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Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260

President Obama and Michelle had dinner last night at Honolulu’s famed foodie paradise, Alan Wong’s.

The middle class was not invited.

I realize the Obamas are wealthy people, and that wealthy people have the right to drop $260 of their disposable income on chow. But if you’re going to invite Associated Press photographers along to capture your trip to Target and stage photo ops at PetSmart and Best Buy, then I’m going to write about your unpublicized excursion to Alan Wong’s.

The press pool was not invited in to take photos this time. In fact, others were discouraged from doing so too. From the pool report:

Diners have been trying to takes pictures of POTUS, only to be chased off by advance staffers.

Since when are people not allowed to take pictures?

According to the pool report, the Obamas and their friends dined on the five-course “tasting menu” that was tasty to the tune of $75 a person, $105 with wine. Among the highlights were “Sassey Salad” and bacon wrapped pork loin.

Here’s something they might have eaten, from Alan Wong’s website:

Whatever. Maybe that’s the Sassey Salad. The top part, anyway. Looks sassy.

I’m going to go out on a pretty firm limb here and say they had wine. That brings the bill for two to $210. Add in Hawaii’s 4 percent sales tax and we’re at $219.40. Let’s assume a 20 percent tip at the very least and the total comes to just over $260.

Not counting gas. For a motorcade.

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  1. Who cares what they spend and eat,We all know black folk who live in poor neighborhoods , drive the best most expensive car, dress with top designer cloths..its very common and whats the beef..they are doing what many Blacks do best..dress good,eat good,and spend other peoples money..such as the poor blacks that walk around stacking the shopping cart with lobster tail..shrimp. boxies of expensive fruits.the very best than pay with food stamps..if your a cashier at any super market you have seen this over an over. I know I should be no big deal that the obamas are spending our tax dollars living like KING AND QWEEN..however this may be offensive to some..these are the seldom see black women in church not dressed to the helt, but they live in a shack.and on welfare..why is this..who knows..perhaps its a way of valedation for some. now dont cus me out…its how I see it.

  2. jay, you know what they say about conspiracy theorists: you view yourselves as victims and hence see everything as a conspiracy. Rumsfeld did NOT say $2.3T was missing. He just referred to an IG report that said the DoD financial system could not accurately track $2.3 T of transactions. That’s a critical difference, although you may not understand it.

  3. They have a right to do that…but…they can’t say they feel the pain of the rest of us while taking lavish vacations etc. at taxpayer expense. I understand this trip will cost us at least $4 million. The only thing they care about us our vote so they can continue living large on our dime…esp. Michelle.

  4. Add in staff time for all the aides, security and so forth and you’re looking at a total bill of ten thou or so (and most of that is borne by the taxpayer)

  5. I swear you conservatives are borderline lunatics. I come to Drudge Report, because it’s a great site for consolidated news, but the constant reports beating up the President over golf and food, and insinuating his wife is fat, are downright disgusting. I’m pretty sure George Bush took a lot of vacations and he’s filthy rich, but you guys never attacked him. But hey, “bacon wrapped pork loin”…at least that will settle the whole Muslim thing. Idiots!!

    • Not this conservative. This conservative also thinks this article is ridiculous, and that the critical comments sound like a bunch of crybaby losers.

      • Dude!!!…I want my damn rug back! haha

        Sorry…didn’t mean to generalize all conservatives…as I certainly don’t want to be generalized with liberals. I always say…too far right…crazy…too far left…also crazy. Can’t we all just get along somewhere in the middle?!

    • I am very conservative but I have to say that I was very disappointed with Bush over economic issues. He could have cut spending if he was willing to veto a lot of stuff. With that said, He also had vacations but he mostly went to his farm to work and to Martha’s Vineard. I bet he did not spend half what these Guys are spending. They are living large at our expense and the only thing they care about you is your vote.

    • Good point…oh, but you weren’t finished…”drive down IQ’s…” …IQ’s what?? First of all…who is IQ and which of his belongings are we driving down? In other words…plurals don’t get apostrophes genius. Typical radical, right wing nut. Insult people who don’t agree with you and call them dumb…like the toothless hillbilly living in a trailer drinking a Natural Ice talking about how “superior” whites are to minorities. Evolve people!

  6. Who cares! Geez it’s $260 for dinner in Hawaii. Who hasn’t gone out and spent a lot on dinner during a vacation. I made a lot less that the Prez and I have spent $180 on a dinner with my wife at a five star restaurant. Once in a while its nice to indulge.

  7. The useful idiots that support them should realize this is where the saying
    let them eat cake comes from. This was followed by a chaser of guillotine,
    as we’re more civilized we’ll just have to retire them. These two truly exemplify
    an out of touch political aristocracy, and we’re not even a monarchy.

    • “And that’s why I’m not going to stand here and simply tell you what I’m going to spend, I’m going to tell you how we’re going to save when I’m president. I’ll do what you do in your own family budgets. You got to tighten your belt. You make sure you’re spending money wisely. The government needs to do the same thing.”

      I’d say that he qualifies as being a hypocrite.

  8. Jay, your conspiro-nutjob BS took all of about 20 seconds on google to refute: In fiscal 1999, a defense audit found that about $2.3 trillion of balances, transactions and adjustments were inadequately documented. These “unsupported” transactions do not mean the department ultimately cannot account for them, she advised, but that tracking down needed documents would take a long time. Auditors, she said, might have to go to different computer systems, to different locations or access different databases to get information.

  9. I hate these kinds of reports, because they change the subject from Obama’s mismanagement of his job. If he were a good president, I wouldn’t care if he ate $100 breakfasts.

  10. Honestly some of you people are truly sad. Not so much politically but in how little you are willing to spend on your significant other for a romantic dinner. I’m a 25 year old, disabled veteran, college student and I’ve managed to take my girlfriend at the time (and now fiance) out to multiple dinners on special occasions and spend between 100-200 for just the two of us. Sometimes just because, sometimes for a special occasion. Does chivalry not exist anymore? Some of you need to get a little excited about life and do something from time to time. Sheesh. (And before you say anything, I have no outstanding loans, my college is paid for through the Post-9/11 GI Bill, my bills are always on time, I have a comfortable rainy day fund, and a moderate amount of savings).

    • Stephen, how many times have you told others THEY need to cut back on spending? How many times has your fiancee told others what and how much THEY should eat? Do you and your fiancee put your “photo op” life on display when it is convenient for you and hide it when your hipocricy becomes apparent and blatant?

      • Like I had said, I wasn’t talking about the politics. There were just numerous comments on here about how they would never spend that kind of money on their wife, spouse, significant other etc. I was merely commenting on the fact that its rather sad that people have gotten so cheap on each other and its not even just the economy because I’ve been seeing it for years now.

  11. They do not want poor Americans, or black Americans seeing these type of pictures. $520 for one meal could have fed a lot of homeless women and children. Why do they not go to dinner at cheaper restaurants in Hawaii and give some of that money to struggling mom and pop diners, instead of the more wealthy and affluent restaurants? And $2,000 for a sun dress michelle, come on it looks like you were about to go play tennis, you really need a new designer. $2,000 would feed a whole lot more people!!

    • I agree. I remember a great noodle restaurant on Hotel Street, I believe at the corner of Nuuanu, that served a fantastic local dinner for a few dollars. I’d stop in after a few hours in the clubs and eat my fill.

  12. Who doesn’t spend a couple hundred on dinner and wine if they can afford it. Maybe Tibetan Monks like the Dalai Lama, but the President never took a vow of poverty.

  13. I shop at target and best-buy and occasionally take my wife out to a nice restaurant for a meal costing around $200. Does this mean I can’t advocate for the middle class?

  14. There was a writer, Malveaux, (I believe is her name) that hoped that Clarence Thomas would keep eating fats and other foods that could lead to a heart attack and die.

    Maybe we should hope that Michelle keeps letting Obozo, our clown in chief, dine this way and he can expire early.

    And when confronted about her comments I believe the writer mentioned that wanting a supreme court justice to die was a protected free speech issue and only joking, So in the spirit of liberals that wish people to eat non healthy food and die early, can I wish the same for Obozo, our clown in chief.

  15. $4 Million Dollar seventeen day vacation, 7 hours golfing, hugging the chef at his favorite restaurant – The 1% lives pretty good while America is in a Economic Depression…

  16. Isn’t it funny how Obama supporters always break down and cry and then spew hate-filled rhetoric?

    Keith, does Jay’s comment qualify as flaming — lol!

  17. Who cares what they eat or how much they spend? All I care about is Romney 45 BarryO 39. If we’re lucky the Obamas will just be a bad memory come November…..if we’re lucky.

  18. I live in Hawaii. Shock: Quite a few “middle class” people eat at Alan Wong’s restaurants here. In fact, many middle and even low income earners frequent high-priced destinations (take Mauna Kea Resort’s “Clam Bake” for instance. Popular with working locals, it’s north of $75).

    Another shock: Life here is expensive. A gallon of gas? Over $4. A gallon of milk? Over $6.

    I think democrat politicians portraying themselves as the “everyman” is stupid as hell. But do understand that as Hawaii residents…we pay through the nose for EVERYTHING. So portraying a meal at Alan Wong’s as opulent will make most of us chuckle…that price tag is (sadly) not out of this world here.

  19. That is weird about the pictures-there are next to none of michelle when she is on vaca-how do they get away with that?

    A presidential photographer ‘undercover’ could make a lot of money…

  20. Obama is Ron Paul’s strongest supporter for POTUS.
    2012 Is About Abolishing Slavery In America

    We’re on the verge of abolishing slavery in America.

    Ron Paul’s aim is to abolish the debt slavery & tax bondage of the FED/IRS Complex.

    Over the last 100 years of slavery we have gradually lost most of what America set out to be, do and have.

    We are not free. We are slaves.

    Put aside all of the non-essential issues and focus on abolishing slavery.

    Let’s start there.

    Our first priority is to regain our liberty, peace and prosperity.

    This is the narrative, the context for all of my campaign communications with others. It shuts down all of the nattering and competitiveness over the flavor-of-the-month candidates.

    No other candidate is cognizant of, or focused on abolishing the crushing debt slavery and tax bondage as a social issue.

    Without our liberty, nothing else matters.

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  21. This makes as much sense as the uproar about the conference at the DC Hilton and the expensive pastry. When you go to an expensive restaurant in Hawaii that’s what things cost. Are we to assume by the criticism that Republicans all eat at modestly priced restaurants? If you have ever been to Hawaii you know that everything is expensive. if the Obama’s had stayed in the White House how much does an average dinner there cost do you think. Arn’t there more important things to write about?

  22. Do you think the 1% Obamas spent their own money on another uber-extravagant notch in their champagne and caviar lifestyle belt of taxpayer indebtedness to the self-proclaimed royal couple? Their Obama liars-media spinners have even floated the idea that they are paying out of their own pocket for their HI million $$$ 2 week vaycay digs. There is no limit to the gall of this mooching, usurping American annihilating pair of prevaricators living large on the backs of bankrupted Americans. This “We” doesn’t need pictures to know what non-American porkers these two Pigs at the Public Trough are and I don’t need to know that they are practitioners of taqiyya, hiding their Muslim roots by “eating” double pork, bacon wrapped pig butts and washing it down with $102 bottles of wine…also a Muslim no-no…drinking.