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Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op?

Updated 1:43 pm ET

Bo Obama was supposed to be in Hawaii. Instead, he showed up at President Obama’s side Wednesday shopping for treats at PetSmart

According to Michelle Obama’s press office, the first dog was planning to go to Hawaii with the first lady and the Obama daughters. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that he in fact had gone there. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser quoted an eyewitness who said he had seen the Portuguese Water Dog having his walk.

So what is Bo doing back in Washington shopping at PetSmart?

Either these reports are mistaken, or Bo was told his vacation was over and that he had to return to the White House to keep a lonely president company – and participate in a silly photo op presenting Obama as an average guy who likes to head out to the PetSmart.

If Bo returned from Hawaii, who paid for his flight?

It’s possible he hitched a ride on a return flight of the Air Force plane that brought Michelle to Hawaii, which wouldn’t have really added much to Michelle’s more than $100,000 price tag for her solo trip.

Or maybe he commandeered his own Air Force jet.

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  1. On May 1, 2003, President Bush landed a fixed-wing aircraft aboard the Abraham Lincoln and then addressed Navy personnel returning from combat operations in the Persian Gulf. By Tahman Bradley. The man responsible for the visual production of the 2003 “mission accomplished” speech given by President George W. Bush aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln says the media mischaracterized the president’s message that day. It’s one of the most iconic and controversial moments of the Bush presidency. The president delivered his televised remarks in front of a giant sign that said “mission accomplished.” In an interview on the Sirius XM program “PoliOptics”, deputy assistant to President Bush for communications Scott Sforza said that people who were not aboard the ship do not understand the meaning of “mission accomplished,” but those who were there do.

    “I think that the press really mischaracterized the entire event,” Sforza told host Adam Belmar. “And I say this because we personally met with those on the ship, and the intent of the message that was put on the ship ‘mission accomplished’ was really aimed at the families on the shore.”

    The men and women aboard the Abraham Lincoln were returning home after being deployed for 11 months, much longer than the typical 5-6 months, Sforza said.

    No one aboard the Naval vessel voiced any concern to Bush administration staffers that day about the “mission accomplished” banner because everyone understood the context of the message.

    “If you ever play back the tape, roll back the audio of what the president said at no time did he ever say that that was the end of military action,” said Storza.


    As far as Obama and the dog…I feel sorry for the dog!

    1. I agree and as for me, I understood what the “Mission Accomplished” banner meant. But as you probably know if that had been a Democrat doing the same thing, the media would not have made such a big deal and would have praised them for doing it. Democrats can do anything, but let a Republican do the same thing and all of a sudden the news media is all over it!

  2. Bo can! May I suggest that the Prez obain a panda bear and fly it around for photo ops. Bo is OK, but not quite panda bear level. If panda bear not available to the WH by Prez repeatedly bowing low to Chinese leaders, maybe a midget in a panda bear suit.

  3. How does Bo Obama get into Hawaii in the first place. I thought dogs were quarantined for 6 months when they arrive in Hawaii. Like they say, it’s not who you know, it’s who you Boow.

  4. The answer is simple – the tax payers paid if Bo came back. He (Bo) apparently has no self respect or he wouldn’t be photographed with O’Blamer.

  5. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to have several dogs that all look the same, so that they can be ready for any photo-op needed? One call down to central casting should do it.

  6. This is just the kind of “I can understand the political nature of this” story that should enrage each American. Let’s get to the truth of this and see if this poor dog was subjected to extreme jetlag for the sake of a lonely Washington resident.

    1. ..soooooo lonely at this Petsmart (TM) photo op and this freakin’ dog I hate like death certainly isn’t any company but I sure am gonna smile big at that camera and act like this BS is REAL

      ya mean?

  7. The Wikipedia says that Hawaii has strict quarantine laws to prevent the import of rabies – except for their favorite Kenyan SON of a BO.

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  9. Awww…I just hope BO (the actual dog) doesn’t get motion sickness from all these plane rides. As for the rest of the Obamas and their hangers on and entourage, I fear to inform ya’ll that CHANGE IS COMING and the best that Obamas can hope HOPE for would be exile.


  10. MY MEDIA STINKS – if this ignorant arrogant obama flew that darn dog back for a photo op – and they covered it up it THEN IT SHOWS HOW DESPERATE THEY ARE TO SELL THIS FREAK

    there is not enough lipstick on the planet to make Obama president again media – and the best part is that OBAMA IS WIPING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH and this time we send the lying media that sold us this bag of arrogance with him ……………………

  11. So 1 person says they saw a dog in Hawaii, and we are ready call conspiracy? It is going to be funny when the trailer trash loses the house and then doubles down on the crazy this coming year. I bet we start to see republicans call out obama for leaving the toilet seat up



  13. Moochelle and the Obama posse head for ANOTHER vacation to Hawaii with Bo, but Bo returns for a photo? And I’m counting change to buy my son Christmas presents! Camp David is too good for these Obama interlopers. They should forego their vacations to model for all Americans that they too are doing their part in these tough economic times that OBAMA CREATED! I’m sure this story will make the evening news. It’s all Bush’s fault!

  14. This dog is nothing but a family-friendly photo op. The rest of his existence is in a White House kennel tended to by sunglassed secrect service agents who take him outside to walk and poop.
    I can’t believe the average person who is interested in politics don’t know this junk !

  15. ALL of America is waiting in anxious anticipation on the answer….Yep, RIGHT….The sooner the Chicago Mafia leaves Washington,,,,,the better for America. They need to return to community organizing,,,, something they’re good at.

  16. Or maybe this blog has gone to the dogs.

    I mean, really? Speculating on every nickel that is spent by the commander in chief is getting rather tedious. If it’s bad and about Obama, it must be true.

    What ever happened to the William F. Buckley inspired conservative writers?

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  19. It’s good to be a president’s dog. When we were assigned by the Air Force to Hawaii, our Pug dog would have faced a six month quarantine in a state operated kennel to determine if it had rabies. Either that law has been changed since 1971 or the Prez got an exemption. No complaints about being stationed at Hickam, and, btw, our dog stayed with my wife’s parents in cold northern Illinois and lived happily ever after.

  20. If true… This proves Mr. Obama has no idea what America is about and should consider moving to maybe… France, where he could be surrounded by people who think like him? It is bad enough Michele flies to Hawaii with her entourage ahead of her husband, but flying the first dog home for a photo shoot! Marie Antoinette would be impressed – Unbelievable!

  21. I am not surprised at anything that this brain-damaged president pulls. I can hardly wait for all the books that will be written by former staff members when Obama is out of office. I tell you, the man is brain-damaged to the point that he will do anything to shove his a$$ in our collective face.

  22. Maybe they found out that rabies-free Hawaii has strict rules on importing dogs and they sent Bo back.

    Or, maybe that’s just another in a long list of rules that only apply to We the People, and Bo came back for a photo op.

  23. Obozo kind of reminds you of the Pied Piper. Instead of children he’s leading the almost 50% who don’t pay federal taxes. Imagine what would happen if those of us who do pay federal taxes, didn’t.

  24. Does anybody else think that the kind of talk that takes place here is the exact thing wrong with the political discourse in this country? You know, the whole “liberalism is a mental disorder” in retort to “you stupid teabagger assholes”? Everybody wants to take a side and degrade the other team as stupid or naive, when really both sides are the same.

    Sure, maybe this Matt character eats up the news he reads and is overly critical of Bush’s policies while not being critical enough of Obama’s. But everybody attacking Matt is eating up the news they read and being overly critical of Obama’s policies while not being critical enough of Bush’s. You see the hypocrisy here?

    If we continue on this track, we’re all doomed to face a political system that mirror’s this same hyper-partisan nonsense that forces the country to polarize, all for what? So the “conservatives” or the “liberals” can be right? So they can win the game?

    Reading the discourse here, it’s obvious that nobody really cares about getting the country back on its feet. If any of you did, you would embrace compromise–the only way to actually run a successful government. By spouting this partisan nonsense, chock-full of the “liberal” accusation, the conservative soldier’s slur of choice, you’re doing nothing but digging America deeper into a hole.

    The problems in our country are not Obama’s fault or Bush’s fault or the democrats’ fault or the republicans’ fault. The problem today is that too many Americans are letting the Limbaughs and Matthews out there rile them up to the point of hyperpartisan dedication.

    So why don’t you all just shut the hell up already and help this country get back to work.

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