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On a $4M Vacation, Michelle Seeks $3 From Backers

Speaking from her paradisical $4 million Hawaii vacation, Mrs. Obama wants to know: Do any of President Obama’s supporters have $3 to spare for his reelection?

This is approximately like coming upon Warren Buffett on a street corner with a McDonald’s cup asking if he can have 15 cents.

Michelle’s request was part of an email sent to the Obama 2012 list today.

Over the next 11 months we’ve got an organization to grow, voters to register, and people to get fired up.

I hope you’ll close out this year by donating $3 or more now to help make sure we’re ready for the next one . . .

Thank you so much, and happy new year,


The obscene juxtaposition of the first lady on a $4 million vacation while asking what would have to be middle to low income earners for three bucks – who else would they be targeting with such an appeal? – is yet another example of lack of perspective the Obamas seem to be gaining while in power.

Mrs. Obama takes extravagant vacations to Spain and southern Africa. The president golfs obsessively and is currently dining at Honolulu’s ritziest restaurants. All while asking their fellow Americans to “sacrifice” during this time of not plenty.

And they blow $4 million – mostly taxpayers’ money – on a vacation, while wondering if the small people can come up with $3.

What about renting a beach house next year at the Jersey shore? I mean, if we’re all going to sacrifice.

1,351 thoughts on “On a $4M Vacation, Michelle Seeks $3 From Backers”

    1. Yeah they wouldn’t want people to think that The Jews[1]–er I mean, the 1% help get them elected.

      [1]Not that I would pile on the anti-Obama bandwagon by implying that the people who employ the 99% vs the 1% rhetoric are the equivalent to people who employ anti-antisemitic rhetoric. ;)

          1. have to do with religion? Because Jewish is a Religion not a RACE! Please people, you cannot be Racist against Jews or Muslims, it is a RELIGION!

          2. Sounds like your friend already wrapped his brain…a little too tight. He can’t be Jewish AND Atheist. Just like I can’t be Catholic AND Atheist. He’s either one or the other. He can be a former Jew who is NOW an atheist. Unless he is an atheist who was born in Jewland…which doesn’t exist, So then he’s only an atheist. And stupid to boot.

          3. I think if you will do some research you will find that Islam is a political system, not a religion. Look at Islamic countries. It’s all about power over the oppressed and they do it with an iron fist and a sword, cutting off heads if you disagree.

          4. So, was it a political system or a religion that drove those planeloads of innocent men, women and children into buildings full of the same?
            And what does this have to do with taxpayer funded 4 million dollar vacations?

          5. Islam started as a religion, later it is ideologized and attached with a Law – Sharia Law. That makes it different from any other religion by incorporate a key element of politics inside the religion. Thus Islam is both a religion, an ideology and a political system. Islam’s core teaching – Quran and Hadith, ensures the sort of violence, tribalism, and barbarism we see today. Not understanding this would mean a tragic end to the Western democracy.

          6. I’m not sure that Jews aren’t a race, whatever the precise definition of race is. I believe Tay–Sachs disease almost exclusively afflicts hereditary Jews but not converts to Judaism. What is your explanation for this phenomenon?

          7. Oh, for Pete’s sake, MOS: It is prevalent in Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews but that is only because that is the group that defined the disease. They had decades of intermarriage and the focus was on that group as carriers! There are OTHER [non-Jewish] “Eastern Europeans” who develop Tay-Sachs, but it was brought to the forefront as a “Jewish” disease, just as Sickle-cell anemia is known as a “black” disease. Your need to pigeon-hole is pathetic!

          8. Unfortunately, its confusing. Historically, Jewish”ness” wasnt hereditary. It was Religious. Now, it can be either, Im Jewish (from mom and dad) but I dont believe. In any other country you are defined as that country citizenship (American, Israeli, Nigerian, Russian), but you can be a non believer and Jewish heritage and still be isolated as Jewish. Another unfortunate circumstance is that anti-Semitic cuts across borders/religion/ethnicity/family/friendships. It just so easy to blame them Jews, isnt it? Have you ever thought why?

          9. Yes, I have wondered why and I still don’t get it. Call me whatever you wish, but the hate for Jews is irrational, ignorant, and criminal. We are starting to see that same irrational and bizarre hate ooze over onto the Christians as well these days. Just as their Bible said it would, some two thousand years ago.
            What gives?

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          11. Yeah, my stepson’s brother’s cousin’s nephew’s dog mad $87 an hour just by napping. Do me a favor and leave your sales pitches to my Spam file on my email (

          12. That’s nothing KristieGile,

            I gave Owebama 100,000.00 campaign donation and
            he gave me a 760 million Green Energy Loan to start
            a solar panel company.

            So that 85 an hour is chicken-scratch.

          13. I made $123K Photoshopping an Hawaiian Certificate of live birth to some illegal from Indonesia – even fooled d. Trump!. There are millions of good folks who pay $$ for good looking papers and voters ID’s so the dead can vote. Remember zombies are people too!

          14. Well, they used to be people, and that doesn’t mean we have the right to take away their vote. Why aren’t the Occupy Mobs fighting for Zombie rights?

          15. I invest the proceeds of my aluminum can recycling in Powerball and MegaMillion tickets. If I ever win the big prize, I hope 0bama won’t have destroyed its purchasing power or succeeded in changing the tax laws to enable the IRS to confiscate it.

          16. Hey KristieGile (rhymes with dog pile doesnt it),
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        1. @ Jim Strathmeyer – Way to throw gasoline on a smoldering tinder pile, muggle. Please get over yourself. People like you hear/read any negative comment containing the word ‘Jew’ and immediately show their hand full of anti-semitic cards. You’re so full of yourself that you’ll chalk up this post as anti-semitic. Pathetic. Your community, your state, and your nation is better off without your opinion.

        2. No, it would perhaps be overly PRO-Semitic. To make it to the 1% ranking you generally have to be an over achiever who is smarter and more industrious than your average bear (no slur on bears!). The whole percentile discussion is idiotic! I think the previous commentors were using the absurd to illustrate the absurd. You are obviously of the 99%.

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      1. This was the most antisemitic post – are you an off-spring of Hitler by any chance?
        With the country in the worst economical situation courtesy of this administration and greedy politicians practically looting our country is that the best post you can come up with?

        1. :my buddy’s step-sister makes $85 every hour on the internet. last month her pay was $7783 just working on the internet for a few hours.Follow the instructions at Online Income Solution and set up your account.. MakeCash1. comONLY

        2. Brassia: Sorry my friend, but the newspaperman is coming out in me. There is no hyphen in offspring, but there is one in anti-semitic. Also there should be no al at the end of the of economic (as in economic situation).
          No thanks needed, I’m only doing my job, as God put me here to do. — Ferrari Bubba

          1. While we are at it you do not need that comma after friend or offspring since you used but to connect the thoughts. There should, however, be one after “Also”. Be a douche elsewhere. I am just doing my job, slamming “intellectual wannabes” everywhere. Have a sh!!ty New Year douche.

          2. You ned a comma after the conjunction [but]. Two independent clauses combined with a coordinating conunction require that comma. Have a nice new year.

          3. Well snuffsucks, I mean ferrari, let’s go over this. “Sorry my friend” is NOT an independent clause. You NEVER use the comma after the conjunction and it is writer preference to use it before (most weak and unsure writers use commas when unnecessary). I am not sure what a “ned” or a “conunction” is. The sentence beginning with “Sorry my friend” would have been better written….Sorry, my friend, but the newspaperman is coming out in me. Again, have a sh!tty New Year d-bag.

          4. Nice, my C+ in college English keeps me out of this one. But,,,,,, classic. (the extra comma’s are for something, heck if I know why? :)

          5. “Need” and “conjunction”…

            Rule #1 of correcting someone that spelled something wrong:
            Proofread your own critique to make sure you don’t look as stupid as they do.

      2. Maybe we need to cut thru the double talk you speak,0bama is a L!AR B@ST@RD plain and s!mple the Jewish don’t have anything to do about that. If you follow 0bama you must either be:a @s s l!cker,l@zy @s s,or spine-less liberal who’s “boy-friend” @s s bump’s YOU every NITE. Now if you don’t understand please “ask” question’s please, otherwise quit double talking like 0bama!

        1. What’s this rubbish about the 1%?! What about it? I am not one of the 1% but get this: the 99% are employed and paid by the 1%. So get used to it and SHUDDAUP!!! Without this 1% America would just be another Haiti !! Got it? Give me a break!

      1. ,,my buddy’s step-sister makes $85 every hour on the internet. last month her pay was $7783 just working on the internet for a few hours.Follow the instructions at Online Income Solution and set up your account.. MakeCash1. comONLY

    2. I got 3 of those today 1 from Obummer, 1 from MOOchelle, and 1 from ridin’ Biden. All basically carbon copies of each other with minor changes to make them more ‘personal’….what’s even better is the ‘drawing’ contributors will be placed in for a meal with the filth family…LMFAO. Shameless smoke and mirrors to cloak the daggers of their rich backers, the ones whom fork over 30k or more for a spoken paragraph before being abandoned to their ‘meal’….bet they feel silly when they could have gotten the same for $3.

    3. Mooch-elle is begging for $3?

      If she returned the millions of $$ in clothes, trips, jewelry, and dining out the past 3 years, she could tell the poor to keep their money, and then she could donate all the million$ she has spent. Let them eat cake.

    4. Mooch-elle is begging for $3?

      If she returned the millions of $$ in clothes, trips, jewelry, and dining out the past 3 years, she could tell the poor to keep their money, and then she could donate all the million$ she has spent. Let them eat cake.

      1. You know, not an Obama fan, but you guys crying about how much money Michele spends is funny. You guys do know the Obama’s were millionaires before they came into office right? I know it’s hard for some of you to believe knowing some of you had no problems thinking W was one of you and going on vacation every other week. Sometimes, on his boats in Maine that dad owned. But he was just like all of us I’m sure… just like Mitt and his $12 million beach house in California because he’s a self-made man.

        1. If they were “so rich” then WHY did Barry have to divert $300,000 a year to pay a “salary” to his incompetent wife? Oh, that’s right, she wasn’t able to get a “real” job, he had to arrange to fund her (through the diversion of tax-payers money! And, WHY was her vaunted position abolished when the money dried up? And, if they were so rich, then WHY did Tony Rezko have to help them buy a house?

          Those two are blood-suckers (leeches) who can’t do a thing but live off of other people. What disgusting creatures they are! Vile! Just vile! She reminds me of the low class employee, who, when treated to a meal at a nice restaurant, orders the most expensive item on the menu! What a low class slob; she doesn’t even know how to behave! They are an embarrassment. She put those nasty, long, skinny, “walking stick” arms around the Queen! Nasty! And, he stuck his ugly/stinky skinny bum in the air when he bowed, and then curtseyed (like a little girl) to the Saudi King!

          He thinks there are 57 States (there are 57 Islamic States, bozo). He pretends to be an American, yet doesn’t even know the difference between the Jeffersons and the Sanfords! He lied that an uncle helped to liberate Auschwitz. What a tool!

        2. im sure you know that his money has nothing to do with the 4mil bill from his vacation he is not paying for it. the taxpayers are paying for it you stupid troll…

    1. It is incorrectly written because one of Michelle’s 18 assistants (the political aide) wrote the missive, the First Lady was too busy eating out and shopping to have proof-read the note or consider the impact. Anyway, based on previous communications First Lady doesn’t know much about proper protocol, grammar or courteous speech. Although she is hell on wheels when it comes to preaching to others about subjects on which she has no depth.

      1. What the heck, she’s only been proud of America once in her life. This,
        regardless of how easily she has married and bluffed her way to “success”.

      2. Reading Michelle’s speech transcripts are painful. I remember one that the person who loaded her teleprompter or typed her speech used Maine’s abbreviation ME. She read it as “me”. After the intro applause, she said Yay me ! She meant to say Maine. /snort.

        1. Never knew that DeniseVB. Kinda like when hubby thanked himself on St. Paddy’s day 2009. Maybe it was one of those teleprompters left over from the GWB term :-)

      3. Now her husband was (mis)elected, she is hitching a great ride using tax payer’s money for extravagance and luxury when the US economy is heading for disaster and the country runs up a deficit as BIG as $14T !!! This is almost unreal….. Obama must go!

    2. It’s not a typo. The Islamic New Year isn’t on Jan 1st. That is why “THEY” say, happy holidays and happy new year. They can’t offend Barack’s people and don’t care about Christians or American values. It’s all about tolerence to islam and his people, the rest can go to HELLo.

    3. It’s not a typo. The Islamic New Year isn’t on Jan 1st. That is why “THEY” say, happy holidays and happy new year. They can’t offend Barack’s people and don’t care about Christians or American values and traditions. It’s all about tolerance to islam and his people, the rest can go to HELLo.

      1. either that or that you are wishing a happy new year throughout the year and not just on New Year’s Day. Cons and grammar are a bad mix.

  1. “Jersey shore?” I wouldn’t wish that on Snookie and her bunch for anything. Come on, compared to what the WH is doing Snookie et al are the classiest bunch in the world.

      1. Here is a real reply: The Obama’s always vacation on Islands, have you noticed? Martha’s Vineyard etc. they are always in direct contact with an ocean, literally. That way they can ship in and out anyone or anything they want. They can secretly meet with anyone who can come in on a boat, no planes needed, no trains, passports etc. Who controls the water? The Navy, who controls the Navy? Obama. President Obama’s whole life is a lie. Do you know that his mother, when she was “married” to Sotero, worked for the Ford foundation? And guess who she worked with/for? Timothy Geitners parents. I gotta tell ya, the rabbit hole on him goes down & in different directions for miles. He went to Indonesia for the Boeing contract, one picture of him in Indonesia showed up in the “news”. It was a media black out. Who knows who he met with there, in Indonesia where his school papers clearly list him as a Muslim, where one of his greatest memories is the call to prayer at sunset.

        1. Islam is a “beautiful religion” said Barack Hussein Osama . The Saudi King is bowed by an American black and he is Barack Hussein Osama. Now figure… Don’t people worry about the future of America before it turns into Araberica and every US citizen is under Sharia Law?

      2. Camp David was always good enough for Bush, Reagan, the other Bush, Nixon, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Clinton, Truman, Kennedy, Ford and Johnson. But it’s far too cheap for the likes of the Obama Family Royale.

  2. Embarrassing for America.
    On a million dollar vacation and wearing expensive designer clothes to eat at expensive restaurants, fake church appearance, taking over the Marine’s Beach…the woman does have nerve!

    1. She’s been pulling the recycled wardrobe scam lately this old thing from
      2008-2009? Well it’s what she wears that we never see that would
      make our heads to explode and we don’t see much of her do we. Anyone notice the family vacation has grown significantly since it was
      just the 4 of them? Must be the excess luggage Mo picked up on her pre trip trip.

      1. To me she dresses like something out of the 50’s. She has no taste. She is not a snappy dresser. She dresses like old women from when I was a kid. With to may colors missmatched. She needs lots of help.

        1. She has a lot of help, the problem is woman has no class, no taste, no grace….all those $$$ designer ourfits and $150,000 a shop makeup sessiona are lost on her…You could no more make her beautiful than 200 pound gorilla dressed in designer clothes…

    2. I’m not an Obama fan but if a Republican is elected you can bet that there will be money spent on dinners, vacations, etc. Although, Mitt probably has enough of his own money to avoid having the tax payers carry the whole thing.

      1. It’s not the dinners and vacations, per se, (though Michelle certainly enjoys her share…doubt if Mitt’s wife will be so inclined). It’s the contrast with spending millions of our tax dollars on these vacations while then “begging” for $3.00 from the “99%”. The woman has NO CLASS!!

      2. When Laura Bush vacationed, she camped in the National Parks.
        When George the Younger vacationed, he went to his parents place in Maine for a few days, or to his home in TX to chop brush.
        We have not seen such extravagance of vacations ever before by a President and First Lady. Even the Clintons looks modest by comparison.
        The O’s don’t even fly together, and take a battalion of friends, relatives, hairdressers, wardrobe assts., and hangers-on, in addition to Michelle’s mother and the kids (though sadly never Uncle Omar -currently out on bail, or Auntie Zetuni, who would probably like a break from her subsidized housing in South Boston).

          1. Really, when was the last time the POTUS went anywhere alone? They always travel with a small army, because is is the leader of the free world 24/7


          1. Way to stick it to Roy, Andrew. The President souldn’t be allowed to visit ALL the states that make up our nation’s union, only the ones that are attached.

        1. Yea we could send them to the Washington Monument and Library of Congress to read up about how this country is actually suppose to be run!

        1. Dream on! The guy is a phoney. After the last debate the higher his voice became the more rattled he got. Just what we need to handle foreign affairs. Oh, that’s right, he’s going to bring all the troops home from around the world so the next battle will be here on our own soil. What a nut!

    3. Oh come on. Everyone keeps getting out of control when the Obama’s wear a fancy dress or suit, go to a fancy dinner, or do anything other than sit in the white house. They happen to have alot of money. Over $10 Million. We dont buy them clothes with tax money, however we do pay for their travel and security. (remember, they also get paid for this job)

      President Bush took 149 Trips to Camp David for a total of 487 days. He also took 77 trips to his ranch for a total of 490 days. He was president for 2920 days and away from the white house for 977 days. Thats roughly 1/3 of the time. Imagine how much it costs to transport and secure him on the 226 trips he took during those 8 years.

      As of september of 2011 (i dont know the time figures for his recent trip to hawaii) Obama had taken 61 vacation days through about 930 days of his presidency. Thats about 6.5% as compared to Bush’s 33%. That also means that he takes about 1 day off for every 15 he works. How many days to you get off a week?

      Just thought I would bring this into persepective for you. I would be happy to answer any of your comments or questions.

      1. That’s because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Many of Bush’s trips to his ranch were to host foreign dignitaries, hold meetings, etc. …. with security measures already in place. The media labeled them all “vacations” & you bought it.

        Secondly, you need to factor in Obama’s golf games. He played more golf in his first year than Bush did in 8. And that’s not counting shooting hoops, hosting a record number of White House parties & happy hours, etc.

        1. yeah, why would we want to do work in washington when we can pay Air Force One $60,000 AN HOUR to fly to texas a back 77 times… oh, and fly all these dignitaries and staff back and forth… thats really cost effective.

          Also, bush played alot of golf but stopped because he thought it was disrespectful to be seen out playing games while people are dying in afganistan. Im sure he would have played more. Still, he spent way more time in air force one cruisng around the country than obama ever spend on the course.

          1. You neglect to point out when Bush went to Baghdad to dole out Thanksgiving to the troops when it was still a Hot Zone.
            I suppose this nitwit would drop C rations from a drone on it’s way to kill a despot some where.

          2. You are really going to brag he went to a T dollar War Zone that was a unnecessary War that he lied us into to cover his backside ? With the point of Bush did not waste as much money going on vacation as a plus ?

          3. In 2010 the President flew 171 trips on Air Force 1, that puts him in the air nearly every other day. If 2011 was done I’d give you the number of flights for it. Let me add just a bit of the article here.

            “According to Knoller’s copious notes, during the last year Obama made 65 domestic trips over 104 days and six trips to eight countries over 22 days. Not counting six vacation trips over 32 days.

            He took 196 helicopter trips, signed 203 pieces of legislation and squeezed in 29 rounds of left-handed golf.

            Obama last year gave 491 speeches, remarks or statements. That’s more talking than goes on in some entire families, at least from fatherly mouths.

            In fact, even including the 24 days of 2010 that we never saw the 44th president in public, Obama’s speaking works out to about one official utterance every 11 waking hours.”

            Here is where to find the full article, in the LA Times no less.


          4. Bush was re-elected for another four years. Obama will be done in November, 2012. We won’t have to worry about his exclusive vacations –2–747’s jets to Hawaii and separate vehicles. He is a junkie.

          5. You will have plenty of time to lament your loss come November 2012. Hope you and your boy Kenyan/Hawaiian/Chicagoan enjoy all you can this upcoming year as this country will wake up (finafukingly) to the mistake of 2008. I know that at some point in your idol worship of this clown you have that sensation of throwing up in your own mouth over what a fraud he is. How’s that Prius running, by the way?

          6. President Obama will spend Monday night flying across the Pacific and United States after his latest vacation, 11 days in Hawaii. It will be his first trip of 2011 aboard Air Force One.
            Last year Obama flew in Air Force One 172 times, almost every other day.

            White House officials have been telling reporters in recent days that the Democrat doesn’t intend to hang around the White House quite so much in 2011.

            They explain he wants to get out more around the country because, as everyone knows, that midterm election shellacking on Nov. 2 had nothing to do with his healthcare bill, over-spending or other policies, and everything to do with Obama’s not adequately explaining himself to his countrymen and women.
            And with only 673 days remaining in the neverending presidential campaign, the incumbent’s travel pace will not likely slacken.

            At an Air Force-estimated cost of $181,757 per flight hour (not to mention the additional travel costs of Marine One, Secret Service, logistics and local police overtime), that’s a lot of frequent flier dollars going into the president’s carbon footprint.

            We are privy to some of these numbers thanks to CBS’ Mark Knoller, a bearded national treasure trove of presidential stats. According to Knoller’s copious notes, during the last year Obama made 65 domestic trips over 104 days and six trips to eight countries over 22 days. Not counting six vacation trips over 32 days.

            He took 196 helicopter trips, signed 203 pieces of legislation and squeezed in 29 rounds of left-handed golf.

            Obama last year gave 491 speeches, remarks or statements. That’s more talking than goes on in some entire families, at least from fatherly mouths.

            In fact, even including the 24 days of 2010 that we never saw the 44th president in public, Obama’s speaking works out to about one official utterance every 11 waking hours. Aides indicate the Real Good Talker deems we need more.

            As the president so often says, “Please be seated.”

            — Andrew Malcolm

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      2. You aren’t counting all the “business” trips that they have taken “for the country” where Michelle takes separate flights, the kids, her mother and the family and then extends them to shop, go to theatre in London, etc. on taxpayers’ money.

      3. Do you understand WHO pays them?

        Do you understand that THEY “HAVE money” because WE are footing all of their bills? The Bride of King Kong is NOT an elected official yet she burns through our tax money like nobody’s business. While it would still be atrocious, at least if the economy was BOOMING, there might be a bit less of a call for criticism. But these morons are telling the NATION that WE have to “sacrifice”…. Perhaps THEY could at least TRY to look like they’re making an attempt to set an example. They literally live like they are king and queen. It is beyond disgusting. The only thing worse is this apathetic public’s continued toleration of them. “Let them eat peas”….

        1. Excellent point. To regress a bit, Bush’s trips to the ranch were low budget affairs compared to Africa,Spain, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard.
          His rounds of golf don’t even come close to Obama’s. Both presidents are usually having “working vacations” when away, but it’s hard to imagine Obama really doing much when 7 hrs. a day are on the greens. Perhaps it’s a way of having separate but equal vacations? That make it okay?

          1. Well, in his interview with Barbara Walters Obama told the truth for the first time when in reply to her question on the most personal thing he will be willing to disclose he admitted it was LAZINESS as he said while growing up in Hawaii he got used to spend days on end on the beaches and in the sun. Who would have guessed that he was lazy…after all he starts his day after 9 am while GWB started at 7 am….

          2. – and it is now know that he stops his day at 4:00 pm every day regardless what is happening. Then at least once a week he has a big bash in the WH. This man would rather shoot hoops, play golf, party, drink and what ever else is in his pocket then do his job. He thinks that he is king and kings only survey their ‘kingdom’ and the serfs do all of the work. Well barry you will find out in this next election, your devastation will be halted. – sorry got off onto a tangent. The man just brings bile to my throat.

            as an aside, George Bush didn’t go on extravagant vacations, he either went to his ranch or to his childhood home in Maine. – and he worked! He didn’t go during the holiday so his staff could spend time with their families – not like barry who believes as I mentioned above that he is king.

          3. Now why in the world would he need to do anything he has an office building full of czars and staffs to help them spend the money. The propaganda this man pours out is unreal, we truly are half way to 1984. I never though it could happen, then again i didn’t become truly enlightened till clintons second term. He is in no way presidential, everything that comes out of his mouth is political and propaganda. He has no past we are informed of he has sealed it tight he came into office with an agenda and the fools the bought hopey changey bit better be watching out they are at the bottom of his list. Every thing this president does cost us all, buddy buddy with Solyndra now how much exactly did the donate to your campaign. He makes Nixon look like a saint. He has to go the media won’t touch him. From the Local on up to the the federal level we pay an estimated 43 percent percent tax on every dollar in between 2011to 2015 it is estimated we grow our deficit 5.1 Trillion dollar per urban institute and Brooking institute. Now are we OK with the white with the white house parties living like kings on us. We are six feet under already and he is spending like a drunken fool along with his buddies.

        2. Im sorry, but if I was a multi millionare and my kids wanted to go see the lion king in london or whatever im sure that wouldnt be a problem. I dont think the recession has stopped other millionares from going shopping and traveling. Why dont you get off ur ass and do something productive so you can live that lifrestyle urself you lazy chaunce.

          besides, i thought being a republican was all about lowering taxes for the wealthy so that that could have MORE MONEY to spend to stimulate the economy. Think of it as them just doing their part to keep someone employeed.

          Look, i get it. If you believe that they should be tightening their belt and setting more of an example, i understand that. But stop saying that they are just cruising through our tax dollars with $3000.00 dresses and stuff. In all honesty, they prolly get that shit for free so that some designer can say michelle wore her dress at that function last night or whatever. The first family deserved security expenses. Thats one of the rights of being the first family. Bush spend millions of travel and security expenses. You think $4 mil is alot? Look at the calculation I just posted.

          “Bush took 77 trips to the ranch. Thats 5 hours of flight time to and from texas. It costs $60,000 on average to fly air force one for 1 hour.
          60,000 x 5 x 77 = $23,100,000 (23 million $)”


          1. You are the classic dimbulb who refuses to see, hear, or think. You’re deaf, dumb, and blind … and it’s all YOU. If Joe Stalin was in power, you’d be defending him. Liberals all suffer from a mental disease, which is 19th century Euro-Nihilism pretending to be a ‘politics’ … unfortunately, Liberalism is merely the outward symptom of the disease and is generally un-treatable. Very few Neurotics ever grow out of it … they just cope in their screwed up mis-directed way.

          2. @ The “Chauncellor”

            That’s right, but how much did ti cost to just fly BO back from Hawaii? What you cant seem to grasp is, that we are not paying for ONE president under the tax dollars, but two, maybe three if you include their dog. Not to mention the “army” of people that MUST attend. The last time I look at Bush’s history, he did not have to lug his entire family and friends with him. You can keep your head in the sand, but even the people in the WH are speaking up ab out the excessive spending and disrespect that she alone is bringing to America.

            Over 4 million for one trip?!? how many trips X cost would that be? Oh I almost forgot, you don’t go by facts that expose the “anointed” one.

            I am guessing your favorite flavor in Kool-aid is grape.

          3. In all fairness, why don’t you do the same comparision and calculations for your Buddy BO. Looks like you know how to do research, so put up the chart. Make sure you average it out for the 4 yrs. vs 8 yrs. Add in trips for Laura vs Michelle and GWB vs BHO. I pretend not to know the answers but ask you instead of doing a one-sided comparions – show the comparison facts if you are so inclined. Otherwise, this is media-mash statistics posted by another whinner and misguided dabbler in fact checking.

          4. And you mean to say that the trip to Texas ranch is more expansive than trips to Africa, Spain, Hawaii- and btw, 3 planes are going since Moochel is always flying alone, and Bo has his own plane too… security, etc, etc….
            I understand your venomous hate for Bush, but for heaven;s sake at least be honest…hmmm, sorry too mush to ask from a dumb liberal…

          5. I think expansive was intented word behind the writers theme, similiar to goverment expansion. Expansive = grand in scale.
            Jim maybe you should increase your vocabulary before insulting people. And, what it wrong with living in a trailer?! Jim, you must look down on average folk.

          6. First, I’m a registered Democrat who is embarrassed by the imperial Obama White House. WE pay the salaries of the numerous assistants for both the president and first lady.
            In addition, they fly SEPARATELY (and flew the dog to Martha’s Vineyard) all at the taxpayers expense.

            It’s true that they have to buy their clothes, but Americans pay for everything else, except tuition for private education for their daughters.

            I’ve been shocked at the Obamas’ tin ear. They are a public relations disaster

          7. And Obozo and family just spent a fifth of that on one trip. Are you also aware of the costs involved in the repair of walls so that communications cables can be run from one room to another? I thought not. I know as I trained with a retired Air Force MSgt who was part of the WH Communications Agency. You do realize they took over an entire hotel on the beach for support personnel? Pull you head out of the sand and look more closely at the figures since you bought them up. Your figures say Bush spent $23 million in 8 years for trips to Texas. This Christmas vacation cost over $4 million. DUH!!!

          8. Give it up idiot. It’s against the law to “accept all the freebies” you r suggesting, not that that matters where Obozo & the cronies are concerned. Did u even graduate 6th grade dumbass?!

          9. “Trying to compare Bush’s travels to Obamao’s travels is like comparing apples to oranges.”
            Correction- it is like comparing apples to black caviar!

          10. Bush wasn’t even CLOSE to being the worst President, or even the third worst. Obama has the honor of now being the WORST President in our history…having borken the record by inching Carter out of the top spot in only 2 years in office! Well….at least Obama’s good at something. Because he can’t lead, he can’t speak without a teleprompter, and can’t even golf well after all this practice he’s been getting at our expense.

          11. “they prolly get that shit for free”

            They prolly NOT be getting that shit for free cuz that would be accepting illegal gifts — the very thing that got Nancy Reagan in trouble. She took designer dresses as gifts — NOT legal!

            Funny how your oh, so intelletual and educated text slipped once you started feeling defensive!

          12. Are you smoking crack with Obama? We aren’t complaining about wealthy people spending money on lavish vacations. We are complaining about the President of the United States spending OUR money on lavish vacations. No other President has traipsed around the world on high dollar vacations (not working vacations…(unless you consider campaigning on our dollar “WORK”) with an entourage like this idiot.

          13. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and accepting your figure of $23 Million, spread over his 8-year presidency, it amounts to $2.875 Million per year. That’s roughly HALF of what this one vacation of your idol’s is costing US taxpayers! Does being a rumpswab pay well?

          14. Yep, you are right, but he didn’t take Laura to NYC ($1.5mil) to see a play; Laura did not have an entourage of 21 nor did she make up pricey trips to foreign countries and include her Mama and a dozen friends; and it was the Democratic controlled house and senate that started the Wall St. Mess (See notes on Barney Frank and Chris Dodd), not Bush.

            and by the way, no one since Jackie Kennedy has taken “free dresses” because she was so cruelly criticized for the practice, even Nancy Reagan paid wholesale for them.

      4. Oh for God sakes. Not that same old tired Bush vacation comparison. Camp David is a few miles away. TX is only a few states over from DC. It didn’t cost MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our money putting up staff in ritzy hotels in TX while the President was in his own house (not renting some $25,000/day amazing home they don’t own in Hawaii). Our complaint is, why doesn’t Obama and the Mrs. go HOME TO CHICAGO where they live? Why Hawaii? That’s a ridiculous waste of money and resources.

      5. I don’t recall Bush asking for $3 while he was on vacation. Mixed messages from those in power make for good us-and-them articles like this one.

        Frankly, I don’t give a rats patoot if they want to go on vacation if it keeps them away from DC. My wish is he’d just take a much longer one – maybe the next four years or so. I’d even pay for his first round of golf in 2012.

        He’s history in the making folks.. I just hope we are all around long enough to read about it in English text books. My Chinese is a little rusty.

      6. You also left off the part about President Bush owning his Texas ranch – which, spelled out for you, means the tax payers didn’t pay to put him and his entourage up. Additionally, your leftist regressive friends are fond of pointing out how hard Mr. Obama is working while on “vacation” while acting as though President Bush was vacationing at his ranch and not working….think Western White House. You, my friend, also didn’t cite your “source” for the information, which we would be interested in. Finally, how does President Bush’s activities have any bearing whatsoever on what Mr. Obama does or in this case, doesn’t do…..?

      7. You’re an idiot. The entire security & operations at both Crawford & Camp David for Crissake were permanent installations. Might have well just been down the hall from the Oval Office. Fancy ass dinners, hangers on & haute coutoutre?! Get your head ot of your rear j–koff! The guy plays golf constantly, & poorly I might add. He campaigns incessantly on the taxpayer dime, with dishonest impugnity, while saying nothing to anybody but selected hack ass kissers. You’re a worthless dumbass just as your dear leader Obozo.

      8. Wow — Sounds like the Chauncellor is on someones payroll and getting paid to ‘make all things better’ Go tell some one else that really cares about your babbling.

      9. Hey, Chauncellor, Goober. Let me explain this in a way even you can understand. Camp David is set up as the Whitehouse away from D.C. (thus the reason Obama seldom goes there) with all the communications and staff. The Presidents continues to work all affairs but away from the rat race. It was the same with the ranch, he just had the luxury of working the ranch in the evenings as his pressure relieving get away. These were not vacations The narcissistic President and wife likes to squander taxpayers dollars so he can get all the adoration he can grab. Other than official and short trips the Bushes’ always travelled together, thus not costing the taxpayers double. I sure hope that wasn’t over your head. If it was get some one to translate for you.

      10. Hey, Goober, this president flies to multiple states almost every week when he’s not flying overseas or when he’s not on vacation. Not to mention Michelle flying all over as well plus taking their friends on junkets as well. He even flies A.F. #1 on short jaunts when it would be feasible to take Marine #1. Camp David is the Whitehouse away from D.C., that’s why you don’t see Obama going there very often. George Bush’s ranch also was set up the same as Camp David. No vacation. Get your facts straight jack. Oh, and don’t forget the 90 Tee times where he spends anywhere from 3 to 7 hours on the course, shutting it down.


        It’s very hard to believe that since last December he only squeezed in 3 days of vacation time, according to your numbers, and this article. He spent more than than that in Martha’s Vineyard this year. I’m sure there was another trip somewhere else too. I’d include all the bus travel around the country on our dime, but that would really skew the numbers. Add in the rounds of golf

      12. TO: The Chauncellor

        I just realized that so many have responded to your post and that you may not realize I’m responding to you. I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers, but Obama has taken substantially more vacation than you suggest. The 61 days is for one of his years, certainly not his whole term. If he could take that many days in one month he would, and we would be better off if he did. I know we are bitching about the expense of sending him on these lavish vacations, but it probably works out for us in the end fiscally. OK, maybe not when Moochelle’s food tab gets added, but the rest of the vacation tab comes nowhere close to his dangerous spending. So I say keep him out of DC, it’s safer.

      13. Opps, you’re wrong on the “we don’t buy them clothing” part. They are given an allowance for clothing (paid by the taxpayers) and you can bet dollars to donuts Obama dramatically increased it.

      14. Thanks, Chauncellor, for putting 0bama’s vacations and golfing into persepective for us. I see now my disgust for 0bama is uncalled for.

      15. You know, assuming your numbers are correct, I will give a POTUS a break if they are Pro-American. The first of his trips were the apology tours in europe, bowing down to dignitaries, having his dining dignitary (michelle) state the first time in her adult life she is a proud American, spending 20+ years in a hate filled church (don’t forget that American hating troll Rev. Wright). This guy seems to have no problem if we go down the tubes, whether its from #occupiers , euro debt or middle east nukes. I have NO faith in this man, but you and others have given him a pass. Would I love to see him step off a Jeep, War Plane, War ship or just don some camo and say, We’re Americans, and we are unique, based on JudeaChristian values, a well thought out republic, a tolerant and giving Nation. A nation I AM PROUD OF. Nope, I dont think this will happen, EVER. :(

  3. I’m on the mailing list of all these $3 requests and they sound so, so, low-brow. But, if you link on the donate portion of the e-mail, there is no box for a $3 donation; donations start at $10 and there is box for making it a “monthly” donation.

    No one but the most fanatical follower believes that this millionaire couple shops at Target and Best Buy for their everyday needs. The sheer hypocrisy and deceit is breath-taking in it’s scope. The facade of a couple overcoming poverty to reach the highest levels in America is just balony, but there are those who believe it and feel that the Obamas are “just like us”.

    1. The $3 request is just a ploy to trick you into clicking on the donation button. Agree with you on their shopping forays srdem. Obama even made a joke about whether his credit card would work at his Best Buy photo-op. Michelle’s got about 24 gofers waiting on her hand and foot, so you know the only shopping she does is in the presence of the AP.

  4. The morons she is appealing to probably think of their $3 as sort of a
    lottery ticket. If they plunk down $3, maybe the Messiah will favor them
    with freebies!!!!!

  5. She could sell her $2K dress. There is no end to this woman’s gall. But you know what, there are some people who will send it and vote for him. Its really sad how they are tearing this country down.

    1. Who are we supposed to support? The morons that put us in a war we couldn’t win and killed thousands of our children? Or the GOPs that want to build a “fence” to keep the immigrants out? There’s not really a good pick right now for either party.

      1. Emily, yes, we do need a “fence” to keep the imigrants out. Do you understand that hundreds of people of middle eastern descent have been documented that have come across the border with the Mexicans? What do you think their motive is? If I had to guess, it would be terrorism, but what do you think? Don’t believe me? Google it and educate yourself. Our president needs to secure that border right now. National security is at stake.

        1. And we were attacked on 9/11 and President Bush did nothing special for the next 7 years to defend the border. But now it is Obama’s fault? Today there are more border patrolmen on the border then in our history, more miles of fence then any day in our history and last year set a record for deportation. By the numbers Obama has a more secure border then any president in the history of our country. definitely more secure then the last 7 years of Bush.

          1. First off, we are not talking about Bush….that boat has sailed and I think it is high time you got over it…now, as for our borders being more secure than ever? You obviously do not live in a border state and you are obviously listening to lame stream media and obummer.
            Truth is our borders are so insecure that Mexican soldiers constantly cross them and fire on Rangers and border control officers. There have also been several ‘fly overs’ by Mexican helocopters. In addition, their have been more murders on this side of the border by illegals in the last 2 years than there were in Bush’s whole administration. Drug trafficking is at an all time high in the border states as are drug murders that include beheadings and kidnappings. Wake up!!! Try looking to the interenet for real news…google…or even check YouTube for videos showing the truth. Quit taking these liars word for it and find out the truth. Unless you like having your head firmly planted up obummers ass….just saying

          2. Stop drinking that Obama cool aid. You are drunk. So why did Agent Terry get killed? Was it because we had “secured borders”? NO !. It was because we had unsecured borders and he was preventing a crime since Obama would not do it. Get your facts straight then shut up.

          3. Yup. That tight border security that gave 2,000+ guns go into Mexico and kill hundreds of Mexican nationals. That great border security that has the Mexican troops crossing and firing on our border agents. Obozo is a joke. And the best amount of taxpayer money spent will be in renting the U-Haul to move King Barry and Queen Moo-chelle out of the White House. The 4 year nightmare is nearing it’s end.

          4. Roy, if it makes you feel better, I wanted Bush to secure it also, so don’t get hysterical just because you think I’m attacking Obama. If Obama was so concerned about the border, why did he sue the border states to keep them from doing the job the federal govt. should be doing – securing the border and keeping US citizens safe. Oh, also didn’t you hear Obama is reducing Nat’l Guard border patrol numbers from 1200 to 300? Don’t be such a doosh, Roy.

      2. No one is keeping immigrants out — immigrants are welcome IF they want to assimilate and become Americans.

        No one is keeping illegal aliens out and if a fence will do it then I say we build the fence.

        If you don’t know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien, try this — an immigrant is someone you adopted into your family and an illegal alien is someone who got into your home throught the back window and is stealing from you.

      3. See you’ve been hitting the Obammy kool-aide hard today, eh Emily? No one is against immigrants–we are against ILLEGAL immigrants you dolt. If you like them so much, why don’t YOU pay their rent, food, health care and clothing? They cost our states tens, if not hundreds of billions for social services–not to mention educating their kids.

        Get out of fairy tale land and open your eyes.

  6. The comments on here are ridiculous. All Presidents and their families do things for show and spend lots on travel. Do you think the Bushes didn’t live it up while in office? Please. You people are morons.

    1. No Helen, put down the kool-aid, your not bright enough to even know your on the wrong side of this, bet your sending them your money, bwahahahaha

      1. While I agree with ‘your’ point don’t attack her intelligence when ‘you’re’ not bright enough to even know ‘you’re’ on the wrong side of proper spelling, bet ‘you’re’ not able to figure this out. Hey, at least you got won of them right.

        1. richhenk: While you are correct, WHY do you ignore her ad hominem attack? Why is calling the board “morons” not just as bad (or worse) as someone who uses incorrect spelling or grammar? drnk was either ignorant or sloppy, but Helen was intentionally spiteful, or even hateful! I know which “sin” I consider to be of a higher degree!

    2. Oh, Helen, you’re the one that sounds like a moron. And by the way can you recall a single $4m vacation the Bushes went on while in the White House? They spent their vacations in Crawford, Texas, not jet-setting around the world.

      1. Bush took 77 trips to the ranch. Thats 5 hours of flight time to and from texas. It costs $60,000 on average to fly air force one for 1 hour.
        60,000 x 5 x 77 = $23,100,000 (23 million $)

        1. your statistics and argument is worthless without some factual comparions between the two subjects being compared. Also remember to plug in some projections for BO’s next four years so you can compare 8 yrs to 8 yrs. Oh, wait – on second thought let’s just put in ($0) for BO’s next four years. Yes, much better.

          1. “next four years”???? BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!! It’s a damned shame we have to wait until next November to oust his worthless and incompetent butt out of OUR White House.

        2. Note to Chauncellor:

          That was over EIGHT years. The four million is over 17 DAYS. If I am remembering correctly the Obamas have vacationed in Hawaii for the last three years, at what, $4 million a pop? How’s this for math:

          $4,000,000 * 3 = $12,000,000. So in three years the Obamas have spent HALF of what Bush spent in eight. And that is not including other trips and outings. Anyone else remember the million dollar tunnel in India?

          Oh, and by the way, you might want to rethink your handle, do you really want to be remembered as the king of the Chaunces, you know the “ultimate of uncoolness?”

        3. The flight cost of her “vacation” to Spain alone was $8.7m. Gee how many vacations around the world have they taken? Oh yea, Obama just logged in his 90th round of golf, what a guy! You and Helen need to have a drink together, kool-aid maybe?

        4. $23,100,000 is for 8 YEARS. So divide 23,100,000 by 8 and you get $2,887,500 a year. Still substantially less than the $4 million the Obozos are spending for this vacation alone.

          At least have the decency to put things in proper perspective.

    3. Helen “C”lown You are a nit wit for sure. Bush never spent $4M of tax dollars for a vacation. He went to his ranch. He also did not spend 3 months on the golf course while others were struggling. Mrs. Bush never picked her toes on Air Force One and never disembarked AF1 in cut-off jean shorts. Your pig lady did and she is now snorting at the trough for $3 donations. What a bunch of disgusting people – you included.

    4. No Helen – we’re responsible taxpayers and don’t appreciate our money being spend on their multiple vacations and not having a care in the world about the money they squander. Michele taking a separate jet earlier this year to New England because she didn’t want to wait 4 hours for bozo. Any prime example is this vacation to Hawaii – two jets again. Then her trip to Spain – what the heck is going on? How many times have they been to Camp David? Does she even know it exists?

      What they’re doing is far beyond normal, its abusive of the taxpayers good-will. This would be laughable but for the fact he’s supposed to be our leader – not some Hollyweird buffoon with huge ego.

      312 days!!

    5. Helen, send me the money. I won’t continue to ruin the economy. I’ll buy lottery tickets with it. There’s a better chance I’ll win the lottery than zer0 improving the economy in a second term.

      1. Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

        You have a better chance of improving the economy by playing the lottery than by sending money to Obummer!

    6. Helen,
      If you would try to go back to when the Bushes were in office, don’t you remember how much was made over them going to the Crawford Ranch for vacation???? He either went to Camp David or Crawford.
      Haters just don’t have the facts:
      Just so you can gain an education: The Crawford Ranch was outfitted with everything our President would need no matter what event occurred.
      Every time these Elitists in Office go vacationing, they not only go seperately (which opens another can of happily married worms??) so it costs us double, but they have to outfit every location over and over again with everything that HE would need should a crisis arise. This costs us millions on top of the lavish lifestyle they seem to think they deserve.

    7. Bush took 77 trips to the ranch. Thats 5 hours of flight time to and from texas. It costs $60,000 on average to fly air force one for 1 hour.
      60,000 x 5 x 77 = $23,100,000 (23 million $)

      1. moron, can you not do math? 23 million over 8 years compared to how many million in just 3?? Why don’t you look at some of obamas trips like India… dumba$$

    8. Helen, Helen, Helen please put down that kool aid before you fall and hurt yourself. I have to believe that either you are on the public dole and so desperately need barry to remain in office or you are ignorant, unintelligent, or you are one of the dyed in the wool democrats that believes they will die if they don’t vote the straight ticket.

      Conduct some research on the amount of tax payer money that michelle has spent on her personal vacations since her husband was elected into office. Please be reminded she is NOT an elected official and therefore her abusing and misusing of public funds should be a criminal act. As an aside, the word on the hill is that they travel in different planes because they are not really getting along and she doesn’t want to be with him – and that she is (and who knows if this is really true) dallying with a secret service agent on the side. (after thinking about it, I find it surprising, but everyone has their own taste and level of threshold).

    9. Helen…nice to hear another voice of reason on here. It’s fun arguing with these guys though, isn’t it? They destroy Obama for the exact same stuff good ol’ W. did. Hypocrites for sure.

  7. Really????? Are you that out of touch????? Go back to eating caviar and sipping Dom on the taxpayer’s dime, your days in the White House are numbered, 386 to be exact.

  8. Keep it up Obamas.! On your own you can lower not the sea level, but your own ratings. The utter nerve to ask an already hurting nation to put more into his offering plate is mind-boggling. What is he going to use the 1 billion for? “The Embarrassment of our Audacity”, that should be the title of their next book. Either one can stand behind it.

      1. Why “udder”? Is Michelle expecting us to pay for her boob job too? Well, I can understand why….she needs to do something to balance out that fat ass of hers. Keep eating that fried pork, Michelle, you cow.

  9. This woman is absolutely the most disgusting, hypocritical First Lady we have ever had. We are being raped and pillaged by these pretenders in our White House. I say “pretenders” because they pretend to be well-intentioned Americans.

    1. You’re just biased. Exaggerate much?? All of you are losing your minds over what first families have always done. Only in the Obama’s case they don’t know their place right?

      1. You don’t get it do you? ‘they don’t know their place’ – what do you mean by this? Apparently in your world it’s all about race, can’t possibly be related to the p-poor decisions they’ve made – airplanes 4 hours apart to the same destination because Michele didn’t want to wait. All of HER trips – what’s with that? Did we elect her?

        They, and you, don’t have a clue if you think this is about race.

      2. You are right, Obama doesn’t know his place. His place is being in the Oval Office running the country. Instead he’s on the campaign trail, vacation, golfing, shooting hoops etc. I would be at least a tad happier if he actually was where he is supposed to be, and doing what he is supposed to be doing!

        “Don’t know their place” give me a break. All you leftist can do is play the race card and class warfare. No real thoughts have come from the Progressives in a hundred years.

        1. Maybe he should ride mountain bike, golf, clear brush, drive his pick up at the ranch or fish in kennebunkport. Or is that just what the POTUS does while the country is at 2 wars, and not a financial downturn.

          1. Okay, let’s see – Bush up and in the Oval by what 6am daily? Obama up and in the oval by when? Nine or ten in the morning?

            Bush had two wars, Obama inherited two and got us involved in a “kinetic military action” otherwise known as a war, granted we led from behind, and very well may have let another country fall to Islamists.

            After 9/11 the US experienced NO terror attacks on our soil. Since Obama took office we’ve had the Ft. Hood shooting, oh I’m sorry, you libs are calling that work place violence. We’ve had the attempted bombing of Times Square. We’ve had several other reported terror attempts on US soil, all of which had to be thwarted by non-DHS or FBI etc individuals.

            Bush at least had respect for our military, Obama has shown he does not. How many times has he closed down a military golf course for his own private use? How many times has he used the military as a photo op?

            And as for the financial downturn, yes he, Obama, does need to be in the Oval, working to bring fiscal order and restraint to the federal government. Instead he is out doing everything but his job. Oh, wait, I’m wrong. His job is to bankrupt the country and campaign. On those two fronts I will give him an A+.

  10. Michelle is like a kid in a candy shop… the hypocrisy is really quite pathetic. And to think Obama used to criticise Bush. Vote these clowns out of office in 2012.

  11. Hey now, there are much worse places to go than the Jersey Shore. We have great beaches and 7 other presidents found vacationing here in the summer to be quite wonderful. Hell, President Garfield even died in Long Branch. We also have plenty of golf courses so nit-wit should be able to entertain himself.

    1. New Jersey? Are you kidding? Gotta be the most smelly, dirty, rundown state on the East Coast. Not the mention the average IQ of most of the locals might top 100 if we’re lucky. People think the cast of the Jersey Shore are characters, but sadly lots of the “party crowd” young locals are like that (fake tans, fake boobs, herpes and all) Wow, Give me good ole North Carolina Any day!

      1. Yeah so you can get in your pick up truck, head down to the nearest gas station, hit your dinner on your way home cuz you ain’t got’s no meat’s market money – yeee haw- Nothing like North Carolina

      2. The Jersey Shore nitwits are nearly all New Yorkers, including disgusting Snookie. Only one is from NJ.
        NJ loves outsiders to believe its a terrible place.

      3. Hey Chris S if we believe everything you say about NJ then the first family should fit right in because you described them to a tee

        We have a dirty, smelly, dumb, fake President with a fat a** first lady.

        They should come slink around NJ we can show them how to vacation for nothing.

  12. This is an example of the worst kind of smarminess. Like I have said before, cleaning out the WH will involve more than a rug shampoo this time. The Chicago sleaziness permeates the premises. Spending $4 million of tax dollars while asking for three bucks is a new low in society. What’s next? Send food stamps to an ACORN office so they can turn them in at a local grocery store for cash to send to Obama. Pathetic bunch!!!!!

  13. You know I’d just love to send Obama $3, but one of his loyal voters in Detroit broke into our house and stole all the water pipes. I feel safe saying it was an Obama voter, because Detroit went something like 75 % for Obama (that’s wayne county with includes detroit, but also the white burb of Grosse Pointe). I kinda doubt someone from Grosse Pointe stole our pipes.

    Detroit – our future under democrat leadership.

    1. Stole your pipes? Jeez–always something, isn’t it? What a hassle! As an VERY unhappy upsidedown homeowner, I could cry hearing this. The Code people got me for grass over 6 inches–sure, no, problem, I have a hundred bucks to get someone to weedeat.

      1. Geez…you guys really need to move to the South. 3 bedroom 1500 Sq Ft ranch on 1.5 acres yard in NC for about $155,000. Local city voted best place to live in USA recently, always in the top 5.

      2. Star – since it’s damned near impossible for me to mow any longer due to illness I resorted to Round-Up and had friends help me landscape with decorative rock. Front yard looks cool, and I can see where the neighbor’s dog is crapping in my yard now without having to step in it.

      1. I have made that exact point for years. And, yes, I have seen the video – people don’t let me miss anything about Detroit, since most of my invisible internet friends know me as “that Detroit person.”

        It is exactly true. I don’t think there is a single liberal policy or ideology that hasn’t been implemented her (for decades) already.

        1. It’s sad to see those magnificiant historical buildings just crumbling :( I use Crowders video to show whats wrong with liberal out of control policies. The unions had a hand in forcing automakers to move out or just go bankrupt.

          The GM bailout was Obama’s gift to his union pals. I appreciate what the unions did in the past, but they’re overreaching, care nothing for their members, and their rich, get richer.

  14. Just last week, all these Obama supporters so desperately needed the $40 bucks just to put shoes on their feet or groceries in the cupboard. Now the Obamas want these desperate people to hand back over 8% to keep them king. Doesn’t make sense – just last week the sheeple all stated they couldn’t make ends meet without.

    1. Hey now…don’t you realize Obama delayed his vacation and stayed in Washington just to sign that piece of paper so people would HAVE that $3.00 to send them? He deserves it…and Michelle is there to remind us!

    2. WHY do you think they were so eager to “hand out” that money?

      So it can be sent to THEM! It’s your opportunity to play just like the big boys from GE and the unions…… Though on a smaller scale.

  15. I really do not care what any public official does on their own time as long as they pay for it out of their own pocket. But the Obamas are just plain careless in even giving consideration to how much taxpayer money their vacations cost. Some extra expenses due to the need for Secret Service protection on a trip are unavoidable and are part of the necessary taxpayer expense to protect the First family. Most people understand that. But they also understand if Mrs. Obama makes an arbitrary decision to travel earlier and separately from her husband, that adds a lot of needlesss extra expense and frankly it should be broken out separately and the wealthy Obamas, who are part of the top one percent that Occupy demonstrators complain about, should be required to reimburse the taxpayers for their personal travel that is not part of government business. The decision to reimburse for personal travel should not be up to the First Lady alone becsause there is too much room for abuse. There needs to be a new office called Comptroller of The White House to monitor any personal expenses that are being incorrectly or inappropriately charged to taxpayers.

      1. National treasure. I like that. I still find it amazing that people blindly followed the story leading up to ’08. Michael Beschloss saying on Imus that he would be the smartest man to ever occupy the White House. I would never assign accolades to any one individual without knowing for certain what I was saying. It’s like finding out your weekly golfing partner is a child molester. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. Must be me.

        1. Oh yeah–back then and to some degree now–he was one of “them,” the smarties, the ivy leaguers, the intelligentsia…You know what–this country will end up standing or falling on ingenuity and street smarts, not this wimpy navel-gazing. Mark my words.

    1. Hey that would be great, a Comptroller for the Obamas spending…pass a law and save the American people’s money…they’re laughing their asses off. Give them what they deserve in November…booth their asses back to where they belong…chicago!

    2. I don’t consider her MY ‘first lady’. she’s a racist and laughing all the time she’s on vacation and buying things American taxpayers pay for…she’s disgusting, no my first lady!!!!

        1. Hah…..good point. Sadly, it seems like “reverse racism” is more prevalent in America today than the good ole fashioned kind. I teach high school, and I can’t tell you how bad the attitudes are with these young African Americans, especially the girls. But I guess if your name is “Queenie”, “Princess”, “Precious”, or “Kenya” than you must except everyone to feel they owe you respect right? Especially the white kids her age…Pathetic…..

  16. Unbelievable!! 91 rounds of golf, too many trips to keep count, $16 trillion deficit, but we got “change”…its all we got left in our bank account. he hasnt fullfilled any of his promises. they talk big about rolling up their sleeves and “getting to work” on the economy, but just after 1 more round of golf….right? He should be impeached! A man not faithfull to his wife wont be faithfull to his country (if hes american…his birth cert. Was fake!!!!!). He wont get $3 but ill give him my 2 cents.

  17. on drudge today is a tag on the subject of the obamas’ reaching out to veterans as part of their overall attempt to get votes from republicans in traditional blue/ swing states.

    please point out to veterans that the truth is that obama has taken the traditional tactic of using the pentagon budget as a source of income to fund their social activist activities. he kept gates on long enough to begin the process of downsizing the military and getting through social issues like DADT and women in combat and then place panetta in place to finish the final phase of the downsizing and reduction of the overall budget, he being a budget expert from the clinton administration.

    as a retired air force officer with over 22 years service, i am watching the RIFF process and killing of many procurement contracts of systems vital to our longterm position of “guardian of democracies” around the world.

    while we are all happy to see our service men and women return after many numerous tours, morale is at an alltime low, as many see career opportunites being slashed and promotions being cutback.

    please look into this area, as i know that many current and former military members read your blog. i would be happy to add anything of value to your research and look forward to getting THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA out into the mainstream, since the media won’t do it.

      1. please. I am sick and tired of this racist card. If you really want to know the truth it isn’t only white people that can be racist. black people are racist too. the word on the hill is that michelle HATES white people (and OBTW this IS racist) and the military, so get off that train.

      2. No viable response = immediately reverting to name calling. True or false: Anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist? Now how ’bout Herman Cain? Or Clarence Thomas? Same thing? That’s what I thought.

        1. Yeah, the same people who belch about racism if someone makes a valid point about one of Obama’s policies publicly lynch both Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain because they’re conservative, and that’s okay. I wish these race baiting idiots would move to North Korea or China or Iran, where they can see what REAL oppression is like.

  18. Maybe Moochelle could recycle her post digestive material from her $4 MILLION vacation in Hawaii and get some campaign cash … I wouldn’t send this b!tch coins I find in my washer ….

  19. She is below contempt. There is no stopping this “I hate America” woman. Her obvious dislike for the middle class either black or white is just sickening. How the working poor and middle class proud black Americans can continue to support her is beyond belief. We as taxpayers continue to send her , her mother and children all over the world on the dollars WE pay in taxes. How sad! Her husband has done, in my opinion, what he can do in a job that he was not prepared for. The kind thing would be to retire the President after one term and let him comeback after he is seasoned. The worse thing we as voters did was to elect Obama before he was ready to be president. Maybe after a couple terms in the senate he might have been ready to serve as chief executive.

    1. The leftists and guilt drenched white people voted for this obamanation … many of us tried to warn as many people as possible who this guy was/is … no one listened … and we all know *NOW* that the media intentionally kept the American people in the dark about his past … as the media continue to do for the past 3 years … and are doing again in the run up to 2012 …

      Screw the lamestream media … it’s up to the American people NOW to undo the evil that they put upon this country ….

  20. I also received the happy e-mail.
    No upper case of Happy New Year.
    BUT….. there is that one and a zillion chance of having dinner with the Royal Couple at Wal-mart.

  21. What an idiot…. asking for $3 a piece while most of their target audience doesn’t have a job. Instead of americans giving $3 to Obama, why doesn’t Obama give them a job? It would be as simple as getting the EPA off the back of the oil industry and allow hydraulic fracturing to continue. We have substantial oil reserves in The Bakken that Obama continues to ignore. He also continues to ignore one of the most propserous states (North Dakota) and why it is so successfull…. OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. How is this any different than anything the libs and Progressives do? Isn’t this how Obamacare works? Isn’t this how socialism works? “Brother, can you spare a dime?” Trillions of your money spent to reap millions of their own. The Obama way.

  23. After reading the comments below (ok, most of them) I can’t add much other than to say this $3 trick just takes the cake. They’re spending $4 MILLION of taxpayer money on yet another vacation, while I can’t afford to take just 1 in the past 3 years.
    November 2012 can not come soon enough.

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  25. IT doesn’t matter. The lemmings will still vote for Obozo even though he is systematically destroying this country. They are like the people who got on the trains in Germany 75 years ago believing they were going to a place where they would live happily ever after. Look what happened there. The same thing is going to happen if Obozo gets reelected. We will have no freedoms OR money left after another 4 years of this wannabe dictator. Stop this socialist now before it is too late. Be afraid people, be very afraid.

    1. Barack is a Christian not a socialist, God tell us to defend the poor. Ezek. 22:29,31. “The people of the land have practiced oppression and committed robbery, and they have wronged the poor and needy and have oppressed the sojourner without justice… Thus I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; their way I have brought upon their heads,” declares the Lord GOD.

      Jer. 5:28f. “[The wicked] do not plead the cause, the cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; and they do not defend the rights of the poor. Shall I not punish these people?” declares the LORD. “On such a nation as this, shall I not avenge myself?”

  26. Seriously people. I laugh at you for making fun of the FLOTUS for wearing designer clothing. And to be questioning why the POTUS is asking for money for his re-election campaign, seriously? I know who needs small dollar donations from poor and middle class americans when you have citizens united to take care of your fight against President Obama?

    You all act like he should not have the same protections every president has had. The same rights every President has had. I mean, can you right winger not find anything better to do than question the cost associated with housing and protecting the leader of the free world? You want a single rent a cop stationed in from of a super 8 to protect the President? Oh wait I know why so of you do.

    I am glad Matt Drudge has found a nice little mouth piece for petty grievances to be aired at the most powerful man in the world. You are not really a very serious press corespondent if this the best you got.

    Give me a break. You all better focus your time on picking the right RIGHT WINGER to lose to President Obama.

    Kids…I forgive you!

    1. Aw, it’s OK, we don’t need your forebearance. Sure–he needs SS protection, but weed-laden lard chunks and ten-buck a bite sushi and Wagyu beef for $100 a lb and those lobsters, the debt bus, the separate planes, the cushy vacation mansions, the endless golf, the stupid madeup trips to run on stage to wow recruited and vetted Obama supporters who swoon on cue…those, we question.

      Just saw a story on how high Perry lives when he’s in DC. I predict our work will never be done, no matter who gets in–but this guy has set a high bar for in-your-face overindulgence.

      1. I think that the right wing loves to play the double sided card on this issue. Star is spot on, Perry is the worse. Running ads attacking congressional pay when he gets paid much more as governor and accepts a retirement salary from the state from his time as a state legislator.

        That is a real story.

        The cost associated with the travel of the first family seems much more trivial to me. They are the first family, it costs a lot to keep them same and comfortable. You all raging on Obama better be singing the same tune when it comes to the cost associated with a secret service detail traveling with some republican president of the future.

        1. We’ll see how many seperate exotic vacations or even seperate planes Ann Romney has to take to the SAME vacation spot her husband is going to, when they are in the White House!

          My guess… ZERO!!

  27. Keith,
    How dare you exhibit your racist pig side and question the Obama’s extravagence on the taxpayers’ dime! Don’t you realize that all of America must be punished for its racist past and continued racist present? It doesn’t matter that our nation elected its first black president. None of that counts. Once, you’ve eventually become penitent, perhaps, Rev. Al Sharpton can absolve you of your sinful and critical First Family commentary……….

  28. wait a second. Are you saying any of the republican candidates wont have the same cost associated with their travel and lodging if they become president?

    1. That’s EXACTLY what we are saying. Because no other President would have the chutzpah to spend our money this way on lavish nonsense while the country is in a depression. And if they DID, they would get the SAME criticisms…and we’d want their a** thrown out too.

      1. Bush always went to his farm in texas -this clown in washington doesn’t care how much he is spending because he won’t be re-elected next year

    2. Republicans tend to respect tough times. It is really low class to flaunt a perception of wealth when times are tough. Even the Queen of England has exercised austerity for the last several years. No Parties. Even the wedding was restrained for one at that level. The Queen rides the train like a normal human being. She even rides with her husband.

      None of the BS separate planes. If the trip is delayed because of the job so be it. It comes with the territory. Unless you are a diva in your own mind.

    3. YES! Did Bush spend 4 million on an extended vacation? How many times did he golf? What about trips to NYC? I would for someone to do a tally on just how much this couple has spent goofing off at our expense.

    4. @GMAB, I waited a second & now I will write.
      Any common sense person, which you are starting to show a lack in, understands that EVERY President from ANY Party is entitled to a vacation, but our sitting POTUS has spent more on MANY more vacations while Obama & Michelle take DIFFERENT FLIGHTS (Cape Cod & Hawaii – to name the LAST 2 vacations) exponentially increasing their cost of vacations that us TAXPAYERS PAY FOR! My opinion – NOT GOOD CHOICES. As the POTUS, you are expected to make the best choices for us, while hoping these choices help him to a 2nd term in the process. (We ALL understand THAT!)
      Have you read about Biden taking RENT from the Secret Service to PROTECT him at his residence?
      A country with an unemployment over 9% for the majority of his term while facing a 2nd threat of a “double-dip” recession should not be witnessing Michelle “Marie Antoinette” laisse faire attitudes.
      I personally do not like the majority of Obama’s policies, but the “let them eat cake” (AKA pan-handling for $3 donation while on a $4MM vacation) sure sounds ridiculous to me!

      – now go drink some more Kool-aid –OR– decide that your guy is making some bad decisions, decisions that will not bring the country down, but decisions that will turn his base against him!

    5. No, because most people wouldn’t want to flaunt a lavish lifestyle while the people of this country are hard pressed to pay their bills and put food on the table. When Bush took vacations, he went home to his ranch or to the family home in Maine. I doubt Obozo spent more than a week at his mansion in Chicago since his election. Why would he when he can live like a sultan on the backs of the American taxpayer. He acts like he is n-rich–just can’t WAIT to spend money that isn’t his.

        1. The Bushes were productive people that have earned money and knew the value of a dollar. Here we have a welfare couple with a stolen credit card.

    6. They wouldn’t be flying off to Spain to vacation. Bush went back to his ranch for vacation and he was working on clearing the brush on his ranch.

    7. Not one ex-president (from either party) has come even close to throwing OUR money away unnecessarily like this crew has.

      And this is happening in the midst of a national, economic crisis….!!?

    8. Absolutely, they went to their own homes on most vacations. Unlike the freeloading Obamas.

      Bush Sr. went to Kennebunkport, Maine his summer home, Bush jr. went to Midland, TX and Reagan went to his CA ranch.

    9. I am fairly sure that most Presidents did not send their wives and families on Air Force One ahead of them on vacation, especially during a depression.

    10. Bet NOT $4M for wife’s vacation!!!

      Take your Liberal politics to the beach! We are talking about this black woman living off Americans and enjoying incredible luxury in a personal vacation while majority of Black Americans struggle to put bacon on the table for their kids.

  29. Not only did she want three bucks, but she entered you in a chance to “have dinner with Barack and me.”

    You would think that FLOTUS and POTUS being so highly educated and so much more intelligent than us goombahs out here in the real world would know that the proper grammar is “Barack and I”

  30. And you people wonder why this clown show needs to go in 2012. Michelle Obama has been nothing but a national embarrassment. Who in the heck wears a $2K sundress on vacation? If that had been Laura Bush, our friends in the MSM would have excoriated her but since this is Michelle, they treat her with kit gloves.

    I hope the libs have finally realized they got screwed right along with the rest of the country.

    1. It’s kid gloves — gloves so soft and delicate that they were made from the skin of a baby goat.

      I agree with your point, only wanted to explain where this saying came from and why it’s kid and not kit.

  31. Oh come on. Everyone keeps getting out of control when the Obama’s wear a fancy dress or suit, go to a fancy dinner, or do anything other than sit in the white house. They happen to have alot of money. Over $10 Million. We dont buy them clothes with tax money, however we do pay for their travel and security. (remember, they also get paid for this job)

    President Bush took 149 Trips to Camp David for a total of 487 days. He also took 77 trips to his ranch for a total of 490 days. He was president for 2920 days and away from the white house for 977 days. Thats roughly 1/3 of the time. Imagine how much it costs to transport and secure him on the 226 trips he took during those 8 years.

    As of september of 2011 (i dont know the time figures for his recent trip to hawaii) Obama had taken 61 vacation days through about 930 days of his presidency. Thats about 6.5% as compared to Bush’s 33%. That also means that he takes about 1 day off for every 15 he works. How many days to you get off a week?

    Just thought I would bring this into persepective for you. I would be happy to answer and of your comments or questions.

    1. I was wondering when you were going to show up and defend my tremendous work record! (P.S. stop by when I get back to town, and I’ll have a little something to pass along under the table)

    2. “President Bush took 149 Trips to Camp David for a total of 487 days. He also took 77 trips to his ranch for a total of 490 days.”

      What? No he did not! I worked on his staff and your numbers are WAY off! Show me your data for these absurd numbers.

        1. Bush’s “vacation days” include many days of official business. Here is the list of 18 foreign heads of state that visited his home. You’ll note, if you dig, many were 2-3 days.
          Of course, your anticipated response would be…Putin was out “clearing brush” with him.

    3. Anyone can play the distortion game.…/c-bs-gets-obamas-vacation-days-wrong/
      Which is all total bathwater. Don’t know where they got their numbers (Dan Rather?), but they’re wrong. All total, Barack Obama has spent more than 400 days on some type of absence from Washington. Sometimes calling them “trips”, or “visits”, in our neck of the woods we call them vacation days. Obama and the MSM are good at excusing Obama as they are now by calling his present absence a bus tour. It’s a campaign tour, period. Additionally he’s played 57 rounds of golf since taking office (29 of them in 2010) and gone on 28 basketball outings (20 of those coming in 2010)
      In fact he’s spent more than half his time as President outside of Washington on various “tours”. Additionally C-BS isn’t counting the 35 days Obama has spent at Camp David, whereas Bush’s Ranch was actually considered a working vacation with his staff

    4. Your numbers are off because you forgot to divide by the “white” factor.

      No president before Obama has had such scrutiny on his time off and the associated costs as Obama has. The man is the POTUS , he is entitled to vacation.

      Hawaii is not some exotic foreign land. It is in the USA and Obama’s birthplace. It should not be controversial that he spent Christmas vacation there.

      And he would not have had to take a separate plane then his wife, had the asshat obstructionist republicans who passed on two wars with paying for them, gave millionaires and billionaires tax cuts with out paying for them, Passed medicare part D with out paying for it, could not bring them selves give working class Americans a 40$ a week tax cut with demanding they be payed for.

      I hope when the next republican becomes POTUS ( I hope it is a long wait) that we can come here to read about every penny spent of their vacation. Of course I couldn’t find any of that information on previous republican POTUSs.

      1. Amazing…you just can’t help yourself, can you? Everytime someones shows you that obummer and wife, is ruining America and spending money (ours…not his) like a drunken salior on shore leave, you just have to bring up bush…I don’t care about what you thing of Bush, we are talking about obummer, and the only reason why obummer is being watched so much is because he is constantly posing for photo ops. The lame stream media is giving him constant passes for every lame thing he says and does…the newest one was they didn’t air the part of a recent obummer interview where he claimed he is the 4th best President in history….just goes to show, obummer is a legend in his own mind…and, it looks like, your too… so sad

        1. I really wish people would stop comparing Obummer and Congress spending to that of a drunken sailor. There is a difference…..when a drunken sailor runs out of money they STOP spending!!!!

      2. :And he would not have had to take a separate plane then his wife, had the asshat obstructionist republicans ….”

        Wifey did not have to leave on a certain day — unless she had some plastic surgery scheduled and didn’t want to miss the appointment. The Wife could have waited until The One was free. There was no need for them to go to Hawaii at all. Who cares if they went every year before The One was elected (which I doubt is true). He wanted the job of President, he ran for it, and he could have kept his vaycay expenses down by suffering through Christmas at — gasp — at the White House!

        There was NO reason for The Wife to have taken a separate airplane. The Princesses Obama could have waited a few days to begin their vaycay and waited for Daddy. The experience of such a “sacrifice” might have given them a little insight into what the peasants are dealing with this Christmas.

      3. No other president has been under scrutiny? Oh please. One reason he is under such scrutiny is because he is ALWAYS either playing golf, hosting parties or vacationing somewhere. You progressives do nothing but b*tch and whine the entire time anyone but a liberal is in office. When one of your fellow travelers is in the WH, we are supposed to worship and bow. No thanks. I will despise your p*ss willy presidents as much as you despise mine. Don’t like it? Tough.

    5. @chauncellor: USA Today article

      The Crawford Ranch was used to entertain and for diplomatic work with world dignitaries. Read the article and you will see just how many world leaders, GWB hosted.

      The Crawford Ranch was referred to as the Second White House. Now tell us all Chauncellor, who the Obamas are hosting in Hawaii? The Japanese Prime Minister? Or maybe Obama invited Benjamin Netanyahu (LOL)

      And when Michelle took her expensive trip to South Africa for three weeks along with her girls and their two cousins (one is 16 and the other 20 yrs old) and the grandma AND a host of more than 12 friends, that was a vacation and enough of our taxpayer money and time that should have satisfied her for at least six to eight months. But, noooooo, the King & Queen see it as their “burden” to travel and live gloriously to impress us little people with their grandeur.

      The Obamas cannot stand the WH and get out whenever they can. The problem is, that we are their employers, and we are saying GET TO WORK and stop shirking your responsibilities. If any of other CEO was doing what the Bamster is doing and wasting the company’s money and without producing impressive profits or results, they would be given a pink slip and a swift kick out the door. Nov. 2012 cannot get here fast enough.

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