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Michelle Arrives in Hawaii, Disappears

With controversy raging over her decision to fly separately from President Obama at taxpayer’s expense to her Hawaiian vacation, Michelle Obama has been keeping a decidedly low profile since arriving on Oahu.

The first lady, who departing Washington Friday evening with her daughters, has barely been seen, and there’s been little in the local press about her activities.

From a brief report in the Honolulu Star Advertiser:

First lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha seem to have been enjoying a respite from the television cameras since arriving at their Kailua vacation home on Saturday, according to area residents.

Scott Miscovich, who lives down the street from the now-famous five-bedroom rental home on Kailuana Place, said media and security presence in the area has so far been “very subtle.”

The “respite from the cameras” is more likely a firm White House strategy to have the first lady keep her head low. Mrs. Obama’s visit has caused a stir because it cost probably well in excess of $100,000 to send her there ahead of her husband, who decided to remain in town until he and Congress agree to extend the Social Security payroll tax cut.

Last week, the Hawaii Reporter estimated the entire cost of the vacation for both Obamas – should he ever arrive – at more than $4 million.

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  1. The cost of the vacation may be $4,000,000 but the Obamas are probably picking up the tab for the rental, and that’s got to be a good $50,000. So it all evens out.

    1. Brstevens, seriously?? You have got to be kidding! How can $50,000 be as even as $4,000,000!! You have got a real problem! They are picking up the tab for the rental? How magnanimous of them

      1. Yes, I read it as sarcasm. I guess since I am kinda sarcastic, maybe it should be noted when sarcasm is intended? (Thought it was pretty obvious, tho.)

  2. I think Michelle Antoinette cannot stand the idea that she is not as important as her husband. She is only an affirmative action beneficiary who got lucky enough to marry a man who was on a greased track to the Presidency.

    She know this about him. She knows taht her poplarity is higher than his. I believe she thinks in some way that she is President, too, or could be if only the handlers had chose her over him.

    So flying separately states that her wants are important at his. She is not a little wife who stays home until Big Guy is ready to go on vacay. She is a queen, MoochMORE, the Celeb, the Fashionista, the Dougie Dancer, and Our Lady of Military Families’ Promotions. She gets her own plane and goes when she wants. She deserves it.

    In her little mind.

    1. Whee — I sure put a lot of typos in the post above. My apologies. It’s time to visit the eye doctor when even my reread didn’t reveal them to me — until after the comment was posted.

    2. disagree. I think Mooch is the Lady Macbeth behind the throne. Barack Obama was happy to live his life hanging out, smoking dope, and being a Marxist. I personally think Mooch was the one who said “OK, we’re going to be president, whether you feel like it or not!”

      I do, however, love your last paragraph. she is all that and a bag of low-fat chips…

  3. The whole modern concept of FLOTUS as a position made for promoting some cause or another has put MrsO in a awkward place. She never seemed to be “the candidate’s wife” throughout MrO’s brief political career and she never seemed to understand who or what she was supposed to be.

    The FatKidsBehinds program was a SEIU backed grab at more power by forcing the schools to hire more cafeteria-ladies and make them full-time employees who would be eligible to join the union. While her efforts were successful in getting boutique leglislation passed, the voters rejected her original premise that we don’t know how to feed our own children.
    The more she appeared in public, the greater the resentment or disbelief that she was entitled to anything more than the respect given for the POTUS’ wife.

    That being my opinion, why shouldn’t she hide from the press? She’s been pummeled for every vacation, for the designer outfits, the lavish parties and
    humiliated by the MSM’s clumsy photoshopping of her face and figure to make her more attractive.
    She is a clueless fashionista, has no concept of the protocol demanded of her position and can never overcome her notorious comment that she had never been proud of her country until her husband was elected President.

    1. srdem, well stated ! The already cash strapped school districts are losing money from making vending machines healthy (kids are bringing their own junk food now) and denying club fundraisers like the old standby bake and candy sales to buy band instruments and stuff. But hey, SEIU got their payback ! :D

    2. Mrs. Obama never cared to learn anything about protocol and tradition — so boring — so white! She was going to sail in and charm us with her keepin’ it real styling.

      Turned out that people with their own real accomplishments were not so immediately charmed by the sight of an AfAm Senator’s wife who was now a President’s wife.

      She displayed her lack of intellect through her shallow pronouncements on diet, exercise, and now her parading of her discovery of military families. She seems to feel that if she’s never heard of it, no one has. That’s the result of being a big frog in the tiny pond of Chicago.

      She can never live down her remark about her first moment of pride in her nation because many of us still suspect that she has no fondness for America yet.

      1. speaking from Illinois, she was more like a tadpole in the cesspool called Chicago.
        A legend in her own mind. We have lots of those.
        You know, when Nancy Reagan said just say no, I believed she did not use drugs. When Queen Big Butt says eat healthy, all I see is the hypocrisy of that mammoth a++ and my mind always wants to put a yellow “WIDELOAD” sticker on it.

  4. The “respite from the cameras” is more likely a firm White House strategy to have the first lady keep her head low.

    Huh..and I thought she kept her head up [pause….] her kazoo.

    1. I was contemplating the same comment when I read yours.
      Remember, she was shut down from many public appearances during Obama’s 2008 campaign.
      She is a liability to his re-election, and he knows it.

      1. Tyranny gains a foothold when people of good conscience remain silent. History repeats itself again and again. We can no longer be silent. There may not be an America to come home to in the near future. MD

  5. I doubt Michelle is kicking back at the mansion baking cookies and watching Christmas movies with the girls. My guess is she doing what she usually does on her taxpayer financed vacations. Only difference is this time she is in stealth mode, for the very reasons srdem mentioned.

    1. After the booos at the NASCAR race, and Keith’s efforts to keep us well informed, (BTW Keith, your site is beginning to catch fire), the photo-ops at Target, and the racist statements that she has made in the past, just who does she think she is fooling ?
      If an egomaniac cannot draw a crowd anymore, are they plunged into a depressive state ?

  6. ABC and the UPI are reporting that Ms. Obama was invited to next years Marine Ball by a Lance Cpl. while the two of them were sorting toys from the “Toys for Tots” program.

    She said yes, but needed to check with the President and WH to see if there would be a conflict in scheduling. It will be interesting to see if she does in fact go to the Ball, and how this is spun as some sort of pro-military attitude. If she says no, that would almost be a slap in the face of the Corps., Mila Kunis was invited and went –,,20547307,00.html as did Justin Timberlake –,,20545076,00.html. And Kunis is not even a native born American, she was born in the Ukraine.

    I wonder if this story will end up disappearing before the November 2012 event, or if she will actually spend some time with a lowly jar-head. Something to watch!

    1. no offense…
      but that Marine is a dope. Did he have any clue what he was doing? He just asked his “Commanding Officer’s wife” to the ball?! Im sorry, Im a USN Vet and if I (or any other E-3) asked my “Commanding Officer’s wife” to a party I would have had my a** chewed out by by the entire Command…
      This just looks tacky for the Marines.

      1. Langley,

        I agree, it was a mistake to even ask, but since she did say “Yes” initially, it will be interesting to see how the WH spins this. Personally, I can see this Lance Cpl. being NJP’ed (you Navy guys call it Mast) for pulling this. It is a clear sign of disrespect towards the wife of the CIC, albeit I don’t think that was his intention. Like I said, it will be interesting to watch what happens.

        1. I have doubts he asked her to attend as a “date” and personally, I even question if while he sorted toys as she munched on Cheetos the whole thing wasn’t sort of blown out of context as the whiff of a positive story and possible photo op danced in Axelrods head.

    2. I smell a staged USMC Ball invite, no young troop would have thought of that on his own, much less approach a FLOTUS out of respect and that she’s MARRIED. Besides it was cute when young Marines invited SINGLE celebrities (who are PR driven anyhow).

  7. I remember reading at Hillbuzz that the GWBush family spent every Christmas of his 2 terms at Camp David, so their DC staff, flight crews and security people could spend the holiday with their families. The day after they took off for Crawford to spend the rest of the holiday season.

    So it isn’t the money that bugs me the most, it’s the selfishness.

    1. there was a great pair of photos somewhere (maybe on WHD even) of Michelle Antoinette and Laura Bush each exiting Air Force 1. Mooch wore daisy duke cutoff jeans shorts and a tank top. Laura OTOH was dressed like a First Lady.

      these people have no class. of course, I’m just a bitter clinging racist, so what do I know.

    2. Yes, but The Bush family celebrated Christmas, and most people like to do that at home with their families.

      I haven’t seen too many family photos of Obama and his handsome uncle and the aunt (I think she was an aunt, the one in public housing),who was also so blessed by beauty. Or any of Moo-Moos family, except he Mooching Mother, the babysitter who somehow gets on the staff payroll.

  8. The Honolulu Star Advertiser is reporting that the First Family arrived on saturday the 17th at 20:00 HST. I thought the FLOTUS left D.C. on the night of the 16th. If so, that was a really long flight.

    Keith is there anyway you can confirm the actual departure time of the FLOTUS from ADW and if it was a direct flight to HNL.

    As things stand something doesn’t look right with this timeline.

    First lady arrives with daughters and dog:

      1. Exactly the same thought I’m thinking.

        I’d really like to get some verification on the FLOTUS itinerary to Hawaii.

        There may be a story here with the FLOTUS racking up even more expense to the taxpayers if she did in-fact stop en-route to pick up family along the way.

        Based on an estimated 10 hour direct flight time from Joint Base Andrews to HNL, the FLOTUS would have left ADW on the 17th at 15:00 EST to arrive in HNL at the confirmed time of 20:00 HST.

        All previous media accounts stated that the FLOTUS was scheduled to be leaving D.C. on the evening of the 16th after her Toys For Tots photo op.

  9. Hey Keith, Your article made Yahoo news.” Michelle Obama’s Travels Are Insensitive to Struggling Americans”. You should read the comments over there. Apparently there are quite a lot of us who are fed up with the Obama’s excesses.

  10. Hopefully the owner of this estate has a good cleaning crew! There’s a photo out there taken in the private quarters a few months while the Hillbillies were watching a sporting event – Oy Vey!!! The Mooch and kids are barefoot, junk food on the beautiful cushioned ottoman, and styrofoam cups on the beautiful Persian carpet! And that was an Official photograph!

  11. That Kenyan Born Moslem Piece of Cockroach Turd in the White House should be legally arrested, legally tried, convicted and sentenced to death by a Federal Court for being a foreign born terrorist against the United States of America.
    Furthermore, the Turd’s Moslem Cockroach wife should be legally arrested, legally tried and convicted and sentenced to death by a Federal Court for being an American traitor.
    Both of these hangings should be televised across the nation and around the world.
    The Nelson Ratings would go through the roof.
    Popcorn, anyone?

  12. I saw a picture from a Hawaiian newspaper of them de-planing in Hawaii. There is a man walking the youngest daughter down the steps of the plane. Does anyone know who that is. Was it her Brother? Just curious. I too would like to know the time frame of the flight to Hawaii and if they stopped other places to pick people up. I also believe the asking of Weezie to the Marine Ball was a setup. Anyone notice how much the young Marine looks like Obama. That whole thing just reeked of setup

  13. No question – the Marine Corps Ball next Nov. is a set-up! One of the stafffers saw the publicity for Mila Kumis and said “Hot Dog! Eureka!”
    The Ball is next November! Think about the build-up this is going to get in Sept. and October – just in time for the election. Why, the fugly Mooch is going to become America’s Sweetheart!!!

    I think I’m going to be sick!!!

  14. The moslem cockroach obamas don’t care how much money they spend either on the personal level or on the political level because the moslem cockroaches’ goal is to bankrupt America.

  15. So, is every other president allowed to go home but these guys? What on earth is wrong with people? This “eeeek, Hawaii!” nonsense began during the summer of the 2008 campaign, when George Stephanopolos ranted on 1 of those Sunday morning program for the media gasbags about the ridiculous notion of Obama flying to Hawaii for a breather before the convention – “Why can’t he go to Hilton Head?”, I recall him saying. Is this guy on drugs? G-d almighty, you’d think that none of these morons had ever been west of I-95. Hawaii is Obama’s home, not Chicago (that is the 1st Lady’s home). He is about as Chicagoan as Jimmy Buffett, for crying out loud. 3+ years people back East have been whining about his not being aggressive, assertive, noisy, angry, pissed off – have these clowns ever been to Hawaii? Time to learn a bit about your president before you boot him out the door, go to Hawaii and do a little history study on our 50th state. I’d love to see the vacation bills for the Bushes and the Clintons – these kids are in school 9 months out of the year, for chrissakes, they want to go to Dad’s home. And hang lose, brah –

  16. Well, one thing for sure is the people that put this man in office do not care about our deficit or the people of this great nation. This is not the first four million dollar vacation these people have gotten nor will it be the last. They are on a fast track of being like Imelda Marcus, I wouldn’t liken Michelle to Marie Antoinette because Marie Antoinette had breeding and class. Michelle has neither. The bottom rung of the electorate put these people in power with the help of a great deal of vote fraud and the majority of the electorate are being called upon to suffer thru another four years of their hubris and Obamas total lack of leadership or accountability. May God help us all if we can even survive it. But, on a good note, it will be on Obamas watch that the whole economy goes belly up and I don’t think he will be able to blame it on Bush. Most people should be smarter than thatconsidering Obama has spent more money than any president in history. What’s another four million dollar taxpayer paid vacation to him and his wife. They laugh all the way to their destination.

  17. I’d like to know why noone questions how a man could win president in November who could not draw crowds of any meaningful size, with democrats breaking ranks and voting republican and somehow he won. I’m still chomping on that. Also, in Ohio over 900,000 votes, 100% of the vote for Obama and not one for Romney. 100% of 900,000 votes just does not happen.

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