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White House Dossier Takes a Week Off, Sort Of

I’ll still be posting, just a little less often, and with a little less analysis. I’ll be using the time not only to rest and hang out with my family, but to do some WHD thinking and planning.

Also there’s a Honeydo list.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I’ll be back up to full time after the New Year’s holiday, on Tuesday.


62 thoughts on “White House Dossier Takes a Week Off, Sort Of”

  1. You will be missed but I really think you deserve a break from monitoring we
    folks. As the saying goes we will talk amongst ourselves:). Enjoy and thanks
    a million times over may 2012 be a very good year!

  2. Have a good week, Keith, and thank you.

    Mark Twain believed that so-called fallow times were actually necessary in the way that a well must be left alone for a time so that the water in it can be replenished by the natural action of groundwater. In other words, quiet produces inspiration and therefore good work.

  3. Oh no! I have withdrawal symptoms already!

    My honey has one of those lists, too, Keith. I think it is a rather common end of year occurrence.

    Enjoy your break. I am looking forward to your future writing.

  4. Oh, my. Don’t you remember what happened that last time you left us without supervision? Oh, well, we’ll try to behave.

    Have a nice time with the family, refresh, and get ready for 2012 which may well be a doozy.

  5. Oh Noes! who will keep track off golf outings? He must be playing today as he skipped Christmas. It will be the 90th time with only ten more to go to get to 100.

    I suggest a guest blogger: moi!
    The blog will be in good hands. If you are persona non grata now think what I could do to your standing.

    Have a nice time off.

  6. Hope you enjoy a little R&R and spend some quality time with your family Keith. Next year will be a momentous one in the future of America, and we need you well-rested and ready for the battle of ideas.

    Janice has a great idea about the guest blogger spot. In my opinion nobody is more in tune with the Obama’s comings and goings than she is.

    1. Thanks Susan. I was only kidding. This will probably be a quiet news week. The WA PO had a good article on Obama and Solyndra yesterday and how political considerations trumped everything. A Christmas day news dump from them,

  7. i’m beginning to get the idea now. The cat is out of town so the mice come out and play. Really, what will you get to report on any way? Just set the blog to auto post with a round of golf every other day and a Mooch sighting in between.
    Enjoy your time off!

  8. I hope you have great family time! You will be missed. I think you should think about how you can bring Obama fans and the liberal media over to Liberty’s side because the US is screwed if Obama and democrats/liberal republicans are reelected.

  9. Time off? Bucking for a presidential position, eh?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…….

    (Hopefully you won’t sue or reprimand the mighty Boa for using the word Christmas)…..

  10. Enjoy the week–we all need to rest up to make certain we are at our best for 2012–now more than ever, all Americans need to come together for the survival of our country and the most important thing we can do is to vote and to vote BHO out of office–that is the first step towards getting our country back on track and with your continued excellent reporting Keith, we are confident Americans will be educated and do what’s right and best for America–God Bless You, your family and America–now, more than ever.

        1. I bet the private country clubs won’t let him play during a holiday week. Can you imagine the greens fees loss? Not to mention ticking off the members who pay HUGE dues amounts. We’ll see…..where else he shows up this week.

          1. He did to go to ultra exclusive private clubs Christmas week in the past in Hawaii. People took cell phone videos and photos because he can’t close a private club.

            No one says no to the president. It’s a real coup. Fox News agreed with me that he doesn’t want golf photos taken this year so he’ll most likely play most days at the base.

          2. I just did a quick check, the private courses are pretty booked up at greens fees up to $200 (each) player. That may be on top of membership fees that can run up to thousands a year.

          3. Who are these people who take photos of the Prez on their cell phones? I see that all the time when he’s in public. There must be some cachet to having his mug on their cell because we all know what he looks like.

            As for private golf courses; surely management would make the POTUS an honorary member and allow him to play without fees or membership dues.

        2. Spoiled any Christmas Eve and day after Christmas golf plans for a good many military members who more than likely waited months for their tee times. What a guy…

  11. Best be getting that honey-do list taken care of first things first there, Sir. A well deserved respite with your loved ones will be the refreshing tonic you need to continue the exposure of the lunacy of inside Washington D.C. as we know it..
    Keith Koffler 2020 – A Man with Vision

  12. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also reported to be in Hawaii (Kona) for the Holidays.

    Hawaii Reporter reports that she’s staying in a suite that rents for $10,000 a night.

    The Obama’s $3,500 daily rental in Kailua appears to be a bargain in contrast.

    Happy Holiday$!

    1. Gosh – did I miss the message sending our warmest wishes to those celebrating Christmas? Or Easter? Who is advising this guy? I become more afraid each day.

  13. Thank you Mr. Koffler for your hard work and dedication in maintaining WHD, one of the best places in the internet about American politics. Everyday your good journalist work and skills brings to us first class information together with down to earth common sense analysis on Washington’s dealings, a rare commodity most needed in these trouble times. Enjoy your well deserved vacation time with your loved ones, wishing you and your family all the best.

  14. Have a great relaxing week Keith. You deserve it. I hope you really enjoy your time with your family and get a lot done from your Honeydo list. Happy New Year! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

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