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North Koreans Grieve Over Obama’s Vacation Delay

Everyone is saddened that President Obama has had to postpone his Hawaii vacation, but perhaps nowhere more so than in North Korea, where news of the delay provoked an outpouring of grief throughout the nation.

Obama was forced to delay his vacation because he must continue to work on a deal with Republicans to extend the payroll tax cut.

As you will see from the video below, many North Koreans were inconsolable upon hearing the news, though some were cheered that apparently Mrs. Obama, who left town without her husband, will likely receive her full 17 days of relaxation on Oahu.

The video shows the official announcement from Pyongyang followed by reactions from Party leaders and average North Koreans in the street.

I caution you, portions of this might be upsetting to younger viewers who may be unaccustomed to such grief.

28 Responses to North Koreans Grieve Over Obama’s Vacation Delay

  1. That is so wrong but so hilarious, Keith. Agree with Sadie. If those “folks” are crying, they are pretty good at holding back the tears. Guess that is what years of indoctrination and group think does to one’s psyche.

    • They’re crying (kinda,without tears). I wouldn’t be surprised if they were auditioning for the funeral as paid mourners.

      p.s. Keith
      The video is up and going at Weasel Zippers replete with comments. They’re smitten with you as we all are. It should make next year’s Oscar entries for Best Foreign Film.

    • Susan,

      Yes! Spot on when you say:

      “……..Guess that is what years of indoctrination and group think does to one’s psyche.” [Your descriptive words]

      How pathetic it is to watch and hear these people mourn over such a tyrant. Not that they should celebrate and rejoice over the final demise of a wicked person croaking, – but to see them so propagandized, is almost too difficult to fathom………

  2. The official report from NKorea is that their Dear Leader died from “over-work”.
    Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about our own ‘dear leader’ dying from “over-work”.

  3. OMGosh — thank you for such a big laugh so early in the day, Keith.

    I have never seen so much fake crying. I wonder how a person can walk away from such a display with any sense of dignity intact. They all know that they are all faking, but the powers in place were watching to see who stopped first.

    There is a story about a meeting in the Soviet Union where someone mentioned Stalin or some such “event,” and everyone leapt up to applaud. Then they realized the danger of being the first to stop. After 10 agonized minutes, one man stopped clapping and sat down. The next day he disappeared.

  4. What’s weird to me is how these people are standing in lines for this display of “mourning,” all in their black uniforms, all with heads bowed. There’s no hugging or other displays of comforting each other, they’re all just standing there, crying. Weird.

  5. I’m not sure who first said it (Mark Twain?) and I’m sure I’m misquoting it badly but it fits this character to the tee. ” I never wished for a man to die but I’ve read quite a few obituaries with joy!”

  6. Anyone heard who is representing us at the dearly departed’s funeral?
    Surprisingly we haven’t reached out to the family with our condolences and open arms to open a dialogue with the newest despot.