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Obama Golfs for the 90th Time as President

After an hour of hiking, President Obama Monday got down to the serious business at hand, heading out to golf for the second day in his first three days of vacation. He was back on the course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

With this one, Obama reaches a new milestone, having gone golfing 90 times in less than three years as president. That’s about three months of golf, given that the excursions generally take about five hours – much of the useful portion of the day.

What’s more, it’s the 32nd time he’s been on the links this year, a record for the president. His 32 outings eclipses the 2010 mark of 30 and is far ahead of his 2009 tally of 28 rounds as president.

And remember, there are still five days left in the year for Obama to pad his new record, which he almost certainly will.

Along for Monday’s round were three of Obama’s Hawaii friends, Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb. The latter, you may remember, was arrested in April in a prostitution sting.

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    • I believe that is the case, DeniseVB. My in-laws used to live near Andrews Air Force Base and the course would be closed whenever the President played there.

    • According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, today’s trip marks Mr. Bush’s 149th visit to the presidential retreat. The planned three-day stay, during which the president is being joined by family and former and current aides, will bring his total time spent at Camp David to all or part of 487 days.

      Yes, that’s 487 days. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Knoller reports that Mr. Bush has made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.

      • Puh-lease! Do anything to try to skew something against Pres. Bush, won’t you? How many years was Pres. Bush in the White House at the time of your numbers? Did you happen to forget the fact that Pres. Bush actually WORKED at Camp David and at his ranch? In fact, the knock against the former president was that he WOULDN’T take a full day off–even during vacation–because he was so devoted to his work.

        Of course, why should you remember that? A little hard for Pres. Obama to do work on the links, unless his goal was to pardon felons…

          • Most do, this oval office occupier works as little as possible to get by. He has and goes to parties, sends his family on $4 million dollar trips, paid by us. Goes away to camp David and neglects the house and senate.

            He SUCKS

          • Have you SEEN Obama’s daily schedule posted daily here-in? When was the last time he ‘worked’ a full day? Reports are that he seldom meets with cabinet secretaries, other elected officials but spends the majority of his time with his inner circle of pals.

          • Fern….I agree.Its hard to FOCUS on the job at hand when you absolutely need a vacation,what once a month.Obama, some advice…you do not need to run for president to obtain the luxuries you surely did not posess before your current position. This country needs a “person” who isTOTALLY dedicated to the cause of helping AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • LOL You must have had a 2nd helping of ‘Obamaide’ Do yourself a face-saving favor, and look up “DearLeader” Obama’s daily schedule for the past 3 years, you’ll find that on the days he’s working, his day starts at 9-10 A.M. and ends before 4 P.M.

    • We’d be a lot better off if Dear Leader and the First Ho would spend the next 13 months visiting the most expensive resorts in the world (with their full entourage). It would cost us a LOT less.
      On 12/31/2006, unemployment was 4.4% and the federal debt was $8.4T.
      Three days later, Dems took total control of Congress. That’s when the misery started. And it got MUCH worse when Barry ascended the throne.

    • EXACTLY! Every moment this guy spends on his personal life is a moment he isn’t imposing more of his foolish policies on the rest of us. Had he spent more time on the golf course maybe he wouldn’t have bothered destroying the healthcare system. In the long run it would have been cheaper to rent the Taj Mahal for him for four years than to allow him to wreak havoc on the economy for 4 years.

      Clinton wasn’t like this. You’ll notice that after the public slammed him in 1994 he decided to tone down the hard left agenda and spend more time banging interns, and the country was actually better off for it. Unfortunately Obama’s too much of an ideologue and his vice is seeing American suffer.

  1. There was also an interesting discrepancy today of the official White House account of Obama’s Hike on Kaiwa Ridge Trail, and an eyewitness who didn’t see any sign of Michelle or the daughters.

    “The White House says the president, his wife and daughters were joined on the hike by a few friends. Crowder said she did not see the first lady or the daughters.”

    President goes golfing after a morning hike and workout

    • The White House also said Bo the dog flew to Hawaii with MO and the girls ? Until he showed up at Petsmart ;)

      I’m surprised security didn’t clear the hiking trail before this historic hike. Bet there were agents well ahead of him and the lady and dog got the full pat down for her to get that close to BO.

    • Interesting — is the WH lying to make stories more interesting? If MoochMORE and Princesses Obama had joined The One it would have been a nice boost for her Let’s Move campaign and certainly more mainstream than her and Beyonce doing the Dougie with a bunch of high school kids as occurred earlier.

      The Do the Dougie rapper was murdered soon after — nice place to get your music sources, MoochMORE.

  2. Is he confused and is working toward a Nobel Prize for golf? He is that stupid.
    Perhaps Michelle could ‘recycle’ her toilet paper bride one shoulder wonder:(

  3. I am glad he has the money and spare time to play 90 rounds of golf. Thanks to him, I don’t even have the money to visit my mothers grave 1000 miles from here,

    Anyone who votes for this jerk in 2012 is going to get what the ask for.

    “Communism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance,and the gospel of envy
    Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
    Winston Churchill

  4. “Until I get another 1.2 Trillion, I have don’t have any more money to to spend, so I’ll be on the links. Sent from Barack Hussein Obama’s Blackberry”

  5. Unlike Bush, he’s constantly working. There’s a mini-teleprompter in his golf cart; a small TV where he can watch current events unfold on MSNBC; and a phone so he can call up Harry Reid to order more stimulus money if necessary.

    • Unfortfunately Bunni there are NO active volcanoes on Oahu but there is one on the big Island where Pelosi is staying in her ten thousand dollar a night digs. Maybe we can hope that Obama venture over there and drop in on Kilauea. Problem with that is then we would be stuick with ASS HOLE Biden!

  6. Over 3 months of paid vacation, just playing golf- not accounting for his other vacations… He acts more like royalty than royalty. He reminds me of the people you hear about who win the lotto jackpot and then blow it all… except with him, it’s not lotto winnings, but our tax dollars he’s blowing!

  7. More NEGATIVE Obama bashing derisive reporting by an obviously BIASED Conservative writer. Designed to make it look like Obama is goofing off while everybody is suffering.

    Every story on this site is critical of Obama and Dems. No objectivity here!

    Playing a round of golf 2 or 3 times a month for relaxation is something MILLIONS of Americans do all the time is nothing out of the ordinary.The fact that ANY President chooses this form of relaxation during his off hours
    is a matter of personal choice and nobody’s business.

    Except the NEOCONS that are always looking for something to Bash Obama about.

    • Yes,,,,, God KNOWS the world has yet to see marxist reporters that hail the deity of O’Bozo or slam and fault George Bush for anything and everything they don’t like……..

      You are quite the tool……

      • Sorry, Buzz, but he doesn’t golf THAT much.

        If he’s played 90 rounds as of 12/25/11, then he’s played 90 rounds in 1,069.5 days (the .5 being his inaugural.)

        So, 1069.5 (days) divided by 90 (rounds) means he hits the links, on average, once every 11.883 days. Still an awful lot of golfing, to be sure, but it’s not 7.5 rounds a month. 7.5 rounds a month would mean 90 rounds in one year–essentially hitting the links once every four days.

        His current pace extrapolates to just about 123 rounds of golf in his term, but that number is probably going to come down a bit. If there’s one thing he loves more than golf, it’s power, so he’s likely to spend more time in 2012 on the hustings than on the links. He’ll reach triple digits–have no fear, he will give the GOP that juicy attack ad line–but 123 is probably not going to happen.

        I agree that he plays more golf than he should be playing, especially given how sad-sack the economy has been under his second-rate rule. But in point of fact, he really is golfing, on average, once every 11 or so days–about three times a month, give or take.

        Practically, though, that still means he’s out there golfing nearly every weekend the weather’s nice in DC.

        On AVERAGE, over his entire presidency, yes, it’s 2 to 3 times a month. But when you throw out the colder months, that number goes up. Let’s assume we take out December, January, and February (meteorological winter) from that calculation. That works out to:

        1069.5-11.5-28-31-31-28-25=915 non-winter days, which still works out to a round of golf every 10 days and change.

        In a way, you’re both right: Obama’s average over the life of his term really IS only about 3 rounds of golf a month. But when you factor out the winter months, and then get rid of weekends with bad golf weather–those happen in DC–you still end up with a Chief Executive who spends nearly every weekend that he can possibly spend on good walks spoiled.

    • Hear hear. I agree. Wholly smokes, exercise is good no matter what form you get it. Conservatives are just bashing everything this 4th greatest president does!

  8. Wow…way to spend time with the wife and kiddies…1 hour hiking…5-1/2 hours on the golf course…45 minutes at shaved ice…5-1/2 hours on the golf course. Go figure.

  9. FOR THE RECORD! George W. Bush spent MORE TIME on vacation that any other President. That is a fact.

    There was no griping from Conservatives about how much it was costing the taxpayers for him to sit on his butt all that time.

    He was on vacation in Crawford, Texas when Katrina hit and people were dying and couldn’t be bothered to leave to go back to the White House to oversee the emergency response.

    This constant criticism of Obama by Conservatives when he is on vacation is just Political Bashing with an underlying racist motivation.

    • The mighty Boa calls BS on this.

      How does the mighty Boa know? Besides the fact that the mighty Boa just simply knows all, we’ll try applying logic. An example would be how do we KNOW that O’Bozo doesn’t REALLY have an “exceptionally high” IQm… If he DID, we WOULD know what it is. Without a DOUBT! The media would begin stories with it. “President O’Bozo, the president with and IQ of 130″….for example.

      In the case of Bush, we would see itemized accounts demonstrating his numerous “vacations”…. But the reality is that, while he may have been staying at his ranch, he was still working, and not hitting up the taxpayers for another couple of trillion dollars. It is far easier for the marxist media to just proclaim it. “Bush vacationed more than anyone else”…. Even the suggestion is absurd. With O’Bozo “another” vacation is announced before he is even through with the one he is on…..

    • Dear O’Bozo Nitwit, let me help you with the logic, since you have none of your own. Yes, Bush spent great lengths of time in Crawford, Texas, at his home. You can call that vacation if you want, I suppose, but he ran the office of President from there, quite unlike the golf course. And Crawford is remarkably easy and inexpensive to secure for a President, as compared to a Pacific island vacation area, where my contact reports that every aspect of life is altered when O’Bozo is in town, with gunboats running up and down the beach and inland waterways and all movement altered by a virtual army of Federal officers.

      Nice try. The O’Bozo family is a logistical and financial nightmare, as well as hateful anti-American leftists.

    • Bush vacationed on his OWN property and didn’t use the US Treasury as his personal bank account like dictators do. I never saw the Bush’s taking extravagant vacations like these 2 do. It’ s disgusting as if having a mansion and a full staff of servants waiting on you hand and foot at the White House is not good enough for these people.

  10. I believe this vacation puts the Obama/Taxpayer vacation tab right around $100 million. It’s nice to know they’re cutting back during this economic downturn. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette/Obama…”let them eat peas”

  11. Look, Ron Paul advocates, enough, the guy can’t win the nomination nor the election because is by any reasonable standard – a lunatic. Even if elected there is no way he audits the fed or gets a zero tax measure approved. Worse, do you really want to sit back and let the Arabs murder our civilians? Isolationism worked a century ago when Ron was born and there was no such thing as airliners or missiles. Stop this cult mentality, the guy has no credibility and is a freak show to any one paying any attention.

  12. Today’s the first day of Kwanza, and Facelift Pelosi is in Hawaii to celebrate it with King & Queen Hussein Obama, Sashalika, Malika, and Bo the Dog. Happy Kwanza Hussein Obama Family & Facelift Peosi!

  13. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to play a round of golf…has anyone figured in that time as ADDITIONAL vacation time for His Majesty. The would be about 144 hours or 18 working days, assuming that he played during the day. So lets add about 18 more days that he took off while in office this year.

  14. Hold on a minute! Now, I’m no Obama supporter (America-hating, race-baiting socialists are destroying our country…and civilization)…but 90 rounds in 3 years is only about once every two weeks. Is that really an issue?

    • Harry – citing sources for your facts would make all the difference. Conservatives (at least this one) are persuable if you can actually provide verifiable facts. I look forward to your citations. Thanks.

      • According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, today’s trip marks Mr. Bush’s 149th visit to the presidential retreat. The planned three-day stay, during which the president is being joined by family and former and current aides, will bring his total time spent at Camp David to all or part of 487 days.

        Yes, that’s 487 days. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Knoller reports that Mr. Bush has made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.

  15. I have played many rounds of golf at Andrews AFB. Whenever president Bush, the elder, played, they only closed down 4 holes in front and 4 holes behind him.

  16. 90 rounds of golf equals 45 8 hour days. Round takes about 4 hours all things included. 90 x 4 = 360 /8 = 45.

    Come to think of it, I’d rather have him ONLY play golf. We be much better off.

  17. I just want to know where Michale Moore and his camera crew are when this president eats thousand dollar meals, stays in Hawaiian resorts and plays record numbers of rounds of gold as the economy crashes. He sure was all up in Bush’s rear over a few rounds of golf. he gleefully reported every vacation the GW took, citing how terrible he was to take time off while we were at war. I am no Bush fan but fair is fair. C’mon MM, put down the doughnuts and give us the rest of the story.

  18. It was probably good for our nation that Obama spent so much time on the course as I’d hate to see what other lFN ame brain ideas he could have dreamed up if he’d been sitting at his desk.

  19. It was probably good for our nation that Obama spent so much time on the course as I’d hate to see what other FN lame brain ideas he could have dreamed up if he’d been sitting at his desk.

  20. You really can’t figure this out? You shouldn’t label others as “fools” when you can’t understand simple polling concepts. If you take a basic statistics course, you could figure it out.

    47% represents the midpoint of the confidence interval for POTUS APPROVAL by all voters, which includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. In case you dont know, “approval” does not mean “re-elect.” Now, take the subset of Republicans. Romney has around 25% of Republicans voting for him amongst Republican candidates. That number has nothing to do with how he will fare against Mr. Obama. If you want to know that, look up the polls that put Mr. Obama against Mr. Romney alone.

  21. How ironic, the Community Organizer also spends time playing with little white balls, when they’re not bouncing off his chin at Man’s Country in Chicago.

  22. Assuming the President works a mere 8 hour day means a 5 hour outing represents only 62.5% of the day, so 90 outings equates to only 56 workdays or 1.87 months. Again, this is assuming the President works an 8 hour day, if the President works a 10 hour day, the numbers drop to 45 workdays or 1.5 months. Putting this into perspective, within the last three years there have been 312 Saturdays and Sundays. This equates to one round of golf every 3.5 weekends.

  23. Did you add up the days, weeks and months that George W spent “clearing brush” at his poser ranch. How about the cost of making his convenient election time purchase of the “ranch” into a secure facility. Obama has stronger ties to Hawaii than Bush had to Crawford, as he was born there. A lot more business can be accomplished on the golf course than could ever be done doing landscaping.

      • I knew you wouldn’t let me down Harry.

        Is this the only website that you can’t stand that you continue to comment on or are there other sites you troll around on?

        • No need to apologize Harry but thanks! Unfortunately your word means nothing since you continue to post an hour after you said you would stop.

          • Heck ya, I love to masterbate! FAP FAP FAP

            Sometimes I use the left to mix things up.

            I just don’t understand why you continue to post. Do you think that you are going to change someone’s mind when you have shown you are a liar?

          • Awwww Harry…why so serious?? Let’s be friends!

            Side note, I am GOP but don’t attend church. I believe in science. Thanks for profiling me though. That’s very adult of you.
            Also I love hearing from you why do think I keep hitting refresh. I can’t wait for your next post.

          • Also I haven’t bashed Obama once. I don’t care that he golfs. It’s not like his phone isn’t on or he can’t be contacted. I think it’s an overblown issue.

        • Sorry bit I agree with Harry-Miller you are a weird dude. Admitting to masterbating?? Get a grip pal, no pun intended. Or should I say pud intended??

    • Landscaping? the Brush clearing was part of the ecological restoration project the Bushes have been implementing. They are restoring the native prairie ecosystem. Don’t you know anything about ecology?

      • Having started two wars, you would have thought that he would have been more worried about the legality of one and the attention deficit towards the other, rather than performing photo ops. I mentioned GWB because he didn’t get the scrutiny that Obama does, but then GWB was creating the economic tsunami that is still hampering us. Obama was only busy eliminating America’s enemies and putting a stop to GWB’s misadventures.

        • George Bush didn’t create the “economic tsunami”. You can thank James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr. for signing the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977. You can also thank William Jefferson Clinton for kicking that act into high gear with the help of one ACORN community organizer named Barack Hussein Obama. Obama sued Citibank in 1994 to force them into granting home loans to deadbeat borrowers. That is when the housing bubble started and it was Democrats who sowed the seeds of destruction of our economy.