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Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260

President Obama and Michelle had dinner last night at Honolulu’s famed foodie paradise, Alan Wong’s.

The middle class was not invited.

I realize the Obamas are wealthy people, and that wealthy people have the right to drop $260 of their disposable income on chow. But if you’re going to invite Associated Press photographers along to capture your trip to Target and stage photo ops at PetSmart and Best Buy, then I’m going to write about your unpublicized excursion to Alan Wong’s.

The press pool was not invited in to take photos this time. In fact, others were discouraged from doing so too. From the pool report:

Diners have been trying to takes pictures of POTUS, only to be chased off by advance staffers.

Since when are people not allowed to take pictures?

According to the pool report, the Obamas and their friends dined on the five-course “tasting menu” that was tasty to the tune of $75 a person, $105 with wine. Among the highlights were “Sassey Salad” and bacon wrapped pork loin.

Here’s something they might have eaten, from Alan Wong’s website:

Whatever. Maybe that’s the Sassey Salad. The top part, anyway. Looks sassy.

I’m going to go out on a pretty firm limb here and say they had wine. That brings the bill for two to $210. Add in Hawaii’s 4 percent sales tax and we’re at $219.40. Let’s assume a 20 percent tip at the very least and the total comes to just over $260.

Not counting gas. For a motorcade.

764 thoughts on “Middle Class Warriors Dine Out for $260”

    1. But the King has no clothes ;) KeithK and WHD is a refreshing change from the slobbering Obama lapdog media. I’m a recovering liberal Dem, now an Indie. I have no party. I have peace :D

    2. The Wong menu is one of the most pretentious I’ve ever seen.(look it up) . As a chef myself, I would never work at this place. But it’s a perfect fit for the Obababa’s..pretentious, fraudulent, opulent, phony, overpriced, arrogant, and wasteful.

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    1. No, no, no, she said everyone EXCEPT her and the king should eat lettuce and apples! Pay attention! lmao
      This blatant arrogance is beyond anything I have ever seen, surely they are the reincarnations of some 17th century despots.

    2. Only the peons of the American middle class have to eat their vegetables. Barry and the Mooch will eat what they want and laugh as they destroy the United States.

      1. I believe a mooch is someone who relies on others to pay their way… as in extra airplanes to vacations, extra Secret Security personnel to protect themselves as well as their bloated entourage, etc. etc.

        It doesnt matter if this POTUS does it or not. ALL of them up on Capitol Hill are sticking it to us. Healthcare and retirement that we, the sheeple that elect them, do not have access to join.

        We have got to get back to “citizen servants” and quite re-electing career politicians, or poly-sci majors, or worst, ATTORNEYS…

      2. Lawyer? You mean a DISBARRED lawyer, don’t you? And the First Lady is not a job–there is no pay for being the First Lady, just a lot of freebies that we all pay for. Who is calling who a hillbilly?

      3. First off her law license was revoked so she doesnt work as a lawyer and when did being First Lady get classified as a federal employee, she is paid to be First Lady? she is a mooch, and the Obama’s are the ultimate welfare family living high off the taxpayer

      4. Mooch implies ‘mooching’ off of others. That’s what Moochelle and Barry do, continually. They use taxpayers dollars (ours) to vacation, campaign and party. They’re disgusting and an embarrassment to the U.S. They advocate one thing (eat your peas (Mooch) and cut down on travel expenses (Barry) while they do as they please and fly in the face of everything they tell the commoners to do. Thankfully, their days in our WH are numbered and in a year Barry will pack the kids, the mooch and the pooch and they’ll vacate our WH.

      5. Ken,
        I think the Moo in Moochelle refers the the Moo of a cow as opposed to a Mooch. Moochelle has a rather ample posterior as do cows. Mooch is merely a shortened version of Moochelle.

        Get it now?

        1. They did indeed. If the media had done their jobs, there’s no way he would ever have been elected. He got a big pass in everything because of his race. He’s affirmative action’s finest example of what happens when you let someone’s race take precedence over their competence.

      6. Hey there Ken Bob…… they both have given up their law license… looks like they did that before disbarment that was on the horizon could take place….

      7. Of course….you don’t have anything intelligent to add to conversation or anything witty enough to make a point when you disagree so you start insinuating that hes in bred.

        Classy. Keep on being a democrook! Sounds like you have plenty of practice as a liberal already.

      1. Muslims are also not supposed to drink and yet while I was in Bahrain, I watched many of them drink and eat pork. I’m sure Islam is full of those believers for whom the rules of the religion apply to everyone but themselves.

        1. I lived with sub-Saharan African Muslims for 3 years in county; believe me they are as sinful as we Christians in our weaknesses and foibles. I call them “Jack Muslims” parallel to ‘Jack Mormons’ who also are not supposed to drink. In the Mormons case Jack refers to Jack Daniels; for Muslims in Africa it was frequently Johnny Walker!

      1. Anyone’s regular old mother, wife, sister, daughter, is not a big fat hypocrit. Telling the American people what they should eat, advocating banning certain foods “that aren’t good for us”, you know the ones she eats in abundance. On top of that she spends taxpayer money like it grew on trees on herself and her daughters, on lavish trips to Europe, Asia, Hawaii, etc…… She DESERVES that moniker. If she wants respect, maybe she should do something to deserve respect.

        1. Yep, mooch is a hypocrite of the highest order.
          She is an ignorant, no class racist.
          president downgrade and his fugly beard deserve every
          da*n insult thrown their way.

      2. Ken, stop being an Obama shill, it make you look pathetic. Are you paid to be that way or are you naturally a liberal apologist and kiss as*? Grow up. Your responses are exactly like the ones I get from my kids when they get mad at each other.

          1. she has a real big fat ass. the reason why we rarely see it is because of a protective media who has been ordered not to film or photograph below her midsection.

        1. It’s “moo moo”…. (I’m sure it’s spelled differently, but that’s what it sounds like, it’s “dress” thing, that many overweight older ladies used to wear, and comes from Harwilll too!! I love it! If the moo moo fits!)

      3. If I had a mother, sister, daughter, or wife with the attributes and attitude of Michelle Robinson Obama, I would find that in itself much more embarrassing than any punning nicknames that people applied to her.

      4. I would hope that she, unlike Moochelle, would not deserve such and epithet. She, Moochelle, and her hubby are both suckers at the public teat and have been for virtuallyall of their adult lives. Neither has actually held a private sector job since Barry declared that his temporary position felt like “being behind enemy lines”. These two are class warriors from the old school, anti capitalist to the core. Neither seems to believe that the private sector has any other role than to support government, the ultimate moocher paradise.

        Put that in your pipe and smoke it Ken.

      5. Ken, you’re the Ken that’s a professor at Kent State University, aren’t you. The one whose students have to regurgitate your mindless theories in order to pass your class. The one who tries to publicly humiliate any student who has an opposing thought in your fiefdom. Like all elitist public university “teachers” who have never ventured out into the real world, but claim to know everything that’s wrong with it.

  2. I would subtract the tip. There is much evidence, historically, that people like obama and shelly don’t tip. A joke; what’s the difference between an obama and a canoe…A canoe will tip… : )

        1. Yeah, we all know what g bluff meant. But I was hoping he would at least have the guts to clarify his bigotry. Nice job defending him everybody!

          1. Yes, he is. It was clear to me, anyway, but interesting where YOUR mind immediately went. Hmmmm.

            Cheap liberals who want everybody else pay for their lifestyle and to make laws that affect/restrict YOU but exempt themselves.

          2. Get over it! The race card is old and worn out. This has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with arrogant, narcisstic dictators that use our tax dollars for their personal satisfaction and then preach to us about how we should live. Can we stand one more year of this #%$#?

          3. Definition of racist: Someone who is consumed by race, someone who see racial slights in every statement, whether or not they exist, someone obsessed with guilt over their past behavior with regard to race. A Liberal finger pointer.
            Which category(ies) do you fit in Pietro, maybe all of the above.
            Rich in New Mexico.

          4. what bigotry? did he say anything about race? Just called them nicknames of their names. And he’s right, rich, “entitled” people don’t tip, or they tip very cheaply.

          5. Down here in Dobbin we have a lot of big O trees! Me and my neighbors njoy a cold Colt 45 malt licker now and then neath them branches.
            Just for the record, Keith Koffler is tha MAN, to keep us informed on the lunacy of the Washington elitists.
            That means you Barry.

          6. Umm I’ll answer people like “Them” Classes, Freeloading, Bigots.. or did you NOT know what church they attended for 20 Years. also that they attended events on an annual basis that benefited Palestinian organizations.

        2. “Libtard” sounds like a word a 5th grader would make up. In any case it makes the user; e.g., “The Bobster” appear as an idiot. But then again, perhaps the shoe fits.

          If you want to have ANY respect, “Bobster”, crack the dictionary; it’s a “look-it-up” book with words and such – tells ya’ll what them five letter words mean and how to spell ’em too!


            “–Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per year vs. $1,227).

            — Conservatives also donate more time and give more blood.

            — Residents of the states that voted for John Kerry in 2004 gave smaller percentages of their incomes to charity than did residents of states that voted for George Bush.

            — Bush carried 24 of the 25 states where charitable giving was above average.

            — In the 10 reddest states, in which Bush got more than 60 percent majorities, the average percentage of personal income donated to charity was 3.5. Residents of the bluest states, which gave Bush less than 40 percent, donated just 1.9 percent.

            — People who reject the idea that “government has a responsibility to reduce income inequality” give an average of four times more than people who accept that proposition.

          2. Remember Pi, the Democratic Party (liberals) is rooted in the slave trade – not exactly a bastion of charity and good will. Unless of course you’re the right color.

          3. It’s no secret that people of the Democrat FAITH are not charitable types. Just look at those filthy rich imbecils you elected to office. The richest congressmen are typically Dems and are the worst at charity – the FACTS are on the web. They’d rather give your money to freeloaders rather than to people that really need help. Conservatives seek out people in need and DO THE RIGHT THING.

          1. Not a lefty. Have voted for as many Rs as Ds in my life.

            Also, not hiding anything. Just calling out a bigot, that’s all, and you should recognize you’re defending him.

          2. Pietro_F
            If you vote for R’s & D’s, then you have no core principles, and don’t really know anything about anything and can be persuaded by the way the wind blows. Which makes you even more of an idiot than we all though you were.

          3. “It’s clear the bigotry here is all mine.”

            Yep! You speak the truth. Get off your high horse and go back to your cube in whatever Democratice politician’s office you work for.

          4. This comment is in reference to Bob’s last one because we ran out of room, not yours. Being incapable to see past party lines is a huge problem, not something you should hang your hat on. Vote for the guy or gal who has the record and ideas you think are best, not the party affiliation you think represents you.

      1. Hey race baiter he meant rich elitest, not blacks. Grow up and get equal already, the rest of us are over that whole stigma. Plus we all recognize Mr.Obama as a loser first, a man second, and an American last. Only race baiters would have posed your question!

          1. How many times have people elected a POTUS with no experience leading anything of consequence, much less any record of achieving anything positive in any leadership position?
            Obama got the nomination by fraud and intimidation in the caucuses, along with illegal fundraising tactics and a lapdog press. He “won” his previous elections by dirty tricks.
            His record in the presidency is one of objective failure. He makes everything he touches worse.

        1. I hate both parties because both only care about power, that is why you do not give any power to Washington, local government should be the most powerful as it is easiest to control. Then State, and last Federal, outside of National Defense and controling the border, the Federal Government should be very weak. But I doubt you have a clue as to what this country was founded on.

      2. Pietro_F,

        g bluff means eliteist, nouveau rich, hypocrite, snobs like the Obamas.
        When Moochelle gets out of my face about what I should eat I’ll get out of theirs about what they can eat and on whose dime!

        And NO, you’re not going to get to play the race card here, but nice try!

        1. You’re right – it’s terrible that the First Lady has made children’s health a priority. We clearly have no problem with childhood obesity in this country, move along.

          1. I’d rather she conquer teen pregnancy, single parent homes, and entitlement/mob mentality. I am quite able to decide what my own children pack in their school lunches.

          2. Oh good! Add world peace to that list too. Here’s the deal – once you’re First Lady you can pick whatever issue you like. Until then, you’ll just have to deal with the fact that Mrs. Obama thinks this one is important.

          3. No, moderate analysis of the role of the First Lady. Unless you’ve slept through past Presidencies you’d know the First Lady picks an issue she’s passionate about and makes it her top priority to promote its awareness. Healthy children is not such terrible thing, you know.

          4. To be a “First Lady” you have to at least qualify to being a Lady. Moochelle is no more a Lady than I am a member of the CBC “Congressional Black Caucus” !

          5. And I cringe every time I hear Moochelle referred to as “First Lady of the US”. She’s an arrogant, entitlement-minded, selfish, phony, narcisstic excuse for a human being; much less a “lady”! She has no love for this country and the only time the sour expression on her face disappears is when she’s either making a campaign speech or enjoying one of her taxpayer-provided entitlements. How will she ever enjoy the life she’s become accustomed to (on our dime) when she and Barry are out of the WH? Their newly-acquired lifestyled will certainly come crashing down.

          6. What’s terrible Pietro, is her hypocritical refusal to lead by example. People who behave as she does only discredit their causes. She may assume we are to stupid to realize that one cannot say one thing and do another and hope to get away with it.
            You may not wish to see it as you appear utterly blinded by your rigid ideology but now that is your problem, isn’t it?
            Rich in New Mexico.

      3. g bluff probably is referring to entitled people. The nouveau riche are the worst tippers in the world – they always think they are entitled to your eternal adoration and treat you like servants rather than Servers

      4. I’m going to take the liberty of explaining what I hope g bluff meant. Stating “people like obama and shelly don’t tip” is likely a reference to the detachment from reality politicians demonstrate when put in “real world” situations. Especially the do-nothing, never had a real job, never met a payroll, academics like Obama. I’ll bet the only way the Obama’s threw a tip down is if their staff reminded them to. It’s not that they’re cheap, it’s just that they’re so removed from what it means to be a typical working class American that the standard courtesies of everyday life escape them.

      5. Ask any waiter/waitress. African Americans are notoriously poor tippers (as well as other, identifiable groups). But I think the poster was implying that some who is so tone deaf as to drop 200 bucks on a meal while dissing Wall Street Fat Cats is probably hypocritical and likely to overlook the staff.

        1. dan,
          Blacks (the overwhelming majority of whom have never even set foot in Africa,) are mostly liberal. (At least in the US.) Since the vast majority of liberals are rotten tippers (with their own money, at any rate,) and the vast majority of blacks are liberals, then it stands to reason that blacks are generally poor tippers. When said liberals are also elitist narcissists, then not only don’t they tip well, (unless the press is watching,) they probably think that the wait staff should be tipping THEM for allowing said staff the honor of serving them.
          It’s not racism, it’s just reason and logic, borne out by experience.
          But that’s not the point that the commenter was trying to make.

      6. My gosh. Does everything have to be about race? He was referring to how poorly the rich tip. Leave it to pea brained among us to find race in every little comment.

      7. He means blacks, and as anyone who has worked as a server will tell you, it’s generally true that blacks don’t tip as well as whites, and whites don’t tip as well as asians on average.

        1. Plus… I’ve noticed that people who have worked in food service usually tip either really well or really poorly. Rarely anywhere in the middle.

          1. Wayne,
            I spent over 25 years in the food/restaurant industry. I tip average servers/waiters 20%, very good ones 30% and really bad ones 0%.
            The last expensive meal my wife and I had out was on our anniversary, the bill came to $148.00. The food, the ambiance, the overall experience was excellent, the waiter was also excellent and personable. He got a $50.00 tip. He looked flabbergasted.
            Yes, I’m a conservative and not rich.

        2. Women don’t normally tip as well as men. I never noticed an asian slant, but I worked in down-town Detroit for the majority of my bar tending days. And, sorry, but many blacks are poor tippers – even the black staff I worked with (I was a minority there) would say the exact same thing. Not universally true – and ironically I found it sort of a regional thing. Blacks in Detroit were horrible tippers. Blacks from Chicago – there on business – were AWESOME.

          1. I had to laugh when I read that ‘blacks from Chicago – there on business – were awesome”. Could it have anything to do with spending other people’s money (their company)? That’s what Barry and Moochelle do – they spend other people’s money. the other day when Oblamer was at Best Buy on his photo op, he asked if his credit card would still work. Since he never uses it, he didn’t know. He just does what he wants (vacations, golfs, jets around the world) and never worries about pulling out his cc; as we have to do. He may be entitled to some perks but he takes it to an entirely new level. Obama and his vacation-addicted-on-other-people’s-money Mooch certainly know how to spend on our dime.

          2. A lot of people who are “on business” are using an expense account. It’s not their money, so why not be generous?

            Sort of like politicians promising lavish pension benefits…

      8. People who’ve never held a real job for any length of time? People who have never faced a single time when a $5 tip was the difference between eating and buying gas that week? Overly-entitled people who went to private schools and then made it through college on an affirmative action wave? Corrupt people who make sweetheart deals with gangsters for cheap land, where a sampling of their neighbors reveals a world-renowned racist/suspected murder and a domestic terrorist?

        Maybe g bluff meant people like that.

      9. As a bartender for years and years,I know who doesn’t tip. Liberals. People who with government jobs – OMG, they are the worst. Sorry, teachers SUCK. As do nurses, for some reason. But doctors are usually pretty good.

        The “rich” are not poor tippers, btw. Many rich folks are great tippers. Anyone who ever had to work tables, or behind a bar, and then achieved success… those are the best tippers.

        Now we know Obama never worked for tips. Ever. He barely ever worked.

        1. So a working man like yourself can tell who is a self-made individual and those who believe that they are entitled to what society owes them.

          Point taken, sir.

        2. Car in,
          You are absolutely right on public school teachers. I owned a deli in NJ for quite a while and they were always looking for freebies, handouts, donations and big discounts on their supposed luncheons, fundraisers etc and even their own food. And most public school teachers in NJ make very good money. Tips, forget it.

          Funny thing is, Catholic school teachers who made 1/2 or 1/3 what the public school teachers made weren’t big “Moochers” at all. Go figure. Cops were pretty bad also. Always looking for something for nothing. I have some real stories but I won’t bore you with them.

      10. “people like obama and shelly”?

        Well-to-do people, Democrats, people who generally think the world owes them a living.

        As I recall, Hillary! didn’t tip much either.

        1. Obama and Mooch have to no problem spending our money. The Mooch feels entitled to fly off on our jets with family and friends because she can’t wait for Barry, even for a few hours. She has to make sure she gets in every possible minute of vacation and luxury on our dime. Maybe it’s just a bit harder to spend their own money on tipping. (That’s assuming they paid for their own extravagent dinner!) How trivial for them to have to concern themselves with such lowly matters as tipping commoners. Very soon we’ll remove our credit cards from their pockets.

        1. Was a server for years in a mixed neighborhood. Didn’t have the good fortune to work in “puke libtard utopia” though it sounds very pleasant.

      11. I’m sure he meant the hypocritical wealthy who claim kinship with those less fortunate to seem like the “every man” while enjoying the highest luxuries of life. I didn’t have any trouble determining what the op meant.

      12. I can’t speak for bluff, but I inferred that “people like obama and shelly” means wealthy famous people who think they’re oh-so-much better than the average person in the real world. On this list (, the three worst are Tiger Woods, Madonna, and Barbra Streisand. The preface to that article, however, contradicts bluff’s assertion about Obama by saying that POTUS “tipped more than 35%” at a DC restaurant where he bought lunch for campaign volunteers. I’m not sure if the money spent was Obama’s personal money, the campaign’s, or the government’s.

      13. What do you mean, you don’t understand? The elite type that are out of touch with the real world, those people. Not what you were hoping for. For that fight might I suggest youtube.
        Plus didn’t you read it was a joke, lighten up.

      1. Was that when reporters and cameras were there, and he knew the size of the tip would be publicized? It would be more revealing to know what he did before anyone was paying attention.

  3. Big deal. It’s called a date and members of the real middle class often scrape together $260 for special occasions with their significant other. Gotta keep the lady smiling!

    1. I’ve never scrapped together $260 for a “dinner” out, even with friends when we pick up the tab! It’s a month’s groceries for many families, if they’re lucky to afford that much :(

    2. Yeah, right, I go out and spend $520 for the two of us. If my husband tried that, this old broad wouldn’t be very happy. If you think the middle class does this, you live in another world than I.

    3. The most I’ve ever spent on dinner for two was $100US in a foreign restaurant on my anniversary. We both had a very satisfying meal, and the service was fantastic.
      $260 is definitely not middle class.
      Granted, it could be, but if it is, it’s a once-in-a-decade thing. Certainly not the norm.

      1. I remember Obama saying that he’d like to raise taxes on the rich, like himself, so he’s on record for admitting his got money, which he does… And spending $260 on dinner on vacation isn’t that unheard of. Some of you might want to get out a bit, try NYC for instance, it’s a bit more common than you think. But any reason to complain is a good reason right?
        All Presidents have some of the best chefs in the world working in the White House. Dinner would cost as much, if not more, at home, based on what the chefs get paid.
        I can’t believe the amount of people that are looking for any reason to hate the man, as to focus on his dinner.

        1. He and the Mooch give us ample reasons each day to dislike them. We don’t need more but this one was too easy to pass up, based on Barry’s assertion that he ‘felt our pain’. He preaches against the fat cats and corporate jet owners yet he partakes as one of them. He’s a total hypocrit; that’s possibly what I dislike the most. No; I dislike most the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and has ruined this country. No; I dislike more the fact that he wants to redistribute money. No; I dislike more ……

      2. I retired in 2008 but prior to that my salary was just over $10K per month, I bring this up just for perspective. That said I have never spent over $200.00 for dinner short of picking up the tab for a group of people at my daughters wedding rehearsal!
        I am not a cheapskate and always, absent horrible service, tip at 20%, but is really hard to spend that much on a couple dinners. I will admit I live in a small town but even when in Albuquerque one could not easily drop that amount of cash on a meal. Rich in New Mexico.

    4. Really . . . Pietro . . . what “members of the middle class” do you know that “scrape together” 260.00 for a date to go along with the multi-millions spent on just this vacation alone. Honest – the defense of this very flagrant and abvious hypocrite is amazing. Pres. Obama is the typical elitist . . . “do as I say . . not as I do”.

      1. Me, for one, on the infrequent occasions when it’s important enough to do so. Many, many people I’ve waited on as a server in several different restaurants over the years have felt the same way.

      2. And how much did George Bush Jr spend on having his operations moved to Crawford Texas for months on end??? AF 1 cost money to be parked at a different airport than Andrews AFB, not to mention secret service setting up in town.
        The current president gets bashed for a couple weeks on vacation, but no one said a thing about George being in Crawford for 8 straight months… Leading up to 9/11 I might add.
        Also, Obama claims to be a warrior FOR the middle class, not part of…

        1. I vividly remember an interview with President Bush and his wife at their Crawford ranch during one of his working vacations. When asked what was on the menu for dinner, Laura modestly replied “Southwestern Chicken”. There’s something rather quaint about old money. The Obama’s, on the other hand, with their bacon wrapped pork are living pretty high on the hog, both figuratively and literally. Kinda’ gives a new dimension to the term nouveau riche (or something that sounds pretty close). Pity that Wong’s was fresh out of Botswanian Fat Cakes!

        2. CJ, Good afternoon;
          Your warrior seems to be conducting his war ON the middle class rather than FOR the middle class.
          I’ll allow you to decide whether or not is intentional or due to ineptitude, but that is the result. However if I were a betting man I would put my money on intentional. The perception of him as merely inept may well be a dangerous underestimation.
          Rich in New Mexico.

      1. Well if you’re cringing then maybe you should reconsider going in the first place. I think the President of the United States of America gets paid well enough to afford a big meal now and then.

        1. Pietro…I don’t think the cost of the special meal is the big deal. In fact, I bet the meal cost more than stated and The Obama party were given a hidden discount. However, people DO object to the cost of this Hawaii trip and the fact that Michelle & the Kids went ahead and then Obama arrived later. Two planes, Two AF-1 advance teams sent out and the cost of the vacation rental. No one would deny them a Christmas vacation IF the Obamas were not always taking vacations and NOT at Camp David, either. The Obamas pretend they are for the little people and downtrodden. What a joke. They live high off the taxpayer money, spend like drunken sailors, and then tell the rest of us to “sacrifice and to tighten our belts”. And that Pietro, is the reason why we vomit when we read about the Obamas and their lavish spending. They are hypocrites and act like dictators who tell others what to do, live high, and expect the rest of us to eat our “peas”.

          1. Forgive me, but the President grew up in Hawaii. If he was from Virginia or Maryland then it would be the taxpayer’s good fortune that his travel cost them less. But I didn’t see Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush curbing their extended ranch vacations to California or Texas simply because of the distance or cost to the taxpayer.



          2. They stayed at their own residences. The obamas left Hawaii long ago for Illinios. I bet they haven’t spent as much time in IL as they have in Hawaii since the inauguration. And, obama promised IL that he would come back often but, like sooo many others, this was just another false promise from the liar in chief.

          3. I’d be interested to learn if Obama vacationed in HI before he was Prez and we pay the bill. I’d be interested to learn if they vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard before he became Prez and we paid the bill. Just where did they vacation when they picked up the tab? I’ll bet Moochelle waited for Barry to travel and didn’t fly alone when they were paying.

          4. I mean, she stayed in Chicago–you people are so wacky today you are freaking ME out.

            By the way, we don’t know who tipped what–so this part is nonsensical and just an excuse to make race-based comments.

      1. MJ:
        That Costco snack (Polish Sausage) is the best. Our bodies would treat it more kindly than the Odumbo’s over priced meal. FYI: Libtards, their outing far exceeds someone’s monthly food stamp benefit.

    5. What middle class are you living in? I have never spent $200+ for a meal for two in my life! It seems like Obama has a “special” occasion monthly.

      1. Hi Stephanie,
        What, that rag, for a dining engagement, please, have a little class! That would never do. Not to mention now that it has already been worn it is passe and will be discarded.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    6. $260 for one “special occasion” date? Seriously? Not even in our best-income years did we (or anyone I know) ever spent that kind of cash on a single meal. I’ve apparently been mistaken in thinking that we had been members of the middle class. Heaven knows that kind of spending is far beyond our reach as things stand now.

    7. Obama submitted a budget that was voted down. Either you knew that and are trying to being tricky or you didn’t know that and are not paying close enough attention.

      1. Even his own Party voted it down. Barry is so inept he can’t do anything right. So; why didn’t he submit another budget that could pass muster? Because he’s incompetent and he’d rather golf, shoot hoops, party, campaign or vacation. He’s like a petulant child that doesn’t do what’s supposed to do and just yells ‘NO!” No one can get this dufus to do his job or if he does it, he does it incorrectly and then walks away. He’s a disaster!!

      2. Pietro, I suspect he meant, passed a budget, and that you knew that. However regardless of who knew what it is unprecedented that the Democrats have not passed a budget in what, something on the order of a thousand days?
        That time frame includes a two year span when the Democrats controlled, the White House, the House and the Senate. One wonders what they were/are trying to hide with their stealth governance. Like Barry they seem to walk in sand and yet leave no footprints, why is this?
        Rich in New Mexico.

    8. Well, Pete, perhaps “the real middle class” would for a special occasion for the whole meal. Are you on BHO’s propaganda staff or just uninformed?

    1. Why would they even need to think, later? It is after all OUR money they are blowing, Do you really think they care?
      I seriously doubt it.
      Spend spend spend spend…….

    1. No, I’m sure they tipped really well. After all, it’s your tax dollars paying for all this…. besides, the $260 bill was minuscule compared to the 10’s of thousands I’m sure the security and staffing detail cost.

  4. While Rome burns…. let them eat cake…… the little people…… Joe six packs….. I’m for economic equality….. fundamental transformation…… SUCKERS!

  5. Obama’s never let a little hypocrisy get in his way. After all, that’s a critical element in Chicago politics, a devolution of democracy wherein academic elites get the inside track in influencing the progressives’ “Brave New World” sort of governance. They like to think are the “Philosopher Kings”. They mean themselves to be in the driver’s seat, powered by Obama’s Deceiver-in-Chiefdom.

    1. I was thinking behaving more like “lottery winners”. Except real lottery winners pay for their own transportation.

      It’s the perception of what #40dollars means to Americans, and using a hashtag to prove he cares about “middle class” families, injects them in a speech as props. Put that in prospective and you can say 100,000 American taxpayers are paying $40 for the Obama vacation.

  6. Such hypocrites. It would fly in the face of his campaign theme if there were photos of him dining on that Sassey Salad and sipping fine wines. Also heard he refused to disclose who was in the party of 10 they dined with. Maybe Pelosi was paying him a visit. Heard she’s enjoying her vacation at a $10K a night luxury suite on a neighboring island. Ahhh…the life of the rich and famous. I’m a firm believer that if you’ve got it flaunt it, but don’t try to tell me to eat my peas while you dine at the finest restaurants…

  7. I guess this proves Barry & Moochelle aren’t Muslims anymore. I wonder if the Saudi king will let Barry kiss his royal @$$ again now that Dear Leader’s purple lips have been polluted with pork?

  8. I am unemployed as of 11-11-11. There was no Christmas for me, nor will there be any vacation in the foreseeable future. But I am glad the Obama’s are enjoying life on the Taxpayer dollar. Let’s HOPE they’re gone soon and CHANGE is in the wind.

  9. If I were President, I would allow the lowly class to take my picture no matter what! They could also take a bow when I pass by, so I don’t understand why
    Uncle Barack has a problem with this.

  10. A meaningless article designed to stir up the ignorant masses and deflect their attention from the nation’s real problems. So, have another pie, shout at your TV, and I hope the toilet isn’t too far away.

  11. I don’t care how much they spend. I like that they are so out of touch with everyone else. Imagine. $260 dollars is not really a lot, but when you put that in the context that 260 bucks would pay electric, gas and food for a poor family (Obama’s peeps) for a month, it shows Obama’s total disconnect from the people he panders to. He’s a hypocrite at the least and a flim flam man.

      1. Thanks for the info.
        If I save up all my payroll tax cuts, I can take my wife out to dinner at that restaurant in July. (that is if they pass two more 2 month extensions).
        Oh wait!, I forgot about air fair too Hawaii.
        Maybe in 75 months I can swing it.
        It would be a good way to celebrate having a new President.

  12. Pietro-

    I think the reference is plain as day – blacks don’t tip well, if at all.

    It’s a stereotype that holds true – ask anyone you know that waits on folks for a living.

    1. While I eventually had a career in post-secondary education assisting, over a forty year span, somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 people (mostly African-American…a matter of demographics) gain entry into colleges and universities, I took a job as a cabbie after earning my university degree. Never had a problem dealing with blacks but as we approached my black fare’s destination, I could ALWAYS count on hearing the jingling of coins from my fare’s pocket. This might be why I NEVER heard the words “keep the change”!

      A nuanced, sophisticated, intellectual progressive might consider that racism. I’m pretty certain it was simply empiricle observation.

  13. No peas on the menu? Truly I said it before they are just rubbing our face in it
    now they do on purpose. Also someone in the bowels of the WH slave quarters some poor soul dreamed up the ‘vegetable garden’ really all of a sudden MO wants to plow the soil? Did she have a garden in Chicago I don’t
    think digging in Chicago soil is a good idea anyway. If we don’t rid ourselves of
    the champagne socialist in 2012 we should go together and start our own
    country America the real thing.

  14. Keith, really? I can’t believe you fell for this. You really think his guests paid their own way? I’m sure they discussed important national affairs. Please add a zero to the end of your estimate of the bill. Then you’ll be in the right ballpark.

  15. Wait, $260 total? That is simply what it costs for 2 to dine out at a nicer restaurant with a bottle of wine. If we were talking $260 a person you might have a point but $260 for the couple? You are reaching. Of course Drudge linked you so your pettiness is rewarded.
    I am amused by the continual jabs at Michelle Obama’s expensive dresses, but this is weak.

    1. If you’d take your lips off of Barry’s nut-sack for 2 seconds, you may figure out that the Obama’s are typical millionaire liberal elitists hypocrites. But, you’re just like the vast majority of his feeble minded disciples; too stupid to think for yourself, so you just blindly follow and grovel before your messiah.

  16. Pingback: Drudge Report Calls Out President Obama, 'Middle Class Warrior,' Over Dinner at Ritzy Alan Wong's | The Hinterland Gazette

  17. Keith Koffler. From your columns I’ve read, I’m certain you believe yourself representative of a particular philosophy or ideology and agenda. This is most evident in the topics and tone of your articles wherein your innuendo and sarcasm sully any redeemable quality or respect for the profession of journalism. You should more clearly identify your work as opinion pieces, which considering the present volatility of domestic and world affairs, would be considered immaterial. Your opinion that is. I would suggest a reevaluation of your purpose as a journalist and as a human being.

  18. There were 10 people in this party, so the total tab was well over $1200.00. And Obama has the audacity to say he “feels our pain?” He stuffs his face with expensive gourmet foods while many Americans can barely afford food and energy costs. Does he have any concept of how long a family of four could feed their family well with this money?

    Evidently not. And he couldn’t care less. If he cared about perceptions, he would have spent the holidays at his home in Chicago instead of Hawaii and kept it low key. What, is it too cold there? Poor thing. Instead he chooses to flaunt the lifestyle he never had when he had to foot the bill himself. Disgusting.

    1. Obozo’s only “religion” is “me-ism”…

      And the ONLY thing we can “take comfort in” at this point, is that we only have 13 more months ’til we remove these Grifters from the White House.

      BTW, Islam is not a religion. Islam is foreign law.

      1. That’s a good way of putting it, No-Bam. Islam’s religious aspect is only incidental to its survival and its subjugation of other cultures. The “spiritual” aspect of invasion and conquering confuses what is going on, rather like those who play the race card at every opportunity. It distracts and the real agenda is freed to move forward.

  19. I’ve dropped that on a date with the wife quite a few times and make under 80k.
    Heck, we have a family of five and just a trip to the movies costs close to $100 after you get snacks.

  20. Another 381K Americans filed for Unemployment Insurance last week.

    So much for Obozo’s 787 Billion Dollar phony “stimulus” package.

    There are more unemployed Americans now than when Obozo entered the White House.

    Only 13 more months ’til we remove the Marxist from the Oval Office & cancel “Amateur Hour” at the White House.

    NOBAMA 2012…Because Americans can’t afford 4 more years of Obozo’s incompetence, lack of leadership, trillion dollar “tax & spend” schemes & Marxist “spread the wealth around” & “class warfare” B.S.

  21. Seriously, $260 for dinner for two in a high class restaurant is NOTHING! I’ve spent more than that on myself alone with friends of mine, all middle class workers on meals in some restaurants.

    This is total non-story.

    1. The price of the meal was never “the story”. “The story” is the hypocrisy of a sitting president, during a very serious economic downturn which has hit so many of the people he is supposed to serve very hard, spending so liberally on himself and his fine friends while intermittently running a re-election campaign (at tax payer expense) where he attempts to align himself with the middle class.

      And, you have not been paying attention to the shrinking middle class if you still consider yourself one of us and can say that you spend that much on one meal for yourself alone. Read a newspaper – you are now in the upper class.

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