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Obama Departing for Hawaii

President Obama will depart for his vacation in Hawaii at 1:05 pm ET. He is scheduled to arrive at 6:25 this evening, Hawaii time.

While delayed because of the payroll tax fight, the president will still get an 11 day vacation, and possibly more if he decided to extend it beyond his scheduled return January 2, 2012.

24 Responses to Obama Departing for Hawaii

  1. Christmas brings light and hope to billions on this earth. Yet, lurking somewhere in the darkness an evil blight simmers, waiting for its time to strike with the deadliest consequences. Obama personifies a hellacious example of a force given a proverbial short leash can cause the maximum destruction in a brief time. History will expose a man who came into the White House not knowing anything of the job at hand and left knowing even less. MD

    • Except for the fact that he has been apprised of the secrets the United States hold close to the vest, or should.
      Clinton sold info to the Chinese.
      ‘Knowing even less’.
      Your statement is laughable.
      Knowledge is power, knowing who and what and where and why and when is a dangerous cache of information to allow a man like Barack Obama to have, given his reputation for kneecapping any opponents.

      Integrity is something Obama does not possess.

  2. Aloha and all that. Is Doppleganger Bo going or coming so hard to tell these days. Gosh I bet his Honalulu Honey will be thrilled to see him:). Bet it will be
    a very frosty applicable holiday for the Obama’s.

  3. Oh, thank God. I was so worried about his missing out on his $4 million vacation while my elderly in-laws had a hard time scrounging up $400 to come see their grand kids.

  4. I hate to bring this up, I really do, but Babs Walters interviews the First Couple and from what I read, it is nauseating and so feather light it’s like a half-inch feather on a baby hummingbird. The president admits to being lazy–the Hawaiian in him (charmed yet?). Michelle wants to be reincarnated as Bo the Dog. They hold hands. She does not like his big ears…honestly, I cannot go on. Please forgive me. Barbara–remember being a journalist at all?

    • I want to have a Merry Christmas (still need to hear some of my favorite Christmas songs:-) so I am staying away from that pathetic Babs Walters Obama Propaganda piece…

    • Many of the comments are lighthearted and don’t distinguish the seriousness of the event. Obama and his other half basically told America to go screw itself, we going to spend millions of taypayer dollars to vacation, like it or not. To give us some perspective, in this small county in Maryland dozens of businesses have failed, homes by the hundreds are foreclosed on, unemployment in the private sector has reached record levels but tax assessments stay very high. In the event you have a few seconds review an article entitled Obama’s dystopian views, it is an eye opener.MD

  5. Did Bo go on Air Force 1 with him? If not and Bo turns up in Hawaii, then we can presume that either Bo had his own plane – and don’t get me started on that! – or the Bo he took shopping wasn’t even Bo and another lie he told.

    Apparently, the Prez also left late for Hawaii since his press conference touting the passage of the tax non-cut bill was late. How much did his lateness cause since the plane, crew, etc., had to be ready to go earlier than its actual departure time? How many crew members were there and did they get paid for the extra time or are they also just victims of his inconsideration?