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Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260

President Obama and Michelle had dinner last night at Honolulu’s famed foodie paradise, Alan Wong’s.

The middle class was not invited.

I realize the Obamas are wealthy people, and that wealthy people have the right to drop $260 of their disposable income on chow. But if you’re going to invite Associated Press photographers along to capture your trip to Target and stage photo ops at PetSmart and Best Buy, then I’m going to write about your unpublicized excursion to Alan Wong’s.

The press pool was not invited in to take photos this time. In fact, others were discouraged from doing so too. From the pool report:

Diners have been trying to takes pictures of POTUS, only to be chased off by advance staffers.

Since when are people not allowed to take pictures?

According to the pool report, the Obamas and their friends dined on the five-course “tasting menu” that was tasty to the tune of $75 a person, $105 with wine. Among the highlights were “Sassey Salad” and bacon wrapped pork loin.

Here’s something they might have eaten, from Alan Wong’s website:

Whatever. Maybe that’s the Sassey Salad. The top part, anyway. Looks sassy.

I’m going to go out on a pretty firm limb here and say they had wine. That brings the bill for two to $210. Add in Hawaii’s 4 percent sales tax and we’re at $219.40. Let’s assume a 20 percent tip at the very least and the total comes to just over $260.

Not counting gas. For a motorcade.

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  1. I make a lot less than the POTUS, but I’ve dropped more than $130 per person for a nice dinner while on vacation. I’m not an Obama fan at all, but this is over-the-top nit-picking. Find me a single politician with more authority than a state representative that doesn’t have a similar meal from time to time, and I’ll eat some bacon-wrapped pork.

  2. Hey wait a minute I thought he was a poor guy paying off his and his wife’s student loans and could hardly afford to put the kids in private school. At least that’s what they said before he was elected.

  3. VERY weak article. I am middle-middle class and still spend more than this on dinner at least twice a year. Good food is important to many of us and we are willing to pay for it. A $75 5 course menu is quite reasonably priced in comparison to the many other options out there…

      1. Jenny, if you can afford to do so, go treat yourself to one of these meals at least once. A, to live a little; and B, to dine in the company of those who are financing everyone else.

        1. Yeah, Jenny- you might as well enjoy your money while you can. This moron is hell-bent on spendig it for you to bail out more banks and raise more taxes.

      2. I live well within my means and am saving more than most. I am able to afford fine dining experiences because I show restraint in other areas of my life. Meals like these are not simply fuel for the body, but entertainment experiences that are remembered for years to come.

        1. Well said, Roger. I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night (and because its the DFAC, it’s best left forgotten), but I clearly remember the meal my wife and I enjoyed on our most recent anniversary, and even the two anniversaries prior to that.

  4. You are assuming they left a tip? I might assume they do not have the class to leave a tip. This vacation is the flip side of food stamps. Our taxes pay for other people’s food so they have more money to spend on their cars, i.e. transportation. In the case, we foot the bill for transportation and this is how they spend money on food.

  5. Regarding the ‘Sassy Salad’, I have stuff that looks just like that growing in my front lawn. Hmmm, maybe I should apply for a restaurant license?

  6. “President Barry O.” might not mind it, but “President Barak O.” should be more careful with what he eats. Bacon wrapped pork loin? Really? Sounds unclean to me; like he just defiled his ever-lasting soul by knowingly consuming non Halal food. Sharia says that’s ok if Halal food is not available but I think he could afford to have had something clean delivered. There’s no real penalty for this sin because he only hurts himself, but the act still must be accounted for when Allah judges him. Somebody needs to do some fasting and giving alms/feeding the poor to atone for the sin (that would be giving clean food of course “Barry”, “Barak knows this I’m sure)

  7. No big deal, EXCEPT, when you preach to the public how we all have to “sacrifice” and “pare things down”! I guess that applies only to the peasants. The people who vote for him are blind, no doubt about it!

  8. Let’s get a grip here folks. I dislike Obama’s politics as much as any conservative, but taking offense at him having a nice dinner with his wife is just plain silly!

  9. MBW and I had bacon wrapped pork loin(not tenderloin) the other evening. She made a beautiful glaze with apple juice, brown sugar, fresh cracked pepper and a few other herbs. It was wonderful! We had steamed broccoli and carrots. too. The loin was in a package with four large boneless chops and four pork cutlets. It was on sale when we bought the package several weeks ago for $2.19 per lb.
    I better get in the business of feeding people who have more of other people’s money than a sense of responsibility.

    1. I wish I could spend MY money instead of having the douche bag in chief steal it from me to bail out the banks and pay off is political buddies.

  10. Well, considering it’s better to give than receive, perhaps Barry could skip lunch and buy a $1 special for some street people, and give 7 hours to helping them work out moving their lives in a better direction. Good way to spend a day — especially if it real and not just another photo opportunity.

    1. This is indeed the penalty set forth in Sharia for defiling oneself with unclean – non Halal food. Fasting for a number of days and feeding the poor. Good luck with atonement Barry. We’ll look for your next photo op, helping out at a local soup kitchen.

  11. ‘I realize the Obamas are wealthy people’

    They are ‘income’ wealthy, not ‘asset wealthy’. He’s made a few mil writing books and likely blown much of it. He spends like a pro-athlete.

    This is where the left is wrong and the right is missing the boat… Yes, income is nice, but assets (wealth) should be the goal. Financial security > Big paycheck. Although a big paycheck helps create assets, our President is the perfect example of what not to do with your income.

    He needs to shape up or save more… nobody wants a Jimmy Carter speaking to them at $250k an hour… Clinton, yes, flunky like Carter, no.

  12. I once conducted a survey of 5 restaurants in a local area..Outback, Hooters, Chilies, and two local named restaurants to find out who the worst tippers were.
    Guess what…the waitresses and bartenders (some of whom were black), all contended that blacks were the worst tippers by far. And seemed to be the only class of folks that either complained that their food was not good and wanted either a comp or a full refund (after they had eaten a large portion of it).
    This was 7-8 years ago…I challenge you all to ask wait staff that you know who are the worst tippers….you’ll see for yourself.

  13. ok the price isn’t so terrible BUT I take a stand when this couple of idiots preach to me about healthy eating and then eat bacon wrapped pork. Their combined eating habits are awful and since neither one is good looking and neither one dresses well and with all that money you would think they could pay for taste. Excuse me but could someone please get these things out of America’s White House.

  14. Get a life! — I am middle class — not wealthy, and once or twice a year my husband & I splurge on a great meal at a fine restaurant. Have you never dropped $260 or more at a nice resuatrant with your wife or girlfriend, Keith?

    1. Joy, if we drop $260 at a nice restaurant on our wives (waste of money) and girlfriends (waste of time); that is OUR business. We are not out there posing in scripted photo ops. It is the blatant in our face stench of hypocrisy that is the point.

  15. Great blog.
    Just who do these people think they are? Unscripted photos of B Hussein Obama are verboten? (Excuse my spelling since I boast only a Hogan’s Heros level of the Master Tongue.)
    THEY seem to be conducting a full on assault on OUR privacy in the name of their Wars on Drugs, Terror, against Free Humanity! Cameras and microphones are everywhere, the presumption to privacy outside of one’s own home is inoperative. But we are beaten arrested and potentially sent to Gitmo for videoing police in public. F’em all!

    1. Any bets on whether they steal more stuff than the Clintons on the way out? White trash/black trash…….. see and you thought I was a racists.

      1. Yes I think that’s a given had he not returned it the only thing left after
        they leave would be a bust of Churchill and a big patch of mud were the
        ‘garden’ was:)

  16. I think you have over calculated the tip. Most liberals are lousy tippers. At best a 10% is normal for libs. I’m sure the Obama’s would feel they had tipped their waitstaff sufficiently when leaving $21 for a tip. Liberal academia would most likely round down to $20.

    1. i’m liberal, i’m an academic, i’m a good person, and i tip 20-25%. it only hurts the country when someone like yukiko decides to lump millions of Americans into a single disparaging category.

  17. HOW DARE HE NOT EAT AT MCDONALDS!!! HE IS SO OUT OF TOUCH!! FOOD IS SO CHEAP ON THE ISLANDS OF HAWAII TOO!!! WHAT A SOCIALIST….. this is a crap article. Drudge once again reaching for anything negative.

  18. Typical Elite ,”I know better than you”, Demo-cat . Do as I say not as I do. You..don’t eat this ,don’t eat that, I know what’s best for YOU. I ,on the other hand ,am exempt. why…because I’m me silly .
    Moochelle has her “public” image and then there’s the real Moochelle. $2,000.00 sun dresses, $4, million vacations, porking out when ever she gets around real food. Has America figured this out yet…..hell know…we’re gullible fools is why.

    1. Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
      Living piggy lives
      You can see them out for dinner
      With their piggy wives
      Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon
      [One more time…]
      With lyrics like these and Taxman, it is hard to understand George Harrison as a typical leftist hipster.

  19. What utter nonsense. So what? He went out to eat with his wife. It cost a lot.He’s the president. Get over it. As if the fat right wing cats you obviously admire aren’t gorging on lard. Ridiculous article.

    1. Except that we paid for it. I’m sure there was a security detail. We paid for that also. I’d like to see my tax money used on something worthwhile, not feeding bacon-wrapped pork to hypocrites who tell everyone else to eat healthy.

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