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Obama Grasps for Political Gain From Iraq

President Obama has begun turning the end of the Iraq War into a political bonus, spending a week trumpeting the war’s end and seeking to galvanize his campaign apparatus with the news of the withdrawal.

The politicization casts suspicion over Obama’s decision to ignore his military advisers on the ground in Iraq, who wanted as many as 18,000 troops to stay in country in order to keep the hard won peace and rebut Iran’s influence.

Instead, Obama made a fainthearted effort to get the Iraqis to agree to keep 3,000 to 4,000 U.S. troops on hand. The Iraqis – perhaps realizing Americans weren’t serious since they were requesting a force barely large enough to defend itself – balked, and the White House didn’t put up much of  a fight.

Now, raising questions about whether the needs of the Obama 2012 campaign are driving military policy, Obama is sonorously trumpeting the total withdrawal of U.S. troops. He could hardly have claimed to have ended the war with nearly 20,000 U.S. servicemen and women still in Iraq.

In a message sent Sunday to his campaign’s vast email list, Obama made clear that they should think of the war’s end in political terms.

Early this morning, the last of our troops left Iraq .

As we honor and reflect on the sacrifices that millions of men and women made for this war, I wanted to make sure you heard the news.

Bringing this war to a responsible end was a cause that sparked many Americans to get involved in the political process for the first time. Today’s outcome is a reminder that we all have a stake in our country’s future, and a say in the direction we choose.

Thank you.


At his press conference last week with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, Obama made sure no one missed the message that he has stopped the war, saying the same thing four times in his brief opening remarks.

After nearly nine years, our war in Iraq ends this month . . .

We’re here to mark the end of this war . . .

Mr. Prime Minister, as we end this war . . .

This is a historic moment.  A war is ending.

Note the repeated use of the word “end,” as if Obama was trying to drill it into everyone’s subconscious.

Obama went on last week to visit Fort Bragg with Michelle by his side, where he continued to hammer home his message, and then made the Iraq withdrawal the subject of his weekly address Saturday morning.

One of least classy features of Obama’s War is Over procession has been his complete failure to mention George W. Bush. Even if he disagrees with Bush’s decision to launch the war and thinks Bush mishandled elements of its prosecution, the victory Obama is now celebrating is actually Bush’s.

It was Obama’s predecessor, not Obama, who turned the war around and who has given Iraq a chance at living freely. Failing to mention Bush is either a supreme act of pettiness, a reflection of a commonly held view on the Left that Bush attacked Iraq for his own evil purposes, a calculation that mentioning Bush would interfere with Obama’s ability to politicize the Iraq victory, or – most likely – all three of the above.

Crediting Bush would have made the war’s end an American event, not an Obama event.

But then, there’s an election to be won.

24 Responses to Obama Grasps for Political Gain From Iraq

  1. I give it six weeks into the new year before Iraq is in shambles. Obama will be paying the price big time, he did not listen to the Generals or even talk to the Iraqi government. He won’t be using this in the campaign, it will become his final downfall.

    • It will be interesting to see how Pres. Obama reacts when the V-22 Ospreys are on the roof of the ‘largest US Embassy in the world’ Evac-ing US Citizens from Baghdad as the Iraqi government falls apart…

      (bets on the “blame Bush” speech then? -lol)

  2. Sheesh…all he did was keep to Bush’s timetable for withdrawal. Unfortunately, he did manage to gum up the works by not negotiating to leave some military support there. As a result of his ineptness, it won’t be long before Iran takes over and all the blood and treasure America sacrificed for Iraqi freedom will be for naught. That this despicable little man is claiming another man’s accomplishments as his own and using it for fundraising is par for the course.

    • The ends justify the means with Obama and the “ends” is to remain in control anyway he can. We have an individual in office with absolutely no discipline nor moral compass – we all lose.

      • this “man” barry is void of any military service.. he only sees war thru the eyes of a sissy, liberal/socialist lawyer.. probably has spent more time in the mirror practicing his bogus historical speeches than learning American military history or how it even operates..
        I say in 90 days the streets of iraq go bad & in 6 mths. the country falls!

        thanks obambo !

  3. I think he stayed behind to bask in the glow of his victory in Iraq. That exists
    only in his narcisstic mind. He wouldn’t mention Bush unless to bash him. The soldiers are the winners but he uses them as props as does Michelle.
    Wonder how long he will wait to go to Hawaii he will extend the days to make
    up the difference. Wonder with the timing if there is something he’s avoiding
    in the first week in Jan 2012?

  4. Most people realize you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.

    The guy is mental.

  5. Anyone on the Left actually give Bush credit for doing something right? Never happen! Just like they will never take responsibility for their part in the mess we are currently in.

  6. Every decision this administration makes is a political calculation. I agree with Susan: it won’t be long before Iran takes over and all the blood and treasure America sacrificed for Iraqi freedom will be for naught….and we hope, leads to his demise.

  7. Crediting Bush would have made the war’s end an American event, not an Obama event.

    As if there were any events that were not “Obama events” in his mind.

  8. We all knew the war was over the day the Iraqis executed SaddamHussein.
    We all knew it was the magnificent Navy Seals who killed BinLaden.
    We all know that the sudden all-encompassing love of all things military the Obamas now embrace is a phony, political move.

    MrO’s leading from behind and disengaged way of governing has left him with nothing positve to put on a campaign platform. Stealing the honor and glory due to our stalwart military is shameful and deceitful, but it’s all he has.
    His campaign is now going to be a pathetic appeal to the poor to rise up against the rich, and to cast himself as a victim of the racist, all-powerful minority in Congress.
    The public sees him now as a whiny, finger-pointing fraud who asks for support because he’s helpless against his many enemies.

    The pundits are right; he should step aside for another Dem candidate.
    Even should he win re-election, he will be unable to govern and most likely will face an increasing cry from the public for his impeachment.

    • Ironically, Obama’s “lead from behind” mentality may have been responsible for what is now being called a “war crime” ( with regard to the capture and death of Gaddafi. Not that I mourn the death of this madman, but had the US and NATO done the right thing, there would have been less civilians killed, as Keith has pointed out in other posts, but Gaddafi could have very well be captured, as was Saddam, and then tried by a Libyan court. Rather, he was physically abused, some reports are stating that he was beaten and sodomized before being executed.

      Gaddafi was no friend of America, and deserved execution, but the lack of leadership on the part of the US with regard to the Libyan revolt sends a clear message to the world that the US will sit idly by while other countries disintegrate into chaos. The legitimacy of a new Libyan government will be questioned if in fact they engaged in war crimes in the capture and killing of Gaddafi.

    • srdem65..Re: Your comment about his appealing to the poor to rise up against the rich. The discussion is always about how bad the rich are.

      Why not talk about the poor. About the college graduate at the OWS protest in NYC. who has not had a job for 2 years and has $80,000 in students loans to pay. Why did he put himself in such a deep financial hole? Why doesn’t he take a bus ride to Williston, ND and work on an oil rig and make $100,000/year like any high school graduate can?

      Or the 18 year old mother of a 7 month old child in Austin who has a poor paying job delivering pizza. Isn’t she a bit young to be mother?

      In both cases the poor made their decisions They put themselves in their positions. Yet MSM wants to blame the rich for their plight..

  9. The flim-flam man has no interest in Iraq – his quickie trips were just photo ops. His recklessness will have deep repercussions and he will blame it on Bush. More than anything, I despise him and the first America-hating wife for using our military as props! They have NO shame!

  10. according to the Dems, the seeds for the bad economy were all planted by Bush. ok, fair enough let’s say. so doesn’t it also follow that the seeds of the end to the Iraq War ALSO were planted by Bush? and that in fact the killing of Osama bin Laden was also accomplished thanks to a Bush-instituted intel program?

    funny how they only mention Bush when it suits them. as others noted above, when all hell breaks loose in Baghdad…THEN they’ll talk about Bush.

  11. Oh yeah, about that .. apparently according to a headline and reported by just one day after US troops pulled out, the Iraqi government issued an arrest warrant for Sunni VP Tariq El-Hashimi accusing him of running hit squads that assassinated government and security officials. Apparently Carney says the WH has expressed “concerns”. Now about those pesky generals….And moving on to Afghanistan Joe has advised today that the Taliban “per se” is not our enemy. Soon Moochelle will be inviting all our new friends and allies to the WH for lobster.