or something. Sigh.

    • “National Security Advisor” = my dream job. I think I have more interest, knowledge & ‘real world opinions’ of national security than anyone working for Obama.

  2. See the story below about abandoning governing. It didn’t start recently. He’s been voting present for three years. Every once in a while he wakes up long enough to pretend to take action (Osama Bin Laden). I don’t know how anyone who voted for him didn’t see how this was going to turn out. I wish I was wrong, but sadly, not.

  3. Keith, You are absolutely correct in your assessment of BHO and how he and the USA are perceived by our enemies! Americans need to realize that we are “NOT safe as a free Nation” under BHO’s ADM with his “war on the military and war on the economy”!

    When BHO took office, he “scuttled” the building of the European Defense Shield to protect our “once-upon-a-time” Allies. He is leaving the MidEast and Northern Africa wide-open to Islamic radicalists’ take-overs. His AG fights every Congressional inquiry into the “Islamazation of America” and the building of mosques in every college/university community in the country! (Over 2500 mosques built in North America in the past 25 years!)

    AG Holder is planning to release more terrorists from GITMO very soon. Before becoming AG, Holder’s DC law firm represented a number of detainees’ govts and gained release even though some returned to the War Zones and their Jihad against the US, Israel, Christians around the World.

    Anyone who travels internationally knows that other citizens of “free” nations around the World do NOT feel SAFE because of the shockingly WEAKENING actions of BHO regarding America’s military strength. When on vacation in the Caribbean, we met people from mostly European nations.
    Their question: What can YOU (Americans) do to remain FREE? What can WE (Europeans) do? What happened to your “Cowboy President”? jb

    • Good post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Our Cowboy President is doing what many Americans are doing themselves, arming his residence to the brim with rifles, pistols,ammo and other things needed for protection and survival against our enemies inside and outside our porous borders.

  4. What this little sand gnat needs is the old Texas Two-Step right across his face. Sadly, not a dance that Little Barry knows how to do.

  5. I did a “Predictions” posting on my blog on Jan. 1, and as far as the Mid-East and central Asia, we will have lost all that we have fought for and had thousands die for due to Obama’s inability to see past his own persona.

    I do think Israel will take out Iran’s nuke facilities very soon, and it will be done with a “wink and a nod” from the super-powers and the Arab League. But, Israel will pay a price for it on the global scene, and be condemned from here to hell. The only thing that will keep anyone from doing anything is the fact that the Israelis are literally sitting on possibly 120 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas ( This would make tiny Israel a huge player in the global fuel market.

    Obama is so out of his league when it comes to these dictators, and I often wonder if he wishes he was one. Who knows, with all the Ex. Orders he’s planning to issue, he could be one soon.

    • Any doubt about Stephie’s objectivity as a journalist is thrown out the window with that interview. He’s nothing more than a cheerleader/apologist for his messiah.

      Same with Andrea Mitchell citing unnamed critics who believe Iowa is “too white, too evangelical, too rural” to represent the political views of the country. Can you just imagine any conservative describing a group of voters as too black, too atheist, too urban to represent the views of America? They would be run out of town on a rail by these same people who have no problem saying the same thing about us.

  6. If/when we go to “war” with Iran… I hope the USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN-76) leads the Task Force.
    PRESIDENT Reagan KNEW how to deal with Iran, re: “Persian Gulf Tanker Wars” 1984-89.

  7. A few years ago I didn’t allow my sons to play Call of Duty World at War Franchise games. The recent iteration, World at War 4, starts off, ironically in the Wall Street section of New York. Pretty graphic stuff, shooting the heads off “Tangos” at 100 meters, or 1 meter with a ballistic knife.
    Too real, too far fetched… Now I am not so sure.
    Our President plays DanceDanceRevolution with his daughters.
    For the kinds of seeds of future sorrow Keith is implying Mr. O is planting, I say to my sons…PLAY ON!

  8. Our enemies were scared to death of Reagan, thought he was a madman. I’m scared to death of Obama. I think he’s a madman.

  9. Iran’s American political analysts have vetted MrO’s background enough to know what he is most likely to do in any situation. They know him, just as we do, and understand that his actions will all be predicated on his goal to be reelected this year.
    MrO has boxed himself in a position of limiting military presence and action in the Middle East and is counting on good-will from the families of the returning soldiers. By forcing him to do something against what he considers his best interests, the Iranians have the upper hand and can call the shots.
    Our military will push or step over MrO if they don’t think he’s acting in good faith.
    Knothead is right, Americans are arming themselves like never before. They’re putting up reserve food and water. Something is happening.

  10. Even though he has signed authorization for sanctions, I do not believe that they go into effect for an extended period of time. The time lapse being that all BO’s policy wonks have to determine if they should actually initiate the sanctions. Bottom line…he still is hoping and bowing for Ahmadinejad to play nice like any good intellectual liberal would.

  11. While this is being glossed over by the Administration, there are several other lil haps that are going on just as bad. Hamas is in the middle of a tour of Egypt, Sudan, turkey, Bahrain and Iran. Every stop so far they have stated they will never recognize Israel, and are trying to form a “Jerusalem Army” to crush Israel once and for all.In Sudan, Mashaal was there as well and they met in committee about officially joining the Muslim brotherhood and setting up in Gaza.The MB in Egypt is also threatening to break the peace deal with Israel and will never recognize them.All the while Abbas is going around saying they are reunified and there will be no more violence, just going to model the Arab spring, and go after Israel in the world bodies. This is all do to Iran’s belligerence and Obama handing Egypt to the Islamists.How long before they blow up the pyramids? You think its ugly now, wait until the EU files more sanctions on Jan 26th calling for a embargo, and if that isnt scary enough, wait til they acquire a bomb

  12. ” We can and must act militarily against Iran’s nuclear program. But that would require a quantity of determination and fortitude Obama will never amass. Particularly during an election year. ”
    NO! That would require BALLS! Which Obama will never amass, nor acquire in any fashion ~ Ever!

  13. this is a twisted, distorted wussy man who thinks that fighting & dying for something is an uncivilized novelty compared to “making nice” with the thugs and killers of the world.. a Godless one who thinks that his carnal thinking is superior to everyone .. he will fall, but not before ripping our country into racial and political pieces.
    he’s pure wickedness !

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