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Obama is Back on the Links

After a morning workout, President Obama is back on the golf course with his standard Hawaii crew – his friends Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb.

This is the 34th time the president has been golfing this year – padding a record for annual golfing as president he set earlier in the week – as well as the 92nd outing of his presidency and the fourth round in the seven full days he’s been on Oahu.

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  1. You know for a guy who said he was going to be taking it easy for a week or so, I’m talking to you Mr. Koffler, you sure are posting a lot. Your wife is going to smack you on the tokhes. But then again, that ain’t so bad!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. May you have a blessed and prosperous year!

        1. Aloha Janice..cute video:)
          Can’t seem to post this but thought you would enjoy on utube “Barack Obama speaks pidgen”
          Happy New Years Warriors!

        2. What a precious little treasure you have GJ! Now I know why you never give up the fight…

          “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” — Thomas Paine, 1776

  2. Obama is a busy man with workouts in the morning and golf in the afternoon. It’s sad that his family, daughters especially, are not a priority in his life.

    Happy New Year wishes to all!

  3. For how the press crucified Bush for playing golf, you can sure hear the crickets chirping when it comes to their boy Barry. I highly doubt Obama will be giving up the game at all in office unlike W did after his first year in office. This guy’s day is so short compared to Bush’s. Barry will want a second term just to keep the great vacations coming.

    Doesn’t he get that he will have plenty of time for golf and time off in early 2013?

  4. Happy New Year to you all ! 2012 ( I like the sound of that number ) will be an exciting year, I am sure. Keith, I so appreciate your blog, I look forward to following the Washington dramas here next year as well.
    When you celebrate over there, we ( or most of us ) are sound asleep over here but have a good time all of you.

      1. I have a friend in Jerusalem who apparently never sleeps–you Europeans are tough! Well, maybe not Europeans, but you know… I got a job feeler to work in Gibralter–then I remembered I can’t see much, can barely ambulate and have Mom to take care of. Oh, well…apes as a selling point were at least amusing.

  5. Obama spends most of his free time on the golf course or in the gym with his buddies, but in interviews where he and Michelle sit down with Barbara Walters or some other softball tosser they complain about how the pressures of being president and the laser focus the job requires takes him away from his family. And we’re all supposed to feel sorry for the sacrifices he’s making in his personal life to be such a wonderful leader for us all? Ugh.

    Happy New Year to you, Keith. May the Drudge links keep coming for you fast and furious and provide the increased exposure you deserve. Happy New Year also to the WHD faithful. Some of you are nuts but you all have great personality! :-)

    1. I’m pretty sure my husband works much harder than Obama, and he wouldn’t THINK of spending a minute of his spare time away from me or the kids. He goes to the gym only because he HAS to and regrets that time away from home.

  6. Here’s to 2012!!!!! It can only get better, right? Stolen pipes, struggling to keep our business afloat, Detroit going broke, friends who passed away- other friends who lost their s/o, and a car accident that nearly killed my husband … I’m ready for the new year.

    WHO’S WITH ME? Let’s hope for change ;)

  7. At least with Bush we could actually watch his golf swing off the first tee a few times. Kennebunkport in the fog, comes to mind.
    Athletic form with the driver but nothing to write home about, like many off us.

    Obama? I challenge anyone in the press corp to cough up the video of his golf swing on the course. Not the practice range with a 9 iron, but driving off a tee down the fairway.

    You’ve never seen it and you never will.

    It resides with the college transcripts from Occidental and Columbia and the samples of his legal writing from the Harvard Law Review.

    And if you saw him throw out the baseball first pitch in his mom jeans in Chicago, just transfer that image in your mind to the golf course, and you’d understand why you’ll never see the golf version of it.

    It’s a National Security embarrassment, like everything else.

    1. Here’s his golf swing in 2009 @Martha’s Vineyard through the magic of camera phones. Apparently, all camera phones are now confiscated on public courses by the Secret Service as threats because we don’t get these candids anymore.

      I’m can’t testify to his swing but I id notice his typical arrogance taking a deep bow after his shot but then he might have been just practicing his bows:

      1. Thanks for the vid Granny Jan.

        Like I said, it’s the golf version of his first pitch that bounced in front of home plate.

        By the way, he’s hitting from the ladies tee on this hole.

        The mens tee would be the blue markers behind him.


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  9. Will Michael Moore be making a film juxtaposing Obama’s golf with soldiers dying in Afghanistan?

    417 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan this year which is the 2nd highest yearly total next to last year’s 499.

  10. JeffreyDahmerHadMoreClass

    Why does Obama work out in gyms so much? To preserve his handsomeness? Why does he golf so frequently? Why can’t he go out among his people and comfort them, all impoverished and heartbroken that they have no future in America anymore? Because of his policies?

    1. To get away from his wife, duh. He doesn’t look *that* fit to me – skinny and lanky, yes. I’m a gym rat myself and I know his type. Those who go to the gym to “go” to the gym, not to work out. Anyone know what is workout routine is like?

        1. Star- ya know I just discovered that show, and it really is funny! Wolowitz is a little unnerving, maybe because one of my best friends in HS was just like him, but other than that it is a great show.

          1. Atleast in the new year, we will wake up lest we will perish. Please note that no acoitn can be taken by the Administration, if we adopt certain permissible methods for agitation. The only method of agitation, which is prone to risk is strike, including mass casual leave. The permissible forms of agitation are (i) Boycott of Excise day celebrations, (ii) Resignation from the Honorary posts such as Recreation club, canteen, welfare society etc, (iii) Refusal to wear the uniform (in view of the order of the Central Information Commissioner to the effect that there are no official instructions available in the Department to insist on Uniform), (iv) Refusal to attend the protocol functions (this decision requires only self respect). It will be better if the Association leadership guides the cadre in the above path of agitation so as to have uniformity in the agitation. It seems Association does not want to displease the Administration as Mr. PV.Raju does not want to displease the Association leadership.If Association does not give the call for agitation, why the officers with self respect cannot do the above, in their individual capacity atleast????.

  11. He might be busy on the golf course, but he took the time to send me 2 e-mails yesterday asking for my money. The same guy who threatened to withhold my SocialSecurity check for political reasons now thinks that I, or anyone in my family, would want him to be in power for another 4 years.

    Yes, it’s personal. Yes, I resent being vilified by you, your supporters and the MSM because IT’S PERSONAL, “Barack”. And while I’m venting, strangers do not call me by my first name and you, sir, are a stranger to me.

      1. Good one, SrDem! I get cranked like that when the NYT and his suckie-poos blatantly shill for him–yes, you, AssPress, MSNBC, CNN, 60 Minutes, The View, you all know who you are.

  12. Does anyone know what his handicap is? Be nice now.
    What is his best outing?
    As a former golfer I think he probably still is in the 100’s plus. Nothing to brag about for someone who constantly is out on the course and walks across the water hazards instead of around them.
    May God Bless the USA and it’s citizens.

    1. Golf Digest list #1 JFK (80s), Ike, Ford (80s), FDR (before polio), Bush Sr (11 handicap), Bush Jr. (a 15),Clinton and then Obama at # 6. They did not list his handicap nor his low score. Golf Digest also rated Woodrow Wilson much lower and stated he golfed more than Ike. LBJ only golfed to secure votes from Senators.

      Obama might have a complex being the 4th best president and only #6 in golfing.

  13. At least he can not do damage there….interesting choice of good friends (?)….would love to know his scores and handicap.
    Moochelle is probably eating and modeling her expensive clothes wherever she can.

  14. And….another shocker—the NYT is at it again cheerleading–he will make Republicans the focus, come one, come all and trash the Republicans, the bums…Editorial AND story. Today is my last day of being able to comment or read it or something–paywall… Walk it off, Star–you can do it!

      1. I watched a doc about the NYT last nite on the History Channel..came in late and don’t know who made it. Anyhow, it was about a bunch of sort of dweeby guys in khakis wringing their hands over how they will ever make money… I have a great idea, men (and they were–though the new editor is a woman who needs to start wearing makeup)–if people provide you a lot of free content in comments–don’t charge them. It’s not that we are mean and don’t want to pay you–it’s that we don’t have money for this!

  15. Happy New Year to you and your family, Keith….and to your ever-growing legion of afficianados! As the old bromide goes – ‘Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant’….and you, dear Keith, are a breath of fresh air!

    You have become my ‘first read’ every morning….and I wouldn’t be surprised if the community organizer checks in every hour or so during all of his ‘down time’! Keep up the great work!

  16. I know this is going to be off point, but I would like to say thank you to all of the regulars on this blog. You guys have become a sort of on-line family, and I always look forward to reading your comments.

    I think that Keith needs to sponsor a WHD convention for all the regulars, we could have it at some modest little place like Camp David, since no one else seems to want to use that location.

    To all of you, thank you for being a part of my contact with the outside world, and putting up with some of my off beat comments.

    Happy New Year to everyone! And be safe! And to our dear Swedish Lady – Gott Nytt År!

      1. Same–as I said once, Shofar, you always bring it. Same for SrDem, Swedish Lady, Susan, Car In, Granny and faithful Muslim kitty, and many more. That guy with the goat legs on his site–maybe less so…what was his name? Epith…something…

        I would say Happy New Year, but I don’t believe in it.

  17. Happy New Year to you, Keith, and your family, both the one in your home and the one that gathers here to comment!

    May we all have a good new year — with a good new President.

  18. Happy New Year, Keith!

    While I don’t post often, I remain a faithful follower and I’m hopeful that things will be better after election day 2012 :)


  20. Why hasn’t he been indicted yet? Lets start with the 3 fake Social-Security cards. Wait a minute…..didn’t he put a comrade on the Supreme Court that checks and then tosses all bad things about her god? Yes, that is a small “g”.

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