In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR



I realize we are irretrievably in the Age of Informality. People will soon be wearing baseball caps to their own weddings. President Obama and the Republican presidential candidates can frequently be found with their collars open and sporting the same slacks they wear on the couch watching college football, desperate to seem just regular guys and be loved by each and every one of us.

So while I was slightly sickened, I was not completely shocked to find that the president of the United States is sending out emails with the subject line “Hey.”

“Hey dude, prezzz here, you gettin’ you holidays on or what?”

No, he didn’t say that, but he might as well have. Actually he wanted money – three bucks, to be exact – before the Obama campaign has to close the books on 2011.

About the deadline tonight: It matters.

If you can, please give $3 or more today:

To 2012,


Well thanks Barack. But how about a little less familiartity on your part? It matters.

The president of the United States is our prime minister and monarchy all rolled into one. He not only does the business of government, but he attends to ceremonial matters in his role as head of state.

In that role, we expect someone we can look up to, someone with a little more class than the rest of us. You know, like, a leader.

Yeah baby, this presidency is so happening!

At least the queen has to good sense not to let her hair down. She knows that a aura of superiority is what keeps her on her throne. If Brits were to somehow find out that she goes to the bathroom just like they do, the game would be up.

In America, we want it both ways. We want our presidents to have some elan, but we also want them born in a log cabin. We want to play cards with Harry Truman, but we want to be dazzled by John F. Kennedy and Camelot.

But even Harry Truman would not have addressed us with a “hey.”

Obama, who was sold to us as something surpassingly genuine, actually likes to pretend he’s someone he’s not. All his town halls on people’s back porches, trips to Best Buy, and dinners with three dollar donors doesn’t change that he is a card carrying member of the elite liberal ruling class.

He was admitted around college or law school, and that’s where his soul has resided ever since. Recently, with book sales buoyed by his presidential success, he’s gained the financial status commensurate with his social standing.

He should act that way. The regular guy stuff diminishes both him and the presidency. More than classy or low-brow, friendly or stiff, Americans want one thing more than anything else in their leader: Authenticity.

“Hey,” is phony. And it’s puny for a president.

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  1. Everything about Bam is phony, a creation of the media and the progressives…shaped by left-wingers his entire life.
    Those weird trips to Target and Best Buy just underline the expensive vacations, designer clothes, and high priced dinners with their staged effort. Would still like to see if he tees off as well as he throws a baseball or rides a girl’s bike.
    He is still an empty suit of cold, frigid, air!

  2. Interesting way to ask for money without any sense of courtesy or even charm.
    Further there is no hint of what the money is for. He is running on his record?
    Four more years of nine percent unemployment? 4 more years of fast and furious oil drilling moratorium lobster eating laser light focused golfing fist-bumping Occupying Homeys world leader bowing Solyndra funding President top 4 comparing Administration?.
    For certain it would be Mrs. O’s. Second proudest moment to be an American

  3. Class? you expect Classy from the low rent couple? Class isn’t bought with ‘old money’ or a higher education, you either have it or you don’t.
    Class is being polite, considerate to others without concern for their status in life or what they might do for you.

    The low-life approach to fundraising by the Obama campaign is insulting to most, but might appeal to certain sections of his base. The image or brand that they front is that MrO is young and cool, athletic and current. For some reason, they push the image of a sexy, hot, FirstLady who is a fashion forward earth-mother lover of military uniforms.
    It’s all PR and isn’t working anymore.

    1. She’s the “un-white” FLOTUS. I sense a determined effort to avoid the dignified restraint of previous First Ladies — MoochMORE gotta keep that street cred!

  4. Yep. There we have it. Obama appealing to his base – people who only understand one syllable words. Words like, gimme, mine, take, me, want, free, and Obama’s personal favorite, “I”. “Hey” fits right in there. Shoot, he had to get their attention didn’t he?

    ABO 2012

  5. “The regular guy stuff diminishes both him and the presidency.” And so it follows: The regular gal stuff diminishes both her and the office of “first lady.”

  6. “…with book sales buoyed by his presidential success…”

    Many of those sales can be attributed to the State Department buying Obama books by the boatload. Not to mention the fact that book sales are another great way to launder ‘contributions’ from a multitude of unsavory sources. In my opinion, the only presidential success he has had so far is in destroying our economy and growing the central government to behemoth proportions…

  7. He’s a regular Joey Tribbiani ‘ hey how you doin?’. We must face the fact that the current occupants of the people’s house are classless. They have no
    respect for 50% of it’s citizens or the office it’s just a pit stop between golf shopping and dining out and of course vacations. He played his card early the
    apology/bowing tour. They are truly an embarrassment her in shorts boarding
    AF1 please they really are so far out of their league it ought to be a crime.
    It’s not a frat house it’s our house and soon we will have residents who will
    show it and us the respect we both deserve.

  8. “We want our presidents to have some elan, but we also want them born in a log cabin.”

    No, we want our Presidents to have the dignity that comes from great character. A person can achieve this no matter what the circumstances of their birth.

    Perhaps we sense instinctively that a person who like Lincoln worked their way up from everyday poverty to education and success will have had a better chance of winnowing out the sperficial in their values and cultivated the deep. We understand that those born with a silver spoon in their mouth are freed from the many small decisions between right and wrong that form character as the years pass.

  9. I completely AGREE-how about presenting a dignified front to the world, he has no respect for the office or this country.

    thanks Keith for this blog

    Happy New year everyone

  10. “Hey dude, prezzz here, you gettin’ you holidays on or what?”

    Hey, Keith….just a small correction: It’s ‘gitten’……not ‘gettin’, LOL!

    You can be shure Barry and the Mooch are gitten’ their fair share of the pie…in fact they are eatin’ the whole darn thing! Great role models, aren’t they! That campaign slush fund is their govt. pension for life!

  11. A Crack Ho sells her integrity for as little as $10. Obama sells his for $3 when he begs donations for his lottery to eat a meal with he and Michelle. I knew Barry was a cheap man of no integrity, but $3.00? Really?

  12. This 1st Family is the worst. No manners, no class, no respect, no brains. ALL of them! BTW, I am not a hater…I just call ’em like I see ’em.

    1. He also would have been rejected from the US military for his drug use, bi sexuality, and associations with former terrorists. He would have not qualified for a military security clearance. The media, and the US voters have very low standards for acceptable behaviors and associations.

    1. The dude is missing his body dude who met his every need. The dude is sad. Oh where oh where is Reggie Love now? Come home to daddy Reggie, Barry need some lovin.

  13. Well,…Obama just signed the National Security Defense Bill into law.
    Send him $3.00, or you may be considered a threat to his presidency.

    1. And from what I read, bitched out the bill with a signing statement saying he would go ahead and try terrorists civilly if he wanted to and some other things. And of course, fresh from a trip to the Straw Man Store–he noted that the dreaded THEY wanted to undermine our security, blah blah…

      1. Indeed Star.
        A petulant spoiled child is executing policy, backed by an incompetent congress, threatening to bypass them yet again with executive orders.
        As a lame duck president, (and he knows he is), 2012 could prove to be most interesting.

        1. You know that’s kind of a funny concept, AFVet..what if he is counting on pushing all the chips out on losing and then (eeek) wins…he will be stuck with all this stupid stuff. He will inherit it from HIMSELF.

          1. If he does win, and we cannot succeed in sustaining the conservative majority in the house, and fail to take the conservative majority in the senate,…we are doomed.
            Of course, he can and will try to govern by executive order, but, if the senate is taken by the republicans, and Harry Reid is relegated to the back bench there is a possibility that Barry will and can be impeached.
            Eric Holder will be dismissed, Barry’s records will be released and the whole world will realize the stupidity of the American voters that put him in office.
            It’s a damn shame we have to wait for the next election.

          2. He will never leave voluntarily.
            He deems himself as the one that will take America down to where She belongs on the world stage.
            He has surrounded himself with a cadre of 45 czars, and an unbelievable network of crooks and cronies.
            The Atty. General has sealed the records concerning Fast and Furious.
            Obama sealed his own private records by executive order as soon as he took office.

            Star, he will not leave.
            He is not finished, neither is Michelle.
            A world stage for these people is a hard thing to relinquish.

          3. I meant did not get elected–I agree he would never pull a Nixon, waaay too impressed with himself for altruism. I just meant–leave, we won’t even impeach, just go…

          4. It’s painful that we have to wait until the next election, but we are certainly getting a full dose of this meglomaniac which serves to make us more determined. I’ll tell you, if we retain the house, get the senate and the WH – I’m giddy with excitment just thinking about the possibility. Oh, let it be so!

          5. Why do I do this to myself? But–I watched 60 Minutes again (save me!)–and Leslie Stahl was the ENFORCER–worrying at Eric Cantor’s pant leg like a rabid terrier in heat–can’t you compromise, what about compromising, “they say” you never compromise…David Greogory is in this category, too–and some CNN people—these polticians must ANSWER to them…they demand it–and it must be the answer they want to hear. And for any Republican the answer they want to hear is, “Yes, I have sinned–I am not worthy–I am an idiot.” Yes, we need a proactive press–but this is so slanted and abrasive.

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