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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

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  1. Thank you Obama! That’s half a tank of gas for my F-150. That still doesn’t make up for the rise in gas prices you have caused.

    1. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said on August 24, 2006:

      “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”


      That’s just another Dem lie.

  2. You know why Obama says the senate payroll tax cut proposal will save $1000 for a taxpayer making $50,000 a year? Because it sounds better than saying what the proposal will actually do which is save a taxpayer who makes $39,945 a year (You know, the ACTUAL average for an American worker) $8.60 a week for the months of January and February of next year… AND ONLY those months.

  3. This is the same man who told us all that we’d have to “tighten our belts” while him and his family enjoy a 17 day Hawaiian Vacation on our dime. the same man who spent the last 3 years demonizing and destroying the job CREATORS (the people and businesses that the American Economy was built on – liberals refer to them as the “rich”) Hey Barry, maybe you should lead by example!!! Oh…I know I know…that’s not what third rate tinpot Marxist dictators do. This garbage spewing forth from his mouth is a reelection campaign. ALL Barry has left in his pocket for reelection is “it’s not my faulty, its theirs.” Hardly enough. Most of us have seen the hypocrisy though I still shudder when I see an “Obama” bumper sticker. Can you believe in this day and age, people still have those? Looking forward to January 20, 2013.

  4. This money will be taken out of social security. As if it isn’t bad enough with SS going broke thanks to politicians on both side of the isle dipping into it all these years.

    Lock box, my ass!!!!!

  5. I thought the loss would be $1,000 /year ( or less than $20 a week) for the average family. Now he says it’s a loss of $40 per paycheck – is that because most people are paid every other week? Nice job manipulating the numbers to your favor!

  6. He also fails to mention that this 2 month tax break will be paid with a new permanent fee on all new and re-financed mortgages (approx $17 a month for a 200K month mortgage)

  7. Hey Obama keep the $40.00 toward my retirement and let the oil companies drill to make America self sufficient in their energy and deregulate the farmers so that food costs and energy costs can come down about 50% so I can have/save $650.00 a month in spendable income.

  8. When will this pretender actually begin behaving like an adult. More childish pranks to impress the faithful cluless masses who will vote for him regardless of how poorly he manages our country and his personal life.

  9. Forget the two month extension. make it PERMANENT. If want to tax the rich, start in the senate, the house and the white house. I believe there is more than enough stolen (from the taxpayers) wealth there to cover the existing deficit AND if we say Stop to all spending.

    1. Yes I would agree our Govt especially the congress is paid too much, to good of benefits and should have term limits…..your “tax the rich” attitude is the problem…. when nearly 50% of the population does not pay taxes but can vote we are coming near to the fall of Rome…when the people can vote themselves checks from the treasury we have a problem…the rich pay enough, employ many…the problem is the entitlement and social welfare programs for the bottom 48% that don’t contribute….

      1. Tracy you need to quit drinking the Kool-Aid. Of the 50% nearly 28% are elderly or unemployed. Why are they unemployed?? I know what you would say. The facts are though that we are ruled by the elite corporatists and there’s enough of them that are greedy bastards without an ounce of compassion that they could care less if they make life hell for someone. They would stab their own mom in the back if it meant a gain in earnings. Sad thing is these pigs have a huge flock of sheep that want to be just like them!

  10. Spending over $4 million on Hawaiin vacation BO deplores the “poor” are not going to get their $40 taking from the Social Sec. funding. He feels their pain!!!! How many MORONS are going to suck that up!

  11. My god this is amazing… the difference is pay now or pay later….give me $40 a paycheck or take it out of there tax refund check april 15th… this is stupid and anyone crying about this needs to get a clue what is really going on.

  12. It appears to me that Boehner always shoots from the hip without planning. He is emotional rather than rational. I think he’s too kind, and shortsighted. That makes him worlds better than the soulless manipulator that came before him. He just isn’t mean or cagey enough for the Dems. They lie and think it’s okay. They plan how to make Repubs look lousy. Just see how they turn people against Tea Party people who are saints compared to the Occupiers, yet they twist everything and convince those without ethics that it’s the Occupiers who are better. Talk about twisting! I’m almost discouraged right now.

    1. Repubs need no help looking lousy…neither do Democrats. This two party system that the elitists have devised is just so that we can be at each others throats while they pick our pockets. You know…8 houses and and 2 yachts are not enough, plus they want their kids to have the same lifestyle without doing a damn thing to earn. I see it all the time. We need to get rid of the military industrial complex!

  13. If I recall my US Constitution class correctly, this type of legislation can only originate in the HOUSE and be passed by the HOUSE FIRST then sent to the Senate. If I am correct in that, then this is first of all UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Then the two month extension is UNWORKABLE for small businesses because they have to do a whole bunch of calculations to to the proper withholding from paychecks. If they any of that goes wrong then they have to make up the correct payments and then potentially put themselves in line for an AUDIT BY THE IRS! Mind you, any miscalculation on the private sector’s part would not be intentional to defraud the government out of our money but nonetheless they could possibly trigger an audit because of the GOVERNMENT ACTIONS. Note: the House Republicans have it right.

    Next, the withholding tax that they want to extend is the ONLY funding mechanism for Social (in)Security therefore, the Democrats are wanting to reduce benefits for current receiptents and lower benefits in the future becuase of this shortfall.

    Again, if you are a homeowner still paying on your mortgage or will be purchasing a home and having a new mortgage to pay, one guess where they are figuring to collect the withholding tax – yep those paying mortgages. Another ding to the housing industry by the GOVERNMENT.

    So more asinine legislation by the Communist Democrats and the promotion of an unworkable plan from Obammie the Commie – but that should be no surprise since his “health care plan” is also unworkable.

    Hopefully Janurary 20, 2013 in the END OF AN ERROR!

    1. You still using that old thing. Sure the constitution says that but Obama is bigger than that. So what if all spending bills are to start in the House.

  14. And what nobody is publicly saying (with the exception of Rick Santorum)
    is that further gutting the Social Security system was a bad idea last year and is still a bad idea today.

  15. What a colossal joke! In the first place, this is not a tax cut, but a temporary suspension of payroll taxes. The net effect it will have is to totally sink Social Security, which is funded by the payroll taxes that now won’t be paid. All in an effort to get little Barry reelected.

  16. Of all the businessmen that I know most of them are Republican and they all admit that their day to day business decisions, especially regarding hiring, are never affected by taxes! Wake up people!

  17. I don’t understand the math here. The cut is only a 2% cut….to get a figure of $40 a week, you’d have to make a yearly salary of $104,000.

  18. Barack Obama is proving every day that he is truly our first brain-damaged president. He smoked too much pot as a kid, and he literally cannot reason. Edith Efron (RIP), about forteen years ago, wrote an article called “Can the President Think?” about Bill Clinton, who was suspected of having ADHD. Can you imagine what she would do with Barack Obama, given all his self-admitted youthful drug abuse? BO is totally disconnected from reality! It would be a real blast hearing Edith’s thoughts today.

  19. Mr. President, here is a thought if you really are worried about my family and the economy. Why not focus on lowering the price of gasoline? If you and your party would work to lower the price by even a buck a gallon that would help Americans who need help the most. I know that would save my family $120 a pay check.

  20. If the president and the Senate want an extension to the payroll tax cut, why did they absolutely refuse to support the year long extension that the House Rrepublicans submitted to the Senate. The Democrats, as usual are leaving out all of the facts.They have every intention of paying for a two month tax cut with new taxes that will not be for only two months, but permanently. Not acting on he Republican proposal fo a full year extension is exactly what they are planning to do. That is clearly a tax increase imposed by the Obama administration and the Senate Democrats. When are people going to get smart about how the Democrats.

  21. More political grandstanding from the Panderer in Chief. When is America going to wake up to the fact that the Republicans appear to be the only grown-ups in the room? It’s easy to politicize a minor fiscal issue like this, it’s even harder to make the tough decisions based on what’s right for us longterm as a Country. What’s lost in this tabloid style reporting is that the President refuses to approve a pipeline that can really create thousands of jobs simply because of his left leaning political bent. Wake up America! You’re being played!

  22. If they cut the tax, it will take away from social security and thos people in on the ponzi scheme are going to be ot of luck. Don’t cut the ta

  23. Don’t cut the tax. It will take money away from the ponzi scheme of things and put the social security in jeopardy. No, No, no tax cut.

  24. This is so funny to me. I’m going to give $40 to the next bum I meet on the street to demonstrate how pathetic all this is. If $40 a week is the “margin” for you – then work a few more hours a week. Pathetic slobs. Hey fellow citizens – fork it over and “pay your share”.

  25. If the President presents individuals whose taxes will go up if the tax cut is not approved, why won’t a reporter “ask” if those individual will benefit more if the tax cuts are extended an additional 10 months?

  26. Of course if the tax payer didn’t have to foot the bill for the world traveling 1st family just maybe there wouldn’t be such a hard times coming for the average tax paying American.

  27. Your monthly social security check is determined by how much you pay into the program. By giving workers a tax free payment into social security limits what you pay into the program .

  28. So the Democrats cut funding to Social Security and Medicare and we’re supposed to be glad about that? If the Republicans had done it, you know the Dems would be screaming.
    Don’t forget that two years ago Dems cut funding to Medicare by $500 BILLION!

  29. A $40 per check payroll tax deduction for two months does very little for anyone, A $40 per chack payroll tax deduction for twelve months does a lot for me. I can do a lot with $960, not very damn much with $160.

  30. Let’s see the SS rate is normally 6.2 %. The want to continue the current reduce rate of 4.2 %. So the net change is 2%. Two percent of 50000 is 1000 dollars a year so divide that by 52 and you get $19.23. That is less than half of the $40 a week that he is saying. More lies that the media doesn’t check or it it that the math is too complex?


  31. It is really $20 per paycheck…..notice he said $1000 per year for someone making $50,000 per year. It is $20 per weekly paycheck and $40 for bi-weekly paycheck. Over 80% of folks get paid weely. He was twisting his words once again..

  32. Now a temporary, one year only, just to stimulate the ecomony, tax cut has become the biggest issue of the campaign. Is it too late for the US to grow up and act like responsible adults ever again? I’m afraid it is… We hate each other now and it will never change. We’re like Sunnis, Shias and Kurds in Iraq. We simply can no longer get along.

  33. Real Americans would gladly sacrifice their family pizza night so the Social Security program that feeds and clothes our nations most needy can have basic food.

    I am so ashamed of our President. He is offering Pizza and Parties to people with jobs making $100k a year and taking it away from those that have no jobs at all.

    Shame Shame Shame.

  34. 3 years of not balancing the budget ! But wants to pass it for two months ? It would take MORE then 2 months to get the bill working ! This communist a$$ thinks he is talking to stupid people ! Bankrupting America is his goal ! Can you imagine 4 more years, and many trillions later ! Were done for.

  35. Move off shore!!!!!!!!!!!! Did so with my very very very small company. I now make money and have 1/3 the regulation. Another nice thing I don’t need the monthly drug tests. Need a job learn Portugeese and move to Brasil. Very sad but you and I can’t fight the 52% that voted for Obama. We are heading the way of Greece.

  36. What the republicans should do is give Obama everything he wants with the understanding that they will approve the payroll tax deduction for March and April sometime in January and then approve the May and June payroll tax deduction sometime in March and so on for the rest of 2012. This is either really good fiscal policy or absolute political BS! Give him what he wants. Come on Man!

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