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Obama’s Drone Hypocrisy

About seven or eight years ago, I had a really bad case of sciatica. It had lasted months, and the pain down my leg could be excruciating. I visited an orthopedist who, because society was in an uproar about their use, was unwilling to give me prescription-strength pills to alleviate my suffering.

He was unwilling to prescribe me painkillers. But he was willing to do surgery.

I was reminded of this today while I read a piece in the Washington Post describing President Obama’s expanding program of killing bad guys with drones. Obama, you may remember, was the moral crusader against the evils of the Guantanamo Bay prison and perils of rendition, demanding that our enemies be sent to the United States for civilian trials at which every legal courtesy would be theirs – as well as a platform for them to fulminate against our country.

Obama ended the CIA’s detention program and barred the entrance of new prisoners to Gitmo – he didn’t quite close it. Meanwhile, he is dispatching model airplanes around the globe to assassinate suspected terrorists instead, denying us the chance to place them in cockroach-infested cellars and find out what they know.

Obama is unwilling to put suspects in detention. But he is willing to kill them.

Don’t get me wrong, the drone program is generally a good thing, though it’s probably overused. I’m sure if we still had good resources for hanging onto these people, we’d take some of them instead of kill them, and possibly prevent future attacks and develop leads to take out more of their colleagues.

But what hypocrisy. Instead of bringing them to Cuba, where some have eventually been found to be innocent and released, Obama kills them. The highly secretive drone program keeps the president’s hands nice and clean – none of the unpleasantness and bad publicity of having to pry information out of people or decide what to do with them.

It’s how Obama – the man who just abandoned Iraq while staging an ongoing planned retreat from Afganistan – likes it. A nice, antiseptic war that requires minimum U.S. commitment.

I know the headlines say al Qaeda is on its last legs. I wonder, how do we know? Our best intelligence used to come from the prisoners we no longer obtain.

Meanwhile, the man who campaigned as the protector of American values now shoots first and asks questions later.

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  2. Now that I think about it, isn’t the drone stuff along the lines of The One’s efforts to destroy political enemies?

    “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It”

    “Pick the Target, Lock In, Drone It, Vaporized It”

    As you say, pick off them babies one by one. Have a drink. Go play golf. Mission accomplished. No one to interrogate, jail, try, nothing but clean white paper forms to fill out.

  3. Fox news was running Candidate Obama speeches from 2008 railing on Bush for spending too much money. Something like calling him criminal for raising the debt limit to 9 trillion…..uh, in 8 years. Obama’s almost spent double that in 3 years.

    Hypocrisy is thy middle name.

    1. Unpatriotic. Here is Obama back in the day –

      “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents — #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.”

  4. This is the child and a very dangerous toy. Yes they are useful when used in the hands of real military minds something he’s not and never will be. This is a
    game he plays on an XBox. Think of all the valuable intelligence lost because
    he just kills without thought to the consequences of his actions because there
    never are any and never will be he thinks himself blameless and victorious at
    the same time. Hypocricy is who he is and that’s dangerous even as we watch
    the events in Iraq unfold as the real military minds said they would he remains
    blind deaf and dumb a very dangerous mix for America.

  5. What’s scary is now Pock-ee-stahn has one to sell to China.

    I’d like to know who is giving him the list of targets: the Saudi’s?

    Everything about Obama is rooted in treason.

    1. On his watch, the communist Chinese have gained access to our stealth technology. Makes me wonder if he is just following Clinton’s footsteps of selling our space and nuclear technology to the Chinese…

  6. Great post. It will be interesting to watch as the Left must finally come to see that Obama has become what they most deplore, a stone cold killer. It won’t matter a lick to them whether this drone weapon policy is right or wrong. They will pin the sign of the beast on his memory in every university just as they did to Harry Truman’s. [Just for the record, I agree with the drone use. We are at war, even if the Administration won’t admit it.]

    Harry Truman was the most courageous and decisive librul President. But, just as FDR approved a massive bombing strategy (remember Dresden, Germany), Truman decided to A-bomb Japan. He wanted to demonstrate what awaited the Japanese if they did not give up their war effort. In doing so he saved probably tens of thousands of the lives of U.S. soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen. Nevertheless Truman is now excoriated in many History classrooms. The Monday AM quarterbacks of the Left will eventually have to recognize that what Obama is now doing is just a type of bombing on a very small scale, targeting individuals and small groups instead of factories, transportation facilities and large populations of “war workers.”

      1. Who chooses the targets for the military guided drones? When an American drone was shot down, WHY wasn’t that an Act of War by our enemies? BHO simply allowed our enemies to keep an almost completely intact piece of technologically advanced equipment! WHY?

        Military strategists have urged or years, that the USA take-out Iran’s huge oil reserves isolated away from any polulated areas. That would speak loudly that the FREE World will not be bullied!

        Iran is responsible for the deaths of thousands of our soldiers and civilians throughout the Middle East and Europe. Predictions are that incursions into Iraq,threats to Israel,US/European interests will continue “unchecked” by a POTUS of America who is “tone-deaf” and totally incompetent!

        Did anyone ever consider that Pakistan secretly agreed to give-up OBL (old/expendable) after 10 years for MORE of BHO’s seemingly inexhaustable supply of “blank checks” to aid them and our other ememies?

        Any more HARD questions for BHO which will remain un-asked and unanswered by this corrupt ADM? File them! jb

    1. Good post, Fred. But even if the ‘QB’s of the Left’ recognize it, they’ll just masquerade it as something wonderful that he can take the credit for. They’re already talking about how “..HE killed OBL”, which just makes me gag.

  7. Great article Keith, and very bold. Unfortunately, the Obama apologists will never open their eyes to see the killing machine their anointed one has become.

  8. Funny how all the war protests just seemed to vanish once Barry took office…despite him being more of a killing machine as time passed during his term.

    So I guess the libs weren’t really anti-war while GW was in office…they were just anti-GW. They don’t mind if we’re at war, as long as “their” guy is doing it.
    Talk about hypocrisy.

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  10. If I remember correctly, back under Clinton, wild Willie decided that America should not and cannot use people with “criminal” or less than “noble” backgrounds as sources of information, and the CIA was forced to cut back on its human intelligence (HUMINT) capacity. The Clinton’s thinking was that US Intelligence should not be dealing with criminals etc. The fallacy of this mentality is that the people most likely to have the intel needed to know, locate and capture those that are enemies of the US are not going to be the local pastor, butcher or shoe maker. They are going to be members of the underbelly of society.

    Back in 2004 Tenent slammed Clinton and his HUMINT cutbacks, saying that they were a large part of the reason this country was not as safe as it should be, and one of the reasons the CIA had dropped the ball on the fight against terrorism. Tenent said then that it would take another five years to rebuild the CIA’s HUMINT capacity due to Clinton’s failure to recognize the need to deal with indigenous on-the-ground assets regardless of their backgrounds. Clinton’s cutbacks came after complaints by Sen. Robert Torricelli, the disgraced former senator from New Jersey, who was forced to drop his re-election to the Senate when it was disclosed that he had taken money from a North Korean money man.

    Now we have Obama, who, like Clinton, would rather rely on “technology” than the tired and true efforts of developing on the ground eyes and ears. The same man who, when elected in 2008, had millions of dollars donated to his campaign by undisclosed donors.

    HUMINT is the best and most verifiable way of determining who enemies are. There is only so much satellite imaging and electronic surveillance can do. It can give you a starting place, but anyone who has worked in the field of law enforcement or intelligence gathering will tell you that one on one, face to face contact with an informant is one of the best ways to find the enemy.

    Obama may think that he is “keeping his hands clean” but in fact he is allowing valuable information to be lost in a literal flash.

    1. Additionally, then Prez Clinton IGNORED intelligence reports about OBL’s past, present, and future THREATS to the USA – “Big Satan” – and direct links (from HUMAN intelligence sources) to OBL’s direct connection to terrorists’ attacks/plots against WTC I, our military bases in Africa and so on? Clinton refused to label the deaths of our finest and bravest soldiers as “Acts of War”! He opened the flood gate to more human destruction by his following decision!

      His unwillingness to accept US custody of OBL as an “international terrorist” and enemy in early 90’s, because Clinton said he could not find any LEGAL reason to do so, is a TRAVESTY and “historical turning point in what is still The War on Terror”!

      He allowed Pakistan to accept OBL whose corrupt leaders RELEASED him! What followed? Could it have been another World Trade Center attack in 2001? A decade of destruction and death waged against the US and Allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Phillippines, England and on and on and on…….? More suicide bombings in the markets of peaceful villagers and in Israel?

      US Presidents’ decisions through the decades have had enormous consequences World-wide. The 2008 ELECTION consequences may or may NOT be reversible with the rampant corruption in the WH Adm, the corruption in the AG Holder office (suppose to be the people’s lawyer???), the ineptitude on Foreign Affairs of BHO! jb

  11. Next use for the drones-abortions. The taxpayer will fund a good stock of them to send to Planned Parenthood so their hands don’t get dirty and the scum they hire to do the dirty work will get paid under the table rather than upfront.

  12. Thanks Keith, well said. I wondered at the time how much intel they would have gotten out of Bin Laden? The Seals were in his friggin bedroom! How hard would it have it been for them to capture him. But, to your point, much less messy (where would they put him?) to kill him….and look like a hero for the gutsy call…it’s all quite disgusting.

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  14. His drone policy and targeting of high level terrorists, although ultimately a good thing, is in such stark contrast with the way he deals with visible, international issues. He hides behind the drones and uses them because the targets cannot fight back. Compare this to how he handles the tough issues like Iran where he is exposed and they are in the public eye. He is afraid to take strong action because when it hits the fan, he really doesn’t know how to handle it. We all use the Wizard of Oz analogy, “ignore the man behind the curtain”, however, Obama is the cowering man behind the curtain.

    1. Obama is an agitator, not a leader. The man is an accomplished Alinskyite. Community organizers rarely partake in the violence they create.
      When it comes to his domestic energy policies, another four years, and only a select few will be able to afford food, utilities and gasoline.Once the three most affordable commodities in this country. Not to worry though, by then Government Motors will be selling Volts as fast as BIC lighters, and as such only a few will have the potential to explode.(sarc off)
      I read somewhere that for every Volt sold, there is around 250 thousand worth of subsidies in each one by the time it rolls off the assembly line. GM has the largest inventory of cars ever in the history of the company.Of course they will be getting a break from that pesky taxation on unsold inventory.

  15. Obama promised to work to repeal the unfair WEP and GPO laws. He has not.

    Presently, the Ways and Means Committee has another bill to repeal the unfair WEP and GPO laws. In the past, such bills have never left committee. This time Charlie Rangel wants to have a discussion of the bill. The main objection is that there will be a 6.2 billion additional annual cost for 10 years if WEP and GPO are repealed. But this objection is a smokescreen. We give 25 billion per year in foreign aid and will have spent over 4 Trillion for the ridiculous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s time to pay retirees the Social Security benefits they have rightfully earned. Repeal WEP and GPO now!

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