As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Does Payroll Tax Victory Dance

The remarks have concluded, having begun only about an hour and ten minutes later than when the scheduled time, which was 12:15 pm ET.

Not how the White House is supposed to run.

11 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Does Payroll Tax Victory Dance

  1. There’s no victory for the umpteen millions who don’t have a payroll tax to pay, or the 45million who are using their food stamps for a meagre Christmas dinner for their family.
    There’s no victory is allowing workers to keep what they’ve earned while new homeowners have to make up the difference in a sneaky tax hike.
    There’s no victory for anyone in Congress or the White House for their refusal to balance our budget or even have a budget to guide the spending of our taxdollars.
    There are no winners today, only losers.

      • I seems to me that we have a bunch of RINO’s in Arkansas as well and they too will be voted out. No compromise means NO COMPROMISE. Maybe they need to look up in the dictionary what the word means? Bet they have a nice Christmas too!!!!!!
        Go Tea Party, Go Tea Party, Go Tea Party.

  2. What is wrong with The American people? Can’t they see what’s taking place in our Nation? Or have they turning a blind eye? Or are they just plain living in a state of apathy? There is something dreadfully wrong with the leadership of this once great nation and nobody seems to give a hoot!!!!!!!!
    God blessed us with a nation of freedom and that freedom is slowly but surely being stripped from our society. When are the American people going to say, “Enough is enough?”

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Forever in His grip,

    Bro. Chris Allen