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Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260

President Obama and Michelle had dinner last night at Honolulu’s famed foodie paradise, Alan Wong’s.

The middle class was not invited.

I realize the Obamas are wealthy people, and that wealthy people have the right to drop $260 of their disposable income on chow. But if you’re going to invite Associated Press photographers along to capture your trip to Target and stage photo ops at PetSmart and Best Buy, then I’m going to write about your unpublicized excursion to Alan Wong’s.

The press pool was not invited in to take photos this time. In fact, others were discouraged from doing so too. From the pool report:

Diners have been trying to takes pictures of POTUS, only to be chased off by advance staffers.

Since when are people not allowed to take pictures?

According to the pool report, the Obamas and their friends dined on the five-course “tasting menu” that was tasty to the tune of $75 a person, $105 with wine. Among the highlights were “Sassey Salad” and bacon wrapped pork loin.

Here’s something they might have eaten, from Alan Wong’s website:

Whatever. Maybe that’s the Sassey Salad. The top part, anyway. Looks sassy.

I’m going to go out on a pretty firm limb here and say they had wine. That brings the bill for two to $210. Add in Hawaii’s 4 percent sales tax and we’re at $219.40. Let’s assume a 20 percent tip at the very least and the total comes to just over $260.

Not counting gas. For a motorcade.

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  1. Remember when Palin was excoriated for wearing a $400 suit during the last election? You know, because Michelle was so frugal she shopped at Target! Remember?

  2. keith,
    I’d love to hear you opinion on Robt. Reich’s column regarding Hillary taking the V.P. post and Biden taking the Sec. of State post. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

  3. A lot of bickering here. Back and forth about Obama, not seeing between the lines. As history always repeats itself, I can see Caesar’s way quite a bit through the Obama administration. Instead of slaughtering the wealthy families, why not bankrupt the country? Will will add an N to the dollar and call it the Neuvo Dollar. Our current currency will be worthless to those who have it and everybody can start fresh oa new slate. So, what’s to keep me from cashing out my 401k and spending it before it it worthless? Taxes… because we have to pay so damn much because we “peasants” can’t afford lawyers to hide it for us. Ine the end, let it fall because our current leaders clearly can’t fix it. Sure, times will be tough for a while and we will eliminate a lot of evil people when the looting occurs. America will be still be here. I would rather it get out of the way now so the people responsible will suffer versus the children. So, please accept my middle finger liberals, democrats, and republicans. Your brainwashing and propaganda are not working with the masses as much as it used to. I never thought I would see the day where it costs $20 to buy items in the store to make two hamburgers and the same meal costs $10 at a fast food restaurant. Everyone here and this crooked society can can get bent! BTW, I have been a republican my whole life.

  4. hum—well if the taxpayers are paying for this I guess we should have bacon on it— we only pay for the best!!! we buy dinner and get screwed too!!! it’s a win, win for the taxpayers!!!

  5. Integrity –

    Definition – The character of an individual who would do the same thing when alone as what he would do in public.

    Used in a sentence – This President has no integrity.

  6. Q. Are you personally better off after 3 years of Mr. Obama? Are race relations in the U.S. better? Is unemployment better? Is your house worth more? How about your stock portfolio? Are we more respected abroad? Have we treated our foreign allies and their representatives well? Is it OK that 100% of our GDP now goes to pay interest on what we owe? Has Obama been focused like a LASER on jobs? Do you know more people who are out of work? Do you know college students fresh from school, degree in hand, who cannot find a job? Are more shops and businesses closing in your town? Is it harder to find the goods and services that you need these days? Who has taken more vacations this year, you or the Obamas? How about this month? Why was the unpopular “Obamacare” forced down the throats of Americans who overwhelmingly did not want it. Why are Democrats so against voters having to show identification to vote? Do you children and grandchildren have a chance to enjoy the American way of life that you enjoyed? And finally:

    Should Obama have another four years to “finish the job”? It’s up to you.

  7. Nothing will change with these guys. They are under no conviction that their actions fail to communicate the empathy for others that they claim to have. But what you DO really proclaims what you believe…not what you SAY.
    Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised in 2012 with the average American voter. But I’m not really expecting it. We get the government we deserve.

  8. Keith isn’t challenging their ability to eat a nice meal – he is just exposing the hypocrisy. If the Obamas didn’t use class warfare all the time, this wouldn’t be the least bit relevant – but they do. Show some humility (or at least fake it). Given the huge deal they have made about rich/poor/$40.00 extra for social security tax reduction/99%/1% and an election coming up – you would think they would have spent the holidays in Chicago, at the White House or Camp David. They invite this attention. All Presidents have spent money and time traveling elsewhere (many times more than they should) but just because they did it in the past, doesn’t mean given the current economy they shouldn’t exercise restraint right now. True leaders would show restraint.

    • So then referring back to the first part of the post, Keith IS challenging their ability to eat a nice meal. I think I have a better suggestion to end the whole hypocrisy drama. Instead of complaining that the Obama’s eat a nice meal while telling everyone else to sacrifice, let’s ALL go out for nice meals whether or not we can afford it. That’ll show ’em.

  9. Hmm…the bacon wrapped pork undoubtedly made its way directly to Moochelle’s ass. As for the Sassey Salad, it looks like weeds on top of a snot sandwich. I’d rather eat at Mickey D’s and I never eat there.

  10. Everyone knows they don’t give a damm about the poor or the middle class. All Michelle cares about is stuffing her face with as much expensive food as she can pork down. Considering Obama’s Muslim background, I’m surprised he’s eating pork. Oh…I guess he’s not a Muslim now…at least not until after the 2012 election.

  11. Thank you for your report. This president disgusts me more than any other in the past, (and what clinton did to the us in the eyes of the world was embarrassing to say the least)
    The obama’s are the WORST president and first “lady” to ever be in OUR HOUSE and I can’t wait to see them go

  12. My, aren’t you the intrepid journalist. I think this piece might actually be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize……yes, you have really opened my eyes to the largesse of our elected officials. My, I never had in my life heard of a President eating so fine; I was under the impression they lived on Ramen noodles and Kraft Mac & Cheese. Christ!!!

  13. Did you ever notice how the current and past tyrants of the world live/lived high and mighty without guilt while the people did without?

    Now we have tyrants living in the White House, living high and mighty without guilt while we do without.

  14. Really? I work at an establishment that employs close to 100 people, our menu is priced higher than what Obama paid. As a result of my work I can afford to take my wife out for a 475 tasting menu when ever I like. Is the author actually asserting that she never eats for the same type of money? Don’t like Obama, don’t like his policies, but I work for the 1% that everyone seems content to moan about and I get treated pretty well.

  15. I’m convinced that the leftist minions that still enable and support Obama to continue his collapsing of America, just because he hates our country, do not know about the failing socialist countries collapsing all over the world. Oh, that’s right, the leftist minons that cling to Obama get their news from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN an MSNBC, and they don’t report negatives about socialism.

    They don’t stop to think what it is like waking up in a house without heat, going to stores where there are no choices, living in public housing and no hope to own. They only know what the leftist media manipulates.

  16. No suprises here.The “man?” of he people lives as a king while the country is in shatters and a very bad developement is occuring at the straights in the gulf with the world two largest navel forces facing off will he plays golf and eats like a pig.I have little doubt they will find away for the taxpayers to pay for everything they do.Or at least the DNC.

    • You might be onto something; maybe there’s a larger conspiracy afoot. So my black friends who DO tip are actually whites in disguise. Or maybe you were just a not-so-good bartender.

      • Dick, you are right. I have seen Black dudes who definitely take care of the working folks without hesitation or fail. But I have seen a few for whom the act did not come willingly. Joe isn’t the first I have heard this from, and I have seen it first hand.

        • This is probably good experiment fodder for some social scientist out there. But I do have to say that I also know some whites and asians who need a bit of an armtwist before they chip into the tip pool.

    • Feds don’t pay state sales taxes either… I bet it was a bad night for tips… I wonder if he tips his caddy?

      Speaking of Golf… When he is out five hours playing a round – What happens to the other golfers? Do they just play around the the guy or do they just wait patiently in line behind him?

  17. What a bunch of hypocrites some of you detractors are!
    Tell me what a frugal miser GWB was; or how frugal Romney is going to be with his dough…all the while lamenting the misery that Obama has foisted on the middle class.

    • I don’t know, YOU tell ME… WHEN did Bush, or CLINTON, for that matter, spend FOUR MILLION DOLLARS on ONE vacation, and rub everyone’s noses in it? I seem to remember Bush going to HIS OWN HOME.

  18. It is one thing to pay for expensive meals with your money; it is another to be a public person paying for expensive meal with taxpayer money. Still the Obama minions don’t see the difference.

    Private and public are two different things.
    Money you earn and taxpayer money are two different things.
    Going out for a meal like this several times a year and constantlly doing it are two different things.
    Being lazy and working hard are two different things.
    Fixing things and breaking things are two different things.

  19. …and yet, we can be sure that the Obama Lemmings will repeat the mantra that ” they deserve it, they work so hard”..There is little we can do to enlighten these pathetic enablers, other that to demand that the ObaMEs be confronted with the lie by exposing them And sho is gooing to ask the Occupyers?????

  20. Wow…that’s some hard hitting journalism. You mean you didn’t find out the flavor of the sorbet they had at the end of the meal or whether the kids have overdue library books?

  21. Obummer & wife are leeching the American taxpayers for all they can, cause he knows he is a bigtime loser in 2012. Look for the first Adams family to try and drain the kitty dry his last year in office. I can’t wait till they send this phoney pos back to Kenya where he belongs, but the Kenyans probably don’t want these dirtbag hypocrits either.

    In 2012 the jig is up for Oblunder, or should I say the jig is OUT!

  22. $105 per person? Not bad for a really good meal with wine. Quite reasonable, actually, especially compared to the meals that K Street lobbyists buy for their bought Congresscritters. Top-end meals at Michelin-starred restaurants usually start around $250 per person, without wine.

  23. I read elsewhere that it was a group of 10 in the Obama party at Alan Wong’s = $105 x 10 = $1,500 for three hours of gluttony on the taxpayers’ hard earned money. If anyone should resent the Obama’s behavior of ‘let’s get it while we can,’ it should be the middle class – the backbone of our society. That is until Obama destroys them, which he’s doing very diligently. They are the worst bunch in U.S. history.

  24. I can remember when the press raised HELLLLLL over Nancy Reagan ordering new china for the White House, yet the mainstream media has NO PROBLEM with this president and first lady spending MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for extravagant vacations, parties and entertainment.

  25. You all will be relieved to know that the Obama Administration has setup a hotline to assist detained illegals in finding out what rights they have…

  26. That should be $1,050.00 Was a typo not a math error. In any case, more people are looking for work after three years of this obamanation of a president while he’s livin’ the life.