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Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op?

Updated 1:43 pm ET

Bo Obama was supposed to be in Hawaii. Instead, he showed up at President Obama’s side Wednesday shopping for treats at PetSmart

According to Michelle Obama’s press office, the first dog was planning to go to Hawaii with the first lady and the Obama daughters. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that he in fact had gone there. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser quoted an eyewitness who said he had seen the Portuguese Water Dog having his walk.

So what is Bo doing back in Washington shopping at PetSmart?

Either these reports are mistaken, or Bo was told his vacation was over and that he had to return to the White House to keep a lonely president company – and participate in a silly photo op presenting Obama as an average guy who likes to head out to the PetSmart.

If Bo returned from Hawaii, who paid for his flight?

It’s possible he hitched a ride on a return flight of the Air Force plane that brought Michelle to Hawaii, which wouldn’t have really added much to Michelle’s more than $100,000 price tag for her solo trip.

Or maybe he commandeered his own Air Force jet.

962 thoughts on “Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op?”

    1. The Pets Mart dog sure doesn’t look like the same dog.

      Drudge has two stories running about the dog. One link shows a dog with one white and one black paw. The other link shows the dog having two white paws.

  1. It would be no big deal to have to “alike” dogs. In fact, dogs like other dogs for company.
    If it’s true, tho, sure shows the show-biz smarminess of the Barry & Moo Show.

    1. It would be no big deal to have “alike” dogs if they showed up together before this event. Having this simultaneous appearance of the dog and his double makes one wonder if they rented a Washington, D.C., “Bo” to have a photo op with BO.

      And that, if it is true, is very odd behavior.

      1. Snowing the middle class with a permanent 17$ monthly fee on ALL middle class homeowners to give Americans a temporary 40$ FICA holiday.

        You bought hook, line and sinker.

        Dictators and tyrants usually bribe the people with their own money…. Just Sayin’

        1. “Just sayin'”

          You know, that has to be the most overused saying on any of these site boards,

          “Just sayin'” = “Hey, guys… look, I made a funny!”


          1. I see in my blog trackers significant traffic coming from facebook. My blog is not connected with facebook, I don’t have an account there, and I can’t see, who posts the links…any ideas?.

          2. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

        2. Corey: You don’t see that inconvenient little fact anywhere, do you? To pay for this 2-month temp tax holiday (that robs the coffers of SS), ALL homeowners will get a new mortgage tax. I’ll bet that’s not a 2-month temp tax. Somewhere I saw it was “$40 per payday for those making ~50K”. “Per payday?” Those that don’t bother with research might imply it meant a weekly paycheck or $40X4 = $160/month. Actually, from my understanding, it’s 2% of your income. So if you make $50K/yr. your ‘savings’ would be $19.23/week. Obama doesn’t bother to explain that the savings he’s talking about based on a $50K salary, would be a biweekly paycheck. This community organizer ‘misleads’ at best.

          1. Actually what happened to the elite educated liberals you were complaining about a few years ago in their liberal universities?

            You are no Voice of reason, you are a Coice of Division.

            You post the same old BS day after day in your life complaining about “liberals”.

            Lets get one thing clear, Liberals , just like Conservatives have their own nuts.

            Difference is that Conservative nuts bend over, spread their ass checks and say hey rich men, stick it in!

          2. They work in colleges and universities on the gov’t payroll. They don’t understand how to operate a business and aren’t driven by incintives like those of us in the private sector because many are tenured. That said, the Democrats rely on the idiots to win elections.

          3. And as you said, since the money is coming from a bankrupt government program (SS), it will have to be paid back. The Republicans painted themselves into a corner by agreeing to a FICA tax holiday? How stupid is that?

          4. “The Republicans painted themselves into a corner by agreeing to a FICA tax holiday? How stupid is that?”

            Not as stupid as the Democrats letting them off the hook. This isn’t about taxes. It is about Democrats appeasing their environmental base by not letting Keystone go through.

          5. His followers only hear “free money from obama’s stash!” and they don’t bother to stop and think of where it comes from.
            And they don’t care.

          6. Well, many think it’s coming from “the rich.”

            Or taxing “evil things.”

            They don’t really care, as long as their misconstrued view of Robin Hood is acted out by the current “thief in chief.”

        3. Shows you can’t do math and just parrot what the Lame Stream Media print. First, it is not on ALL middle class homeowners. If you don’t purchase or refinance your home there is no fee. Second, the percentage is 1/10 of 1%. On a $200,000 home that works out to $200 over the life of the loan. If you finance the home for 30 years you would divide $200 by 360 or about 55 cents per month plus interest. What the reporter did was divide the $200 fee by 12 to come up with the $17 per month figure.

          1. You couldn’t be more wrong. The g-fee is not an origination fee….it is tacked onto the interest rate. The first year, the fee is about 200, You keep paying that .1 percent fee until the loan is paid.

            Shows you can’t parrot left wing talking points and understand finance at the same time.

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      2. Pro Tip: if the “something” is detrimental to the well being of the country like 9% unemployment, the first ever downgrade of US credit, violate the war powers act, stopped deporting illegals, orchestrated selling murder weapons to Mexico, telling a company where they can build their plant, golf more than 80 times in his first 2 years…”something” like that is not good.

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      1. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech was given on May 1, 2003. Saddam wasn’t captured until December 13, 2003. The mission was not accomplished by any definition.

        1. alRIGHT already! Bush hasn’t been president for 3 years. how long are you people going to keep slamming him?

          after corpse-man, speaking Austrian, the English Embassy, and all the other Obama gaffes, there isn’t much daylight between “the dumb guy” and “the smartest president ever.”

          1. I’ll keep slamming him as long as people keep defending him and re-writing history to paint him as some stupid war hero.

            Our economy was going full-steam ahead toward disaster when Obama took office after 8 years of major tax cuts, a housing bubble, and MASSIVE war spending. Just because Obama inherited a pile of garbage and hasn’t dealt with it well doesn’t mean we can just pretend like the previous 8 years under Bush that set the foundation for this mess just didn’t happen.

          2. And why was there a housing bubble? That is really what caused the whole collapse after all.
            And what caused that? how about wonderful congress men Dodd and Franks in the 90s, followed up by the dem congress in 2006 passing further regulations to back so they had to give out high risk loans.
            Send blame to where its due. The economic shit hole we’re in now is due to dem congressmen, not bush.
            You can blame the wars on bush all you want, but at the time we invaded the whole nation, including dems, was behind it.

          3. Soooo… our economy collapsed because of democratic congressman, not Obama. Got it. Thanks.

            Dems “forced” banks to give risky high-profit loans… ooooooook.

            By the way- Obama was one of the only ones against the Iraq war (you guys like to forget that one).

          4. Right, being a normal hypocrite considering he continued the war in Iraq after being elected instead of ending it. Sure he pulled some troops back, but he put more contractors in than he pulled out….

          5. You, my friend, are the one trying to rewrite history. Spending bills are passed by Congress, not by the Executive branch. Democrats had full control of Congress the last two years of Bush’s presidency (January 2007-December 2008). The Democrats had full control of Congress in Obama’s first two years in office, and not one single bill was passed to fix the economy during that time. The Republicans regained control of the House in January 2011; however, the Democrats still control the Senate.

            The housing market was doomed once the Community Reinvestment Act was kicked into gear by one William Jefferson Clinton. Your hero, the omnipotent Obama, was a lawyer for ACORN in 1994 when he sued Citibank to force the bank into making home loans to people who could never repay them.

            Maybe if you could clear the BDS cloud from your eyes and do a little research you would learn the truth.

          6. Unemployment was at 5% when obama took over. yep, disastrous and obama fixed it, right Matt Damon?
            How much money did obama make off the Solyndra bundlers before he gave them $535million that disappeared?
            how much money did obama get from the bundler that started Lightsquared and then how much did he give him before attempting to silence the military about it’s failures?
            how much drug cartel money has this administration laundered under the DEA?
            how many more Americans will die under this administration’s Fast and Furious?
            How many civilians have been killed by obama’s secret drones going into at least 6 countries and randomly taking out all in their paths? (last count about one month ago – about 2000 civilians)
            How many more countries will obama help to install the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in, that we now see making things worse than the dictators they had?

            Bush was a freakin’ saint compared to this 57 state, is this texas or kansas, Asia or Hawaii, give all asthmatics a breathalyzer, intercontinental railroad-building, fallen soldiers sitting in the audience, military and news corpsemen, free markets have never worked, maniacal fool.

          7. You are unbelievably stupid! The housing bubble was caused by the CRA put into effect by the first dufus, Jimmy Carter, made worse by Bill Clinton and really took off under Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Banks were told they MUST make these loans or else they would never be able to open another branch again! The final government tally for the Iraq war (that was voted favorably on by the House and Senate) was $800 Billion, just $13 Billion more than Obama’s Porkulus bill that accomplished NOTHING except lining the pockets of the unions and other “favored” recipients.
            P.S. FYI, Obama wasn’t in the Senate when the Iraq vote was taken!.

          8. @Matt is like Obama, if anything goes wrong or is something he doesn’t like he always say’s “It was the previous administrations fault, not his” He calls it the “Bush Clause”

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        2. The “Mission Accomplished” banner was hung on the aircraft carrier to signify that the crew on that boat had completed their 10-month deployment. It was a party for them. Bush’s mistake was trying to make it a party for him. But, to be fair, liberals have misused that banner for 8 years.

        3. Well, first of all the Mission Accomplished banner was on the ship that was bringing back people who’s actual mission was accomplished. It didn’t have anything to do with Bush and the media made sure it ended up in the pictures so they would have ammunition against him later on. Bush said he didn’t even realize it was there until he saw the pictures.

          You lefty tools are amusing to those who think.

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        4. Idiot! The “Mission Accomplished” banner was placed there by the crew of the USS Lincoln as THEIR mission had been completed and they were on their way back home! The media lied about it since that day! Ask someone who was stationed on that ship and they will tell you the TRUTH!

    1. “Mission Accomplished” referred to the extended mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Did you honesly not know that? President
      Bush was welcoming the navy sailors and pilots home from their service to our country.

          1. In January 2009, Bush said that “Clearly, putting ‘Mission Accomplished’ on an aircraft carrier was a mistake”.

            Apparently Bush agrees with me. Dummy.

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        1. No Matt, It really was a sign about the return of the USS Abraham Lincoln returning from deployment.. the longest deployment of a carrier since the Vietanam War.

        2. Have you ever been in the military, Matt?
          Those banners have been used before when a unit returns. This is a quote from Bush during the speech
          “The transition from dictatorship to democracy will take time but it is worth every effort. Our coalition will stay until our work is done.” Does not sound like he thought the misson was finished. You can revise and swalow the bait from other revisionis,t but the facts do not back your argument. Don’t let your brain become a repository for the rantings and ravings of the left and think for yourself man.

          1. Right. He was announcing the end of “major combat operations in Iraq” and declaring victory. He even said himself In January 2009, that “Clearly, putting ‘Mission Accomplished’ on an aircraft carrier was a mistake”.

          2. Do you know the diferrence between a battle and a war?
            Please do yourself a favor and do some critical thinking.
            Read the last quote from the speech that I posted below

            So I guess the rest of that sentence should be ignored
            “In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country”
            or later in the speech
            “The Battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on September the 11th, 2001, and still goes on.”
            and later
            “The liberation of Iraq is a crucial advance in the campaign against terror”
            and later
            “The war on terror is not over, yet it is not endless. We do not know the day of final victory, but we have seen the turning of the tide. No act of the terrorists will change our purpose, or weaken our resolve, or alter their fate. Their cause is lost. Free nations will press on to victory.”
            and finally
            “After service in the Afghan and Iraqi theaters of war — after 100,000 miles, on the longest carrier deployment in recent history — you are homeward bound. ”
            So you they have accomplished their mission. Please get a clue and quit listenning to shills on the left

        3. My bet is is that Matt, like Clinton and Obama, never served a day in any of the US Armed Services. Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force units very frequently display banners to draw attention to the end of a combat deploment. Those of us who served would be happy to direct Matt to a local recruiter. He can then educate himself as to military traditions. Clinton is too old: but Obama could still qualify.

          1. You’re right, I’m not in the military, because I would never risk my life to “liberate” people who don’t want us there in order to defend big money oil interests and keep gas cheap so idiots can drive 11mpg trucks to the grocery store.

            I’m not anti-military or anti-soldier. My uncle was an Admiral in the Navy, my grandfather was a Marine on Iwo Jima. It’s a noble service, a sacrifice that they made trusting their leadership to risk their lives for worthwhile reasons. Iraq was a farce from day one, our leadership today has failed our soldiers. So no, I haven’t served.

          2. You are right the leadership we have to day has failed and the sooner we get rid of Obama the better we will be.
            Just because family members served doesn’t mean anything. That’s like a racists saying that he is not racist because he knows some blacks. It is only a “Red Herring” in a debate to deflect attention from a flawed argumment. You not serving then you would not know that those banners are used all the time tto attract attention to the end of a mission or deployment.

          3. Bush chose to take us to Iraq under false pretenses. Bush is the one that wasted our soldier’s lives for no reason. Getting rid of Obama won’t change that, in fact every one of the GOP candidates (except Paul) would gladly march us off to more stupid, pointless wars that I would never be willing to die for.

            The point of mentioning my family members is that I understand and respect the nature of military service. The fact that I haven’t served is due to my unwillingness to fight for these stupid causes, not because I’m unwilling to defend my country.

            Funny thing is, Bush’s press secretary at the time acknowledges that the White House had the sign made because the Navy didn’t have the resources to do it. If these things are done “all the time”, I’d think they might actually have the ability to make their own signs.

          4. Matt, your a delusional useless idiot.
            Fals pretenses? Iraq had WMDs. Fact.
            Iraq used WMDs. Fact.
            Certain memebers of congress, Hillary Clinton included, saw every bit of information about Iraq that Bush did and they still backed him up about invading Iraq.

            Now lets compare dems to republicans and getting us into war. Who dragged the US into Korea and Vietnam? Democrats. What about Mogadishu? Democrat. What about Libiya? Democrat.

            In fact the only time in recent history when a republican has led us into war is in 1991 against Iraq to defend Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and against Afghnistan and Iraq. And all of those causes have been worthwhile and at the time very popular.

            Now whats this about the white house making the sign because the navy didnt have the resources? I know you made the part about the resources up yourself because I know that the navy could have done it, I’m in the military and I know this, also nowhere in the article you repeatedly quote does it say anything about navy resources.
            What was said is that the sign was the navy’s idea, and then the white house made it and the navy put it up. Just because someone in the white house had the sign made does not even mean that Bush new about it anyway.

          5. Matt, again, so that you might verify your veracity, could you please tell us the surname of your uncle who served as a US Navy Admiral? The number of Admirals, pase and present, is relatively small. I am curious as to the Marine Corps (not corpse as Obama would say) Division your grandfather served in during the Iwo Jima Campaign. Incidentily, the flag raising on Suribachi marked the taking of the hill and not the end of the battle. Get it!

          6. Matt, Are you a conscientious objector or just to affraid to serve and protect your country? I’ll bet if we were ever invaded by an enemy, you would be running to the hills with your tail tucked between your legs.

            As for me, I will be out there fighting to repel and kill any invaders and if were to die doing it, at least I would die fighting. I would rather be dead then “red” I love the freedom that we have that was won by our great military and has been protected by our military, including me and will do ANYTHING to keep the freedom we have!!

          7. Matt has revealed himself. Obama or Holder could use another press secretary that does not mind lieing his a*s off. He, also, reminds me of the North Koreans who blubber for their Great Leader. Yes, our own Boy King could make use of his talents.

          8. I enabled comments on my blogger page but it only shows the comments link, and when it’s clicked, a new page opens to show the comments. Is there a way to just have the comments show on my main page right underneath the blog, I don’t want just a link to the comments page..

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          10. I have a degree in psychology, which I have found to be useless. And I am planning on going back to school and getting a Masters in Creative Writing, because I enjoy writing and would love to learn more techniques to make myself a better writer. I am worried, however, that this degree will not open up many doors in terms of the job market (just as my psychology degree has failed to do). Any thoughts? Thank you..

          11. By the way, your boy bush hijacked their tradition with a circus stunt to look like a cowboy and declare victory in a war that wouldn’t end for 8 more years. Hussein hadn’t even been captured yet. He used our sailors as an expensive political stunt, and you defend him. Where is your respect for the military?

          12. Political stunt?
            Isnt it the media that chooses what gets emphasized and what doesnt in the media?
            So if the media hadnt made such a huge deal about it, it wouldnt really have been a stunt. But because the media chose to blow it up, it all of a sudden it became a silly looking stunt that could then be used to throw at Bush in the future.

          13. Actually, the weekend following the “Mission Accomplished” showed all the talk shows and approval ratings for President Bush go through the roof. He took training without the press knowing and was able to fly that plane onto an aircraft carrier. It wasn’t until the Tuesday after that the Dems decided to exploit it and turn it around.

          14. Smoked the liar Matt out. He is not as bad as a poser, but he makes family members into posers; he’s still a liar. He does it to try and convince those of us that have defended the republic that he has some credibility in the discussion of the military and it’s mission. Good try, liar.

        4. Matt you are a joke, it was meant as “mission accomplished” for the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72 for the end of thier deployment and the great job the crew did, but also to all of the ships of the Abraham Lincoln carrier battle group.

          1. Yea, I couldn’t find Fox News’ coverage of it, which is probably the only source you wouldn’t try to discredit. Everything in there is sourced, this stuff can be found many places. Prove me wrong.

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          1. You’re hilarious. As if I’m going to sit here and debate the meaning of “major” with you. Ask the thousands of soldiers killed, maimed, and suffering from PTSD how “major” it was since 2003.

          2. military memeber are injured and killed every day in training enviornments.
            While this is tragic, it does not mean that there is any major combat mission going on.

            In 2003 after we had sucessfully defeated the Iraqi military, major combat operations had ended.
            It wasnt until 2006 in falujah that major combat operations occured again.

            I was in Iraq in 2009. I’m a marine machine gunner and did daily patrons in Ramadi. I had several buddies hit by IEDs and another shot in the head. And yet that was not major combat operations.
            Just because casualties are happening does not imply that major combat operations are continuing.

          3. We had 135,000 troops there until 2009. That is “major” in my book. Maybe we should ask the Iraqis how “major” it was for them having 100,000+ countrymen killed while we tried to “liberate” them even though they never wanted us there. It’s all b.s. semantics.

            I’m very, very sorry you lost friends like that. I wish there was a reason for it, we owed them that much and failed them.

        1. player I do believe some sort of doable remedy need to be uncovered earlier as an alternative to in order to late. relies on supply sets after a while, never upward. Pulling is actually an actually current demanding Preserving inventory The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier is usually a demanding company. Rather than various other Shrinkage can be an possibly offer matter. Spoilage will need spot normally the more time frame goods are inside shop. Sufficient reason for new items Michael Kors Outlet Online generally staying launched in to the Ervin Kors Clutches modern usefulness retail store, obsolescence Erina Kors Electric outlet On the web isassets, the value of the and you’ll certainly Retaining products on hand is a difficult Michael Kors Outlet Online company. Versus some other opportunities, the significance of one’s stock crashes as time passes, not necessarily upwards. be successful. Fail web marketing with no topic what amount you choose to work, the Ervin Kors Electric outlet odds at becoming successful will probably be slender.

          1. Matt,
            I am typing slow so you can understand…the Mission Accomplished banner was put up by the commander of the ship that had in fact completed the mission assigned to it.
            Because of how it was perceived, Bush stated that the placing of the banner was a mistake.
            Shed the ideological blinders and this is a fairly easy thing to comprehend.

          2. Matt, I have been following your posts and finally had to respond to this one. I love how you state you will hold Bush accountable for the words that came out of his mouth. Can you state the same about our current Commander in Chief? (Sorry, Not being Military I better say Obama.) Or is he Exempt?

          3. It was a mistake because people like you took it out of context, after the media took it out of context and spoon-fed it to you. Unfortunately for you, you regurgitate what you read and hear from liberal media outelts and blogs, rather than actually knowing what was going on.

            And last I checked, the active military campaign was over by that point, and remaining forces were acting as pseudo-police and anti-insurgency. They were not an actively invading force as they were as they came across the desert in tanks, APCs, and humvees. Look up the word “insurgent” and you’ll see it means “a person acting against civil authority”, and in order to have insurgency, the US forces had to become the dominant power in Iraq first, and that had been accomplished by that point.

            In summation, the banner was more about succeeding in occupying the country, not succeeding in that the war was over (since I think this will be more on your level, think about video games: once you beat a mission it says “mission accomlished”–it doesn’t say that when you beat the whole game). However, those banners are used on every ship that returns to port after being abroad in active duty for an extended period of time, particularly when their goal in their tour was accomplished (occupying Iraq).

          4. Last time you checked? Apparently you haven’t checked in a while. Ask the guys who came home last weekend when the “active military campaign” ended.

            Bush declared the “end of major combat operations”. That was clearly 110% false. Your attempts to spin it are laughable. Even more funny when you accuse me of relying on “liberal media outlets” to shape my views as you spout conservative backpedaling talking points to defend him.


          5. Okay, let’s switch to something more relevant. Do these words mean anything to you?

            “Summer of recovery”

            The ball of doo doo is in your basketball court, Matt. Can you pick it up by the clean end like Obama wishes he could?

          6. Whtasa matter Matt? Cat got your tongue after ZAFelix mentioned the “summer of recovery”?? Matt, oh Mattie Boy, wherefore art thou, Mattie Boy?

          7. Matt, you sound like a broken record. Problem is you have been to busy trying to defend liberal policies, socialist ideas and pretending to be a patriot. When the time comes for you to step up and defend your rights as an American, I am willing to wager you will be on the rear lines once again eager to support those willing to die to defend your rights. I bet that marine in your family weeps in shame when he looks at you.

          8. I discovered your weblog internet site on google and check several of your early posts. Continue to keep up the rather wonderful operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking for forward to reading far more from you later on!
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          9. military memeber are injured and killed every day in training enviornments.
            While this is tragic, it does not mean that there is any major combat mission going on.

            In 2003 after we had sucessfully defeated the Iraqi military, major combat operations had ended.
            It wasnt until 2006 in falujah that major combat operations occured again.

            I was in Iraq in 2009. I’m a marine machine gunner and did daily patrons in Ramadi. I had several buddies hit by IEDs and another shot in the head. And yet that was not major combat operations.
            Just because casualties are happening does not imply that major combat operations are continuing

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    2. Bush’s fault! When Dems can’t come up with something intelligent like Obama the airhead, then use ” Bush’s fault”. Obama knows what kind of audience he has. DUMBED DOWN AMERICANS. I’m thinking you fit the picture!

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    3. Better than Bush ..Come of it jerk off. NO ONE believes in Obama anymore except those so immature that they can not accept or admit to being stupid enough to have voted for him and those living off the public tit . Which one are you ?

      1. Jesse, you forgot to mention a few more that still believe in Obama. Here’s more for your list: the Communist Party of America, the Socialist Party of America, the Green Party, and whacked out liberals still living off mom and dad.

    4. Ed is indulging himself in typical Demoncrat Drone-speak. Everybody with a brain knows that the Mission Accomplished banner was for the crew of CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln and not for the entire Iraq War effort. But, send in the left leaning MSM-HSHs (Main Scream Media – Hair Sprayed Heads) who proceeded to erect a straw man argument and repeat it at nausium for the benefit of the sadsack Leftist Drones [like Ed] who needed something, anything to feed their BDS [Bush Derangement Syndrome] and make them feel good about themselves as loyal liege Leftist Drones. Ed is just expressing the typical mental incompetence and criminal insanity that passes for thought in Drone Culture. Forget Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us now.

      1. このような天候が秋まで予想されるとのことですので、体調管理には十分気をつけてくださいねここで、あゆの出演情報スカパー275Chの東京スカイウエーブ「はこスカ」、LaLa-TVの「 LaLaLxe」ご観いた。 (代引は宅配便発送になります為) 代引ご決済で頂きましたご注文は、一旦キャンセルとなります。 翌日スポーツ紙の一面は、「高島彩、スピード婚、なんとお相手は東大博士卒の大量汗かきデカチン男!

    5. You seem to forget that president Photo-op has kept all of president Mission Accomplished approach to foreign policy (Guantanamo,Afganistan, Drones,etc..) while trying to demonize it at the same time. Remember it was president Mission Accomplished who set in motion capturing and or killing Bin-Laden.It was thankfully accomplished by president Photo-op.He did not wanted be labeled president “the one who got away”. Losers copy,winners set the trend.

    6. Alright Eddy, I am sorry but we are going to have to send you back to the peanut butter and jelly table so the adults can continue discussing the very real problem of this President’s craven illusion making along with his potential waste and abuse of the tax payer’s dollars. Clearly you have nothing of substance to offer, so be a good little boy and run along.

      1. Wow, Malaci…..Thats not an AMERICAN name like Jethro, Bubba, or Jesus!

        The only wrecking balls are FAKE americans like you, claiming to LOVE america yet all you do day after day is complaine, whine and bitch on sites like this that DRUDGE links you to!

        Fuck You and Fuck all of you that spew hate toward Obama every day of your lives.

        The guy isnt the best Pres, he isnt even a very good President. But he is better than ANY of the Repub-Teabaggers that ran last time or that are running this time

        1. wow, epitome of a democrat right here.
          and this is why we cant give you nice things.
          or have intelligent conversations with you.

          What makes you think that just because we really really dont like Obama we are fake Americans?

          What were you doing when Bush was president I wonder?
          Were you complaining all the time about what a terrible president he was?
          Im willing to be you were. And yet when compaired to Obama, Bush comes out smelling like a rose.
          And I didnt even like Bush.

          And in what way could he possibly be better than any of the republican canidates? Every single policy that he has passed and just about every single thing he has done has in some way or another damaged this country.

          1. I want to pursue a major in creative writing, and eventually become a fiction writer, but my question is, besides teaching english (which I NEVER picture myself doing), what is there for someone with a creative writing degree to do before they have written any books. My mom says a degree in creative writing is like signing up to work at Starbuck’s until i get published, is this the case?.

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        2. YOU, Libby are, More proof that an intelligent, positive, informed, debate is impossible with a Liberal, marxist, Socialistic, Progressive, Democrat. Living in the Land Of Oz suits you perfectly. You wear it well.

          1. I don’t really like livejournal or xanga. I already have both of those. I was going to try deadjournal because I read on here that it was really good, but I don’t want to have to pay for it and you have to have an invite code to get in free. Does anybody have an invite code they could give me, or a suggestion on another free blogging website I could try? Any information would be helpful..

          2. I recently started a blog, and I was just wondering how people have promoted their blogs online to get more followers so you aren’t just typing to nothing out in the internet?. Oh, and for my blog, I don’t really want my friends to be my followers, unless they find it on their own. My blog is about something that most of my friend’s can’t really help me with. (Photography is the main subject).

        3. Spoken like a true Occupy Whatever nut job. Your profanity belies your lack of intellect. Face the facts, Obama is the worst US president ever, although he might have an equal with Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

      1. Thanks for repeating tired old child like lines like that.

        Liberalism is not a mental disorder.

        Following Matt Drudge and spewing negative bullshit day after day like you do is a mental disorder!

        1. Please, Libby,,,, Tell us unwashed and illinformed,all of the positive aspects of Liberalism? Please be specific, as to why it is that a non-progressive is so much behind a progressive in the way the world really operates and how You say it should be.

    7. Hey ED which of the 57 States is Ovomit hoping to win next year??
      Hopefully not one with CORPSE MEN. That would be the Chicago area where the dead vote.

      1. Why do you use a mistake in a speech over and over in posts?

        So he said 57 states………….Is that all you got?

        Bush said the gool me once, shame on you, fool me twice gaff, but only children like you on the left repeated it for 2 years over and over.

        Grow up douchebags!

    8. really ought to do research on this one, Slick. The sign was put on the carrier returning from the Gulf indicating that it’s role in the attack on Iraq was done; it’s mission was accomplished.
      But, then again, you probably thought that “W” took too many vacations and played too much golf.


    9. Ed the press planted the Idea that “Bush” was saying “Mission accomplished” in Iraq
      This is not what the truth is– My Son was on the USS Lincoln at that time and actually got to shake the President’s hand
      That day was the END of the Longest deployment for the servicemen on the ship — the Crew and Officers put up that Sign with the meaning that their 11 month mission was a success They didn’t think it would be Used to give a false message–Believe what you like but that is the real story

    10. Really Ed? Do you have any skin the game known as “The United States of America” and the ideals of our Founding like ordered liberty, a free market economy, and individual responsibility? Or are you just another taker who expects me to work my @ss off so your President “Hope and Change” can steal the fruits of my labor and give them to you to buy stuff with?

    11. I don’t know why you ignore the facts. Bush was speaking specifically to the troops on the carrier that were headed home after sucessfully completing its mission. Oh yeah, facts what are those?

    12. better? really? lets see higher unemployment, record debt in record time, more people on food stamps, credit rating downgraded, illegal wars, solyndra, fast and furious.

      yep, keep drinking that kool aid son.

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    1. There you go, Rick, insulting the intelligence of Portuguese Water Dog’s everywhere. Do you really think dumber-n-dirt Biden could pull off playing a PWD?

  2. Possible explanations:
    -Far too much water in Hawaii and furthermore, it was not Portuguese water. Having learned from MRO, he insisted he was going home when HE wanted to go home.
    -Bo unexepectedly got Rock Fever and was so dispondent he had to be taken home to DC, the urgency of which required that no expense be spared.
    -The dog seen at Pet Smart was a trained canine actor who performed a cameo with the presumption that the lame stream media would never report the seeming contradiction of eyewitness report of Bo’s presence in Hawaii and the simultaneous appearnce of a dog appearing to be Bo taking the President of the United States out to do a little late season Christmas shopping for himself.
    -One or the other of the dogs is a Secret Service body-double, the only body-double in fact maintained for the Obama family as he is the only one that almost everyone could be convinced to give a hoot about. Okay, maybe the daughters too.

    1. Not for one single second do I think they (the Obama’s) wouldn’t fly Bo back to DC for a photo op. Hey, it isn’t THEIR money. And if indeed they did ship Bo back, they’ll have to send a second plane for Bo when Obozo goes to Hawaii and he is not allowed on Air Force 1.

      And Obama has the audacity to think we should be grateful he is “working so hard” to get us less than $20.00 a week through his payroll tax cut holiday.

      2012 cannot come soon enough to get rid of this moocher and his spendaholic wife.

  3. Bo is not the “First Dog”.
    Maybe? if the WH “press corps” did some REAL ‘reporting/research/journalism’ they would figure out that “Bo” is nothing but a PROP that the Obama “First Family” mentions or drags out when its helps Pres. Obama…

    1. …the “Obama family” seems too stuck-up & spoiled to have a real ‘family dog’.
      Why didnt they have a dog/pet when the “Obama family” lived in Chicago?

      1. My guess is that Barry et al were so beholden to Ted Kennedy that they nearly HAD to accept this dog, which was a gift from Teddy. Furthermore, they now have enough servants to care for Bo so that is really is no inconvenience. That said, I would love to see Barry out picking up dog crap from his yard. Then he an I would at lest have one thing in common.

        1. I agree. They didn’t suddenly want a water dog, but that’s what Uncle Ted raised and it is supposed to be a breed that doesn’t cause allergic reactions. So they were stuck with the dog. I find it odd that the parents let the kids give the dog their dad’s name. What a strange family.

    2. Can one idiot (Boehner) make another idiot (Obama) look good? I don’t think so, they just both look like bigger idiots, and if you don’t see that practically all the politicians in Washington are corrupt and should be thrown out of office, you jst prove that you’ve drunk the kool-aid!

      1. You’re on to something. If the superposition principle holds for the idiot field (idiot field is produced by idiots and has similar properties to that of an EM / gravity / etc fields) then we can combine the idiot field from Boehner with that from Obama to make a greater idiot field. It would make both appear like even greater idiots than they actually are (this all theoretical b/c the level of idiot approaches infinity w/ those two). If the two were to stand too closely along with Biden and a few other pols (take your pick, any will do), an idiot blackhole could form… sucking in and destroying the Earth! (man, that’s a nerdy pol joke)

    3. Yet another intellectually dishonest ploy of Demoncrat Drones is to plead “moral equivalence”. Whenever one of their Dear Leaders does something stupid, unethical, illegal or immoral, the Drones immediatly start stroking the narrative that their guy may be bad but Republican X (fill in blank) is worse. Thus, mentally incompetent and criminally insane Demoncrat Drones erect a designer substitute for ethics and standards with their almost reflux-like appeals to Republican bashing in general and Bush bashing in particular every time Berry the O’s bad behavior becomes worthy of discussion.

      Don’t worry about Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us.

  4. You can tell Michele and the girls don’t like the poor thing they had to keep it
    cause Ted Kennedy gave it to them or BO would be gone. He’s a prop and we
    paid to have him flown back for a $41 picture guess he goes back in storage now. Cruelty to animals if you ask me!

    1. I think Bo the dog will disappear from the family about the time that the Obamas disappear from the White House, just as Socks the cat got socked with homelessness when the Clintons packed their van and moved.

  5. Give me a break. Are you insinuating that Obama flew his dog from Hawaii to DC for a picture at taxpayer expense?

    You neocons have no shame!

    1. I think the answer is pretty clear. No insinuation needed. Even a liberal could understand the following:
      1. Dog was seen in Hawaii with First Family.
      2. Later Dog is seen in DC with First Kenyan.
      3. Logic states Dog did not swim from Hawaii to CONUS in under two days.
      4. Ergo, dog was flown from Hawaii to residence of First Kenyan at taxpayer expense.

        1. It is not that Demoncrat Drones are stupid so much as they are mentally incompetent and criminally insane.

          Don’t worry about Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us.

      1. ablecynic…
        Thank you for for listing it step-by-step
        Logic + common sense = FACT

        Maybe the First Kenyan Worshippers (liberals) can comprehend it.
        ie: 1 + 1 = 2

        Obviously, it’s not the dog “owners?” paying for the expensive bs photo-op.
        It’s the taxpayers expense and there is the belief that there is an unlimited supply of taxpayer money forever.

        Invoice the First Family for their personal pet transportation cost.

    2. So you Marxists can even lie to yourselves? I don’t think there is any question that he did this. After all, it’s not his money he’s spending….like all Marxists he has no problem spending other people’s cash.

    3. Well, here are the possibilities:
      1) The witnesses who said they saw Bo in Hawaii just days ago were lying.

      2) The Obamas own two identical Portuguese Water Dogs -maybe you think they had the family dog cloned or something?

      3) They put the dog on a jet and flew him 4,770 miles from Hawaii to Washington, D.C.

      1. Or 4) They quickly rounded up another PWD for the Photo-Op from the local rent-a-pooch center.

        Don’t worry about Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us.

        1. That’s already covered under possibility number 2. The trouble with that scenario is, unless the Kennedys did a doggy-two-fer, there are too many witnesses who know about the Obamas having two dogs; Bo and Bo’s double. If the dog at PetSmart had trouble answering to the name “Bo”, then that’s the doggy-double.

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    4. A third intellectually dishonest ploy of Demoncrat Drones is to mount the high horse of superior scornfulness and commence to hurl insults. Fortunately they think the term “neocon” is some kind heavy weight insult rather than the limp aphorism that it truly is.

      Don’t worry about Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us.

    5. HuffPo contributor – I noticed you disappeared after you attempted to discredit the story by implying evil intent by a large group of people. Since you contribute to HuffPo, you probably don’t know this, but real journalism will rebut with facts, not name calling.

      So, as someone else aksed earlier, given that the dog was seen in Hawaii, why is it now shopping with the President? What is your explanation?

      1. I wonder if they’ll leave the gigantic wooden spoon and fork on the wall or remove the plastic from the furniture before they go..

        1. Remember when they asked the Bush’s if they could “move in early?” That was the same time obama (lower case intentional) stood behind the sign that said “office of the president elect.” I knew right then we were in trouble. These people are simply tacky!

      2. The White House, Air Force 1, Air Force 2, Marine 1 and everything will have to be “Deloused” when the Obama’s leave the White House and I hope and pray that will be in 2012!

  6. I didn’t vote for obama last time but this time I am gonna vote for him…. I think he is the best thing for America in recent history… WONDERFUL!!! 4 more years and this country will be purged of a corrupt congress and senate because the people are gonna purge every politician out by civil war…. There will be unrest like never seen in America. Because now Americans believe that good is bad and bad is good. Once this country goes even further to hell in a hand basket there will be a purging… When Americans can’t say “Merry Christmas” because good is bad and once they can’t store more than seven days worth of food because good is bad and once they can’t own a gun because good is bad….. There will be a purging of the bad by the good!!!!! So lets pull together and re-elect this person…. OBAMA2012!!!!! ;)

    1. I saw this same post on another site, What, too lazy or stupi (probably both) to write one that remotely addresses the article? Evidently so

  7. Family pet? I think not. The dog is nothing more than one of Obummer’s countless political props. The dog would do a better job as the POTUS because he would do nothing, and then the free markets would have a chance.

  8. Nice try..but I would imagine that Bo was left behind due to to the INEPTNESS of our “president’s” staff…there is a 120 day quarantine period for dogs and cats coming into the Hawaii.

    Nice to see that at least one law on the books is applied to all people…errrr..dogs and cats equally.

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  9. Sounds more like pre-planned campaign event, although I wouldn’t put it past the full time campaigner-in-chief to spend $100K to fly little Bo back for a photo-op.

    Hope you get to the bottom of this, Keith!

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  10. At least that dog is getting more for Christmas than my children are. Life is good if your the Obama dog. My wife just got laid off 2 weeks before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. I am sorry to hear it. Perhaps it can be a Christmas of joy anyway. The kids want presents, of course, but what they really want is love in the household. Hold fast to each other, this bad time will pass.

  11. Its just as likely this was a stand in. They borrowed it from some Obamabot and may give it back later. Or they got it at the animal shelter for the photo op and once it is no longer useful, it will be sent back.

  12. These people are out of touch with reality. Really…spending tens of thousands of tax payer dollars for a photo op with Barry….Really???

  13. Did anyone keep a running tab when ‘Dimebag’ Larua Bush make trips on her own? I don’t really remember constant links to stories on the Drudge Report during the Bush years highlighting the cost of her trips. It doesn’t really matter what the cost of the 1st Lady’s trips. They all travel without their husbands and it has a cost, SO WHAT.

    1. It was done, but Algore’s Internet wasn’t as prevalent a news source as it is today. Nevermind that two wrongs don’t make a right. I understand that in your world of moral equivalence this makes it OK.

      1. 今日でも人々 を完全によく把握 constellatios のほとんどされて人気のあるオリオンの要素。よると、’ ギリシャの信念、オリオンが娘になっていたポセイドンの必ずしもプリンセス オニバス購入クレタ島に関連して天皇ミノスの崇拝の娘。しかし、この体格を作らない神話のシーンの数は、基本的にはアテナイのアゴラがあります。たとえば、アテナイのアクロポリスから引き起こされる任意黒い図床下陶器アゴラが、上記は、呼び出し側の回復した表紙に、パリのピッキングまたはそのサイクロプス ポリュペーモスのイメージ表示されません。
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    2. So What?
      At a time when most american’s are having trouble coming up with $100 for Christmas….it spits in the eye of compassion to flaunt such flagrant disregard for our pain to be doing $100,000 geta ways…don’t you think?

    3. Well, the fact that President Obama signed an executive order to reduce travel expenses should be enough to have every personal travel expenditure reported on and linked to by every news source. That and the fact that the Obama;s children were listed as “Senior Staff” on the Africa trip should tell you that they are pilfering the money reserves when they should be paying out of their own pocket for private trips that are not related to promoting the US and government agendas. When Congress is voting to be able to keep The government running because they do not have enough money to operate should be WHAT enough for your SO WHAT.

    4. YES, people did keep track, and YES, it does matter.It illustrates a mindset that says those ‘in power’ have the right to squander the public funds in what ever way they choose. The nightmare economy we now have to deal with is a direct result of this mindset.

    5. I never can comprehend how anyone with even a pea brain does not GET that millions of families are homeless, millions are jobless, millions more have gone through their life savings, investments and whatever they could pawn to SURVIVE under Obama.

      So as far as O and his side arm traveling and spending on vacations over and again.. trips to NY for Dinner on and one.. while so many have lost it all..

      So now dimwits, Still care to compare vacations?

    6. I do remember Larua Bushes’ trip to Africa to check on how GWB’s Aids program was doing. They are credited with saving millions of African lives but the liberal progressives spit in there faces. lp’s are horrible, horrible people.

    7. Thanks for the Drone-land perspective there smurfdog old chap. I don’t recall the Bushes retularly taking two sets of planes when they went on vacation. The reason this is being discussed is … drum roll please … because it is news and because it is so clearly over the top abusive. Do as we say, sais Barry and Moochelle but not as we do. The Democrat Party is not really the Democratic Party but rather the Demonic-Autocratic Drone Party.

      Don’t worry about Zombie Apocolypse, Drone Apocolypse is upon us.

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      1. I know, same here. It’s great his blog is getting so much action, but way too hard to keep up.

        Hey liberal weenies: Please label all your posts at the top with “Liberal Weenie”, so I can skip reading them and save time. Thanks!

    1. Interesting point…

      Only residents of Hawaii who pre qualify their pets are exempt from the 120 day quarantine, and even then…it is a ‘5 day or less’ rule.

      I’m pretty sure the Obamas legal residence is NOT Hawaii, Chicago or D.C., but not Hawaii.

  15. So what is new about all this. Is anybody with half brain not aware that Obama plays his dumbed down americans like s violin. Obama knows that he has the jounalist and media in his pocket. He doesn’t even care if this fact comes out. Michelle also doesn’t care that she spends tax payers money like an Arab king. If there wasn’t so many dumbed down Americans this would not be talking place right now. Put a fork un us, we’re done!

    1. It’s evident by those who support him and are posting here why he can play them like a violin but It’s unfortunate for our nation the bar isn’t any higher than to allow these people to vote for the most powerful position in the world.

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  16. The sad thing is, if Bo really did go to Hawaii and back, someone within the White House should have stopped and thought about how it might look to the general public, especially since the first dog is racking up frequent flyer miles faster than most humans.

  17. From the “Star Advertiser” Dec. 18, 2011:
    “Michelle Obama and daughters on low-key Kailua getaway” …

    Scott Miscovich, who lives down the street from the now-famous five-bedroom rental home on Kailuana Place, said media and security presence in the area has so far been “very subtle.”

    “My wife saw Michelle and the kids passing by and we’ve seen Bo (the Obamas’ dog) walking,” Miscovich said. “There hasn’t been much going on so far. It’s been very low-key compared to when the president is here.”

    1. A choirboy or a naif — BO and his handlers handle everything to their advantage. Have you seen the “Home for the Holidays” section on the site? It is talking points on how to turn the family reunion into your chance argue BO’s policies.

  18. Pingback: Obama ships dog from Hawaii to DC for photo op

  19. I bet the President had him flown back by SR 71. I know there’s no evidence of that but that’s more of a reason to investigate it.

  20. Maybe he’s a rent-a-dog or the WH has a body-double for Bo. Either way, it costs a lot more than the measly $40 of our own money that our partying celebrity-in-chief wants to allow some of us to keep.

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