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The Hawaii Golf Season Begins!

Updated 9:26 pm ET

President Obama has been on Oahu for less than 24 hours, but he’s already found his way onto the golf course.

Nothing fancy today. He’s disrupting play on the course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii on Kaneohe Bay.

This is the president’s 31st time golfing this year and his 89th outing since assuming office.

From the pool report:

Familiar names in the president’s golf party at the Marine Base at Kaneohe Bay: Eric Whitaker, Mike Ramos, Greg Orme, Bobby Titcomb, Sam Kass, and Marvin Nicholson.

Whitaker is an old friend from Chicago. Ramos, Orme, and Titcomb are friends from Hawaii. Kass and Nicholson are White House staffers.

20 Responses to The Hawaii Golf Season Begins!

  1. The big 100 is going to come up sooner than we think. I hope there is a big celebration. There should be golf balls with the number 100 embossed on them given away to the first 100 guests. How about a putter give away in honor of King Putt? (I didn’t make the King Putt up. It’s going around). I hope someone gets creative.

  2. My time of the day was off but I just knew he’d play golf today. He and MO are so selfish and arrogant to indulge in this vacation while so many are hurting and struggling to get by. I hope people remember this when it comes time to vote.

  3. Poor Obama….He is the 4th best President yet is rated the 8th best Presidential golfer according to Golf Digest (They rate JFK #1). Then again we have not heard from Obama what he thinks his rating is..

    Eisenhower was famous for his golf outings yet he used it as a time to visit with others in order to get their views instead of personal friends and WH staffers. The again Obama is famous for surrounding himself with others who believe exactly he does.

  4. My understanding is that when Obama is on the course, the course is completely cleared of citizens. Or in this case, military personnel as well.

    If you think it’s arrogant for him to disrupt golfing, consider what the aviation community has to endure. Whenever he comes out to Hollywood for a fundraiser, huge areas of airspace are severely restricted or closed completely. His presence not only disrupts transiting aircraft, but disrupts or halts much of the ops at major airports including Long Beach, Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Burbank, Whiteman (Pacoima).

  5. He goes on vacation or to the golf course every time there is a little heat in OUR White House, so am I surprised? Nope, not in the least. He avoids any responsibility of any kind and has no trouble taking 4+ million dollar vacations. I’m lucky if I get a 300 dollar vacation.