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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

1030 Responses to Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

  1. The man is reptilian in his logic. He insults the American peoples’ intelligence constantly. And the dummies are just too stupid to understand that that is what he has been doing for over three years. Poor, pitiful, stupid, sycophants.

    • I assume no responsibility as I did not vote for him nor will I vote for him in 2012. Hell, I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse as President before I will vote for him.

  2. this “tax break” will result in a’ $400 billion not being added into Social Security coffers. This underlines the fact that So. Sec. is a Ponzi scheme. And where is the $40 coming from? The “Tax Break” of 3.1% at $50000 income level is $1550/year, meaning $29.81 weekly paycheck.

  3. Liberals are such sheep. They don’t realize that the $40.00/ week is coming out of their social security contribution and will be deducted when it is time to collect social security. The worst part is this may bankrupt social security much earlier than it would have. Social security is losing between $250 billion and $500 BILLION per year with this “tax cut”. If you own a home, $17 per month is going to be added to your mortgage, for the rest of the mortgage, allegedly to pay for the “tax cuts” that will dissappear in the next year. The worst part is that the social security holiday we have had this year has created absolutely 0 jobs, and the next one will create the same number.
    That was the supposed purpose of this social security holiday. Another failure of the federal government in Obama’s quest to “fix” the economy.

  4. This is a transparent political trick. Voters know that Republicans in the House have sent a *year-long* extension of the payroll tax cut to the Senate for approval, as opposed to this ridiculous stopgap measure that would only extend the payroll tax cut *two months*.

  5. Glad to see that the White House is now admitting that expiring tax cuts are the same as tax increases…don’t we all remember those verbal gymnastics?

  6. What tax cut? So ALL the parties decided to take the money being sent to Social Security et al, and let people keep it for a year. Forgetting for a moment that the entitlement program this money funded is in trouble, they are only robbing one entitlement program (again) to get a political advantage by calling it a tax break. So will everyone have to delay getting their benefits a year as they stopped contributing for a year? This is nuts.

  7. OBlunder doesn’t care that we will pay the extra $40 or what it would provide for our families. He cares less about all of that. All he is satisfied is with getting the money out of our wallets and into the fed government so he can steal more.

  8. I think I fully understand the Liberals desire to pass a 2-month bill. It seems that two months is about the memory retention limit of the typical Liberal. After that, they must be retrained since their recollection of the bill is gone. In fact some of them on the lower end of the scale, actually have to be retrained after each coffee break.

  9. At this point in time the Republicans in the House should pass the 2 month
    Tax cut extension and let Obama boast about it. the in February extend the
    cut for another 12 months. Then the Republicans can boast about being
    responsible for the year extension That will give the middle class 14 months
    instead of just 12 Thus showing up OBama .Common Sense tactic. Weak
    John the sky is falling

  10. Wake up folks. This payroll tax holiday only accelerates the bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare. Nothing is free. Less than half of the population even pay income taxes. Why is everyone so jealous of successful people who have built personal wealth. Work hard and use them as an example. Don’t join the mental mob mentality and burn the city that you live in down. Wealthy people create the jobs for everyone else. Corporation work for stockholders. The biggest stockholders are pension funds that unions and companies depend on to pay retirement benefits out of. Obama is just a populist, a demogogue. When the average American is so ignorant and uniformed that they can’t even know how to vote in their own self interest, the democracy concept is bankrupt.

  11. More to the point, if the Senate doesn’t approve a year long tax cut, instead of a two month tax cut??????????????? our taxes go up in February.

    Somebody ask Obama why he is Ok with Social Security funded pizza parties for two months, but not all year.

  12. I love how the Kenyan doesn’t mention that the $40 extra per week they get is coming out of their future Social Security benefits. Buy pizza now, starve when you are old. Ya gotta love those liberals!

  13. What a childish act! He never ceases to amaze me at how low he can sink; totally unbecoming of a U.S. President and I can’t wait until he is out of there.


  15. Very refreshing to hear that our little leftist-in-chief is worried about the impact of taxation on the productive sector. Luv luv luv the pizza box symbolism – really strikes home. Now I know he cares. Surely his failure to adopt the tax crusader posture in regards to the myriad other major taxes, fees, impounds, re-distributions and transformations he and his gang of thugs has imposed on us is due simply to inattention and his hectic vacation schedule.

    • Those numbers are reflective of people making $2,000 dollars a week…which comes to $104,000 per year. These clowns are so busy talking about the middle class and the lesser ones…let’s look at a $10 an hour wage earner: Week: $400./ tax cut off of SocSec= $8.00. Now, let’s ask people what they are going to do with an additional $8.00 a week. Doesn’t quite have the same thrust as the $40 spin of O and his goons.

    • I’d vote for Charlie Mcarthy, Gilligan or Lassie to get this guy out of the ‘White House.”

      In addition, I’d vote for a law that would punish any so called journalist who reported this CRAP and didn’t give the facts the the measly $40 is estimated for two weeks on $50K annual income, and that it’s going to defund Social Security by a third.

  16. What does a two month payroll tax cut extension do? When will the potus and his Senate pass something that will actually get the economy moving? NOT shovel ready jobs, NOT cash for clunkers, NOT 2 month extensions – stop playing golf and going to Hawaii and do what you promised – Hope and CHANGE — create JOBS!!!

  17. Typical Obama spin – he’s responsible for the high unemployment rate – he’s responsible for so many losing their jobs and then he tells these same people whom he has put out on the street – wouldn’t you love to have $40.00? Why don’t you step right up and tell everyone how much $40 dollars would mean to you and your poor, poor family – what the hell is wrong with people that they are sooo easily manipulated.

  18. FINALLY … someone comes out and tells it like it is … $40 tax cut …. big fn deal … and that’s $40 that *isn’t* going into your SSI account ….

    Screw Barack Hussien … One and fn Done …

  19. This is a misleading story brought on by misleading comments by a misleading president. The increase if the tax cuts continue will be $20 per $1,000. earnings. So, if you make $2,000 per month and get paid weekly, you will receive $40. divided by 4.3 weeks…or less than $10 a week; if you make $50,000 per year, you will receive $1,000 spread out over your increments of pay. What a crock. If this tax cut continues, you will continue to put 4.2% into your SS account as opposed to 6.2%….plus the monies designed to offset these ‘tax cuts’ will take 10 years to pay back. Please explain what is good about this situation?

  20. To top off another great year for the president! He really is looking out for us. Republicans only want to help the rich. Always have. Please join me in re-electing this 4th best president of the USA!

  21. this president is a fing moron. why not place blame squarely where it belongs, HARRY REID! stop going threw the ropes trying to make the only part of congress that tries, look bad. the republiCANS. THE DEMONIC-RATS enjoy this not going to do anything to help the people mentality because its the same mentality of the presisdent. HE DOES NOT CARE about the people who pay taxes! GET IT THRWE YOUR HEADS LIBERAL ZOMBIES! you are the problem.


  22. This is all a bunch of BS from the B.O. Obummer is OBLIVIOUS to what a clown he makes himself out to be with all of this theater. Absolute looser. Deodorize 2012! 2 months!? Of robbing from the FICA fund? Like two months is really going to help anyone anyway. Citizens, hit this site HARD and tell B.O. what you think of him. .. This will really backfire on him, just like the “Turn in your neighbors” site and email Repulicans did.

  23. The payroll tax cut was temporary for one year only. People should not have used it for necessities. It should have been used to get out of debt
    Getting out of debt should be what the white house does. We don’t need for reasons to sound money we don’t have.