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Obama Campaign Says it Won’t Keep GOP Emails

In response to my piece Wednesday about the attempt by the Obama campaign to collect Republican emails by having backers submit them in order to let the campaign needle Republicans for having “inspired” the backer to donate, the Obama 2012 website has been updated to say that the GOP emails will not be kept.

The website now reads as follows, with the parenthetical statement having been added.

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life by letting them know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign.

Simply enter their name and email address below. Then, we’ll send them a message letting them know they inspired you to donate. (Don’t worry—we won’t hold on to any of their information.)

Obama campaign spokesman Ben Labolt also dismissed the original story as conspiracy mongering, telling Politico, “The tin foil hat can be taken off — these email addresses are not stored.”

That’s okay. When this crowd ridicules you, that’s when you know they’re concerned about your story.

First of all, I don’t believe there was never, before the story was written, any intent to hang onto the emails. The campaign would be stupid not to keep such a valuable trove of information. And the campaign is not stupid.

Also, the whole thing doesn’t make much sense in the absence of an attempt to collect Republican emails. It’s sophomoric and kind of nasty, as well as harmful to the campaign’s efforts to pick up Republican votes.

And I’m not sure what the statements mean. Are the emails actually going to be purged from the campaign’s email system, from both the Indox and the Sent box? Is there some type of program they can use to do this, or is some poor intern actually going to do it manually?

Finally, when you submit email address to an entity, and there is some question about the entity’s use of your information, you are likely to be assured that your email will not be shared with anyone. So it’s surprising that the Obama campaign does not also say it won’t share the emails with a third party. The statements they’ve issued do not preclude sending the whole batch to the DNC.

So, sorry, still got my tin foil hat on. No reporter should leave home without one.

44 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Says it Won’t Keep GOP Emails”

  1. First of all, I don’t believe there was never, before the story was written, any intent to hang onto the emails.

    Dumb me down. I ain’t gotta kollege dagree. But I no there ain’t posta be too (2) negative wurds in da same sentance.

    And yu are a professunal riter?

    1. Ah, would be grammar police…Pretty sure Keith was correct here.
      Relevant parts of the sentence:
      “I don’t believe” and “there was never, before the story was written, any intent to hang onto the emails” do not a double negative make.

    2. Thank goodness for critics. Without them, no one could improve on their body of work. To bad the Obama regime occupying the little abode on Pennsylvania Avenue can’t take a little bit of it.

  2. Yo ditto, I too had to reread that once or twice, and I “gots me a kollege edumicashun,” actually two of them, but I’m guessing our intrepid reporter meant “ever.”
    Just a guess, it makes more sense that way. We have spellcheck, but not “sense-check” or “thought-check.”

  3. The DNC won’t keep my email address. Right. And since this administration is the most open (Attackwatch ?) and transparent ( Fast and Furious ?)one ever, since the beginning of the world, I know they can be trusted.

    Did I happen to mention I am the tooth fairy ?

    1. Did I see the expression “Don’t worry” in there?…..LOL…”If you like your doctor and your health care plan, you can keep it.”…..How many lies do they expect the American people to swallow?

  4. Well goodness me here I was thinking the worst of this transparent and so
    very honest and upstanding adm. Oh please do they really think anyone but
    a fool believes this drivel a little fun? Truly can’t believe the arrogance and blind narcissism of these useful idiots! They aren’t even useful idiots case in
    point Skippy the Twerp press secretary Baghdad Bob would be a step up at
    least he had flair:)
    Oh don’t have no kollege edumicatin:)

  5. Is Drudge on vacay, too? Why isn’t he carrying the $4,3 million Hawaii vacay story from Politico of all places? The link is on the previous thread.

    Your tireless fighter Never goes on vacay. I’m workin’ 24/7. My last video on the 60 Minutes Obama interview has even made the bigtime…Breitbart, Newsbusters. The pay stinks, though.

      1. Thanks, Susan. I don’t always put my name on the videos and I didn’t on this on. So it was an anonymous success but it felt just as good nevertheless. I did add my name for the last 3 seconds in a tiny You Tube annotation last night. I’ve had to monitor the comments deleting many and answering people who thought I was unfair and edited the comments. I think I’ve answered them a half a dozen times. I had to disable video rating because the Obamabots were misusing it.

  6. Great job following up on this Keith. Don’t let the Obama drone’s use of Alinsky tactics keep you from speaking your mind. As far as the tin foil hat…I wear mine proudly. It has been fine tuned and adjusted to zero in on propaganda in less than a millisecond.

  7. They might as well keep the addresses. The recipient that the Obama campaign wants to “punk” will be angry with his now former friend who set him up, and be insulted by the dumbed-down drivel that MsSmoot and MrMessina, et al, send to the Dems on their lists.

    I don’t need a tin-foil hat, I’m perfectly grounded and fire-walled.

  8. Obama administration requested and received the ability to control the internet. These emergncy powers are extensive and are already being used as a tool to change this medium’s content. Obama will not give up the WH without a major fight. This may take one of many formats. Don’t be surprised if it is revealed that Obama’s goons listen to Republican communications to gain ane edge, tantamount to a cyber Watergate.MD

  9. Yeah. Spielchoaker can’t catch all the tupos. Anyway, I signed up for
    Barackobama dot com. Not only are their more than once daily emails
    entertaining but like I always say: keep your enimies close and your enimies email even
    closer. They are constantly agitating local events and fund raisers.

    When I google the addresses I find the “park” is within walking distance of a union office or some
    other progressive pinko outreach. Do not underestimate these people nor thier ability
    to obfuscate and organize.

    But it is positivly scary these people would start a list function I such a public way. Until u realize that is the best way to do exactly that.
    I’ve had the opportunity to live under martial law and it always seems to start simple enough.

  10. Unfortunately I don’t have liberal friends, I have liberal family members. I am not sure if they would turn me in for Obama-spam, but it would be fun to to read about the exploits of the greatest president who ever lived and the best friend of Israel (BFFs).

  11. Somebody tell this knothead that you can’t collect things you don’t keep. If you immediately discard them you’re gonna end up with an empty collection, aren’t you?

    And while you’re at it, ask him which clown came up with the brilliant idea to convince the other side to join up by obtaining their e-mail addresses for the purpose of immediately discarding them.

    And after 3 weeks of overwhelmingly positive response from our “narc on your neighbor” campaign, in which thousands upon thousands participated, we have no way to communicate our message to anybody because we threw all the results away. We feel it was a resounding success.


    How stupid does one have to be to assume an entire nation of people are stupid enough to believe such a dumbass claim as this?

    Here’s an even better one…
    Is there any question whatsoever that a person who even considers, let alone actually makes, such a claim, expecting it to work, is a complete and utter moron?

    Could anybody really trust anything this man says ever again? About anything at all?

    What a buffoon.

  12. “This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little fun at the expense of a Republican …..”

    Ah, yes, all in the tradition of the holiday season — poking fun at people, riling them up, making them believe that you gave a donation to someone whom they don’t like in order to upset them. Real Christmas stuff.

  13. Personally, I would not be too happy with ANY friend of mine, of any political persuasion, who shared my personal email address without my permission. Finding out that it was given to the Obama regime for the purpose of needling me for my beliefs would more than likely end any friendship I had with that person. Friends don’t throw each other under the bus like that.

    1. Friends don’t throw each other under the bus like that.
      Obama doesn’t have a problem with it. He has thrown quite a few friends and family under the bus. Best known is probably Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The guy married the Obama’s and baptized their children, but that did stop him from tossing the Rev under that bus in a New York minute. Then there was his grandma — the “typical white person”.

  14. For all you Leftists who would like to distract from the substance of this story by insisting that a specific sentence contained within it is grammatically incorrect, you are wrong. It is correct. Therefore, in addition to revealing your malignant efforts, you also demonstrate your ignorance in the very subject for which you attempt to mock the author.

    That being said, I find the Obama Campaign’s assurances regarding the surreptitious gathering of these email addresses to be worthless. Even considering the Left’s frequent forays into infantile behavior (as evidenced on this very thread), it is implausible that these sizeable efforts are aimed solely at furthering boorish behavior.

  15. Bottom line…they want the emails to track all internet traffic and potentially “lose” any traffic to/from conservative websites/email addresses. This is part of their internet crackdown.

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