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Iraq Begins to Blow Up on Obama

President Obama’s failure to leave any troops in Iraq is already threatening to become a devastating election issue for him, one the president assuredly deserves.

As I’ve written, Obama’s dismissal of his generals’ requests for up to 18,000 troops to remain in the country in order to secure the peace and rebuff Iranian influence – and his half hearted effort to maintain a presence of even a few thousand – is a mistake that could ruin the victory George W. Bush handed him.

The move is so inexplicable that it’s fair to ask whether Obama wanted a campaign slogan – “I ended a war” – more than he cared about U.S. strategic interests.

The day after the last U.S. troops departed this week, Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president. The vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, charged that Iran was the puppeteer behind Maliki. And Maliki also pushed for the ouster of his own deputy prime minister, another Sunni, who called Maliki a “dictator.” Then, a series of explosions in Baghdad killed dozens of people.

With all U.S. troops out of the country, our leverage has declined precipitously, and those who would seek to control the country by force are clearly emboldened.

If Iraq starts to disintegrate, Obama will correctly be under political attack for having failed to honor the enormous U.S. sacrifice in Iraq by safeguarding our achievements.

He’ll try to frame his failure as the inevitable result of Bush’s decision to invade the country. Which would be deeply ironic, since he will be happily campaigning on Bush’s success if things work out.

We already know, because we heard it from Obama, that the continued U.S. economic weakness is Bush’s fault. Soon it will be Iraq. And my understanding from sources deep within the White House is that there is also consideration of blaming Bush for the lack of a white Christmas in the Northeast, but that this is still under review.

11 Responses to Iraq Begins to Blow Up on Obama

  1. It might be the holiday atmoshpere, but I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Nobody invited us to invade Iraq and if we wanted to keep a 100.000 troops there, who would stop us?
    A poorly thought out political move to appease his base might turn out to be a critical disaster for the Iraqis and a PR disaster for his re-election bid.

    My friends tell me that the Obama’s sudden love of all things military and their appeal to the public to feel pity for the returning veterans is not sitting well with the troops. They rightfully feel proud of their service and don’t appreciate being considered unable to take care of themselves and their families.

    BTW, about the snow (or lack of snow), be careful what you wish for…….

  2. There are umpteen issues that could “politically hang” Obama, come the 2012 presidential election. But, until the mainstream media (including FOX) zeros in on them, Obama will continue to nefariously and malevolently (dishonestly) spin, to his heart’s content.

    Presently, perhaps, the most pressing problem facing our America, is media, which refuse to recognize the political nakedness of Emperor, Obama……..

  3. I think he’s counting on without American casulties nobody will give a damn. Just business as usual in the middle east. Will anyone care that thousands of soldiers will have died in vain?

    The fact is that the anti-war movement and media lost interest in the wars once they didn’t have Bush to blame anymore.

  4. Obama has no interests besides remaining in power and working to help Democrats regain control of the House. He was a do-nothing, know-nothing puppet of the wealthy and corrupt Progressive/Socialist’s who have infiltrated all of our institutions in order to bring about their never-ending fantasy of a utopian world where they pull all the strings with complete power and control.

  5. This idiot would have leaked D-Day as to ruin the surprise. No matter how many real military minds and anyone with the IQ of a 3 year old knew when he
    gave them the timeline in BOLD type all they had to do was wait gain strength
    and on the day they circled on the calendar wait to put the well laid plans in effect. Nothing to do with our brave men and women everything to do with
    this inept President….fool.

  6. Didn’t Obama try and extend the Bush Agreement, but negotiated poorly (or was that blamed on Hillary?). Afterall, war is good for his donors’ profits.

    Too bad the military is held under a gag order not to criticize their CinC, and Obama is taking full advantage of that. Afterall, he threw his own grandmother under the bus :(

  7. Same as in Egypt, Obama is working the angles for a muslim brotherhood state in Iraq. it’s all in the plan. Good American patriots have died for nothing thanks to Bush and Obama both.