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Is Obama Leaving for Hawaii Friday?

President Obama could leave for Hawaii as early as Friday to join his wife and daughters, who have been vacationing on Oahu since Saturday.

Obama’s schedule for Friday, released by the White House this evening, lists only the presidential daily briefing and a meeting with senior advisers – and both are suspiciously marked “TBD” with respect to the timing.

A deal reached this evening between the House and the Senate to extend the payroll tax cut for two months paves the way for Obama to flee Washington as soon as possible. Both bodies could pass the measure by voice vote as early as Friday morning, with only a few members required to be in attendance.

Presumably, the president’s bags are packed, and have been for a while.

The Obamas aren’t scheduled to return until January 2, 2012 – they had scheduled a 17-day vacation for themselves – so the president would still get in 11 days of rest and fun.

And neither the House nor the Senate are scheduled to be in session the first week of January, so there’s nothing preventing the president from extending his stay.

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  1. what a gutless coward john .b. he caved. next time in2012 obama say’s can I have this more E.P.A. money john .b.will say O.K. in 2012 obama tell’s john b. can I raise taxes on the rich john b. say’s how much. the list will go on,and on because obama got a balls vice grip.

    1. Good point my fellow poster but, Hawaii is still part of the U.S.A., somewhere in Siberia, Somalia, or even France would be a good place His Arrogance could exile.

  2. At a recent press conference Jay Carney said regarding President’s going to Hawaii that he’d rather be with his daughters than stay in DC working.

    Obama, himself, said something similar. Does anyone notice who is never mentioned? If my husband didn’t mention missing me, he’d be in the dog house with BO.

    Obama also forgets to buy anything for Michelle when he shops. I remember he was in a book store and only bought presents for the girls and that has happened many times.

    The PDA you see all the time is just for public consumption.

    1. The Obamas kind of reminds me of the publicity shots of the Clinton’s frolicking on the beach hand in hand. What a crock! What isn’t dishonest about democrats?

    2. Didn’t he buy her a pair of garden gloves at one of his campaign stops this past summer? Of course that was just for some other photo op at a hardware store in Ohio.

        1. I seem to remember, right after he stole the White House, he bought Mooochelle a very large, very expensive piece of jewelry. I believe it was a ring. I also believe it was just for show.

    3. MRO = Beard

      From Wikipedia: Beard is a slang term describing a person who is used, knowingly or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner (Boyfriend or Girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one’s sexual orientation. The term can be used in heterosexual and homosexual contexts, but with increasing acceptance of gay culture, references to beards are seen in mainstream television and movies as well as other entertainment.

  3. Presumably, the president’s bags are packed, and have been for a while.
    Hopefully for his permanent trip into the abyss.
    Keith Koffler 2020 – A man with Vision

  4. Re: “nothing preventing the president from extending his stay.” If he stays for the first week in January, will Mo take another separate flight back to DC to get the girls back in school? Or stay and make that about a 22-day vacay for her and the girls and …………..

  5. And so he should go to Hawaii after forcing Congress to let 160million* families keep $80 for two months, for a total of $160. Our economy is saved, prosperity is about to show it’s happy face, and no one will be forced to watch TV with rabbit ear antennas.
    Next, we tax the millionaires so that we can eliminate our national debt, invest in union-based education, and union-based construction of new bridges.
    All that’s left to do is to declare our national borders are open to any and all, and to bestow immediate citizenship on anyone who wants it.

    1. Illegal immigration is part of detaching us from our heritage. With the nation overrun by Mexicans who believe that we stole their land and who owe no spiritual debt to our founders and are divided by from the current mainstream by language, we have a takeover army within our borders.

      Yes, illegals come in all kinds and I am in favor of deporting them all, but the presence of millions and millions of foreigners from one nation equals an invasion.

      1. Put me down for a TV–also we need a stove. I am down to one ornery burner and have already sunkl $300 in this sucker. My kid said–It’s not exactly a luxury, Mom. We will get there–the year of the stove coming up.

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  7. This just in: Bo will NOT be returning to Hawaii with his master. Instead, he will assume Barack’s daily calendar responsibilities at the White House, receiving the Daily Briefing and the “Meets with senior advisers”. Sounds like no loss for the American people.

  8. Payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits got extended for two months and most likely China will get Canadian oil.
    Unlike Obama, my Christmas means a lot more than a quick trip to Best Buy and a big showy trip to Hawaii.
    For me personally this Christmas I find solace in my religious and family traditions.
    To all the frequent posters here I find comfort I am not alone in my angst an worry about this great nation.
    Heartfelt appreciation to all and Merry Christmas!

  9. From Real Clear Politics (

    The interview with Barbara Walters and Mrs. Obama:

    Barbara Walters: “Mrs. Obama, you’ve recently said something that I thought was very interesting for other women to hear. You said ‘you put your own self highest on your priority list.’ That sounds selfish?”

    Michelle Obama: “No, no, it’s practical. It’s something that I found I needed to do for quite some time, even before the presidency. And I found it other women, in similar situated balancing career family, trying to do it all and a lot of times we just slip pretty low on our own priority list because we’re so busy caring for everyone else. And one of the things that I want to model for my girls is investing in themselves as much as they invest in others.”

    Call me old fashion, but I always thought that the idea of being a parent, especially of young children (when they hit 21 or graduate college they are on their own – sort of) was that you place the interests of your children first, and subordinate your own interests for them.

    Her comment makes her sound like she doesn’t care that much about others, and that she is the most important person to her. While I will admit that I have always been a horrible husband (work always took precedence over spouses) my children have always been first and foremost. I would even slip out of work to meet them for lunches or go to their programs.

    Perhaps it is just me, but this kind of thinking troubles me. It is no wonder that she takes off for vacation without her husband, and seems miffed when she has to play a subordinate role in his public life/image.

    On a side note, while I suck at being a husband, I am a great “boyfriend.”

    1. I agree–I am not worried about her getting her “me” time. My kid is 30 and she still comes first. And don’t knock being a good BF, Sho…it’s an art. Only half of adults are married these days–did you read that?

  10. February 17, 2012


    February 17, 2012 has been designated Federal Employee Appreciation Day, a day for Federal Employees to voice their disgust with their government. On February 17, 2012 Federal Employees are encouraged to take the day off to enjoy a four day weekend and send a message to Congress, the White House, and the American people to reflect on the underappreciated work of the Federal employee.

    My name is Mandinka and I approve this message.

  11. Want to thank all of you, for your Powerfull stand against Oboma & His Corrupted political partners.

    But there is so much more we can do. Being aggressive and focusing on the facts and truth is only the first step.

    We musT follow Up with more details standing by our convictions and dont back down.

    Oboma has NOT brought CHANGE, In fact ~! ~ THE ONLY real THING needing CHANGE !….Was Barack Hussein Obama II.


    Barack Hussein Obama II (

    Who hates American Values ) who is A ” SELF PROCLAIMED Enemy” ~of responsible, Morally Conscious HARD WORKING Americans.

    oBOMAS Irresponsible & DRUG MAFIA and reckless supporters KNOW~ that Barack Hussein Obama II, WILL FORCE YOU to paY THEM, out of your PockeT .{ FOR all of their UNCHECKED Vices and THRILLS/

    { All on YOU

    | / At your COST & Sacrifice.\

    …This UN~CHANGABLE fraud, has done His VERY BEST to Inspire VIOLENCE.

    THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. saying ……To his supporters.Saying “Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your Fellow Americans” – Obama has ALSO DECLARED to his Supporters. “I want all Americans to get in each others faces!– Obama Demands !

    “You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun” –

    THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. ANGER VIOLENCE And more taxes….. THIS IS OBAMAS Change for america /“Hit Back Twice As Hard”. He commands ! *Obama on the private sector: ~~ “We talk To these folks…~ / so I know whose a*$ to KICK.“ OBOMA wants to KICK your a*$ /“`

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