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Video: Gingrich Cries in Iowa Talking About his Mother

Newt Gingrich today teared up talking about his mother during an appearance in Des Moines. Have a look-see:

Gosh, that interviewer sure did smell some blood in the water and grab for as much flesh as he could, didn’t he? A lot of guile beneath that comfy sweater and all the apologies.

I mean really, “What would you tell her today?” He was just lying in wait for, “I luhhhhhv you mom! Wahhhhhhh!”

Anyway, what do you think? Is this Muskie in New Hampshire, or Hillary in New Hampshire? A campaign meltdown, or a humanizing moment?

H/T to Drudge Report where I first saw the story about Newt getting his cry on.

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  1. A humanizing moment to me and I’m not even a Newt fan. Frank Luntz asked similar questions and received similar responses from the candidates during the Thanksgiving Family Forum. They all told personal stories that shaped their beliefs. Romney and Huntsman didn’t attend, so haven’t any idea how those two might respond to questions about their beliefs and social values.

    • One more thing about Newt in that Thanksgiving Family Forum. Can’t remember the question asked but his response sticks in my mind. He told a story about how the Big Book saved his life, not because he was an alcoholic, but because he was a hollow man. In my opinion, that is a man who has done a lot of looking in the mirror and didn’t particularly like who was looking back. He rediscovered his faith.

  2. I don’t think this will be a “Muskie” moment or a Hill moment. A lot of people look at Newt as being pragmatic and a bit on the cold side. He’s the policy wonk, professor, writer, historian etc., but many think that he lacks heart, especially with his marital problems over the years.

    I think this is more an “I have a heart” moment, and the fact that he didn’t do the “I love you mom” but made reference to her sacrifice as a military wife and her dealing with a culture that most Americans do not and cannot understand will place him in good stead with many women voters.

    His mentioning her medical problems will also ingratiate him to those that daily deal with either medical problems themselves, or with the medical problems of loved ones. It showed that he is not uncaring about those with illnesses, even if he reverses Obamacare, but understands the problems those with medical issues face.

    • One last point.

      If the “Obots” or the actual campaign were to use this as a way to show Newt weak or Boehneresque they would be opening themselves up to Newt and the GOP pointing out the lies Obama told regarding his own mother’s last days and how he lied about her not having insurance. She did, it just didn’t cover everything (what policy does?).

  3. Memories of my dear Mother and Father make my eyes water, too.
    Sadness expressed at the loss of loved ones is universal and shouldn’t be used as a political slam at anyone.

  4. First of all, It’s a humanizing moment. And second of all, quit kissing Drudge’s butt — this is a Des Moines Register story, and he linked to it. Give credit where credit is due. (Oh wait, it’s better to smooch up on Drudge, so maybe he’ll post links to more of you half-baked posts.) Do you do any investigative pieces, or just write short posts about nothing?

    • That was fantastic DeniseVB! Thank you. Chris Farley was a comedy genius. Good to know there was a time when the House Republicans weren’t so stuffy and staid, and Newt had a pretty good sense of humor.

  5. Newt rips a page outta the Hilary Clinton play-book… Shame on you fat fella…Maybe you should shed a tear or two over the destruction you’ve reigned down on people over the last 20 years or more.

    Let’s start with your (ex) wives first shall we?

    • “She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife.”
      ~Newt Gingrich, talking about his first wife after divorcing her.

      “I read Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and I found frightening pieces that related to…my own life.”
      ~Newt Gingrich, talking about his problems with women.

      What an embarrassing representation of the Republican party. Shame..

  6. Humanizing. At least he has emotions and there are times when under stress
    as he is when you can’t speak about a loss without it bringing those emotions
    out where normally you wouldn’t cry. Better a man who weeps for his mother
    than a cold calculating man who threw his Grandmother under the bus for a

  7. I would be very suspicious and concerned if Newt Gingrich didn’t shed any tears over his mother. His genuine emotion illustrates maturity and sensitivity, – something desperately needed in the White House.

    My wife and I often talk with great affection about our deceased parents. As a former parish pastor, now, emeritus, and doing some hospice volunteer work, I suppose I’ve seen it all, – at least to some degree from my perspective. Gingrich’s emotions do not disqualify him in the least for the high office of president, no matter if even those cold hearted individuals will attempt to spin his honest and teary eyed response.

    And, to those who continue to harp on Gingrich’s past sins, they easily ignore and / or forget that we are all sinners, and under divine condemnation until rescued by Christ. They easily (and sanctimoniously) overlook that the same Christian Faith which Gingrich now professes, is that same Christian Religion which showcased the transformation of the worst of the unregenerate heathen – that, namely, the 1st Century, Saul of Tarsus, who persecuted Christians and was a serial killer of such. But, by the grace of God, Saul, was transformed into the Apostle Paul, who later on, penned much of the divinely inspired Christian New Testament.

    Gingrich is definitely a seasoned presidential candidate who brings not only ideas, solutions and agenda to the national table, but he is a man who apparently understands and is motivated by human change – and, for the better.

    For me, (as a Christian), I’d rather have a repentant Catholic Christian as president, than a [supposed] “perfect acting” Mormon who believes that someday he will inhabit his own outer space planet. [If you don’t believe me, check out Mormonism]

    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

  8. I can’t believe how gullible and hypocritical you conservatives can be sometimes. I mean, really, if you buy into Newt Gingrich…you’re a damn fool. This guy is a politician to the core. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he sheds tears and praises Sarah Palin at a forum for women voters. Come on, people.

    • I have great respect for the interviewer Frank Luntz. I think Frank asked a fair question and I believe it created a humanizing moment for Newt.