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Champion of the Middle Class Heads Out for Sushi

President Barack Obama, fresh from his battle to save average Americans “$40 a paycheck” by preserving the payroll tax cut, landed in Hawaii last night and headed directly out for sushi at $5-$9 per piece.

But not just any sushi. Less than half an hour after reaching his vacation hideaway, the middle class warrior was out the door and making his way to the fabulous Morimoto Waikiki, the restaurant of the famous Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

Sorry, no seats for the middle class!

Perhaps the president whetted his appetite with one of the hot appetizer selections, like the Oyster Foie Gras at $22 a pop – a whole week’s worth of Social Security tax savings – or the Spicy Alaskan King Crab for $26.

After that, he might have dispensed with the laborious process of choosing his own sushi, letting Mr. Morimoto – or an appropriate stand-in – assemble a selection of raw fish for up to $160.

If for some reason the president wasn’t in the mood for fish, he could have ordred a pound of Australian Wagyu Ribeye for $88 – two months of payroll tax savings! – or penny pinched a bit with the $55 Australian Wagyu Filet.

Morimoto is one of the Obamas’ favorite places to go in Honolulu. Last night the president was accompanied by Michelle and some of their friends.

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      • Boehner probably never had any grit. Had my doubts about him when he went on that crying jag when the Republicans won the House back after the mid-terms. Should have known a man who can cry at the drop of a hat like that probably doesn’t have much intestinal fortitude.

          • Agree with you about McConnell. I heard one political pundit lamenting how the Tea party reps were botching his chances to be Senate leader in 2012. That is all that matters to the political class — whose hands the reins of power are in.

      • Thank you for putting this ridiculous battle over $40 into perspective Keith. So sad that our legislative system has regressed to the point where a handful of legislators can meet in the deserted halls of congress to pass a bogus piece of legislation by unanimous consent within a matter of minutes. I don’t hold out much hope for the future of America when not one of our elected representatives had the moral fiber to object to this farce. There is not a statesman among them…

        Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

  1. Why not? The airwaves are full of Barbara Walters and the first couple. Unless this makes it to Drudge no one will even know or care even if they did know.

    However, the msm will cover the first couple hugging soldiers and singing in Church tommorrow in Hawaii.

    Unless the msm changes their tune Obama will get re-elected.
    Maybe, they’re not as sycophant as they used to be but they still are carrying his water.

    Thanks, Keith, for keeping us informed.

  2. But he saved all that money at Target or wherever it was that he mingled with the peasants.That’s how he can afford the raw fish special.

    Did Bo fly back for him for more photo ops?

    Wonder how many Obots are wrapping “birther” mugs for conservative uncles and cousins and looking foward to the “fun” on Christmas morning. And how many are already bending the ear of long-suffering relatives with talking points from the “Home for the Holidays” page at website.

  3. I almost (almost) feel sorry for the guy; he misses a week of vacation to pretend that $40 is so important to working families, is stuck on a plane for 10 hours and the first thing the wife says is “we’re going out to eat at a toney expensive restaurant”.
    Most guys would just want to sit on the veranda watching the waves come in while wearing elastic waist shorts and sipping on a cold one.

  4. All these people do is obsess over food. Constantly eating and telling everyone else what to eat……eat…eat.. Consumed with filling themselves. They’ve obviously got addictive issues.

    • Hey–what’s up with the doom and gloom about re-election–just bec the fix is in? Arizona Republic led with how great he is suddenly doing–AP, natch–didn’t AP used to be a legitimate news org? Oh, well… I am not giving up on losing this loser–and won’t stand for our regs throwing in ye olde towel.

      By the way, those Iron Chefs have pretty slimy, gross work stations–I sure hope nobody gets a tummyache.

    • Star,

      I’ll take fried Spam over raw fish any day. If I’m eating fish it’s either deep fried, baked or broiled, but it is definitely COOKED!

      “Urpy?” Had to look that one up! Thanks for a new word.

  5. Sushi does not sound like Christmas to me.
    They do not care how much they spend…the are not the Little People…they are the King and Queen.

  6. I fear the GOPis folding like the proverbial cheap tent. We need someone to come along and man up big time don’t care who but I don’t see this crop
    beating the Chicago Mob style hell about to be unleashed on the GOP:(

  7. One way to shut down the press is cancel all news papers and refuse to watch the news on t.v. We canceled our subscription two years ago and will not watch the filth that the left wing ultra liberal press choose to call news. Instead we read Bible and get all the truth we need. Jesus said: ?I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except by through me.” (New King James). We are also deleting this blog or whatever you call this garbage.

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Eph. 1:2

    Forever in His grip,

    Bro. Chris


  9. That must be the *simple gifts* for teh WONS, the rest of us……..not so much.
    Merry Christmas… your blog…please do not ever let up on hypocrisy

  10. Sad to say if we don’t stop this, the saviour and his greedy wife(I am so proud to be an American now) will be in office for a second term! No matter how they spin it, they want to share the wealth! Remember, over time we will run out of working people to pay for those who want to live off the govt!

  11. Wow. Obama eats sushi! How dare he! Americans don’t eat sushi (unless you live in NYC, LA, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, Miami, D.C., Philadelphia, and just about anywhere millions of Americans who like sushi live). Heck! Obama should buy his shoes at Payless (even if they fall apart in less than three months and he has to buy another pair, and another, and another). His suits? He should get his from Goodwill, just like every American man who wears a suit to work does. Yes, sir! Obama shouldn’t even live in the White House; he should be in a double-wide and use old, rusted cars as front lawn decorations. If weenies for dinner are good enough for every other American, weenies for dinner should be good enough for Obama, too. (I didn’t even vote for Obama the first time around, but you Neanderthals are making me think I should vote for him next year just so you get a good case of indigestion form your mac & cheese tv dinners.)

  12. Do what you ask your supporters to do…do not do what you scold them for doing…only Dictators do this. Since when does a Harvard Lawyer not take a job with a large Law firm and make millions but instead take a $25,000 Community Organizer job? Answer: When you flunk out, or get disbarred as Michele did.. Your thoughts?

  13. I was there and and I am still beaming. I can’t believe some of the comments! I’m a Canadian who has roots that go back to the pilgrims on the Mayflower. I have relatives in the States and friends in the States. Yes, I work hard for my money in Canada and my dollar is worth less than yours. I have had to make a lot of sacrifices. I even make less money than other provinces doing the same job. I am in a giving job!! Yes, I was at the hockey game the night before with our Prime Minister but I am still thinking of that night at Morimoto’s. The food was the best I have had anywhere. Yes, the price was high but it was worth every cent. Yes, I would have liked to talk to them but I had to respect their privacy. No, my picture did not turn out that I snapped when they were at the door before leaving. I am impressed with the chef and the Obama’s. They could have cancelled my reservation just like in Beverly Hills I had to change my reservation for someone. No, they let a middle class person, which I am no longer as we don’t have a middle class, I am a working poor person who dined there that night. Mr. Obama was polite enough to say good night to everyone. Yes, I spent my money but it was worth splurging. With my job, I am in work to rule so I don’t know if I’ll be locked out! Let us eat cake at least we still have hope. My poor husband too just flew from Canada early that morning. He only has a part-time job and yes we could have went cheaper but then I wouldn’t have had this experience. The food was wonderful! I didn’t get sick. Your president has good taste and kindness to let me dine at the same time as him!