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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

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  2. That Obama $40 payroll cut will almost pay for a half a tank of that $3.50/gal Obama Gasoline thanks to his people stopping the pipeline from Canada….

  3. According to Social Security website, the average salary of a “PERSON”, not couple, was 41k a year in 2010. I dont know where you people are getting 26k a year from. If you are making 26k a year I feel really sorry for you. Since you are obviously untalanted/skilled/smart enough to have a good paying career that pays more than $12.50 an hour. Thats almost the hourly pay at In-n-Out burger. Even the Cash-for-Gold people pay their employees $15 an hour.

  4. What a great way to let the President know how we feel. We should all post a message on the WH site – like how $40 doesn’t fill a gas tank, and when gas prices more than double during the term of a President so does the price of food, goods, and services!

  5. What working Americans don’t yet know, but will when they do their taxes next year, is that the tax tables were redone… they are laughing at us…giving us $8/per week in savings and sticking it to us $60.00 week….and he’s gifting this $8 to you so he has to pay for it…and how is he paying for it? He’s taxing new homeowners who buy a home $14.00 month for the entire 30 year mortgage to pay for a two month extension of $40/month tax break……….the other 48 percent of us hard working Americans don’t have time to keep up on the crap this admin has coming down the pike day after day after day….There was one day last month that 458 new “regulations” for small businesses came out….you’d need a Regulations Team for your businesss to keep up with all the crap. Progressive means the individual has less power because “they” have more power; they are so much smarter than we are…’s that working for you? Subprime lending, green technology….so far this guy has costs the country trillions of dollars–his handiwork is all over subprime loans (working with Andrew Cuomo (Hud Secretary under Clinton–suing banks in Chicago to lend to unqualified borrowers) and cap and trade with Al Gore and Maurice Strong in Chicago. Chicago Climate Exchange…buying and selling (on Wall Street) of carbon credits…..also Franklin Raines (1/7th patent holder of the “smart meter”). We are really in for it when his Obamacared goes into effect, when we are “units” (and if you don’t know what that means, you should not be voting) instead of people and how units are determined to “cost” or save the government money……how will that go for you? REPLACE AND REPEAL EVERYTHING OBAMA AND CASS SUNSTEIN HAS DONE!

  6. $40. Twice a month. For two months. IF you make $50,000 a year. For you Oblamer stooges, that’s $160.

    Woo hoo! Oblamer’s gonna make you RICH!!!

    1. John said: “You failed to mention the Republicans want a 1 YEAR PAYROLL TAX EXTENSION!!!!”

      And YOU failed to mention that Democrats want to cut the funding to Social Security and Medicare!

    1. “Where is the AARP etc?”

      AARP has drunk the Dem Kook-Aid. Remember the AARP was in favor of the Democrats’ cutting Medicare funding by $500 billion to launch Obamacare.

      The cuts were supposed to affect only fraud and waste, but if you know anyone who is on Medicare, you know that benefits are being cut. And if you read the news, you’d know that no major reductions in fraud have occurred.

      The AARP is corrupt and all seniors should quit the organization and also get their Part B and Part D coverage from elsewhere.

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  8. Personally…..

    I’d rather have the 12 month payroll tax cut favored by the Republicans…..


    zer0 is not looking out for the middle class.

  9. Funny, how many THOUSANDS of dollars less to spend and save will they have after Stalinized Deathcare is implemented, assuming they succeed in, uh, “reading Justice Kennedy his suicide note”, so to speak, when it comes before the SCOTUS? Economic illiteracy, thy name is Barry Soetoro.

  10. Perhaps if Obambi, our deer in the head lights president aided in drilling for oil gasoline prices would not be taking an extra $4K plus from our pockets. What a nice raise that would be for Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Uh, wrong.

    I just got an email from my higher ups and they are taking 50-80 dollars out of my check each month, starting January 1st due to the non-continuance of the payroll tax break. That’s huge for my family. We are having a kid next month.

    And I’m conservative. And I’m not happy with anyone.


    1. “I’m conservative. And I’m not happy with anyone.”

      If you are not going to pay for your Social Security and Medicare coverage, who do you think should pay for it? Both systems are in trouble. It is fiscally unsound to cut back on contributions. This is just Democrats playing politics.

  12. Why bother talking about $40???
    The TARP bailout (done in secret) was over $16 TRILLION!!!!!
    That’s $50,000 of new debt for EVERY U.S. citizen.

    Take my $40 out of my fifty grand stolen by the (UN)Federal Reserve.
    For the NEXT 48 YEARS!

    Perspective anyone? Google or YouTube “Hundred Million Dollar Penny”

    1. “The TARP bailout (done in secret) was over $16 TRILLION!!!!!”

      Uh, check your sources! It’s billion, not trillion.

      Most of the money was paid back.

  13. Time to trot out all the Tiny Tims and crank up the plantation sympathy symphony for all to see and hear so the obligatory pre-Yule time wailing and gnashing of teeth can begin. These schmucks will dive to any depth to debase themselves.

  14. If they would stop buying $16.00 muffins at the DOJ and pay what the real people would pay for a muffin, they wouldn’t need to steal more of my earnings. I earned it, the government didn’t. SHRINK THE FED!

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  16. One of the Very Worst ideas any American president has ever had is the “payroll tax cut” (which started out as the “payroll tax holiday” but has now morphed into something quite different), and it is shocking that it was a Democratic president (Obama) who proposed it.

    And, since, this idea came from a Democratic president, too many Democrats are supporting it, even though they know better.

    It is a Back Door way of killing Social Security; and if any Republican had proposed it, Democrats would be fighting tooth and nail against it.

    But they aren’t, since it was a Democratic president who proposed it and is insisting on it. Unfortunately, some Democrats don’t seem any more committed to protecting Social Security than the Republicans are — and that is scary.

    Yes, I know Congress will “replenish” those lost Social Security revenues from the general budget, but that is exactly what will make the Social Security program VULNERABLE to being destroyed, since Republicans will now at long last be able to argue that Social Security is no longer self-funding and, therefore, “cannot be afforded.”

    Once Social Security becomes part of the regular budget process — with all the deal-making involved — it is doomed.

    Too many Democrats are betraying the trust of the American people with this “payroll tax cut”; and when the Republicans use the shortage of Social Security funds as an excuse for killing Social Security, we will all know who the culprits were who started us down the path of depriving Social Security of its proper revenue and turning it into just another government program that can be cut whenever the Republicans get the chance.

    Have all the Democrats lost their minds?

    It’s usually and historically been the Republicans we have had to fight in order to save Social Security.

    So, I’ll ask it again: Have all the Democrats lost their minds?

    FDR must be turning in his grave at what Democrats are doing to Social Security.


    1. “It is a Back Door way of killing Social Security; and if any Republican had proposed it, Democrats would be fighting tooth and nail against it.”

      ITA. Don’t forget that two years ago, Dems cut Medicare funding by $500 BILLION!

  17. If one were take the previous “payroll tax holiday money” and put them into their IRA or 401k, then the Democrats have done the unthinkable. They have partially privatized Social Security!!! The Republicans should say this in public, and say we are going to make this PERMANENT. This way we the plebes can add to our retirement moneys. Wonder why the Republicans haven’t picked up on this logic.

  18. If it’s so important why doesn’t eh Senate pass it for the FULL year instead of just TWO months. No one is buying this hyperbole! This is not a Republican vs Democrat thing. It is what is good for America for stability. Two months offers none of that.

  19. What the President said is bogus.Republican plan will $1000 per year for average earner of $50K per year. The tax cut he wants the house to pass will save only $166 next year, because he wants to sign only 2month cut. I hope republicans call him out on this..

    1. “This means $40 less I will have to donate to the Republican party and to the Republican candidate for president in 2012.”

      If you aren’t going to pay for Social Security and Medicare, do you still want to draw the benefits from it when you retire?

  20. It never ceases to amaze me how the press continuously fails to mention every side of the story. The other side is that the liberal democrats are blocking a full year of tax cuts wanted by the House Republicans as well as the Keystone Pipeline creating many needed jobs.

  21. Why are you lying, and blaming it on the Republicans. Don’t the Democrats have most of the power right now? How could it be the Republicans fault? Really all the Republicans want to do is make the tax cuts permanent or at least 1 more year. The Democrats just want to go on vacation for 2 months, so gee lets extend the payroll tax cuts for 2 months. What a joke the democrats are. Keith Koffler you are biased and it shows.

  22. So, I’m confused. Is the President and the Democrats now advocating raising the payroll tax after the 60 day cut they agreed to? And if they actually want the cut for a year, then why don’t they agree to the House version? But, if they’ve changed their minds and only want the 60 day version, the President should be asking people what they would have done with the $1,000 it’s going to cost them when the payroll tax goes up to 6.2%.

  23. The $40 calculation is based on a bi-weekly check, not weekly, on someone making $52K per year, ($25/hr & a 40 hr week). Where in the story does it say that?

    He also refers to families – meaning two income families – a factor lost in the rhetoric The Labor Dept says 75% of adult wage earners over age 25
    earn less than $50,000/yr.

    As my accounting prof used to say: “Figures don’t lie but liars can figure.”

    The cut highlights how much goes to SocSec. If the savings is $1000 the remaining Soc Sec is $2100 of after tax money with another $725 for Medicare.

  24. This guy farts and he thinks he’s helping the economy by adding to the US-produced gas. He’s running up a tab everywhere else and expects us to fawn over 40 bucks? Next November can’t get here soon enough.


    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

  26. Political Math? $50,000 per year at 2% savings = $1,000 per year
    $1,000 per year = $40 per week? Shouldn’t it be less than $20? Is this why we are in so much trouble because the politicians can’t do math?
    This 2% is coming from where? FICA? Isn’t that a retirement account?

    So, if I tell you not to put $40 a week into your savings account I’m doing you a favor?

  27. I need that $40 savings so I can donate it to Newt’s 2012 campaign… I bet that won’t show up on the Twitter “#40dollars” feed…

  28. I only wish it was $40. I make just slightly above $50,000. I went back to my last check of 2010 and compared it to my first check of 2011. The savings in social security was $19.57. On top of that my federal tax went up $5.90. The net effect was $13.67 in my pocket not $40. I did go to the new section of the White House website and sent them an email. Not that anything will come of it.

  29. both sides need to be there working on this and obama too. and how much per person will it cost in the long run to do this 2m at a time? more than $40 a person per pay check would be my guess

  30. This won’t be a $40 per check tax break. The version the Senate passed would result in $167 for the average family – IN TOTAL [$50k x 2% / 12 * 2] since it is only for 2 months. That’s $14 per check.

  31. Why aren’t these taxpayers at work? Why aren’t they making more money that can be taxed? Why don’t these taxpayers demand that they pay their “Obama fair-share” of social security taxes? Why don’t these taxpayers refuse to accept this Obama-reelection-investment?

  32. What does $40 less in my paycheck mean?? It means that our congress isn’t doing it’s job and solving long term problems, instead they are kicking the can on down the road. Exactly what President Obama told us we had to stop doing. Not to mention that that $40 is stealing from Social Security. I urge everyone to tell our Congressmen to do the RIGHT thing and press for a one year extension NOW so we don’t have this fight again in two months. And if the fight fails in two months, there will be a SIGNIFICANT drain on the economy while every single company that has a payroll system has to rewrite parts of their code to handle this mess.

    Come on Mr. President .. stand up and lead instead of blaming other people for YOUR failure to lead.

    1. “And if the fight fails in two months, there will be a SIGNIFICANT drain on the economy while every single company that has a payroll system has to rewrite parts of their code to handle this mess.”

      False. Tax tables are NOT hard-coded. They are merely tables which are downloaded from software vendors. It’s a 15-minute exercise – maybe a couple of hours if you do testing.

      Even if you manually input the tables, they are not hard-coded, it’s very easy to put in the limits and rates.

      The only firms that will have trouble are those that stole their software and don’t get the updates.

  33. This is ignorant. In case the fool isn’t paying attention, the Republicans already passed a full one year extension, so they argree it needs ot be extended. If the president is so hot for it, why can’t he agree to a full year instead of two months? Does he really think we are all this stupid? Meanwhile, this if the SS trust fund actually exists as the president says, and if this money is not a tax, but savings for retirement, then they are all committing a really heinous act to pull money from our retirements to induce us to spend it now. Either that, or the entire edifice of SS must come crashing down and the libs who love it have to admit it’s just another tax and there is not trust fund.

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