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White House: North Korea is in “Mourning”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was sent to the podium Tuesday with a message – obviously carefully crafted for him by one of the foreign policy shops – and an order not to stray from it: He said North Korea “is in a period of national mourning” for the thankfully deceased Kim Jong-Il. And he repeated it five times during the briefing.

To characterize North Korea as in “national mourning” for one of the greatest despots and killers in history is an outrage of titanic proportions and a violation of our all our principles.

I understand that this statement has been cooked up by some PhD’s in political science to precisely convey a message that won’t offend the North Koreans so that they DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID like start lobbing nuclear weapons around or invading the South.

But there must be a way to do this without saying something that conveys a sense that we think that grieving for a mass murderer is proper.

It’s as if we said the Ukrainians, starved in the millions by the tyrant, had undergone a “period of mourning” for Stalin.

The cute phraseology, “a period of mourning,” doesn’t cut it either. A period of mourning can be claimed as different than actual mourning.

But the careful wording is an attempt to have our cake and eat it too. The message that emerges is that we are respecting mourning in North Korea for Kim Jong-Il, even if our State Department attorneys feel they can claim otherwise.

And of course, we have no idea how much mourning is actually occurring. I saw the videos of all the weeping in North Korea, and it appeared to me they were trying to set the Guinness Book of World Records mark for “number of people crying without creating actual tears.”

Carney should have pushed back against making such a statement. And the foreign policy eggheads should show a little more respect for the estimated 700,000-1,000,000 deaths Kim is estimated to have caused.

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  1. Crying is physical execise. Perhaps Michelle Antoinette Obama can snag a piece of the most people crying at the same time world record by pretending that she shed tears on Air Force One over Obama having to stay in Washington.

    I’m sure some of these people shed real tears over cruel events in their lives caused by Him Joke-Too, just being forced to participate in the fake worship of the Ass is enough to cause tears. And I’m sure some were weeping in fear of what might now follow his death.

  2. The Obama administration saves their harshest criticism for their true enemies…the American people who don’t fall in line with their Marxist ideology.

  3. What a beautiful baby! The deceased looks good. The bride is beautiful.
    Love your cooking. No, those plaid pants make your butt look small.
    Nobody noticed when you fell out of your seat.
    Why poke at the NorthKorean “hornet’s nest”?

    • Out of all the world wackos, the new kid on the block in North Korea is the most frightening…the least known, least tested and his father’s third choice with his chubby little finger on the nuclear button.

    • Keith–
      Now I am crying. Maybe this is why we haven’t heard from Michelle in a few days…she is too busy noshing chocolates! The following is from Sen. Tom Coburn’s report on wasteful government spending:

      $48,700 for 2nd annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival, to promote Hawaii’s chocolate industry.

    • I don’t know about the mourning and crying if Obama loses. All I can figure is the riots etc. will make what happens after sports teams win or lose look tame.

  4. Yeah, it’s kind of like all the phony outrage over Moammar Khaddafi’s justifiable killin’ that was trying to build up a head of steam here in the US a while ago. Let’s just be thankful that another demon possessed dictator has finally met his end, has been judged by the Creator, and hopefully, is now residing in the bowels of Hell. It’s really better to say nothing at all than to look like a fool by mouthing a bunch of meaningless platitudes – we already look foolish enough what with Little Barry Obama at the helm, who has been spewing mindless, meaningless crap for the last 3 years.

  5. “national period of mourning” = sounds like typical ‘State Dept.’ PC drivel.

    Those State Dept. “foreign policy eggheads” arent that smart (they turned down my FSO application :-(… they just have a stick so far up their a** they can use it as an embassy flagpole.

  6. Period of Mourning? Evokes emotion or feelings of sadness and longing. That was a huge assumption on the State dept’s part. How about saying nothing.
    Srdem65 is right.

  7. The first mistake the eggheads in DC made was to feel it necessary to make any sort of characterizing statement in the first place. All they did was lend support to the propaganda that was been spoon fed them by the folks in NK, with their videos of the people weeping and wailing.

    Wouldn’t a better and more truthrul positioning statement have been something along the lines of “the death of KJI leaves a period of uncertainty and the United States and its friends in the region (if any are left after pissing on every other friend we have in the world) will continue to monitor the change in leadership closely. Should things get dicey, we will reserve the right to take action against NK sometime after the election in November 2012, and (with fingers crossed) we promise to stand with the good people of NK should the decide to try to take their country back from the lunatics that have run the place for a long time,…just like we did the folks in Iran. Thank you and I will not be accepting questions.

  8. I’m guessing they’re crying because Kim Jong-un, (heir to the throne apparent) is about to be sworn in.

    Wonder how big his porn collection is ? I’m guessing it’s bigger than his Dads…

  9. One of comrade Obama’s favorite types of people-despots, mass murderers and criminals. He’s wishing he had the same control over the people as the North Korean Communist’s do. The only difference between North Korea and the U.S. government under Obama is North Korea openly practices the principles every liberal/Progressive in this country wishes the U.S. practiced.