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Obama’s Poll Numbers Move North

President Obama’s poll numbers have been on the rise of late, though his overall approval rating remains dismal, a few points below the 50 percent mark.

Gallup Monday had him at 47 percent, breaking out ┬áin recent days from the low 40s – where he had been hovering for weeks – and putting him about ten points above the all-time lows he was recording in October. For the first time in months, more people approve of Obama’s performance than disapprove, with 45 percent registering disapproval.

The RealClearPolitics average of various Obama approval ratings also puts him at 47 percent, with a 48 percent disapproval rating.

The proximate cause of Obama’s rise is likely his victory over House Speaker John Boehner, who was forced by Obama into headlong retreat from his position on the payroll tax cut.

Boehner, demonstrating yet again his lack of understanding of his own caucus, had signalled to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that the House would agree to a two month extension of the payroll tax cut. So McConnell struck a deal, the Senate passed the bill, and then House conservatives informed Bohner that he was badly mistaken.

So the tail wagged the dog, which then said to Obama, “A one year extension or nothing.” To which Obama said, “You’ll take two months and like it.” To which Boehner said, “Gulp. Okay.”

Obama’s improved numbers are also probably the result of the decline in the unemployment rate to 8.6 percent, even though the decline is partially due to people giving up work. What’s more, many economists do not see the unemployment rate decline as a harbinger of an improving economy.

And Obama of course has been aggressively maximizing his political gain from Bush’s victory in the Iraq war, even though Obama’s decision to completely withdraw of troops from Iraq is a bad mistake that is already causing disarray in the country and will haunt Obama’s reelection.

As the Obama campaign surely knows, the rise in the president’s polls is background noise – political elevator Muzak. Everyone understands that, whether Obama is at 38 percent or48 percent, the country is in for a close, bitter election campaign that will be impossible to predict, possibly right up until Election Day.

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  1. Republican candidates should inform the American public that the unemployment rate is in the teens. Get that message out and see what happens to Obama’s numbers.

    1. I think the 47% reflects those on welfare assistance and able-bodied unemployment now.

      We’re the 53%. (I’m not including SS, medicare because we paid into that. Nor disability, which is truly a safety net)

      Yeah, the pollsters know who to call ;)

  2. Are the American public aware that Michelle Obama took a separate plane to Hawaii at a cost of $100,000?
    Are they aware that their 17 day vacation cost around $4 million?
    Are they aware that the Obamas are now staying at different winter White House, 6000 square feet of $8 million luxury?
    Are they aware of extravagant sushi restaurants and 90 golf outings?
    Are they aware Obama told 60 Minutes that he has accomplished more than any other president with the POSSIBLE exceptions of Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ?

    Probably not because 60 Minutes left it on the cutting room floor and the media in general spikes any news detrimental to Obama.

    1. Agree, and our paper is leading with Ass Press stories on how his public is returning to him, things aren’t as bad as anyone thinks, etc I remember when Associated Press was neutral, reported news and so on.

    2. Gee, I thought the poll numbers rose because he was on vacation and we won’t have to see him all over TV and he can’t do any damage for a little while.

  3. Ahh the polls again… This guy must be the most polled president in American history. Still don’t believe them. Even if these polls contain a grain of truth, it is probably because he has the 5th column media providing cover for all his misdeeds, leaving many uninformed people who blindly follow this failed president. Another reason could be the fact that Americans tend to be more generous during the holiday season — peace on earth, good will toward men and all that.

    1. Agreed. Tis’ the season and all that.
      Who do they poll and how do they phrase the questions matters too.
      If the pollsters make ‘cold’ phone calls, the poll-ee would have to trust that the caller wasn’t making a sales pitch for some vague scam, and that they have no clue to whom they’re talking to or where they live.
      Not likely.

      If we were to believe every poll taken so far, Obama will lose next year to MrGeneric, but win if the Repub is MrGingrich, Romney, Paul, Perry, or MrsBachmann.
      They pollsters obviously don’t have a category of “anyone but Obama” which may well be the most popular bumper sticker of 2012.

  4. Hello America wake up! Don’t let Boehner the weeper let this man get 4 more
    years to ruin America. This will most likely be the dirtiest campaign to date. And we know they cheat at will Chicago style something that the candidates should be reminded of daily. They are using the same people they dislike so
    the military, Christian guns and Bible people as rube like they care! Sadly some will be fooled but we must not let them get away with this!
    Need to start leaning on the so called media who think we are bumbling idiots
    and let them know we are not and to assume so at their peril. We cannot let
    him ruin our country. MSM lies we must catch them and make sure it’s reported on blogs we can win!

    1. …how do we get rid of Boehner ASAP!!??

      I understand the US House & Senate is nothing but a CESSPOOL of Ignorance right now…
      but being a History major I have read stories about the “US House & US Senate” being truly great bodies of legislature, filled by statesmen…

      1. Ohio voters are the only people who can fire Boehner. Heard on the news yesterday that he was being challenged in the primary for the first time in years, so we can only hope his opponent is successful.

  5. aint ‘Neo-Socialist’ Obama “propaganda” great…?

    as long as the “MSM” keeps spewing sycophant “pro-Obama Propaganda” for 2012…

  6. What amazes me about Obama’s polling bump is that there is a bump given all that is going on here and across the world.

    Yes, unemployment is “down” but that is a false drop, and anyone with an ounce of honesty in their body knows that the unemployment rate will bump back up after all the temp hiring for the holidays is let go. The same thing happened in 2010 with the Census. The rate dropped, and the WH claimed that we had turned the corner. Then they let all the Census takers go, and the rate jumped.

    On the domestic front: Obama has asked for a $1.2 trillion dollar increase in the Federal debt to keep the government moving. We have flash mobs increasingly pillaging stores. A TSA that is going to enlarge its role in US life with roving screening teams checking out railways, subways and highways. A border war going on with Mexico, and the US ATF supplied the arms. More people receiving food stamps than ever before. The Feds passed a law that allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of being involved in terrorism. And there is an overwhelming distrust for anything that is coming out of Washington

    Globally: Iran having military maneuvers in the Hormuz. Russia is about ready to descend into chaos with the anti-Putin crowd protesting against this would be dictator. A N. Korea that, God only knows is going to do what. We snatched from the jaws of victory, defeat in Iraq, as that country again begins its descent into sectarian violence, all because the corner cop (the US military) has left. Pakistan is getting ready to implode, with its military and civilian government clashing over nukes. The Palestinians are trying to do a back door deal to get the UN to recognize them as a legitimate state (look up UNESCO and the Palestinians). The list globally is nearly endless.

    Yet the Republicans continue to allow this WH and the DNC to shape and define the debate. With all that is going on within the borders of this country and globally, one would think that, rather than attacking each other, the GOP would attempt to shape what the future debate will be as we head towards the general election next November. As the GOP cast of characters is winnowed, and we have more debates before the convention, those left standing need to take the message to the people that we are not safer, not more prosperous, and have lost, globally, the respect and fear this country once held. And yes, fear is a good thing. Fear keeps those that would harm us from even thinking of acting against us. Who do you fear more when walking down the street, the biker dude with his tats, leather and chains, or the skinny little guy in the ill fitting suit? We were once the biker, and now we are the skinny guy.

  7. This rise in the numbers is nothing more than benevolent emotions brought on by the Holiday Spirit. Once we get to January 2 and beyond, it will change again.

  8. His numbers are up because he’s in Hawaii.

    Kinda o/t but I * enjoyed * that the Christmas greeting got lumped in with on for the “other Holidays” but Kwanza got it’s own message.


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