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Live Stream || Fox Republican Debate in Iowa

I will attempt to live stream tonight’s GOP debate if I can get the feed off of Fox. Otherwise, everyone will be welcome to comment here in real time as usual.

The fun begins at 9 pm ET.


UPDATE: I can’t get the feed, so this post will just be for comments.

18 thoughts on “Live Stream || Fox Republican Debate in Iowa”

  1. i am curious about this debate seems like Ron Paul will be a target of fox news they obviously hate him and anyone who may even consider his point of view.. They are very cunning the way they ignore and try to make him look crazy i think they will try to make him look like a neo nazi and a racist anti-semite if they think they can get away with it especially Hannity

      1. Thanks for the link Janice. I find it hard to believe he didn’t know what was being published under his name. Additionally, he will not distance himself from the 9/11 truthers, skinheads, and anarchists that make up a good deal of his following. BTW, different susan.

    1. Ron Paul doesn’t need any help looking crazy. he’s looking particularly nuts tonite, which is a good thing: people, I think, are finally seeing him for what he is.

  2. Since everyone who will be commenting tonight wants Obama gone and is still undecided about the Republican field, I have one thing to say that will help you out….:)
    When the debate starts tonight at 9pm, you will notice it starts at 9pm. Not 930,p45,1015 lol
    Well it doesn’t really help you decide, but goes to show SOME people know the meaning of showing up on time
    Go Newt!

  3. Santorum is getting the loudest applause (as usual)

    Gingrich should just plain go-his answers to questions about his baggage are laughable

    Bachmann is good too

    The others aren’t worth talking about

  4. My opinionated opinion…
    Funniest part of the night is a tie,
    1.Michelle Bachman when she called Ron Paul a threat to national security. (She is 100% correct.) Other than that No way Jose….

    2 Ron Paul has a meltdown during his response…(Retire please)

    Rick Santorum was most truthful on Iran by stopping mid sentence calling for missile strikes on Iran. (I agree) Not presidential yet but would be excellent cabinet material..

    Was Rick Perry on Speed for the 1st 15 minutes and then crashed? Sorry buddy go back to Texas.

    Huntsman would be a ok Vice President on the ticket I think. (Much better than Biden) Even a good Secretary of State choice.. Not Presidential enough.(But has potential)

    Newt hits a home run on the supreme court (I always learn something when he speaks) Was smart to leave the truth out of his comments on the peace process, and it was 9 rockets so far this month, there was almost 40 last month.

    Romney, usual smoke and mirrors, smells too much of big biz, and dont trust someone who wants to gamble on our future (Win some – lose some is no better than Obamas leftist crap) I just do not trust that smile, he is for gay rights? surrre, He’s full of shit plain and simple. He just blew it with me with the abortion/hired a gay once speech..

    Iran is coming, it dont matter if you like it or not…
    and the big one…

    KEITH KOFFLER for press secretary
    With out him Im voting for Barry!

    just kidding.. Newt2012

  5. Gingrich always looks bored, snotty, mugs, or seems about to bite somebody with those pointy incisors–fun to watch, but a president? Let him do the statesmanlike thing and let someone defeat Obama and then give that person his wonderful ideas for helping us. As for Romney–I was just telling someone the other day that I was a victim of creative destruction—just a part of history.

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