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Obama’s Intractable Poll Problems

President Obama and his campaign have been trying to let you know that things are brightening up. The Iraq war is over. Unemployment is down half a point to 8.6 percent. The president is battling for your Social Security tax cut against hypocritical Republicans.

The Obama campaign itself is ladling out stories to the press that it has become newly confident of its chances.

The polls tell a different story. It’s a story of how difficult it may be for Obama and his PR machine to reverse the perception that he is not up to the job and unable to fix the economy.

According to Gallup, Obama’s popularity is right where it’s been for months, stuck at a 42 percent approval rating. This begins to sound worse when you look at the precedents. Obama’s is the lowest level of any modern president by this point in their first term by A FULL EIGHT POINTS, according to Gallup, even trailing Jimmy Carter, who had a 53 percent approval rating the December before Election Day.

An Associated Press GfK poll out today says that for the first time, a majority thinks Obama does not deserve reelection.

What’s more, people seem to get that the decline in the unemployment rate last month was not due to any magic wand waved by Obama. At least half of it was the result of people simply giving up looking for work and no longer being counted. Job creation has picked up, but not nearly enough to make a big difference.

A recent MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll, taken well after the new unemployment number came out, finds that approval of the job Obama is doing on the economy actually declined since last month, from 40 to 39 percent.

Nothing Obama tries seems to be working. His class warfare argument is falling on deaf ears. Americans in growing numbers think of U.S. society as inherently fair, not unfair, according to Gallup.

Americans are now less likely to see U.S. society as divided into the “haves” and “have nots” than they were in 2008, returning to their views prior to that point. A clear majority, 58%, say they do not think of America in this way, after Americans were divided 49% to 49% in the summer of 2008.

This suggests that Obama is failing with his argument that evil rich people paying fewer taxes than their secretaries are causing everyone’s misery.

And there’s no sign that the president will be able to revert to selling his achievements to the public. Approval of the health care law, according to a survey by CBS this month, remains stuck at 35 percent.

Republicans still have their work cut out for them to unseat a sitting president. But don’t believe what you read about optimistic Obama operatives.

44 Responses to Obama’s Intractable Poll Problems

  1. Its all about economic prosperity in todays society and Obama is suffering from his Ideology of what he would like to see the world as ….. he will be only one of many change agents if they want this to go smoothly in their fundamental mind of transformation over to the One World Collective society their dreams of their fathers might have envisioned .

    50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

    Ben Bernanke’s Secret Meeting: A Bombshell

    Prediction …. as the Euro collapses due to lack of funding from NO growth or Bailouts, , the private investors that can extract their funds and exchange them for dollars and transfer those funds into USA holdings will spark what is being called a 1930s Depression ERA Rally , , then after this transfer of wealth consolidates into the Investment Firms of the USA , the Federal Reserve will then enforce its right under the 2005 bankruptcy Law, ,to Claim these assets to back their Derivatives holdings as the only holder of these 1.4 Quadrillion dollar asset class after the collapse of the Euro is complete , where these derivatives are now held , and this will be the final blow to the capital system seizing all private sector wealth , a declaration of Capitalism’s final collapse . This will force the BRIC nations to reject dollar trades for their durable goods in the world markets , like they rejected Iceland’s currency in 2008 , and the NDAA is now in place to deal with this Civil Unrest in the USA once this plays out .

  2. My political weather-vane is my grandson and his group of peers; late 20’s, all working-some blue collar, some white collar, married with children-some not. Their take on 2012: Obama is toast. They all voted for him in 2008 because “McCain” was “too old”.
    They now believe that MrO “doesn’t know what he’s doing” and they like MrRomney or MrPerry. They laugh at MrPaul, don’t have a clue who or what MrGingrich is, don’t even consider MrsBachmann as a serious contender, and MrTrump is a “joke”.
    What’s it all mean? got me.

  3. Young people, blue collar workers, and sensible independents now see Obama for what he is, a divider,a socialist, and a complete progressive ideologue.
    His smooth talking no longer works with the people. Their eyes are open.

  4. It is really quite simple too understand what it is the elite are up to with all this economic strife ,
    Look at this , , , notice the Term ” From Capitalism to Democracy ” , this is the platform for the G20 , notice the term ” Limits to Growth ” these are the Tier 1 Financial Firms that allocate world finance , think about it , if they WANTED TOO they would finance the worlds Growth like they were and continue to collect their interest payments , but that is not what they are doing now is it ???

    Its all because now they think this way ,

    This is Obama’s Mentor , He is just following the script ,

    , just Like he has Been mentor for the past Presidents since the understanding of this NSSM200 study was done ;

    Read this Kissinger statement , , Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. “Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.”

  5. “The taste which men have for liberty and that which they feel for equality are, in fact, two different things; and I am not afraid to add that among democratic nations they are two unequal things.” Alexis de Tocqueville

    Obama touts how he is seeking “equality” among the masses. When any nation has attempted to make all equal, the opportunity for liberty dies. I think more Americans are starting to realize that the cost of equality (class warfare) will come at the price of liberty.

    From the Guardian on Wednesday:

    Indefinite detention of US citizens, who may be involved in terrorism, on US soil by the military. The excuse was to limit Al Qaeda and its surrogates in terror activities in America. But, with DHS and other federal agencies saying that “right-wing” groups could be classified as terrorist organizations, how long will it be until the average citizen who has the courage to speak out against a corrupt regime end up at Gitmo?

    • we better not wait to speak up about this because you are right it won’t be long before speaking out will be seen as a threat to Governments Liberty , thats what this is boiling down to , the Class warfare is really between Government and the civilian Population , they are just trying to peacefully transition control of private Wealth and property over to the Government calling it a Equality Exercise that will gain the acceptance of the voter majority to Shift the control over these resources to the central Government all in the name of what the Government thinks is best for society , worldwide .

  6. I don’t pay much mind to polls because the results can be easily skewed. I’m just stumped by his steady 42% approval rating. If there really are that many of us who will still vote for the man after what he has done to our Republic, then maybe we deserve our comeuppance.

    • Those who are still supporting Obama are Communists and think they will be spared in the transformation of Power from private society to collective . They think they will still be able to prosper and benefit from a Higher quality of allowed living under the new world order , hence hollywood’s support .
      These people think that if they can gain control of the resource base of the world that it will benefit them greater than trying to spread and expand the wealth , this climate change debate and all the feel good attributes that they are using to sway public opinion on this matter of who controls the resources of what gives humanity quality of life and longevity in life is what this struggle between classes and equality is all about .

  7. I personally think that people are just tired of the changing with the poll numbers and see through the lies. Most of my friends no longer say anything about Obama they are just going to use their vote to express their opinion…

  8. If 73% of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction, I don’t understand the 42% approval rating. What I do understand is that ALL of my DEM friends who were crazy about Obama are impatiently waitiing to get rid of him.

    And for all those, including Romney, who say Obama is ‘a nice man’….I vehemently disagree! There is NOTHING NICE about this race-baiting, class warfare thug!!! He is a curse on this country!

      • “[E]x-husband snide”? I have three ex-wives, and I like to think I am on good terms with all of them. Then again I don’t hear what they say about me when I’m not around.

        I would prefer to think of him as more like the lazy ex-brother-in-law who used to borrow my tools and still has not returned them (7 years later!).

    • My theory on the “personal popularity” question is that the politically correct climate intimidates people from stating their true feelings regarding Obama’s popularity. If you once say out loud that you do not think he’s a “nice guy”, well there’s proof you are a racist. I think he is a lying arrogant narcissistic meglomaniac sociopath.

    • I have a dear Uncle, who’s older than dirt, and he has orange golf balls so that he can play in the snow.
      Some people do say that golf is a religion. ??

  9. I kind of wish we didn’t even have all this polling these days because I would love nothing more than to see BHO and the Dems all confident about his re-election chances and then be SHOCKED when this idiot loses in a landslide.

  10. Reporting from Detroit – obama sticker – I know that in the city there is still a lot of support for Obama, but most folks have taken off their Obama stickers which were EVERYWHERE. I only see them now and then.

  11. Another problem for Obama will come with an uptick in the economy: as people are encouraged by any such uptick, millions of currently unemployed and underemployed Americans may return to the category of “people looking for work” which will then add them back to the people counted as “unemployed” – this will result in an actual INCREASE in the unemployment rate. If the economy does, in fact, start to pick up after the first quarter next year (as some suggest), Obama will have an increasing unemployment rate to account for at the same time.

    • And I am afraid to say I agree with you, Lisa. He will win re-election, and most people are too stupid. They only listen to the lame stream media and believe everything on Comedy Central as true. Sad.

  12. Its fun to watch the faces of the Obomatons when these inconvenient facts are brought up.
    Believe this fool and his adoring press or believe your 401K. People believe the numbers. As Jim Rome would say,“ Scoreboard, Baby. I’m

  13. Obama represents the greatest failure of Presidential Leadership in U.S. history. In 3 short years he had done unbelievable damage to our nation! And we know that with Obama in full campaign mode that he won’t lift a finger to address the nation’s problems. All he is doing at this point is whining and blaming, which given what he did for his first 3 years might be better for the nation than if he was really trying to be President!

  14. “This suggests that Obama is failing with his argument that evil rich people paying fewer taxes than their secretaries are causing everyone’s misery.”

    Exactly. While there are certainly problems with the US tax code, tax rates are not what is holding the economy back. The focus should be on policies which encourage job growth/creation in the private sector. This whole unfairness argument, even if it were true, is a distraction. The voters care about jobs. Even if it were more “fair” to increase taxes on the rich, this can not be expected to have a positive impact on employment rates. If taxing the rich were the key to improving the economy, then why did Obama extend the Bush tax rates a couple of years ago? Why did he wait until the last year of his term, after the Republicans took control of the House, to focus on the fairness of tax rates? When he had the opportunity to do something about the rich not paying their fair share, he was focused on other things. Now, that is the theme of his reelection campaign?

  15. Obama’s narcissism won’t let him acknowledge his agenda sucks and his policies are garbage. Remember how we were treated to the “oh poor obama, he is isolated and talks to no one but jarret” a few months back? Then it was “he has his mojo back!”….then it was “blaming washington”..then it is “blaming republicans”…even his staff has a joke…”we work 6-9, and he works 9-6″…..meanwhile record numbers of people on food stamps…he flies around on vacation…..telling us how we suck…..we’re lazy…..(and then says he was just trying to get the nation going)….then he says companies have a “patriotic duty” to comeback here and take it in the back from his business hostile adminstration……

    At what point does the nation realize……he’s just too dumb to govern. Doubling down on, dumb…..the rich aren’t paying enough…just give him more money for more government and everything will be fine…..

    Too dumb to govern…….

  16. Lets see,
    those who do not have work,
    have run out of unemployment benefits,
    are now classified as “SELF EMPLOYED”
    and names removed from un-employed list.
    I wonder what “JOBS” were created???