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White House: No Round Trip Excursion for Bo

The White House says First Dog Bo was not flown back from Hawaii to be with the lonely President Obama in Washington and to attend at photo op with him at PetSmart.

Apparently, a report in the Chicago Sun-Times saying Bo had gone to Hawaii with Michelle and the girls last weekend was not correct, and a Bo sighting reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser was mistaken.

White House Dossier earlier this week reported that either these stories were wrong or Bo had turned tail and come back home!

Now – this is pretty funny – the man who reported the Bo siting has released a statement saying he made a mistake. Very fancy.

From the follow-up Star Advertiser story:

This afternoon, Miscovich released the following statement: “It is now clear my wife saw another black dog walking our neighborhood. We would like to apologize to Bo and the Obama family for any inconvenience this may have caused them. We would also like to wish them a peaceful and Merry Christmas.”

Looks like Bo’s goons got to him.

26 thoughts on “White House: No Round Trip Excursion for Bo”

        1. I think this one needs more looking into. The black dog–was a tall blond man with beige curly-que wires leading to an earpiece walking it? Was it rogue–out on its own…Verrrry interesting…

  1. Keith is there any way for you to check the manifest of the FLOTUS’s December 17th flight to HNL?

    Does the press have a means to access the Hawaii Agriculture Department records?

    Personally I’m not buying it. Just because Nixon denied Water Gate, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    This could still be Obama’s Doggie Gate.

  2. Isn’t it telling that people believe this administration MIGHT well waste money like this to improve a photo op! Apparently, it has the reputation for feckless waste.

  3. Sure. The coverup is always what bites you in the behind. I don’t believe a word coming out that den of liars. Love the pandering Christmas message
    even got MO in on it wonder what we had to bribe her to do that? Bling$$$$$$

  4. So Lynn Sweet even corrected her story…. and blamed the Hawaii paper for getting it wrong ?

    I thought Ms. Sweet is the “Washington” bureau chief for the Sun Times and got her articles sent pre-written by the WH ;) I believe it was a WH PR she wrote about last week. Uhm, the WH got it wrong. How many large newspaper reporters use OTHER papers for their sources, at least without checking them out?

    I know no biggie, just a dog story, but more proof the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing in this administration. :D

  5. I’m still waiting for an answer as to whether, oh, gee, I get to travel the world
    Moochelle, is going to pay for her 4 million dollar “private vacation” It the taxpayers are footing the bill then it isn’t “private” Moochy. By the way, what could you buy with $4 million now that the good ole el Presidente gave you back your $40. Not a very good trade off if you ask me.

  6. “… wife saw another black dog walking our neighborhood” What he means is that there is more than one “black dog”. What he failed to report is what the mother of the black dog is called.

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