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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 22, 2011

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:45 pm || Meets with senior advisers

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 22, 2011”

  1. Keith you might want to consider adding the VPOTUS schedule to your blog… just so it looks like somebody’s doing something over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. He could care less about Iraq. Although, when it descends into civil war, the American people will see what a shallow inept political animal he is. That may lead to the silent majority voting for decency over negativism.

      1. Iraq isn’t going to turn into a mess. Add in Iran. Syria. Lebanon. Egypt. Russia. China. And who know what will become in Korea.

        And you’d think the reporters would – just perhaps- start to question Mr Obama’s (and Hillary’s) foreign policy acumen.

  2. Mr. Koffler,
    SERIOUSLY… what does Obama do all day?
    I understand the WH “press corps” is NOT ALLOWED to “report” about alot of what goes on everyday in the White House…
    but COME ON? what does Obama do? where does he hide? who does does he talk/see during the day?
    With this type of “schedule” I wonder why is there a WH “press corps” at all???
    Obama: The Dear Leader can just release propaganda photos of him & shallow propaganda statetments since the “press corps” does NO REAL ‘reporting/questioning’ of Obama.

  3. Oh please someone ask Skippy why there are 2 Bo’s it would be priceless:)
    Really these folks are so pathetic they lie about a dog or have a double when
    Obama needs to look like a regular guy!

          1. Obama is loving all this regular guy pandering. Did you read
            the Sensenbrenner said Michelle had a big rear and should stop telling others what to eat?:). This tax stuff is keeping the
            spotlight off HRH isn’t it?

    1. He’s 50. On Frannk Sinatra’s 50th birthday, someone in the Rat Pack said, “Well, Frank, I guess you’re middle-aged.” “Yeah?”–he shot back–“how many hundred-year-old guys do you know?”

    1. My daughter just came through my office and heard me cackling and got way more interested in Bo-ter-gate than she wanted to (as she said) and said maybe the president is the double. Double O–now if there were seven of them…oh, never mind.

  4. February 17, 2012


    February 17, 2012 has been designated Federal Employee Appreciation Day, a day for Federal Employees to voice their disgust with their government. On February 17, 2012 Federal Employees are encouraged to take the day off to enjoy a four day weekend and send a message to Congress, the White House, and the American people to reflect on the underappreciated work of the Federal employee.

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