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The Obamas Head to Church

President Obama and his family emerged from their compound on Oahu this Christmas day and headed out for a rare appearance in church.

From the pool report:

Motorcade rolled out of POTUS’s Kailua neighborhood at 11:01.

A few people standing along the road and cheering. One stopped driver holding a cell phone out his window to snap some photos.

Arrived at the Kaneohe Marine base (official name is Marine Corps Base Hawaii) at 11:08. Per the WH, “The First Family is attending Christmas services at the Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay Chapel.”

POTUS is wearing a navy polo shirt and khakis, FLOTUS and Sasha are in sleeveless floral dresses. Malia got out of the presidential Suburban first and is wearing a white dress. As they walked in, pool saw them from behind, with arms around each other.

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37 Responses to The Obamas Head to Church

  1. It is so rare for Barry and his family to go to church that when it does happen it is widely reported. Yep, all show for election purposes. This “bible and gun clinger” isn’t buying it.

  2. Kaneohe MCB must be working the security troops overtime, through Christmas, for all this First Family action. I wish the Pool would share some of the backstory for what it takes getting the family from Point A to B, especially the hours before :D

  3. All this hand clutching and group hugging — they act like the Russian royal family after the Bolsheviks too over.

    I suppose they must be feeling the disapproval from us peasants.

  4. Blasphemy in casual dress and arms on show! Oh this was about them going
    to church on Christmas. So confussed more like Mardi Gras or a summer fashion show well it was actually. Who buys this spoon fed pablum oh that
    would be the Obamabots. The site that worships MO’s arms reported the designer of her skirt and blouse. Must be from her pre Hawaii shopping spree!
    Still not buying the Bogate story guess it’s time for another vain FOIA search
    into what these folks are up to this time

  5. The stage photo op did not end there…then they went to the military base and frightened children.
    I hear they exchanged gifts (thought they did not do that) and sang Christmas carols….makes a good press release.

  6. Ah yes, the obligatory photo-op at church to try and show he’s not a Muslim. Sorry Barry, your past precedes you. Nice try AGAIN. I wonder if they ever go to “church” without a photographer? Just like the ridiculous “Target” photo-op with Mooch. These people really think we fall for this stuff! Well, unfortunately there are some fools that do.