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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

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  1. Just like a right wing elite jrk-off, “oh $40 whole dollars”; for those of us that work for a living $40 a pay period is the difference between a weeks worth of gas and using a credit card.
    I cant wait until this blows up in the face of you right wing retards and Obama gets another 4 years, once all you fools go to the streets with your guns we can finally have good cause to put you down.

  2. Jimmy Carter has been happier now than at any time during the last 30+ years. Obumer has displaced him as the worst President that anybody alive remembers. After Obumer gets voted out of office I’ve learned he is going to sell desert land in Florida.


  3. The President continues to refer to this as a tax cut when in reality, it is not. It is a 2% cut in the funding for Social Security, which is on its way to going bankrupt and something that my children and grandchildren will never see. I recall last year when the President first proposed lowering of the Social Security tax so middle class Americans would have an additional $1000 in their paychecks. It was going to creat all these jobs!! Where are the jobs that it created? You want to creat jobs Mr. President? Sign the Keystone Pipeline Project which will immediately creat 20,000 new jobs and over the course of the project, upwards of 200,000 new jobs will be created.

  4. obamma has to be one of us, every pic Iv seen today he has his sleeves rolled up, no coat & a loose tie. He is even carrying stuff, or (looking like) he is shopping.
    This just shows he is one of ”’us”’, he understands, he cares. I bet he didnt even notice there were cameras. I think Im going to cry there, is a shiver running up my leg…………….

  5. Obama wants to defund social security so that he’ll have anothor crisis to pontificate about. He’ll blame republicans for wanting to kill off old people because they won’t tax the rich. His routine is getting really tiresome.

  6. Obama is in office to administer Stage III and Stage IV of the cancer Liberalism. Liberalism is killing America. Liberalism has FAILED every time it has been tried, everywhere, everytime.

  7. What else is in this massive $1 trillion spending bill? The only thing that is making headlines is a 2 month cut in the FICA tax.

    The Republican congress is right to hold this up to cut out some of the spending in it.

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  9. It’s amazing that the photo that’s being used to highlight this story is President Obama playing the role of a “Pizza Delivery Guy.” Why don’t the President & the Congress just get down to business & take care of the business of the Country! FIRE EVERYONE IN WASHINGTON!!!!

  10. If they’re not careful, they will embroil the voting Americans into a profound determination to throw the whole ‘bunch’ out and replace them with new blood. This time, BOTH parties screwed up and the taxpaying wage earners, all 168 million of us, remember this both in the upcoming presidential election and the senatorial and house elections that follow. Anyone, junior or senior, might want to brush up their resume(s) and get ready for their own version of unemployment. Failing to act (Dems in the Senate), and failing to compromise (Reps in the House), will be the rallying cry to ‘throw the bums out’, in due course. Legislative gridlock will be replaced by legislative anarchy, with actors, and yes, even wrestlers and comedians, replacing serious legislators who simply couldn’t, and wouldn’t – work together.

  11. For $40 I can pay the defacto poll tax that the GOP wants to institute to combat fictional voter fraud and aquire the proper federal ID that I haven’t needed for my entire voting history so that I may exercise my right as an American. But Jeez, the last thing we need is another brown president, so it’s worth sacrificing some civil rights to keep like brown people, minorities and the elderly from voting. loveyamatt. keep up the ‘journalism’.

  12. Since the House voted and the bill went back to the Senate, I don’t believe the House could pick up that 2 month extension bill even if they wanted to. If I’m right, then Harry Reed and the President are either unfamiliar with how legislation is routed, or they’re exhaling large clouds of propaganda to fool the public.

  13. Since when is a nothing 2 months tax break better than 1 Year Obama ask Congress for up until 12 DAYS AGO and the Pipe line not approved .
    This is far left politic’s and then rigged media at it’s lowest level .
    While Obama is hailed as king and he is for the Middle Class ?
    The middle class pay check is down 12.3 % in the last 3 years while Food , gas . electricity are up 17-41 % .
    And the House are bad guys for doing the right thing .
    Amazing !

    Obama in 967 days has yet to summit a Budget required by law once a year .

  14. I am a republican but am becoming frustrated with their lack of understanding of poor people. Just $40? Really? $40 means a lot to many families. It is a week of gas, milk, bread. $40 is not getting your electricity cut off. You all are going to lose big time if you keep dumping on the poor people. I cannot afford a $40 pay cut. Plain and simple. Insurance went up $100 a paycheck. Car insurance went up $20 a paycheck. When does it end? Be careful, you are treading on slick ice.

    1. @ jack “$40 means a lot to many families. It is a week of gas, milk, bread.”

      Do You Live in The United States Jack? No knocking you just saying one tank of gas costs double that nowadays. I try to buy one week’s worth of sandwich material (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, salad dressing, bread) chips, cans of soda and tuna fish and it ends up costing a hundred bucks.

  15. IT is $40.00 that my grandkids will have to put into Social Security to cover their parents. Wake up America, he is robbing tomorrow for party favors today to steal an election.

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  17. Wow, a whole $40 a month! Whaaa Whaaa! What a joke these Democrats are! What the fail to tell The American People is that this so called “tax” directly funds Social Security, so NOT collecting it for Social Security is hurting people MORE! Amercians are so uninformed it’s pathetic.

    1. Dave, Seriously?
      You favor cutting taxes on wealthy but not middle class? Explan your logic, any actual data would be helpful as well.

      1. And Dave,
        have you ever in your life not filled up your gas tank because you didnt’ have enough in your account for the whole tank? If no, sorry to tell you you’re in the minority there.

  18. …but a billionaire gets loopholes, tax credits, deferments and pays only 12% of income while completely avoiding State taxes by raising endangered bees and Congress wants to cut THEIR taxes. America = land of opportunity, if you are already rich, gifted, beautiful or a politician’s child. $40.00 whole dollars…

    How Christian.

  19. Is Keith Koffler even considered a real jourrnalist anymore? Surprised he didn’t detail how much each piece of canadian baccon cost taxpayers at Michelle’s pizza party yesterday. I literally look to his articles and your bat-crap crazy responses by folks super-bitter that a black man is president for morning humor…thanks all, never to dissapoint. Oh and who are you goint ot elect to run against this man you hate so much? Not a lot of choices that really float the boat, in fact none…….good luck with that.

    1. Any of the Republican nominees will wipe the floor with Obama during debates. That’s if The One will actually debate and not make up some BS excuse to get out of them.

      1. Dude, please, step back from the edge.
        Seriously? Obama is going to be the first president in history to NOT debate. Sure. Killer logic bro, awesome argument….

        And really – you think that Michelle B. or Rick Perry would “mop” the floor with Obama? Be honest with yourself, it’ll help you adjust.

  20. How about we help out with this spin?

    For 2012:

    Obama asked for a “tax cut” of: $1000+

    The House said, well, not quite, but here is what we can do: $960

    Then the Senate said: No way, we’ll only give you: $160

    And now it is the House’s fault for not agreeing to only $160 for the American People when they proposed $960?

    It seems that they should be saying “The Senate is costing the US Taxpayer $800 next year! Yes, the Democratic Senate WANTS TO RAISE THE TAXES OF THE AVERAGE TAXPAYER $800 NEXT YEAR!!!”

    (all B.S., really, but JFC!)


    And three months? Really? With April 15 just 2 weeks after it “expires” again?

    What a bunch of morons…or the clueless…or the feckless…or actually, what a bunch of people who only care about themselves and NOT the American people.

  21. Mr. President……….take that $40 bucks and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. We are just plain tired of your BS and even more tired of using us middle-class workers in your tirades at the podium. Please use another class of income and workers. We do not want your help!

  22. Wait, I thought paying taxes was the Patriotic thing to do. This Payroll tax cut is your FICA or Social Security tax. So Obama WANTS to take food out of the mouths of Seniors. Wants them to DIE in the cold, because they can’t heat their home. Little children STARVING to death! This is what he is promoting. Well that’s what they say about Republican’s cutting taxes. The FAIR tax is the only way to go. Read the book before you disagree.

  23. You people are idiots. You all side with these stupid republican ideas just so you can say you have not sided with Obama. Since when has a tax cut been bad for republicans? When they help the poor? You all embrace the Bush tax cuts, which you should, but now you are pouncing on the president for allowing a $40 tax cut? You all are going to lose big time in the election.

  24. Judging from the swill and untelligent phrase-length responses – it’s no wonder we all go from one presidential mistake to another. It’s clear that, if you all are voters, we have no hope of electing anyone of quality or experience to lead us out of this mess. And, by the way, profanity and vulgarity, are the sign of someone who can’t spell or word select beyond four letters. We’re all doomed…….. !

  25. I barely make enough money to pay my bills after working two jobs and can’t afford the $700 hit I’d take in 2012 if the payroll cut isn’t extended.

    I truly don’t understand why conservatives were so quick to back Republicans in keeping the Bush tax cuts for the small percentage of Americans who are rich but seem to have no problem with the GOP blocking the extension of this cut which would save the majority of us Americans from paying higher taxes. Are you just all extremely rich or do you just hate Obama so much that anything he does is “evil?”

    Wish I was like the folks who laugh at saving $40 each paycheck, but I could use that money.

  26. Wonderful if you’re lucky enough to have a job in this lousy economy. President Obama stop pandering to us with $40. Forty dollars a paycheck barely buys a tank of gas thanks to the erosion of the dollar’s buying power because of the stimulus packages and the failure of this government to get it’s act together and pass a budget. Seriously, hold spending and stop wasting our money.

    And by the way, you’re not doing us a favor by “allowing” me to keep my own damn money. It’s my sweat and labor you’re not entitled to waste it.

  27. It is obvious the President will never grow up. What is amazing is for the past 3 years, this President has talked down to the American People. He’s the most narcissistic president we have ever had. He has been the key driver in surpressing our economy. He is not about hard working American’s so no one should be buying into that BS. He is and has always been an Absentee President. November 2012 We The People will even up the score in Washington.

  28. Don’t laugh at $40 a paycheck. It can make a BIG difference when invested with the same insider trading stock tips to which our congress has access.

  29. Shall we do some simple math…..if a person is losing $40 a week, and the “tax cut” was 2%, then this person is making $2,000 per week….or
    $100,000 per year. So, we are being asked to believe that a person making 100K per year will have to forgo pizza night if he has to pay more in taxes ?
    All those who believe that may now pile into the clown car and drive to DC.

  30. 40 for two months equals about a tank and half of gas.
    I am so grateful. So wonderfully blessed to have BHO in my life. Thank you thank you thank you. I will forever worship at your feet.

  31. I REALLY wish the Republicans would do a better job of arguing their side of things here. If I hear Boehner say ‘kick the can down the road’ one more time I’m going to vomit.

    Call a press conference, go on every show and have a visual aid like a list to show how the house versus the senate bills compare.

    The problem here is that the Republicans are letting the other side control the message and manipulate it into some ridiculous portrayal as something that it is not. And every media outlet completely neglects to mention that the house already passed their own version and it is the Senate that blew it up.

    The should outline all the other crap that is in the Senate bill as well as what was in the House version that the Senate cut out.

    I also can’t believe the media hasn’t mocked Obama for having the TVs flanking him with a countdown timer on them. I’m pretty sure it’s counting down to when he’s gonna jump his plane to vacation.

    Obama, the great divider.

  32. If you aren’t paying your payroll tax you are not earning your social security credits you may need for retirement, survivor and disability insurance, as well as chronic disease medicare (6 quarters out of 12). A lot of seniors who were employed where they did not pay payroll tax (ie govt or state) are trying to earn the quarters of coverage for medicare. I have not heard in all of this conversation what the impact will be if you do not earn the quarters of coverage you need for entitlement because of this tax holiday. It no only defunds social security it can affect entitlement to benefits when you need it and also the amount which you will be paid If you are insured for benefits and you cannot replace a lower year of earnings with you recent higher year it will affect you payment amount.

  33. Obonzo is a bigger liar and fool than I thought. He’s attempting to blame Republicans (as usual) for not passing a bill that he knows they won’t, won’t do any good because their is enough time to implement it, and is mostly his fault.
    The only good thing is that most Americans realize what he’s trying to do, and will discredit him even (unbelievably!) more. All together now: Obonzo must go! Obonzo must go! Obonzo must go!

  34. Why does no one question the $40/week number???

    $40/week x 52 weeks is $2,080; Not $1000.

    So, the 2% “Tax Cut,” if on $50,000 does equal $1000, but that is only $19.23, NOT $40.

    Always question the numbers!!!!!

  35. why is this payroll tax thing made to sound so complicated. bottom line the president is looting the social security trust fund, and calling it a tax anybody so dumb that they can`t see that?
    thank you

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