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Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign

President Obama is stepping up his PR war against House Republicans with a just-scheduled 12:15 pm ET appearance at the White House to tout a new campaign highlighting the tax break families will lose if the partial payroll tax holiday is not extended.

From the White House:

In the afternoon, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate.  If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck.

Obama will point people to a new section of the White House website where they can “share what a $40 paycheck means to them.” In addition, he’ll urge them to make use of a new Twitter hashtag, #40dollars.

The White House has also rounded up a group of citizens “who would see their taxes go up” to appear alongside Obama. Unclear if they’ll recite their assuredly heart-rending tales of prospective woe.

Obama has been demanding that House Republicans move a two-month payroll tax cut extension approved by the Senate.

Obama today will leave unsaid, of course, that everyone’s taxes will also go up if the Senate fails to return and act on the House-passed year-long payroll tax cut extension.

1,030 thoughts on “Obama Launches “$40” Payroll Tax Cut Campaign”

      1. Why don’t you shut up and actually listen and think you two ignorant morons.

        Even if they passed this 2 month bill IT CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED. Every single organization dealing with payrolls have said so.

        And besides, if it is good for 2 months, why not for a year then??? Who is the one blocking it for a year?

        Keep on being ignorant.. it is after all.. your right.

        1. Marc, idiots like these cannot be dealt with because they have their head so far up Barry ass. This POS so called president is a disgrace and those who voted for this empty suit should be ashamed of themselves. Two months, is like a fart in the wind. He’s not smart enough or man enough to deal with real men on both side of the isle. In over his head.

          1. That is correct, it is coming out of Social Security so they are spending now what should be going into SS to help retired people that depend on it. Although at the way it’s going this just ensures that SS will become completely bankrupt years earlier than was predicted (which was a very rosy prediction anyway). Fools.

          2. Exactky where do these mental midgets come from that voted for this inept fool? O, that’s right, all of the OTHER inept fools in this country! We need to change the election laws to ensure that the voting population can at least distinguish between real-scumbag politicians and the empty-suit kind (Barry & Co.). Apparently the Bell Curve rings true!

          3. It is the culture of corruption in Washington and the media that has allowed Obama to win the White House. Without the duplicity of the media, Obama would have been properly vetted and would likely not been elected. McCain would not have been any better. The Jews run the whole show and that is a fact. They have been running the show for a very long time. Watch “Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech” on YouTube while you still can. Internet censorship is coming and I absolutely guarantee it. Some sites are already censoring. Just post any factual negative remark about the Jews and you will be banned from posting on any site owned by Reuters News Service. I know from personal experience. Same goes for Real Clear Politics. Any vulgarity or perverse statement is fully acceptable to these sites, but say something truthful, yet negative about the Jews and it is the end of your posting to these two sites.

        2. “And besides, if it is good for 2 months, why not for a year then???”

          Yeah, if we do it for two months, why don’t we fund it for 10 more months! I never thought of it that way! “Two” and “twelve” — not that much difference — go for it! After all, there’s no difference between funding something for two months and funding it for a year!

          And YOU”RE calling people ignorant morons! LOL!

          1. Are you serious? You don’t get the point of his post? Ironic that you are name calling in the same post that you are showing how smart you are……..

        3. “‘Every single organization’, huh? Oh no, really–shut the fuck up.”

          Actually, yes. The number of companies who handle payroll aren’t that numerous and they all operate under the same conditions. You wouldn’t know that because rather than ask questions and find out, you respond to information that challenges your existing worldview with hostility and rudeness. Is that all you are capable of doing?

          1. He wouldn’t know about the complexities or logistics of payroll tax as he has never actually worked for a living. When you are living on Section 8 housing and receiving EBT for your spending money – it’s all free. Why bother trying to explain logic to those that are not willing to listen/learn?

          2. The (2) largest payroll processing and/or time and labor management companies off the top of my head are ADP and Kronos. Oh, and I currently work for one of these companies. With complicated local, state, and federal payroll laws, it does take time for any sort of change to get properly put in. It took us about (2) months to accommodate a recent NY law for just ONE of our products.

            Most companies that use payroll processing companies like Kronos and ADP don’t just use (1) software. There is the actually Payroll (paychecks) product and the Time and Labor Management (time cards, time clocks, etc) product. Most of my clients, however, use a suite of 3-4 different products. Any change in law takes TIME to update in all these products.

      2. You 2 are douchebags. The guy is right!!! Barry is a takhiker and he knows it and so do you. The breadcrumbs for 2 months pail in comparison to tax hikes on Month #3. DIPSHITS!!

        1. Breadcrumbs is exactly right. Barry fashions himself as the happy redistributor, and we should all be happy with the measly $40 because if it weren’t for him, we’d get nothing from those dirty Republicans. Can’t wait to vote him out!

        2. @ eric jc db, you shut the F up, I think people would a job then 20.00 to buy a pizza D bag. pass the 826 billion $ shovel ready jobs, and the country will be saved .

    1. Wow JC, nice intelligent response. I’m sure he will do what you say since you appear so educated. By the way, the welfare office is closing early for the holidays so get moving before they run out of money!

    2. Well, you named yourself more than adequately. Must be a non performing leftist occupier of others good work and deeds.

      What a sponge soaking up the blessings of democracy while bashing those who are better than you.

      Yes, I mean you JC!

        1. It appears JC is following his Master’s lead by trying to silence free speech… if you don’t think the same way he does he’ll use profanity to intimidate you…

      1. I love it when a hardcore leftist criticises someone for lack of originality in brings up Palin, Fox News, or Limbaugh. Could you be more cliche? This Obama psychophant uses 2 out of 3.

        1. I would rather have a NEW president who knows how to CREATE jobs.

          To borrow from the old fish-or-fishing axiom:

          If you lower a man’s taxes for two months, you have simply allowed him to KEEP $40 of his money.

          But, if you create an atmosphere that is favorable for businesses to hire the man, then you have given him the ability to earn money (and pay taxes) for a lifetime.

          1. Actually, giving the average man $40 will likely help businesses hire more men because it will create sales, which creates a need for products, which creates a need for people to make them. Giving the businesses money doesn’t do anything if non of us can afford to buy what they are making. The businesses are doing great right now. They have plenty of money, but why would they build things that no one can afford?

          2. Incorrect. Americans need BOTH.

            While a tax cut will give people more spending capital and potentially create jobs, a tax cut of this size would not have a very impact on job growth. However, failure to extend this “Bush tax cut” would have a detrimental effect on jobs. After all, this is an EXISTING tax rate that is being debated.

            The Obama Administration pushes economic policies that are unfavorable for businesses and, of course, hiring. At this point, the most important factor in growing the economy is non-government JOBS. After all, most of the jobs that were potentially “saved or created” by the Obama Administration were TAXPAYER FUNDED.

            This country desperately needs NON-GOVERNMENT jobs to be created. This would help provide families more than just the $40 a year that all families have already had for the last decade. The unemployment rate have been hovering between 8.5-10% for three years now…and a job is infinitely more important than extending a tax cut that only exists for people who HAVE JOBS.

            So, we need both. We need these tax cuts to be extended…and we need a NEW PRESIDENT who doesn’t harbor a goal of continuing to penalize businesses (that need to succeed in order to hire) in a free-market economy.

            Because of this, 2012 cannot get here soon enough!

          3. Mireya the Dense – Wrong Again! Companies are sitting on a Mt. Everest of cash and not spending it. Not to mention the money they make overseas where they establish they’re corporate HQ’s to avoind their constitutional duty to actually pay taxes. Last, let’s not forget how many corporations have been paying NO $0 in taxes lately. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

          4. “their constitutional duty to actually pay taxes” ???
            What in the he!! are you talking about? “constitutional duty” ? ROTFLMAO! Obviously a product of the government school system.

            Just an FYI it took a constitutional amendment to allow a federal income tax. I won’t say which one or when, I want you to maybe use Google or Bing and find out. Come on put out some effort to educate yourself.

          5. @ TonyBB:

            No, friend. You are wrong. I suppose that your perceptional deficiency might be based upon those looney “Occupy Wall Street” morons who fail to understand the difference between BUSINESSES and CHARITIES.

            If a business is “sitting on a mountain of cash” (as you claim), then good for them! They must be doing something right! However, I seriously doubt your claims anyway. If they are sitting on Mt. Everest-sized piles of money, then why has the Dow Jones industrial average continued to hover between 11,500-12,500 for more than three years? After all, such stock values are moved by profit.

            You are lying about the tax bills for most companies too. While Obama’s friends (like GE) have plenty of deductions to keep their tax bill low, most companies PAY a hefty percentage of their income to the government.

            TonyBB, you need to stop smoking whatever it is that you are smoking. That stuff is killing your brain.


          6. @ TonyBB:

            Uh…no. You’re wrong. I suppose that your perceptional deficiency might be based upon those looney “Occupy Wall Street” morons who fail to understand the difference between BUSINESSES and CHARITIES.

            If a business is “sitting on a mountain of cash” (as you claim), then good for them! They must be doing something right! However, I seriously doubt your claims anyway. If they are sitting on Mt. Everest-sized piles of money, then why has the Dow Jones industrial average continued to hover between 11,500-12,500 for more than three years? After all, such stock values are moved by profit.

            You are lying about the tax bills for most companies too. While Obama’s friends (like GE) have plenty of deductions to keep their tax bill low, most companies PAY a hefty percentage of their income to the government.

            TonyBB, you need to stop smoking whatever it is that you are smoking. That stuff is killing your brain.


          7. The corporations are paying taxes as mandated under the current tax code. You can whine all you want to about the corporations but it’s the tax code stupid!

          8. TonyBB, I have a question for you; is the “BB” a part of your name or a brain reference? Old Jeff Immelt, Obama’s buddy and head of GE, is one of those people with a “Mount Everest” of cash and no tax liabilities. The democrat cabal has your best intrests at heart!


          9. Sitting on piles of cash??? & you are sitting on a pile of….

            Employees never seem to realize that employers pay 75% of their healthcare premiums while matching their social security & Medicare taxes too.

            There is no pile of cash that companies other GE 7 GM are sitting on

          10. “we need a NEW PRESIDENT who doesn’t harbor a goal of continuing to penalize businesses”

            Of course, as a typical conservative all of your “reasoning” in based on one ridiculous premise: that the President is anti-business. How ridiculous can you get? Taxes are as low as ever, he has an active program in place to cut and streamline regulation (Google; Cass Sunstein), he has offered waivers right and left for businesses to avoid any disruption whatsover from the health care law, he has been the one EVERY TIME willing to “go big” on deficit reduction, he is for free trade agreements.

            Short of being willing to destroy the public health and environment, how could he possibly be more on the side of large and small business? And you know for darn sure where his interest lies in terms of re-election: he needs to get the economy back in full swing.

            So, again, you’re just spewing the usual nonsense and the only people that believe it are your cohorts in the right wing echo chamber.

          11. Roger you do realize that Obama care will allow companies to NOT cover their employees healthcare benefits at a cost of $2000.00 per employer.

            Right now most employers are paying 75% of the employees premiums. Just do the math on the savings your god just gave to corporations at the cost of employees.

            It is true, in order to be a liberal one only needs to lose their mind completely

          12. His great free trade agreements. He over regulates our fishing industry to the point where it is less costly for China to come over to the coast of Alaska, catch salmon, take them back to China for processing, freeze them, bring them back to the States and sell them for 3 to 4 dollars a pound less than our local fishermen can. And most the time using chemicals outlawed in the USA. Yeah, they are all for the people. Maybe the people of China.

          13. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone try to spin the waivers in a positive light. The problem with your thesis is that the waiver process seems much more like political favoritism, which is a bastion of left wing politics. Notice the undue proportion of waived businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district, the outsized number of Democratically aligned institutions, etc.

            Waivers are actually much more insidious. See, our country was founded on a system of checks and balances. Law based on fundamental rights, given not by government, but by the creator. Rights that man had no right to infringe. In tyranical governments, rights aren’t bestowed on behalf of the creator, but rather, rights are parceled out by man, specifically the tyrant. There is no consistency, other than the will of the tyrant, in such situations. If you are friends with the tyrant, you are treated well. If you are enemies, well, then not so well.

            The waiver process is not rule of law, but rather rule of man. It’s yet another horrid unintended consequence of Obamacare, another infringement of our rights, and yet another example of why Obama has to go!

          14. Republicans singing we want a president that knows how to create jobs is the HIPOCRISY of the foolish. They claim government should not be creating jobs then they blame Obama for not creating jobs. Stand on one side of the fence because right now you are on both sides and the fense is up your a$$. Which is it government should not be creating jobs or should they be creating jobs. Its not as simple as it once was greedy corporations are even if we cut taxes and spend money just hiring more people in China and India and importing both flavors of cheap labor when it is possible. Globalization read it and weep the only thing that keeps AMERICA from not being in even worse shape is the BIG DEFICIT if we did nto have that big government credit card things would be even worse and they will be even worse when the credit card bill comes due.

          15. the govt dont create any jobs except those us tax payers pay for, that we dont need. We need rid of over a million of those and give private companies the stability they need to move forward. If that isnt achieved there will be NO new jobs, and NO new money to the govt for income taxes.

          16. There is no hypocrisy, dunce. We want a president who will decrease governmental obstacles to prosperity and innovation and brining business to the U.S. The only thing the government can do to “create” jobs is to create an atmosphere that make it favorable to want to create jobs. Obama has instituted tens of thousands of new regulations that employers have to wade through and follow. These are job killers! And now he’s got a program to decrease regulations?? Now he can look great by taking away a few hundred regulations after he created ten thousand new ones. Come on, put your ideology aside and think.

          17. You are wrong. The millionaires will put a much higher % of their income in savings, meaning much of their “tax break” does nothing for the economy. Essentially, this is putting money under a pillow not to be spent. On the other hand, the poor and middle class directly spend a much greater % of their tax savings—-stimulating the economy more readily.

          18. So if they put their money into savings, it goes into a bank’s coffers, giving the bank the ability to invest the money since that’s what they do with all the savings. They don’t just sit on the cash. Their investments drive business to create jobs. Even putting money into savings creates new wealth.

          19. Will, you are 100% wrong. Interest rates are an indication of where the equilibrium supply and demand is for savings. Currently, rates across the term structure are at historic lows. There is no lack of savings available for investments or projects, there is, however, a lack of demand for the products and services that those investments or projects could produce. Without that demand, rational corporations and individuals will not invest (would you build a factory if no one was going to purchase the products it produced simply because interest rates are low? Of course not). Without putting more cash into middle class and poor individual’s hands to spend you will continue to see a lack of consumption. Ever wonder why an “oil shock” (when gas prices go up) hurts the economy? Do you think a billionaire drives that much more than the average middle class individual and therefore his lack of spending hurts everyone else? Of course not, it’s because rising gas prices mean middle class and poor Americans have less to spend on other things. While everyone recognizes that, conservatives still do mental acrobatics to try to explain why higher health care costs and lower wages for middle class workers (i.e. union-busting) are perfectly fine…

          20. So government should print more money so the middle class can spend more. Argentina tried this. Why would anyone spend or build in the US when the government is going the way of Greece. The middle class seems to be lerning a little about saving.

          21. Check your numbers. Corporate profits are way up. Most companies are not hiring (holding cash instead) because they are worried about stability of demand and stability of the financial system. Consumers with an extra $40/paycheck will help to stabilize demand. I can’t imagine a company that has a need for new empoyees not hiring because their taxes are too high. Companies hire people to make more money.

          22. What a crock!!!! yes it wil create sales but every smart buisiness owner out there knows that is very temporary (2 months) and therefore will not hire extra help that they know they will have to lay off two months later. so your argument that it will create jobs fails, sorry nice try.

          23. Well hello Sherlock, the 2 month extension is just to buy time to have a proper debate on the issue. Unfortunately, Republicans want to tie unrelated BS to the tax break (ie. XL Pipeline), so its not easy to negotiate with them—particularly not over the Christmas holiday.

          24. So the XL Pipeline is a BS tax break? Hmmm – a job creator by private companies that will stimulate all of the affected regions, is BS. Oh, because the Democrats haven’t put any of their “Support” programs inside this deal? A total of 1700 miles in pipeline that a former defense advisor to Obama states is detrimental to national security isn’t important? Just like a Liberal to poo-poo such a plan. JA!

          25. What the h*e*ll are you talking about? Business is doing great right now? What planet are you from? I own a small business and we’re doing anything but “great”. I’ve had to lay people off and we’re struggling to make what little payroll we have now. Thanks to the idiots running the country now we’re likely to go under at any minute. Hope and change 2012, I hope things REALLY CHANGE in 2012.

          26. HCox,

            Is your business doing worse than it was 5 years ago because of “more government regulation and taxes” or because you don’t have as many customers? I’m assuming your taxes have gone down or stayed the same and the phantom “regulations” that conservatives talk about probably haven’t changed for you.

            What has changed is that middle class individuals (your customers) aren’t buying your products/services because they don’t have the disposable income to do so. So what do you do? You lay off workers (who then purchase less at other stores, forcing their employers to lay off more people…I think you can see a pattern).

            Here’s the nasty truth though. The middle class is disappearing because union jobs (and the decent pay they provided) are gone. Consumers made up for the shortfall by taking out mortgages on their homes and spending that instead…but that gravy train is gone. So long as conservatives refuse to regulate the economy and cut government jobs (which pay well) so millionaires can get tax breaks (which they don’t spend very much of at your store) customers will continue to disappear and your business will suffer.

          27. The regulations and union drug addicts forced me over seas. I now make money in a country where there is no middle class. you need to think about this as long as the USA wants to deal in the world and not just close it’s borders completely your regulations will be just like Brasil of old and a doomed ecconomy. remove the taxes and regulations and foreign investment and people like me will return sell our products over seas and hire americans. then the ecconomy here starts moving.

          28. No, no! You have no clue what this is about! This isn’t giving businesses money. This is the EMPLOYEE side of the paycheck, not the employer side. The employer side never got a tax break, it was the EMPLOYEE side. So, the social security rate will go back up 2% for employees to what it has been for many years. It’s only been reduced 2% for employees only for the last 6 months. So you should have already been spending that $40. If you have been, and everyone else has been, and jobs still haven’t been created from it, then it will never do anything to create jobs the way you think it will and it only take more money out of the social security fund (which doesn’t exist anyway).

          29. Keynesian economics worked for 50+ years after the second World War (albeit with one hiccup in the 1970s due to a misunderstand related to “actual inflation” vs. “inflation expectations” in the Philip’s Curve which has since been adjusted for). The problem with Keynesian economics is political: it suggests the state intervene to smooth markets. Enter conservative backlash which has its genesis from the following, very simple logic (which you’re probably unaware of and therefore naively support conservative causes):

            1. Rich people don’t like paying taxes (they get back less than what they pay in terms of services)
            2. The government is what collects those taxes, so if the government can be portrayed as “evil”, “inefficient”, “corrupt”, etc then the masses will agree that the government shouldn’t be “trusted” with “taxing” people
            3. Sheep (i.e. conservatives) buy into the argument because it’s very well funded and in the process ensure that it will be more difficult for them and their families to purchase healthcare, attend college, receive a decent working wage, etc

          30. Government “portrayed as…inefficient and corrupt.” Yeah, government is really getting shafted by the “propaganda.” Give me a break. Government is a bloated redundant bureaucracy and there is nothing efficient about it.

          31. One thing that is clear is that you do not own a business. Also, they are talking about taking away $40 which, as of today, people have been spending so your theory does not hold water.

            The big corporations on Wall Street that are flush with cash are sitting on it because of the uncertainty which emanates from Washington and the mom & pop shops on main street are simply struggling to pay their rent.

            Allowing people to keep what amounts to 11 cents a day will not change anything. Change the $40 to $400 and it might give the economy a boost.

          32. If these tax cuts create jobs, where are all the new jobs created in 2011. In the whole month of November there were 120,000 new jobs- Half of then temporary seasonal jobs that end in January. Yet yesterday Obama reported 362,000 lost jobs to lay offs last week alone. This great(?) jobs news is in week 51 of the 52 week payroll tax cut of 2011. These payroll tax cuts do not create jobs, they only bankrupt Social Security at an earlier date.

          33. Can you be any dumber?

            Businesses are doing great, clearly you are a local union dolt. More and more of us are closing the doors, laying off, trimming hours and benefits simply because we do not trust this administration and the socialist agenda that they spout. Short term anything does nothing except fuel long term uncertainly which kills business and investment. Give us fixed long term spending cuts and the associated tax decreases that these policies generate and we will hire. We will not generate jobs because a social engineer says we should, its our money, our businesses and our futures.

            The only thing wrong with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to spend.


          34. ChrisB_you make a good point. However, using “dumber” and “moron” doesn’t help promote your message. I live in Canada and from my point-of-vue, people like yourself and a lot others are only making the situation worse by throwing out worthless insults.

          35. in the words of Joe Pesci, get this through your mother’efin head: GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER, you mother’efer you :))

        2. sad commentary on America when people are to afraid to spell the presidents name.. OABAMA THE COMMIE… its still america.. just just because th secret service runs around acting like the KGB doesnt mean you cant call OBAMA a communist

      1. >makes conversational use of the word “meme” in what many would consider an online political discussion
        >calls someone with an opposing opinion ‘uneducated’ less than 60 seconds afterwards

        don’t even know what this is


    3. HEY JC. if you want socialism, go to the UK. they are closer to it then here. and if your brain can not handle simple math. go back to high school. THIS does not help ANYONE in the country. IT makes things WORSE! yet people like you will blindly follow a sheep over a cliff. HAVE FUN being a terrorist to america. stupid terrorists

      1. Have fun being a terrorist to America? Seriously? That’s a bit over the edge ya think? Stop for one second and listen to your blind patriotic ignorance, it’s deafening.

      1. No you won’t. The script is already written. Romney finally gets the GOP party nod, then someone is asked to do a 3rd party run. All the “I’m not voting for a RINO” conservatives split the Republican vote and Obama gets another 4 years with about 44% of the vote.
        It will all become clearer for everyone about June of next year. So keep holding on to your pipe dream. Reality is you’re just a rubber stamp for the elites.

        1. Well put. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t know who the next Ross Perot will be though. The obvious choice would be Ron Paul (no one else has the ready backing in place). However, I don’t think he is vindictive enough to be an election spoiler. I could be wrong though…

        2. Yep, that explains almost to the “T” the perfect storm of 1992 and Clinton vs. H.W. Bush vs. Perot (if I remember correctly, Perot got 17%, Bush got 38%, and Clinton got 44%). Keep in mind that was after Bush’s “no new taxes” fiasco which really was the reason he lost – and Clinton won. The only difference now however is that I don’t see a viable third party candidate throwing a monkey wrench into the situation.

          1. I’m looking forward to another 4 years of Obama, because the Libertarian movement is so strong in this country, that we can dictate who wins elections now. My vote is powerful =)

          2. Remember back in 1992 when Ross Perot ran as the third-party candidate, the National Debt was $4.17 trillion and he was running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. Now in 2011, the National Debt is about $15 trillion, and we can’t cut $120 billion annually from our almost $4 trillion annual budget.

            Perot was crazy, but he wasn’t stupid.

      1. DHS said we were suppose to point out and call out terrorists, WELL JC is a TERRORIST. he hates america so much he wishes it do die. just read what his uneducated brain spews out.

    4. I know all I need to know about your intelligence and advanced thinking abilities by your comment. I also know you are a classic Obama voter, and an OWSer.

      America: see our future if we don’t vote these morons and their supporters OUT. For reference: See the movie Idiocracy, or read anything by George Orwell, or even watch the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest then take a guess at who the Democrats are.

      Can’t wait for Nov 2012. An empty orange juice can would do less damage than ANY Democrat.

      1. They do to many people. It’s called the “Earned Income Tax Credit.” Coincidentally named by the same ironic folks that came up with “Federal Reserve Bank.”

    5. I would rather have a NEW president who knows how to CREATE jobs.

      To borrow from the old fish-or-fishing axiom:

      If you lower a man’s taxes for two months, you have simply allowed him to KEEP $40 of his money. If you create an atmosphere that is favorable for businesses to hire a man, then you have given him a CAREER.

      1. Mireya the Dense – at the end of the day no President “creates jobs” thee only afford ideas and strategies to congress to initiate action that create legislation that create the mechanisms that “may” if all the stars align create jobs. As stated by Mitch McConnel that day after the president was innaugurated “It’s my job to ensure this is a one term president”. So you see you and your party are the real reason jobs are not being created, since you’ve all decided to obstruct any ideas from this president to stimulate job growth, becuase they are not your own ideas. You really do need a civics lessons.

        1. TonyBB you wrote : So you see you and your party are the real reason jobs are not being created, since you’ve all decided to obstruct any ideas from this president to stimulate job growth

          TonyBB, I thought the president enjoyed democratic cogress and senate his first two years. But instead of creating jobs, he pushed through a health care law that
          58 % of Americans were against. He had his chance and he blew it. There is a reason why the president lost his majority in congress, and seats in the senate. Its because the American people did not agree with him.

    6. Are these goof-balls thinking about the cost to employers and the Gov’t implementing a 2 month “tax break”. They shouldn’ have cut funding for Meidcare in the first place if it’s failing.

    7. Actually, the original bill without the GOP poison pills was for a full year. But the GOP shot it down because it didn’t include Keystone XL, which may have created a whopping 50 temp jobs. Thats 50 more jobs than all the jobs bills Congress put forth would create.

      1. It is my understanding that the original Senate bill included a $17 per month increase in mortgage payments for new home buyers — something to that effect.

        1. Yes, and that includes refinances too. they only tell us what they want us to know. Even in this age of the internet. Read the bill…? Heck no, its out there on our website…all 2000 pages of it. Besides we dont see it until it becomes law, assuming we want to wade thru all the double-speak, redundancy, and lawyered up talk.

    8. At $40 a month (or even a week for that matter), it would take a thousand years or more to pay for all the fancy vacations Bumama and his wife have taken in three years!!

    9. Barrack Obama….BO…..BOBO….Translated from Spanish….”CLOWN”…True…No kidding…BOBO in Spanish means CLOWN…Look it up! How fitting!

  1. Who even listens to his drivel anymore? Personally, I don’t know literally, a soul who doesn’t turn him off as soon as they see him standing in front of his teleprompters.

    1. Who would want to be in your circle of imbecilic friends, anyway? You sound like a talk radio disciple with your “teleprompter” talk. Think for yourself, dumbass.

      1. Jimma (T2ndWPOTUS) Cartaaah

        turn off Rachel Madcow and Chris “I have a tickle in my pants” Matthews for a second and quit talking like a douche. STFU, your opinion is not welcome until you get off the welfare gravy train sister.

      1. It’s no wonder approval ratings for our Congressional leaders are in the dumper. Look at what they do and don’t do. They act like kids. Our “campaigner and chief” is playing politics at Christmas along with the Dems and Republicans and we are all caught in the middle. I have never seen such gridlock before. And we all suffer for it. So BO wants to save us each about $80 over two months. What a joke! I vote for a year! That will take the politics out of it for a while. And JC, grow up and become a member of the civilized society…

        1. The only FACTS that you have perpetrated here for anyone to ascertain, is that you are a foul-mouth liberal thug that has drank too much of the propagandist’s Kool-Aid. Too bad it only contained liberal agenda, unlike the Jim Jones’ batch; by all means, have another.

        2. JC, I’m sure we’d all be eternally grateful if you would educate us by expounding on the facts as you see them. That would be far more productive than you childish name calling.

        3. Jimma (T2ndWPOTUSevaa) Cartaaah

          Seriously get a real thought, see you are showing your true colors as a public school reindoctrination loser without an original thought. FACTs huh… go get a history book chump, and shut your yapper. Facts…. hmmm, like bailing out the wall street buddies, like bailing out failed companies that contribute to him, like increasing the deficit by more than 7 Trillion dollars, like killing Americans Without a Trial, with restrictive Patriot Act, like perhaps WhoTF was in charge of the Congress and Senate and Executive office when the budget went to hell in a handbasket, facts like Holder knowing about Fast and Furious, facts like knowing that Solendra was a farce, facts like he is always on the golf course while his globetrotting family is out blowing millions a day touring the world while company after company goes under from over taxation and a failed “trickle up” economy, where is all the money from TARP or other economy boosters. Guess what punk, you had better wake up because the soup lines of the 1930s are just around the corner…. yeah facts….

        4. Let’s really get down to the facts. This 2 percent reduction from payroll deduction is for our input to the social security system. How is that even a tax? It is a deduction from your pay that you contribute to the social security fund for your retirement down the road. True the fund won’t be solvent when many of us need it but… simple fact is, this whole thing is not even a tax cut

        5. Your a fool if you think this tax cut is important to either party. It is all about political posturing. Second of all, this tax cut will have zero impact on the economy, or anyone personal financial situation. If $40 will make or break you then you have bigger problems to worry about then whats going on in Washington. Get you life in order and quit waiting for someone else to give you an hand out.

      1. he needed to make sure he didn’t say, he was making sure there future is in his hands and he wants to crush it. it would have made them cry, so instead he just sat there and let them laugh at his ears.

      2. You are and your ilk are reason I have lost faith that Conservative voters have minds of their own. If you did five seconds of research you would know that the President used the teleprompter for a press conference after meeting with the school children. If we can’t get the little facts correct and stop making asses of ourselves on public forums how can we convince anyone on the fence about policies and issues to lean to the right.

    2. talk about disciples . . . just keep spewing your hatred as directed by your handlers, sally. Jeez, talk about nonthinking dumbasses, you take the cake!

    3. Why not pass the bill that the Republicans want that gives Americans a break for 2 YEARS instead of just two months like the President wants. You’re being played and have been ever since this idiot Obama took office!

      1. Why not make them PERMANENT? We all know the answer. To do that would take away their ability to manipulate the issue for political gain. Also, for those defending Obama, this extension is extending the tax cuts BUSH gave us that Obama railed against as a senator. So who is really playing politics here?

        1. Tony –

          You are not entirely acurate. The tax cuts proposed here are for payroll taxes. THis is actually even worse than regular tax cuts because they fund SS. Considering the issues we have at the moment I would think we would not cut these taxes even further. What’s even more interesting are the other measures proposed in this bill that no one is talking about. One is the acceptance of an EPA measure call “utility (something?)” that would close up to 60 coal plants that provide electricity to Americans. The problem with this is that electricity/heating bills would go up as a result. Apparently this is where my $40 would go so this bill is essentially a wash for the taxpayer. The house version tried to cut the $8B slush fund to market ObamaCare. The Seanate version removed the language. There are several other things but until we stop playing with the heartstrings Americans and have a serious discussion of all issues in this bill we will get nowhere and remain oblivious to workings our own Government!

          1. I’m going to use ALL CAPS to make this absolutely clear ….


      2. Are you asking out of seriously, or kidding? The reason that the 1 year, or 2 year extension won’t pass is because neither party can agree on how to fund it. The democrats want to fund the cut through tax increases on all income in excess of $1 million. The republicans want to freeze federal salaries and include an immediate approval of an oil pipeline that the president has said he will not approve yet (for whatever reason). The 1 year measure passed by the house includes the pipeline, and excludes the tax hike for income over $1million. The republicans knew that would not get approved by the democrats and that any negotiations on a 1 year extension is going to take a while to make both camps happy.

        1. Tim He doesn’t want to make a decision on the pipeline until after the election because if he decides before the election he will anger either the labor unions or the environmentalists, neither or which he can afford – financially or politically – to offend.
          He has two support groups to keep sweet and the only way to do that is stall, stall, stall.

  2. Can someone please tell me where he finds this “typical family making $50,000 a year”? According to a HuffPo article from Oct. 20, 2011 ( the median income for Americans in 2010 was $26,364.

    I would be thrilled to be back making $50K a year. Hell, I would be thrilled just to have a job at this point. This administration, as we all know, is so out of touch with the realities of what is going on in this country it makes one wonder if he’s still smoking weed or, as Obama wrote in one of his books, “maybe a little blow when you could afford it.” Guess he can afford it now, but the country can’t!

      1. Cheryl,
        Obama pretends to be one of us, hence the reason for the stops at PetSmart and BestBuy. Interesting that a big deal is made of the trips to PetSmart, BestBuy, and Target. The man is so out of touch with reality and real Americans but of course going into an election year he is going to try and reach out to normal, real Americans. How come after he was elected and for the last three years prior to this did we not hear a peep about him going to regular everyday places? Because this is media staged. It also plays into his hand of him pretending to understand the plight of the middle-class American, which he doesn’t

          1. I liked the part about whether his card would work–none of mine do since the bankruptcy, Mr President. Chances are someone paid yours. I bet you have never seen an EOB, either–or even know what that is.

      2. and look at those pizzas he bought, Michelle is going to be P.O.d when she gets back from her vacation in Hawaii paid for by you and I

      3. hey cherly, did’nt mochelle go too target with sunglasses on to think she was shopping there what a joke. on vaction spending 75.000 aweek for a hotel , and his stupid husband say’s i will save you 40.00 aweek .

    1. A median income for an individual person is a little over 26k. Therefore, in the typical nuclear family with two breadwinners, that’s 52k a year between the two of them. That’s where the 50k comes from.

      1. The combined tax withholding for 2 X 26k is not the same as 1 X 52k. The withholding scale is not linear.
        On the other hand the 2% payroll tax holiday is accelerating the demise of social security.

        1. Finally someone mentioned Social Security!!!! The money lost last year was bad enough. We don.t need to take more out of the SS system. Why doesn’t it come out of the General Fund???

          1. Republicans would never allow it to come from general funds. For it to have the same impact, it would have to be a 2% reduction in a low tax bracket. Republicans do not want to reduce the lower tax brackets unless they are reducing all tax brackets at the same time, something that will cost a lot more.

          2. The lower tax bracket is effectively 0%. I know because I’ve been there. Now that I’m in a bracket that pays I feel cheated.. I spent15 years working hard and continuing my education to add a few more 0’s to my salary. Now I’m considered “evil and privileged” by many on the left who seek to punish my success by increasing my “fair share.” It will never be fair unless everyone pays at least something.

      1. Medium income $26K. Married couple (family) makes $26K x 2 = $52K.
        Child care for two with two working parents = $24k
        $52k – $24k = $28k
        Math in the real world is even more difficult.

      2. With the MEDIAN income being $26K per year, that means that half make more and half make less. In the US there are approx. 10.5 million single parent households (US Census Bureau) which means that there is only ONE primary income earner in the household. With a total US work force of approx. 150 million (US Labor Dept), the deduction of the 10.5 million single parent households makes a significant dent in the “typical family earning $50K) per year.

        Most families I know are not making anywhere near the “typical family” Obama is siting. Families that once had two parents working, now have one working and the other looking for work, or working at a significant pay cut. The idea that every household has two wage earners, thus making the $50K level is disingenuous. Even with the supposed drop in unemployment over the past several weeks, a drop that will rebound once the holidays are over, there are still tens of thousands of Americans out of work, and not making that magic $50K family income.

        As a final point, the drop in unemployment is something that needs to be questioned. If a person has run out of benefits, or has been out of work so long that they have pretty much given up on finding a job they are no longer considered unemployed. How much of the drop in the unemployment rate has been caused by the above?

    2. Trips to Target, etc… are an attempt to appeal to the white voter making $50,000 and less. He has given up on those making between $50,000 and $200,000. In 2008 he won without capturing the vast middle of the electorate. He won with a top-and-bottom coalition, carrying voters with incomes over $200,000 and under $50,000, and losing those in between. He carried voters with graduate-school degrees and those with no high school diplomas, and ran only even with the others. Now that it has been reported that he’s just one of us, he and the missus can run off to Hawaii and burn through $200,000 plus per day.

      1. Two income households? Do those exist anymore? Frankly, the middle class friends we have only have one person working outside the home, either because the other can’t find a job, or because the cost of working expenditures (gas, day care, etc.) would simply take away that second paycheck.

    3. Reading is fundamental:
      Median income for a single person is $26,364.

      “Typical family making $50,000 a year” would be the family that has two wage-earners (both around the median).

      I don’t think this is so much about them being out of touch as basic reading comprehension.

  3. Can we round up a bunch of seniors, and pretend Obama’s pushing them off a cliff by defunding Medicare with this payroll tax “cut”?

    Can we we inform all these folks that this $40, each paycheck, is supposedly that money they’re going to need when they’re old?

    this whole thing is so f-en stupid, I’ve really had enough.

    We need to “fund” this for this “payroll tax cut” with taxes on Millionaires, so that the rich can (more fully) fund the social security ponzi scheme.

    1. Actually, what he would probably do is push some elderly over the cliff, show them at the bottom and then spout off how it is everyone else’s fault because he is being held back – if we would just go along with him he could have saved those people.

  4. Yes, it’s nice to have an extra $40. Just remember that it’s $40 less you get when (or if) you get Social Security benefits in the future. Propaganda is propaganda, and only the willfully blind masses with little to no pride or common sense fall for the lies every time.

    1. There isn’t going to be any social security when I retire, the trust fund runs out in 2035.

      The Government should lower the payroll tax to zero and let me off the sinking ship of state. I could invest that money in an insured annuity and I would have double the money as if I stuck it in Social Security.

      1. I agree with you 100%. I’m right in the middle meaning that they have been taking the SS tax from my maychecks now for most of my adult life (I’m 44) and I just know that when it comes time for me to collect, they will find a way to 1) make it into a “means” based system. Translation: if you were stupid and didnt save a dime for your retirement in your 401k or whatever, then you need SS more than the responsible person: hence, the responsible person will get nothing. of 2) i will be entitled to some repayment of what they took from me, albeit at some greatly reduced rate. Either way, I will be short changed.
        I do agree with you however that the younger people, say 25 and under, should be allowed to totally withdraw from the program for reasons that you state – “sinking ship”.
        This country is going to see a major financial problem in the not too distant future. One can just feel the wave coming and it’s not going to be an easy thing to navigate once it comes.

        1. Problem is, the government managers of the SS ponzi scheme know that if they let the younger crowd to opt out that it’ll crash that much sooner like say by 2020. They need the younger crowd to keep it afloat for a few more years until they are gone and someone else gets the blame.

          The payroll tax is and always has been a farce. They only reduced the amount they were taking out of your checks each month, not the final tax bill at the end of the year. You’re still going to pay in the end.

        2. I’m 33. I would gladly let the government keep every penny I’ve paid into SS in exchange for 2 things. First, a clean break from the Social Security system and the 12.4% of my paycheck that is withheld (6.2% from me and 6.2% from my employer). Second, a government issued document verifying that I am exempt from Social Security.

          I would then take that document to my employer and request a 5% raise, net savings to the company 1.2% of my salary. I then take my 5% raise and the 6.2% I’m saving in taxes and invest in my own retirement. I guarantee that the end result is that I retire with at least double the income I would get from Social Security.

          1. Very Smart suggestion…the problem is Congress is not smart and especially Owe-Bama the leader of the stupid muppets. The man carries a tele-promter into the shower with him…

          2. Didn’t any of you notice that when your payroll tax withholding went down, your income tax withholding went UP? That’s because the government noticed that you now had more “disposable” income. 2012 Yet?, how much more will they withhold from your 5% raise and 6.2% tax “savings?” Just how do you invest zero and double your income? They will always stack the deck against you.

        3. john b. should hold a press c. right after obozo, and show all the you tube video’s of democrats crying when bush was talking about this in 2004. they all said dems that is you can’t steal money from now look at what they are doing.

      2. That is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. There is not any Social Security trust fund, unless you believe a warehouse full of IOUs is a “fund”. Social Security checks are paid out of current receipts, one of the reasons the US is running larger and larger deficits. The “trust funds” were raided long ago to buy votes and build an ever larger federal behemoth.

    2. I’m on Social Security due to a chronic illness after years of working and paying into the fund. I live in an impoverished rural area partly to make my SS dollars go further.

      But I’m not complaining. In fact, I feel embarrassed to be somewhat “secure” as others lose their jobs.

      Here’s an insight into how SS works, however. They send you a benefits letter annually. For the past two or three years it’s read, “No increase in benefits this year,” but the cost of Medicare insurance rises. On a good year, the increase in SS benefits pretty much equals the increase in Medicare insurance costs.

      So, while some may be lolling around in luxury, double-dipping, working a second career, and taking those fun motorhome trips, remember that a lot of us on Social Security are working hard to make ends meet and are glad for the little bit that comes our way from a program that we supported involuntarily.

        1. I have received SSI + Disability on and off for much of my adult life because of a spinal cord injury I suffered when I was 18, and left me paralyzed from the waist down.

          I am on Medicare A, B, and D now because of end stage renal disease. Without Medicare, I could not afford the nightly dialysis treatments that are keeping me alive.

          And even with all these challenges, I support the Ryan Budget, and I support the Ryan-Wyden Medicare reform plan. Social Security and Medicare in its current form will collapse sometime between 2020 and 2035, and only these are the only plans on the table to save them in some form for the future generations.

      1. By law-your Medicare premium cannot exceed your social security raise.Since 2009 your medicare shouldn`t have raise one penny. In 2012 Medicare premium for everyone is $99.96. Medicare advantage might be a different story. I don`t know.

  5. Of course he doesn’t say that those $50K making folks will also be paying more regular taxes because of this ‘tax break’ and if they want to refinance their mortgages will be dinged almost that amount as the monthly fee to ‘pay’ for this Obom tax break. +$40-$50 = -$10. Way to go. (note these are estimated numbers just meant as illustration)

    1. Ironic isn’t it? We need to vote this 2-month temporary “tax cut” in order to burden any future homeowner for the life of their 30-year mortgage. Wish young people would wake up to what this government is doing to their future…

    2. You realize that is the GOP’s doing. To pay for the middle class’s tax break by charging the middle class (extra mortgage fees). This is why the extension hasn’t gone through.

  6. Also unsaid…they’ve given up even pretending our social security contributions go towards social security any more. The “savings” is each of us putting less into what used to be our retirement, and it’s “funded” by a tax on the 80% – 90% of mortgages that go through Fannie/Freddie. So we’d get two more months underfunding of an already bankrupt system in exchange for permanent higher mortgage costs. What a tool. Does Obama know we can read?

    1. Nobody was paying attention in 2008 when they elected him. So he thinks he can pull a fast one on us… and judging by the idiots who elected him, he maybe right.

    2. I asked my kids wouldn`t you rather have that $1000 going toward your social security when you retired. They said no ,they rather have it now. Why ,I asked ? They said that we been told Social Security isn`t going to be there when we retire so why not take what we can get now. Kind of makes sense.

  7. How did the estimated saving in taxes go from $20 per week to $40? Or is using a two week pay period so that the number appears larger? The fact that he is leaving out that the senate left without anything being done just goes to shoe you he is nothing but a partisian hack. Who is this man to tell ME or anyone else what is “GOOD” for the country. Quite frankly what he thinks is “good” for the country is actually only good for him. Obama will destroy this country so that he can “TRANSFORM” it into what he thinks it should be.

  8. OK, I get it. Obama will save people 40.00 with a 2 month extension. but the Republicans in Congress will save the taxpayer 20.00 a month for years. Is Obama going to trot out a couple of morons who would rather have 40.00 over two months rather than thousands of dollars over years? All I can say is thank you Department of Education. You have truly produced generational ignorance.

      1. One of the distinct problems of the underclass, is their uniform inability to think past “right now”. It is this deficient thinking that serves to achor them to poverty. I wish they could find the common sense to understand that a lifetime of $20 per month is worth so much more than the $20 mister zero wants to give them for two months.

      2. Typical Obama spin – he’s responsible for the high unemployment rate – he’s responsible for so many losing their jobs and then he tells these same people whom he has put out on the street – wouldn’t you love to have $40.00? Why don’t you step right up and tell everyone how much $40 dollars would mean to you and your poor, poor family – what the hell is wrong with people that they are sooo easily manipulated.

    1. The succeeded in the “dumbing down of America”. That is why he got the votes he did and why people believe this crap. They cant add, multiply, divide, spell or know anything about economics.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed the hysteria in the media regarding this – apparently w/o 4 pay-periods of $40 extra, we’re going to fall into another recession. DOOM.

    If this doesn’t go through, and the media somehow manages to convince voters that the continued crappy economy is the fault of republicans (over this issue) – I may just go mad. Completely lose it.

    1. The amount is $40 per pay period, assuming (as many do) you get paid every two weeks. It sounds more impressive than $20 a week, which is why I imagine they’ve worded propagandized it that way.

        1. BS in Comp Sci. 82k/yr job. Paid weekly. My experience has been that many educated folks are paid weekly, and unionized and public sector folks are paid bi-weekly. In either case, it doesn’t change the proportions, only the equation. It’s moot.

  10. Everyone seem to forget this is not a Payroll Tax Cut but rather a REDUCTION in Social Security Tax Payments.
    1. There already is a shortage developing in Social Security.
    2. The reduction will no doubt reduce the pay outs as these people start to draw social security.

    How about REDUCING Spending ??? Try it ….You’ll like it !!!

    1. Boca J,
      Didn’t you get the memo that we have to spend our way out of the recession?!? That is the solution to everything. Obama’s favorite for letter word is spend.

    2. Social Security will be bankrupt by 2035.
      Who cares if it is solvent or not?

      It isn’t my retirement fund and I won’t see any of my money. They should reduce the tax to zero.

      1. Evan, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. They will confiscate EVERYONE’S retirement account to make Social Security work, and everyone will be dependent on the government–that’s the ultimate goal of the current administration. It’s coming…. Obozo is an anathema to individual liberty.

    3. FINALLY! Someone hit on the point with this discussion. The “tax cut” was from a system that we’ve already we’ve already been told is on the way to insolvency. Also, it was to have been a temporary cut, fully intended to end after one year. If the cut expires, it’s not a tax hike, but the situation returning to normal. Why in the world could we have allowed the cut to a foundering social security system in the first place?!?

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  12. Seig Heil.

    I of course would like more money in my pocket. However, we are a few years away from financial insolvency. I would prefer they do a 20% across the board spending cut tomorrow.

  13. $50,000 x 2% x (2/12) = $166.67 / 8 weeks = $20.83 per week, or $41.66 per two weeks. The match checks out, but this is wholly insignificant. This is as crucial to our economy as when they almost shut the government down over what, $43 billion in cuts on a $ trillion budget, or 0.12% of our budget. Gimme a break. Political pandering from both sides, typical reactions from the partisan constituents. Predictable sheeple.

    1. Most people get paid every 2 weeks. And if you notice from the article:

      “If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save WITH EACH PAYCHECK.”

      Derp Derp.

  14. He’s got a lot nerve pretending he gives a plugged nickel about how the little people make ends meet…especially after blowing $40 on Christmas presents for his dog yesterday.

  15. once again the democrat party uses people as pawns in their political games.
    Wake up American and see the democrats for the party of hate they really are!

  16. When the idiot rinos in the senate vote for this, I’m sure they didn’t care one way or another. Its obvious that this is the shell game that obumble has been playing since he came on the scene in 2006. The dem. leadership in the senate, her reid and turbin durbin don’t care what happens to anyone but themselves. 2012 can’t get here soon enough. I would like to see the states start with-holding their fed. tax payments to WDC. Its time for a tax revolution. Just think of all the cash the states would have if their didn’t have to send it to the beltway-bandits. Get rid of Dept. of Ed., EPA, Dept. of Energy, Cept. of Commerce, and Dept. of Homeland Security. Let the states protect themselves.

  17. The S.Sec tax was cut from 6.2% to 4%
    and not maintaining the reduction would cost $40 ?
    52 x 40 = 2080
    6.2% of 50k = 3100

    Restoring S.Sec funding ( a tax by any other terms)
    would cost your check -2.2% x $1000/ week or 22.20 /week

    …not $40 have your campaign guy check the math

    1. FICA funds Social Security – when you do not pay it, YOU personally do not get any money credited against your SSI account – since that means your personal investment $$$ are LESS, it means, at retirement, you will DRAW less…. Obama is essentially killing Social Security with this FICA holiday… and p.s. – FICA is NOT a tax – it’s a contribution YOU make to your own future

      1. FICA is a Ponzi scheme. By the time I’m old enough to collect, the funds will be depleted. And you can believe the “contribution” crap all you want – I don’t recall volunteering to contribute. It is TAKEN by the gov’t, not GIVEN to them.

      2. This isn’t quite how Social Security works. Yes FICA taxes pay for Social Security (also Medicare, SSI, etc..), however it does not work like a private retirement fund does. You pay in during your working life at the 6.2% rate (7.65% including Medicare), but when you go to collect your Social Security at retirement the total amount you paid in doesn’t really factor into it. Your Social Security check is determined by a formula that they apply to the indexed average monthly wage that your earned during the 35 years that you earned the most in your career.
        By temporarily cutting the rate from 6.2% to 4% there is no effect on how much you are earning for benefit calculations purposes (IE. your gorss wages stayed the same), you just get to take home a little bit more on a weekly/biweekly basis.
        As I said before, Social Security doesn’t work the way an IRA does. The money you pay into the system doesn’t go to fund your retirement, it is immediately used to pay out benefits to those who are currently collecting Social Security checks.
        The reason this tax cut causes so much outrage among those of us that are budget hawks is that Social Security is already underfunded, with shortfalls projected into the forseeable future. This tax cut leaves future retirees holding the bag for Obama’s (and Bush’s) profligate spending.
        The reason Obama chose to cut payroll taxes rather than income taxes in general is because payroll taxes are the only federal taxes paid by the bottom 40+% of Americans. He believes that if he can successfully buy this voting block with other people’s money he can win re-election and a mandate to continue dismantling the free-market and expanding the scope of government. His campaign has already said straight out that they are abandoming the white middle class voters in order to court the poor and the liberal elite.

      3. Lady, FICA ceased to be a “contribution” when the Democrap-controlled Congress and Democrap President moved the Social Security trust fund to the general fund (so they could tap into all of the money that was there, waiting to be paid to We the People upon our retirement) back in the mid-60’s. Since that time Social Security payments have been paid out of the general fund, which is why it’s such a problem now–retirees are living longer and there are fewer working people paying in to the FICA fund. Had they left it alone, we all would have had a retirement fund with our names on it. Instead, they give Social Security payments to illegals and people who have NEVER paid into it, and it is going broke. Now it is nothing more than a TAX, but when it started it was a contribution.

        1. Social Security excess funds have always been put into government issued bonds. This was a requirement in the original SS law, and has never changed. The only changes have been whether nor not special bonds were issued, and whether the funds were counted in budget or off budget. Regardless, all excess SS funds have been spent by the federal government and NOTHING but paper is in the so called trust fund.

          The payroll tax defunds SS by a third! This will come out of the general fund unless they reduce the current recipients payments.

      4. Sorry, it’s a tax. Current FICA pays current benefits. In previous years there was leftover money that was spent to reduce the amount of new debt required to fund general spending. Now there is not even enough for that. ‘Your social security money’ is a myth.
        Thanks to the earned income tax credit, social security is nothing more than another welfare program. Lower income people get their FICA refunded and contribute a net zero.

    2. They said “per check” – The assumption is that you get paid bi-weekly. They should just assume you get paid bi-month and tell us that we’d be losing out on $160 per paycheck

  18. All this over 2 months of $40 per month “savings”.

    C’mon Democrats and Obama, you act like we are stupid, and we were for electing you…but you can’t keep fooling us. We see how stupid you are…all this is political BS, by the Dems.

    Get the hell out of our way.

  19. Funny how whenever liberals want initiate some new tax or social engineering experiment they claim it’ll “only” cost the average family $3 or $10 or $400 or whatever a week or month or year, but when it comes to playing politics they can’t distance themselves far enough from tax increases. It’s not even the policies that bother me all the time. It’s shamelessness in promoting (or decrying) them.

    1. Dear Mr. President Obama Please Tear away from those Environmentalists for this One time , the Free markets Need you and Harry Reid’s Democrats !!!

      The Dow Jones Industrial Averages are STUCK waiting for You Mr. President to take the Lead and chart a Course for a Direction that can give the Markets some Hope for the New Year , and you can be a Scrooge or a Claus that Saints are made OF !!

      This market is Poised to Grow back 1 trillion in market Value RIGHT NOW and that will generate all the money needed to Fund your extension of the Payroll tax cuts and the unemployment benefits , 401 K’s will rise , and your Campaign will benefit too because people will be happy with you that you took the Lead Sir !!!!!

      Take a Look at the Chart, , they show you that since the Start of 4 months ago when the need for a Leader in tax policy that would come down to this time the markets has been flat lining , that tells you its been waiting for YOU sir …… And so has the European Union and we need the Spark that can fire up that Slogan of hope , we have enough Change we Need More Hope Sir , Please . Tell Harry Reid to Work it out with the Republicans on the 1 year plan that includes the pipeline and we can all debate the ideology of Life and sustainability after , Ok Please ????
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all .

      1. I definitely agree that the President should stop pandering to the eco-liberals. Sane energy policy in this country would do wonders for the economy. Let our energy resources be developed and let “alternative” energy sources come online as they become economically viable (not deemed viable by the progressives.)

        I do not, however, believe we should give this guy another term in office. We need someone who already knows and believes the things we are talking about instead of someone who is only being forced to try them because their preferred big-government solutions have failed.

        1. After reading your posts…I think we were separated at birth….My parents did not tell me about the Twin I never knew.

          Keep up the smart posts….maybe the White House and their hundreds of Ivy league grads may learn a thing or two.

          1. Rofl, my mom always used to tell me that I was clearly a switched-at-birth baby, maybe you are her real son ;)

            It sure would be nice if some of the liberal elite chose to actually take a step back from the progressive dogma and listened to what real people are saying. Unfortunately its hard to hear the common man on the street from the top of the ivory tower.

      2. How did the markets perform in 8 years of George W Bush?

        Where were you then, and why weren’t you singing the same song then as you are now?

        And btw, how have the markets performed under President Obama?

        1. There was a recession at the beginning of Bush’s term, but from early 2003 to late 2007 the stock market was raging. You can debate how it all went to crap after then and who was at fault for it, but for the most part the stock market did pretty well for itself under Bush.

          The stock market has done pretty well since cratering very early in Obama’s term too, but that’s more a function of the Fed printing money non-stop more than anything else, IMO, because no one can give another good reason why stocks are doing as well as they have been when the economy has been stuck in the mud for three years.

          Nice use of the equivalence fallacy, BTW.

  20. Wow, reading the posts here that are pouring in….I am regaining hope for the American people. Fool us once, shame on you…fool us twice, shame on us…( and as the Who sang…”We won’t be fooled again…”

    Hmm..gonna download that ringtone, I think.

      1. Not to be a Miss Priss, but I do wish Drudge would let the scatological and curse word commenters stay over there spewing. We try to at least be funny, ironical, or provocative over here. We may be deluded, but we like to think the bar is a little higher–that we can learn or entertain.

    1. I hope your are right. The only thing that troubles me is that any quick viewing of a similar left-leaning editorial seems to reveal an equal number of people who are absolutely rabid leftists. They eat up anything Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have to say, and hold the Democratic party absolutely blameless for any of our current woes.

  21. If the Dem’s will sign on for a two month deal then why not for a full year? Because they want to keep bring this up every 2-four months until election time.

    If I was running the GOP I would let it go and expire. The world will not end.

    1. The world won’t end if the tax break expires?!?!?!?!? I didn’t get that memo…..I got the memo that the world was going to come to an end for an extra $40 a pay period…..thank goodness, I can stop stockpiling goods and preparing the bunker that my family and I were going to hunker down in.

  22. Congress is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to save the sheeple $40/twice a month for TWO MONTHS – yes, this makes sense. Did you know that back in 2009 when Obama did the stimulus, if he had divided that money equally between ALL LEGAL CITIZENS over the age of 20, each one would have gotten a check for just under $5,000. MERRY CHRISTMAS, sports fans!

  23. Pingback: The $40.00 Christmas pageant

  24. First off what most of you don’t know is that in the Senate’s Tax (when did Social Secuirty become a Tax) bill has in it a new tax (permanent) on new and refiled montgages ($17 to $20 a month) and pary tell me what two month is going to do.

    1. Wes,
      The other part is that what Obama isn’t saying is that you will save $40/paycheck for the bill being passed, but it is going to come right back out because your monthly mortgage payment is going to go up about $20/month. Because you know the tax on Freddie and Fannie are going to be passed onto the consumer. And because it is Freddie and Fannie they will probably jack that price up even higher so they can continue to turn a hefty profit.

  25. No one has looked into the cost for small business of payroll processing fees for software changes that will have to take place everytime a change in deductions takes place. This will total in the millions of dollars for all business in this country, having to change after two months. This is totally a political ploy by the WH to change blame on Congress and specifically the Republicans. If there intention is to make it for the full year, why the delay?

    1. Why the delay? He needs to have something to use against the conservatives in his State of the Union address in January. It is all about power to this usurper. The affect his policies have on the American people or our economy means nothing to him when he’s leveraging for political gain.

    2. Another thing the WH isn’t going to bother to tell us is that when the Congress comes back in January and does agree to a 1+ year extension to the payroll tax cut they are going to make it retroactive to January 1st anyway. They are just playing the issue for all that it is worth, there is no substance behind anything they say.

    1. Steve – NOBODY remembers Daschles speech about how the average working person would get a muffler from their $267 Bush tax cut. Now if the average worker does not get $160, the nation will suffer. My humble recommendations (1) Pass a damn budget (2) let people know their tax burden years in advance and (3) get out of the way.

  26. Can someone explain to me how this is a tax break? It’s from payroll taxes that would go to our social security. So really are they not just giving us a break on contributing to our own government retirement fund? I do get that even though that is how our social security is supposed to work it has not since 1964 but still the idea that this is a tax break is dishonest at best, its literally borrowing from peter to pay peter again…FHS!

    1. FICA funds Social Security – when you do not pay it, YOU personally do not get any money credited against your SSI account – since that means your personal investment $$$ are LESS, it means, at retirement, you will DRAW less…. Obama is essentially killing Social Security with this FICA holiday… and p.s. – FICA is NOT a tax – it’s a contribution YOU make to your own future [reprint from my reply to Ken T above]

      1. Again, you’re also making the grand assumption that social security will be there when I retire, and it won’t be there in 30-35 years when I’m ready to stop working (65-70 years old)). It’s not a contribution to an account, they’re taking money from me and giving it to people currently drawing – it’s a tax, it’s income redistribution. There is no bank account that you or I can go draw against.

        Don’t get caught up in some government jargon. For everyone 45 and younger, it’s a tax for something we’ll never get any value for.

  27. After the companies reprogram for the two months extension, they will have to turn around and reprogram for the ten final months that may or may not include the extension. WHAT NONSENSE! !! !!

    Who will pay for all this fooling around with the systems? Small businesses.

  28. Why doesn’t the Campaigner in Chief press the Senate to pass the House version of the same tax cut they passed for 1 full year, not just 8 weeks. How could you people of elected such a joke?

  29. Well, as a self-employed person, this does nothing for me. A $40 per month tax savings won’t allow me to hire anybody. It’s a joke. It’s one night out at a movie with my wife. On the other hand, for those so inclined, $40/month will allow them to stockpile 2 or 3 etra boxes of ammunition each month for what might be coming if Obama continues to enact his promised fundamental transformation of the country.

    By the way, $50K/year is the average income for elitist Obamabots who think they are divinely appointed to direct the lives of others. The average American earns less than that by a good deal. And, for the tens of millions of those who remain unemployed under Obama’s policies, it is exactly $50/year MORE than they earn.

    The nation needs to change course radically back toward first principles, or there is some really bad juju comin’ down the tracks.

  30. This is kind of a fake tax cut anyway. Basically you still get taxed the same amount, it is just that the government withholds less from the paycheck. I do this another way by adjusting my exemptions on my W-4 so that I do not give the government a free loan. You want to put in a real tax cut, reduce the tax rate.

  31. That’s $40 for a biweekly paycheck. $80 a month for 2 months. Who does he think he’s kidding besides the mathematically challenged sycophants? This won’t add up to any kind of “real” help for anyone.

    The only reason the Dems are sticking to their guns on the 2 month time period is so this will be a campaign issue next year when they can bundle it with something totally unacceptable to conservatives.

  32. A 2.2% savings on the gross of the American paycheck is NOT $40.00. Unless the average paycheck is $3000.00 a WEEK….the savings is more like 18.00. Don’t you love the way politics adds and subtracts? lol

    1. I didn’t know the WH was quoting a bi-weekly paycheck…my mistake. I see from the comments that is what everyone seems to think…I just didn’t see that in the article. Maybe they can do math after all…lol

    1. You are thinking in the wrong terms. This is the Obama new-energy economy. He doesn’t want you to buy a tank of gas for your car. He wants you to buy 1/10th of a solar panel for your home ;)

  33. it’s all in the wording. Obama says he wants to let americans keep $40 per paycheck. however, he doesn’t say his proposal makes them to loose it in 2 months. republicans want americans keep $40 per check for 1 year. yet republicans are the “evil” ones.
    Truth is they are both evil. why? because this is the only funding source of social security which is already underwater and they want to make it worse to get votes.

  34. Well, like they say don’t spend it all in one place. There are so many thing s wrong with this 2 month tax holiday, you have to wonder if the Democrats and Senators have any sense of reality. So, in two months we do it again, no savings found, the Republicans are the bad guys again, and it’s politics as usual. All this does is take money from Social Security and shorts that system which is in dire need of an overhaul anyway. The latest information says that in fuel costs alone, we had to put in an extra $4000 this year, better start saving your $40 or hope for more, it’s not goping to get much better soon.

  35. More BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA and BS from the Messiah. He hasn’t figured out yet no one listens to him any more, its like the commercial you’ve seen so many times your sick of it!

  36. If the $40 a week is so great, why doesn’t the WH support the bill that extends it for a year or even 10. What’s so great about $40 a week for 2 months?
    (BTW, its our money!)

  37. I remember when the “tax cut” went into effect. It made about a $6 difference in my paycheck and I do make a good deal more than 50K a year. Did any of these people pass a math or econ class in school?

  38. Back to the basics…Dems don’t cut anything so why this? A political talking to point to woo the middle class? Purposely trying to hurt SS even more to push the single payer system? We know that Obama is taking 500 Billion out of it that we don’t have as is since Congress has spent what was in the pot the last 30 years. Maybe a bit of both? I smell a rat.

  39. 100% partisan politics on behalf of the great one and his minions.
    If Barry, Harry, or the rest of the dems on the Hill gave a hang about the American people, they would have passed the one year extension that the House handed to the Senate in the first place.
    This whole thing was orchestrated by the democrats in order to use it against the GOP since Obama and the dems cannot run on their record.

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