As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Golf is Back in Style

After missing a day Tuesday, President Obama is back out on the links. We’re at golf round number 33 for the year and 91 for the presidency.

Today he’s at the Ko’olau Golf Club in Kaneohe on Oahu.

Nice. Here’s the ninth hole.

41 Responses to Golf is Back in Style

  1. The best thing about his playing golf so much (and I actually wish he sould do it 24 hrs a day), is when he is on the golf course he is only tearing up dirt and grass, but when he is playing president he is tearing up our country.

  2. Are you serious? (I suppose you are.)

    What is it about those of you who think that President Obama has, all on his own, destroyed this country? This destruction was going on long before Barack Obama became President. The American people realized that and that’s why we elected Obama and not McCain and Palin. And those of us who voted for President Obama had no reservations about doing so, even though we knew he was going to have a tough time going since he’s had to clean up someone else’s mess! Why do you think George W. Bush is so quiet? It’s not because he’s being polite; it’s because he just might have to answer for what he and his administration did to this country.

    • I disagree with you, Beth, with blaming just Bush. Our elected officials have been and continue to ruin our country through their legislative actions over the past MANY decades and not just on the federal level. And many of us have been on asleep on the job and continually reelect the same old, same old.

      Mr. Obama, I believe, has just accelerated the downward spiral of our country through his ruthless policies and politics.

    • I suppose you forget that Dear Leader Barack was also a member of the Senate during some of the Bush years? How is it that the Republicans get all of the blame now for Obama’s failings but Bush receives all the blame when he was president and the Senate Democrats held a majority some of those years? Rhetorical question of course, Democrats are delusional and such liars that they refuse to accept the facts about the economy, spending and entitlements that are bankrupting the country.

    • And how exactly are Obama’s policies going to clean up the mess? Seems to me he’s adding gasoline to the fire. 8.6 percent unemployment (real number much higher) Do you think it will stay at 8.6 percent? Sears, Kmart, and Best Buy among others to close down 100+ locations.

    • Another White House employee on the dole! Writing scripted responses intended to somehow influence independent voters. I’d list the facts, but there isn’t enough space…Unemployment Multiples of Bush…debt Multiples of Bush…border security a fraction of Bush…regulation Multiples of Bush..Oh Heck, there are simply too many facts to list…but I admire the effort in the face of totally different truths…

        • This does sound sorta canned, Beth. No one said this horrifying slide came only from Obama’s decisions to push through a half-vast health mess or a cobbled up pet project “stimulus”–but those things did not help and hurt like mad! Also backing things the Reps won’t go for to make them look had is childish–we need thinking here! A new start!

  3. What a gorgeous view…must be like playing in paradise. No wonder he’s asking for another $1.2 Trillion increase in the debt limit so soon. Suck it up peasants…we must all chip in to keep our royalty in the comfort they have become accustomed to.

  4. He (and mumu) are so pedestrian in their tastes-Hawaii? Lobster? Ice cream cones? It’s the behavior of a lottery winner, not a president

    no class, no dignity, no sense of self

  5. If people think that the illegal president is ruining the country now this is just the tip of islam iceberg as to what the moslem president is going to do should that turd get re-elected.

    • BTW?
      How did Barack Hussein Obama; some poor kid from Indonesia (re: “Hawaii”) and a so-called ‘community organizer’ from corrupt Chicago learn to play & love the game of Golf…?