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Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op?

Updated 1:43 pm ET

Bo Obama was supposed to be in Hawaii. Instead, he showed up at President Obama’s side Wednesday shopping for treats at PetSmart

According to Michelle Obama’s press office, the first dog was planning to go to Hawaii with the first lady and the Obama daughters. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that he in fact had gone there. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser quoted an eyewitness who said he had seen the Portuguese Water Dog having his walk.

So what is Bo doing back in Washington shopping at PetSmart?

Either these reports are mistaken, or Bo was told his vacation was over and that he had to return to the White House to keep a lonely president company – and participate in a silly photo op presenting Obama as an average guy who likes to head out to the PetSmart.

If Bo returned from Hawaii, who paid for his flight?

It’s possible he hitched a ride on a return flight of the Air Force plane that brought Michelle to Hawaii, which wouldn’t have really added much to Michelle’s more than $100,000 price tag for her solo trip.

Or maybe he commandeered his own Air Force jet.

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  1. Come on… why don’t you do some real reporting. Bo took the “first lady” on out to Hawaii and then had to get back to Washington to break the payroll tax deadlock. Believe me, Bo’s got a lot more sense than that two legged being next to him

    1. how can obama dog be in hawaii needs to be quarentined for rabies seeing hawaii has no rabies when i lived their our dog was 90 days in kennel

      1. This is true I have been to Hawaii twice and my Rotties were in quarantine for 30 days at a cost of 500 apiece. There are no exclusions to this rule.

  2. This jack@ss president wants us to all drive miniature wind-up cars to save fuel yet he and his idiot family have wasted millions of gallons of fuel on photo ops and luxury vacations.

    I’ve seen third world dictators that squandered less than the royal family in the White House.

    1. Bury it…????

      The media will likely proclaim that Obama gave the dog mystical powers to fly (like Underdog). Sadly, the 20% of socialist-democrats in this country will believe it – like they believe that America is better off today than it was only 3 years ago…

  3. Wow…what a guy! What a Person of the People! What a mensch! What a Champion for the Common man!

    What a lying, self-absorbed, snarky, arrogant, gansta-wannabe jerk!

  4. “A Dog is very religious and its religion is free from superstition. The god it believes in is its master, and that god actually exists, and is actually concerned about its welfare, and actually rewards it and punishes it, on a plan comprehensible to Dogs and meeting with their approval, for its virtues and vices. Dogs need not waste any time over insoluble theological problems. Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable — they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.” ~ H.L. Mencken

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  6. It’s a stunt double. We all know how treacherous those trips to PetSmart can be, and with the current atmosphere of hate promulgated by those evil Republicans….well you just can’t take any chances.

  7. If the dog was flown back, it is one more piece of evidence these people are so out of touch with reality they should be institutionalized. I think they have no shame! They surely have no clue about the economic disaster a huge segment of America is suffering. What is going to happen to our Country if that son of unmarried parents is re-elected? It’s just plain awful!

  8. That was not the real Bo in the pic with Obama, it was the photo op Bo double named “Faux Bo”. Faux Bo was purchased last year with left over stimulus funds.

    1. Laurie if we voted out all the Racist Pigs you would have un-employed Democrats. Starting with the man and his side arm at the very top.

  9. Or maybe he has a body double, since he is only a prop in the overall scheme of things. Surprised he isn’t wearing a white lab coat.

    2012 cannot come soon enough.

  10. Oh my, Imagine life with Michelle AFTER this FREELOADING Life ( Presidency is over)

    He will not be able to afford the life she has come to know.

    The best for you and yours this holiday season and praying we all have a wonderful New Year!

    1. No kidding, she is going to harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp harp until poor Barack can’t take it anymore and he runs out of the house screaming.

    2. sure she will, every one of these 40 plane junkets has to include the deposit of literally hundreds of BILLIONS in freshly minted 100’s. How any safari’s has been on now? thats a lifetime of extravagance and another reason to change the color of the money.
      The cash that has been deposited into other currencies is gone, lost bye bye.

      We got robbed bad, and now they coming baack with their friends to rape and pillage our land. gear up. I wish I had family to check in on me. Its me and my 12 ga

  11. You know what I cant believe NO one thats close to the Whitehouse, lets you know what is going on in there, where is the TRUTH everyone is sooooooo quiet, and ready to lie, this is all so sad for our country I could cry, dont know about you but Im worn out from this admistration:
    (Barfly) you nailed it

  12. So let’s see. They paid more for the dog to fly to and fly back from hawaii than what 65% of Americans make? just trying to put it in context.

    And what about the school in Kenya that was named for Obama’s birthplace that he said he would take care of five years ago that he hasn’t assoc. himself with since. $100,000.00 in Kogelo, Kenya?

    Your Grandmother there is upset with you Obama.

  13. Looks like the taxpayer’s are paying for the failed regime leader’s reelection and propaganda stunts. Boy, did America ever screw up by electing this socialist!

    1. Socialist is such a weak word to descride O. They will have to come up with something new because he is a whole lot more than just a Socialist.
      Obamism? A mixture of Marxism, Communism and Socialism created by Barry, Nancy and Harry. This was the only thing powerful enough to defeat the United States of America.

  14. When I was stationed in Hawaii, I brought two dogs with me. The state law is all dogs and cats being brought into the state have to be quantined for six before the owners can take them home. So, I had to have my two dogs quantied. Wouldn’t the Obama’s have to do the same with their dog?

    1. I am sure that Obama said “I am the President and No one is going to quantine my dog “Bo”, and besides Moochelle and the little Obama’s will have a fit”. He is probably affraid to get on Moochelle’s bad side!Besides they are royalty as far as they are concerned!

  15. These people sure have a heart for the 99% don’t they? Liberal or conservative you got to be a brain donor not to find all this a little out of the average American’s league. Elites in a socialistic society, which we now are, do not commiserate with the masses. They do I guess, but only enough that the masses won’t show up with pitch forks, but will kept on the ole treadmill to be taxed to support elites’ extravagances. Masses are kind of like disposable products; used (as consigned laborers) until they become to expensive to maintain then “put down” by the state.

  16. I call bullshit. There is no way the dong went on vacation before them. If you are going to pretend to be a ‘journalist’ please write something worth reading.

    1. I call doggie doodoo. Keith didn’t say the “dong” went on vacation before them. Bo the dog traveled to Hawaii with Moochelle and the children on Dec. 17th yet somehow materialized in D.C. for a photo-op with your hero on Dec. 21st.

  17. They flew the dog that no one in the family cares about back from Hawaii for a cynical photo op at Petsmart as if anyone believes Obama shops at Petsmart for a dog he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t living in the White House right now.

  18. That’s one dar(r)ned ugly dog. Does it have its own expensive SS agent to guard it from being laughed at by all the other dogs on the block?


    2. Laurie,
      You’re yelling at the keyboard again…Put down the pipe and back away from the table. You can get off the crack Laurie…we’re all pulling for you!

    3. He promised “Change” and that is exactly what we got! His change was to bankrupt america and wants us to be a communist country, and we are close to being bankrupt and close as we ever have been to becoming a communist country. Soon we will be “Communist Republic of Amerika” and will have a flag flying in Washington, D.C. with Obama’s face on it and a “hammer and sickle” and a big “RED” star on it.

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  21. Dear Leader and the Queen can spend as much as they want on their vacations! We are simply lowly serfs following their commands. All hail the Obamas! All hail first dog Bo! I would gladly pay many thousands of dollars more in taxes each year so that the glorious first dog may traverse the globe, all for the Obamas!

  22. LMBO! These people have NO shame – and no idea of the money they are costing taxpayers……. ‘Let ’em eat…… their Christmas tree!’

  23. I highly doubt Bo was supposed to be in Hawaii…. There is a quarantine period for all animals coming on the island. I don’t think even Obama’s stupid self would flaunt a circumvent of a law that is largely hated on the islands.

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