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Obama Schedule || Friday, December 16, 2011

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:00 pm || Meets with senior advisers
2:10 || Delivers remarks at the 71st General Assembly of the Union for Reform Judaism

Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm
All times Eastern

17 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, December 16, 2011”

        1. An apathetic culture turns its’ blind eye to this behavior/swindling.
          These grifters have no shame at what their doing to our
          country.. They are totally out of touch with the realities of today.
          ..probably couldn’t tell you the cost of a loaf of bread.

          Ah… life in the presidential bubble..just sit back, pop a can of
          schlitz malt liquor, light up a cig, munch on BBQ pork rinds from the bag ,someone cracking your lobster for you,,have your groupies gather round & shower you with alcohol induced compliments..hawaii bound obama style! and pay not a dime for it!
          Only in America…. aint it grand?

    1. I agree. BHO said weeks ago at APEC that MOO and the girls would be back in Hawaii for the holidays as always, and he’d see when he could get there because it’s always tough for him to get away. They were planning all along on going separately, as usual. He just needed some excuse.

      It’s funny how last week the White House said they were all leaving on Saturday, but just as it looks like Congress was going to be able to wrap things up, suddenly they announced that MOO would be leaving on Friday. Were they afraid that BHO would be able to leave on Saturday, or maybe only a day or two late, so they really could all go together?

      Keith – is there any way to find out WHO travels with MOO every time she takes a separate plant to vacation spots? Also, does she stop anywhere on the way? I just have had a feeling that the reason they almost always fly separately is because she takes family and friends with her and they don’t want that to get any attention.

      I’d also love to know if any other first families ever did this, consistently flying separately to their vacation destinations.

  1. AGAIN I ask…?
    What is the point of having a “Pres.” Obama “White House press corps” when there is NOTHING to ‘report’? = The “Obama Schedule”.

    (heaven-forbid!) The rather sycophant, main-stream media “WH press/propaganda corps” would ever QUESTION or say “bad” things about the Obama Regime…

  2. As we wake up Saturday lots of us will be grocery shopping trying to decide how to feed our family on 1/2 of what we used to not fancy just basic.
    Santa’s are being ask for a job for Mommy or money for rent or utilities. How
    many families who have lost their homes are not even having Christmas. We
    have troops overseas who won’t even see their families. And Michelle and her
    vast staff will be waking to swaying palm trees from a beachfront property in
    Hawaii oblivious to the suffering of America. Perhaps she will shop and dine out today of course sleeveless and makeup and hair perfect for $15,000 a day.
    Would feed lots of needy people wouldn’t it or fill food pantries. Now I am not
    proud of America but not American’s just the two in the White House shameful.

    1. That Toys for Tots thing–I heard they don’t give the girls presents. That ought to be good for a year or two on the couch when those young ladies get their MSNBC jobs. I don’t even care what they do anymore–or not care much. We can’t afford presents. big boo-hoo–but actually, it takes some pressure off. That is the extent of my positive thinking–like it?

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