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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

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  1. I think I’ll use my $40 to take a vacation in Hawaii, go golfing every day, eat seafood and steaks all week in my $54,000 a week rental house.

  2. This man is a snake. He should never have been President, however the naive masses were smitten by his empty words and the color of his skin. Have we learned from our grand experiment? Have we learned that character, experience and worldview really does matter? I say we’ve gotten exactly what we deserve. We voted him in and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Shame on us for behaving so foolishly, and it’s our children and children’s children who will be paying the price. God save us and our great nation.

    1. “Have we learned that character, experience and worldview really does matter?”

      I hope we’ve learned that lesson, but the reluctance to admit having made a mistake are powerful forces for perpetuating ignorance.

  3. The guy is a political gansta hack. I can’t wait to see his backside as it exits the WH for good. Lies and half truths are pure milk to him and his minion. He never lets pass a chance to exploit a fellow American for his benefit not theirs. If only Americans would wake up to his devious ways and turn away in droves on election day, 2012.

  4. December 22, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    If Mitt Romney is threatening to deport your uncle; Can you threaten to give him an IRS audit of his illegal landscapers? Also, as a personal favor to me, I really want the CIA to answer this question; How much rice is it costing the Communist Chinese to pay for all of those crocodiles tears from the abused North Koreans? Because, at this point, I imagine some guy in a rice patty is busting his rump, thinking, “enough of this crap, the SOB was a duech bag while he was alive, and it’s a good thing that he is dead!” Well, if this is not a sign of the times I certainly do not know what is. A real live Mel Brooks movie, that’s what this is . . . Eric Holder even thinks that we are politically attacking him because he is not white. That’s funny. Why would we politically attack a guy who ok’d selling guns to known criminals to track them with devices fashioned from technology found at Radio Shack? When in doubt play the race card, the class card, or any other card just so long as we avoid the truth. Maybe I could be a liberal yet!

    Another question. Does the wife go because she wants to or because she has to? Meaning this. Husbands and wives tend to stick together. But over and over again she jumps off like a hot tomalley. One wonders if all is well in Camelot? Maybe if you dug up Richard Burton and made him sing a few bars life would be grand again. Doubt it though. There is hope though! Mitt Romney does not even have the stones to call you a socialist! That’s rich. Even a plumber knows one when he sees one:) But good old Mitt? No way brother! The fly in this ointment is he can’t call you one without being one himself; considering his record in Massachusetts! Gingrich may have sat on that couch with Nancy, but at least he didn’t lay in it with her. Old Mitt painted himself red and hammer and sickle all over when he was governor of Massachusetts, what is he thinking? That a Massachusetts governor can win a primary in the Republican Party by running harder against Newt then he is going to run against you? Everyone is telling me that Romney is smart, I’m still waiting for the proof.

    In the history of the world part 1 there is this great scene. “Moses” is coming down from the mountain with 15 commandments from God. As he is walking he drops one as he is yelling out the good news that he has received these dictates from God “These 15, (drops one tablet) these 10 commandments!” One no longer has to wonder what was on that other tablet! Clearly it was the exculpatory clauses that permit people like you and Romney to lie with such mellifluous ease that not even the notions truth, justice, or the American way ought to ever impede on both of your missions to socialize a country that was founded in direct opposition to that economic philosophy. But, as they say, “it’s a free country,” and if you can convince a group of people to give you either their vote or their money, no one is going to stop you, even if your lying, and especially, if you want to use a solar power company to launder money!

    Have any of you even considered the possibility, remote as it may be, that our problems are tough enough even when we tell the truth, and we make them far, far, worse by lying and playing these games?

    In 2010 we issued a restraining order. In 2012 we will issue an eviction order. As for your Uncle he can stay. He is the only one who is doing anything in this nation that makes a lick of sense considering the shape you put us in.


    Joe Doakes

      1. A tomalley is the liver of a lobster, which some people actually will eat. I think he meant tamale, spiced meat rolled in corn meal masa. O ‘hot tamale,’ which is slang for a hot babe, or woman to you.

  5. What none of the media outlets report is that this “tax cut”, which reduces the employee share of the FICA tax, is simply adding to the Social Security shortfall. What we are doing is postponing the point that these taxes and even higher taxes will be assessed to make up the deficit. We are adding to the burden our children and grandchildren will be saddled with.

  6. I find it ironic that they act like letting us keep 40.00 of our own money is such a big deal. Especially when he and his family spend multi-millions of dollars each year on vacations and thousands upon thousands of dollars on “date night” and flying in specialty meals from restaurants all over the place. They act like royalty living off our dime. If anyone remembers he and the dems were all for raising energy prices which had a much bigger effect on the middle class than giving a 40.00 per check payroll tax break.

  7. How about this Mr President…….Cut taxes across the board. Cut spending across the board. Allow us to drill for our own oil (creating jobs and lowering the price of gas)….Stop with this political crap and actually do something to help this country!!!

  8. Sorry but do the math. A family making $50,000 will not lose $40 a week. If they gross $1,000 a week, a reduction of 2% would result in $20 a week. Yet another example of the White House misleading the American public.

  9. . So the teleprompter in chief is going to “enlighten” us later today on this tax
    business. Let me guess; its not his fault. The ATM’s, kiosks, “arab spring”
    and of course Bush are to blame. Obummer will be so much closer ( in more ways than one!) to N Korea so he might get in on some of the mourning and give Kim Jong Un some pointers.

  10. A 2 month starvation of funding social security does absolutely nothing to allow any strategic planning or investment but is just enough time to create a headache for payroll systems nationwide. Why is such a juvenile attempt to create some positive spin for Obama given such gravitas? Take down the names of all journalists siding with the Obama propagandists and remember them as enemies of America.

    1. Yes, the focus shall shift to the MSM as well. They are part of the problem, to be sure. The Great Divider is actually helping us sort out the enemies.

  11. The SS statement I recieved this year says that my employers and I have paid $198,000 into the SS system over the past 38 years and I’ll be paying for 7 more years before I’m eligible to recieve my first SS check. So it’s really not a free gift from the government if you’ve worked and paid every week for 45 years is it? It is reassuring to know that we can trust Uncle Sam to keep all of our cash safe in our lockboxes!

  12. Please refer to the Payroll Tax Holiday as the temporary de-funding of the Social Security Tax, which is what it is. We are once again just running up the bills to be paid at a later date, Obama is the GREAT DIVIDER !!!


  13. I’ve been having fun posting how I’ll give my extra $40 to republicans to help them defeat Obama in the next election. It also gives you a spot to post a youtube video about how it will help you. I post vids about Obama screwing up. hee hee. fun stuff.

    The best one I did was about how the dems are just punting the issue down the road. They’ll have to deal with it again in February.

    1. I full well expect that if the resolution for the two month extension is passed, what you will hear next is Obama begging you to give that money to him to help fund his re-election campaign so he can continue to give you minimal tax breaks.

  14. You know what will happen if this two month extension gets passed and we all get $40/paycheck in our pockets? We will all start to get flyers in the mail, emails, and public service announcements asking us to donate that same $40/paycheck to the President’s re-election campaign.

  15. We’ve pissed away more than that on gas increases this year – get the pipeline going and quit depending on middle east oil. Do something real – all this quibbling about $40 is silly.

  16. “Hope and Change”? I’m HOPING FOR A CHANGE in the White House, the EPA, The Department of Education, The Department of Energy, HHS, and most importantly, Attorney General!

  17. When the politicians and media lead with the lie that this is somehow a tax cut, this dog and pony show is what you get. In the spirit of Christmas Bo should return his gift and give the money to one of these suffering Osheeples.

  18. DO NOT DO IT. Impossible to program payroll systems to do this. What happens if this holiday ends in the middle of a payroll period. Does the FICA percent at 12:00 am that night revert back to 6.2 %? Not to mention That no FICA payroll table in the world is going to be able to handle this as written.

    Y2K all over again :)

  19. THis is a bad joke. SSI is, was and always will be a ponzi scheme designed to buy votes with other’s dollars. It is bankrupt and will not get any better. Where we are really being ripped off is in the other taxes paid to the federal government such as corp. taxes, taxes on capital gains, fees, inflation and the myriad of VAT or excise taxes. And none are adequate to quell the thirst of the spending monster. We must close most, if not all, of our federal, state and local governments or face collapse as a country, a culture and an economy. We get no desirable services for insane prices from our various govenrments.

  20. I went to his, actually, our, WH website (we pay for it and he has the audacity to put this garbage up there, insulting us as he does it) and almost hit the “send” button with this comment: “It means I will have $40 per week less to contribute to your opposition in an effort to throw your contumelious hide out on 11/6/12. Just who is paying for this website? What a crock this president is…lies, lies and more lies. All of it supported by a philosphy built on sand. Shrink the individual. Grow the state. Yeah, right. We are coming for all of you on 11/6/12. Make plans now for post WH income because your game is ending. To quote the dear leader’s words as written by his chief speech-writing sycophant, Jon Favreau, we also believe that “‘this’ is not a game”. Eviction of Barack Hussein Obama at 12:01 PM EST 1/20/13 is the goal.”
    In the end, I decided it better to run under the radar screen in an effort to get his sorry butt out of there. He is a fraud. A complete, lying fraud. History will excoriate him as it should.

  21. Two months of tax cuts?
    Why not go for two years of tax cuts Pres BO?? Oh I see, it is another Chicago styled political move where you think the people are stupid enough not to see through your games.

  22. Why is 2 months better than 12 months? Does this fall under that saying; there’s never enough time to do the job right the first time, but always enough time to do it again?

    Thata boy Mr. President whip up your uninformed voter base.

  23. GOP is openly engaged in economic sabotage. This party cares only about 1%, 99% of us may go to hell.
    GOP policies are directly responsible for many people loosing houses, jobs, hope and reason to live.
    GOP produces lies, brainwashes the weakminded, does anything to gain power, but once it has this power it can’t govern, it has no ideas.
    GOP is the man reason US is loosing its position in the world, the main reason US economy is on life support. When more than half of US lawmakers (GOP) are actively working to bring our country down, it is the sabotage on a huge scale.

    1. Robin
      GOP House passed the payroll tax cut for a YEAR. Dem Senate came back and reduced it to 2 Months. You are the one being lied to by Dems. Wake up pokey.

    2. Robin Hood,
      Don’t forget that until 2010, both houses Congress was totally controlled by the Democrooks and they were the ones who passed much of this legislation that you blame on the GOP.

      Lest you forget that in 2009, Obozo spent how many billions of dollars to allow folks who were going to loose their homes to refinance under this new policy. Yeah, how’s that working out? I think the housing market is still in the tank and at what cost to taxpayers?

      Or how about his Healthcare bill that he crammed down our throats and through a Democratically controlled Congress? Many companies that supported the bill are seeking waivers in order to not drop their healthcare coverage completely. But if it was a great bill why do they need a waiver? Why should we have to pass a bill so that we can know what is in it (thank you Nancy Pelosi).

      If the Republicans are for the 1% and not the majority then how come every politician isn’t Republican? After all, Obozo made over $1 million last year. Warren Buffet supports Obozo. But if Obozo wants to raise taxes on the rich why would they support him? Warren Buffet didn’t become rich by paying more taxes and I don’t care how much money he has or other millionaires, they always want more.

      The GOP is actually trying to force Washington to live within their means and forcing everyone to feel the pinch not just certain select groups.

    1. And don’t forget to include the millionaires that are collecting unemployment checks. That is why the country needs this bill passed so that rich people can get richer off taxpayers.

  24. If this tax break is SOOOOO important? Than why is it he is only interested in passing it for 2 months…when it’s the republicans trying to pass it for a FULL YEAR…

    His hypocrisy knows no boundaries.

  25. I think the Republicans need to ask Obama if he wants to discontinue the Social Security program that is funded by this payroll “contribution.” Because that’s exactly what he’s doing by reducing contributions to the SS trust fund by 160,000,000 000 (160 billion.)

    If he wants to continue the Social Security program then the Republicans should ask him how he wants to pay for it. If he says raise taxes an the top 10% then ask him to see the math on how he expects 10% of the population to fund a retirement program for 300 million people.

    1. The government has stolen 2 trillion from social security—obama took 500 billion from medicare—the dems have an advantage of being able to talk out of all orfices. Like snake oil salesmen

  26. Well I’d say thats $40 I wouldn’t have to donate to WHOEVER WILL BE DEFEATING Øbowmao in 2012, BUT I’LL SACRIFICE and dig into my wallet for ANOTHER $40.

    Because it is every REAL American’s SWORN duty to get that MORON out of the WH.

    1. I’ll join you in dipping into my savings to send money to whoever his opposition is for their election campaign. Heck, I want him out so bad, I might double it to $80.

  27. That $40 should go into my 401k & be more productive. Dems wont allow that opition…It is a payroll deduction that goes into Social Security! A broken government run program. That lock box trust account w/ my name on it that my $$ goes into will only contain dust & a moth or 2 when my time comes to draw on it.

  28. Barack Obama is just way too smart for most of us. He will use his skillful exploitation of us dummies with his sob stories of pitiful people. He will apply his micro- to macro- logic to show just what a horrible place the United States will be if we don’t extend for two months the robbing of the Social Security contributions of hard-working people. Whenever you see Obama’s exploitation of the covetousness of man, remember his logic goes lie this: “I’ve got a toothache, and the world is in horrible shape.”

  29. Go to Twitter and read the comments on #40Dollars

    There are a lot more patriots with real comments than paid lackeys from the Obama administration. The Socialists are also paying Twitter to trend it.

  30. Let the tax cut go away, according to Nancy Pelosi the new “ObamaCare” will create 400,000 jobs…..and she wouldn’t lie for political gain would she?……..see you at the voting booth Pal…looking for to Obama making speeches after he’s out of office about the evil of the rich, of course for $200,000 a speech

    1. We can’t do that. According to Ms. Pelosi if we fail to pass the unemployement extension that is wrapped up in the current debate we will miss out on the 600,000+ jobs those unemployment benefits will create.

  31. First of all, this is NOT a “TAX CUT”, it is a temporary reduction in Social Security contributions, so at least let’s be honest about what it IS.
    Secondly, as Boehner pointed out, EVERY business or self-employed person such as I send in taxes QUARTERLY. So a two-month extension makes no sense, and is just bizarre. And don’t forget- You people who are buying houses or refinancing in the next few months are PAYING FOR IT.

  32. Obama doesn’t give a shit about the middle class. In fact, he doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself. All he cares about is playing golf and sending his wife on vacations at our expense.

  33. This is the same administration that hasn’t passed a budget in 960 days—-they don’t pass anything—–they said this is the senate bill—not true—its the house bill amended. The senate hasn’t come up with anything all year

  34. That $40 should go into my 401k & be more productive. Dems wont allow that option…It is a payroll deduction that goes into Social Security! A broken government run program. That lock box trust account w/ my name on it that my $$ goes into will only contain dust & a moth or 2 when my time comes to draw on it.

  35. The 2month extension is paid for with a permanent $15 per month fee on new or refinanced mortgages. The House’s 1 yr plan is paid for with thousands of pipeline jobs. Do the math.

  36. I was a Tax Preparer for years on LI, NY.
    When the “Bush Tax Cuts” took place they were ridiculed as small and inadequate by his detractors,
    I was able to show my clients, double paycheck, middle class families that the cuts meant up to $1000 or $3000 for them.
    These “Obama Tax Cuts” seem like nothing compared to Bush’s.
    A second point…
    These “cuts” are a misnomer. Not paying Social Security and FICA taxes seem irresponsible considering that the SSI fund is already underfunded.

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