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The Obama Campaign: Eric Holder Division

Under the guise of a neutral-sounding “review,” Attorney General Eric Holder Tuesday launched a new federal campaign against state-based efforts to prevent voter fraud.

Holder, who spoke at the Lyndon Johnson presidential library in Austin, Texas, professed to be conducting a “thorough and fair” review of new state laws beefing up voter identification requirements. But his remarks made clear that while the review will certainly be “thorough,” it will not be fair. Because you can’t really be fair when you’ve already made up your mind. From the speech:

As Congressman John Lewis described it, in a speech on the House floor this summer, the voting rights that he worked throughout his life – and nearly gave his life – to ensure are, “under attack… [by] a deliberate and systematic attempt to prevent millions of elderly voters, young voters, students, [and] minority and low-income voters from exercising their constitutional right to engage in the democratic process.” Not only was he referring to the all-too-common deceptive practices we’ve been fighting for years. He was echoing more recent concerns about some of the state-level voting law changes we’ve seen this legislative season.

The nation’s putatively even-handed top law enforcement officer abandoned even the pretense of impartiality by calling citizens to oppose the laws he is supposed to be impassively reviewing.

So speak out. Raise awareness about what’s at stake. Call on our political parties to resist the temptation to suppress certain votes in the hope of attaining electoral success and, instead, encourage and work with the parties to achieve this success by appealing to more voters. And urge policymakers at every level to reevaluate our election systems – and to reform them in ways that encourage, not limit, participation.

It’s disconcerting enough to have the attorney general prejudging the outcome of his own review. What’s really startling is that the man who runs our federal police apparatus would try to gin up people in a campaign against laws duly passed by state legislatures.

Holder’s remarks are not just part of a moral crusade that an attorney general should avoid, but part of a political crusade that an attorney general should avoid.

Everyone knows that easing registration adds Democratic voters to the polls. Republicans argue that this also eases the type of voter fraud that mainly occurs in urban, Democratic-controlled areas.

The point is not which side is right, only that it’s not the attorney general’s place to wade into a political argument or to conduct a “review” that is biased and that would help Democrats. It’s a perversion of our system of justice.

That this is political is evident from the similarity of Holder’s remarks to those we are hearing from others to raise money. Here’s what Holder said Tuesday:

It is time to ask: what kind of nation – and what kind of people – do we want to be?   Are we willing to allow this era – our era – to be remembered as the age when our nation’s proud tradition of expanding the franchise ended?   Are we willing to allow this time – our time – to be recorded in history as the age when the long-held belief that, in this country, every citizen has the chance – and the right – to help shape their government, became a relic of our past, instead of a guidepost for our future?

Now take a look at some recent drivel from Michelle at a fundraiser:

The choice we make in this election will determine nothing less than who we are as a country — but more importantly, who we want to be.  Who are we?  Will we be a country that tells folks who’ve done everything right but are struggling to get by, “tough luck, you’re on your own”?  Is that who we are?

Or will we honor the fundamental American belief that I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper, and if one of us is hurting, then we’re all hurting?  Who are we? Will we be a country where opportunity is limited to just the few at the top?  Who are we?  Or will we give every child a chance to succeed no matter where they’re from, or what they look like or how their money parents are — have.  Who are we?

Same speechwriter out of the Chicago campaign shop? You decide.

I guess the politicization of the Justice Department is not too surprising from an administration that long ago abandoning governing in favor of campaigning. What’s shocking is how open they are about it.

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  1. If this kind of honest reporting continues they WILL do away with the internet. At one time we laughed about edjumacation camps – it’s not funny anymore. While they spew their rhetoric full of false concern for their neighbor all the while doing the power grab behind the scenes. “False words are not evil in themselves – but they infect the soul with evil.” Plato

  2. Heard a liberal Professor from Occidental where BO went say how unfair it
    was to ask for ID to the elderly…blah blah. Well my 93 year old Aunt had a state issued ID and she never drove or hardly ever left her home she managed.

    1. Yeah, that tiresome blond who trots out the liberal line on command. Saw her, too. I don’t drive–I have an ID, but it was sort of a mess to get it–I had to get a ride, find a birth certificate, wait, etc etc. My Mom was put thru the same rigamarole bec she needed one to prove it was her Medicare card or something–I forget.

    1. I once was almost barred from a WH meeting because I don’t drive–no license…It took some suck to get me to the table… This was in the old days when I was someone.

  3. Great article Keith. Thank you for telling it like it is. That brother’s and sister’s keepers line has been repeated by all the Marxists over the last few weeks. I believe their Chicago campaign must be giving the marching orders on all the new redistribution of wealth memes.

    How ironic that Holder spoke at the the LBJ library. Because of the 1965 Voting Rights Act any Texas law that affects voting has to be approved through the DOJ. Our legislators passed a voter ID law last session and Holder basically said he wouldn’t allow Texas to implement the law. Another problem we have is the redistricting maps drawn up in the last session. Immigration rights groups took it to court and a couple of activist federal judges rewrote the maps to favor illegals and sanctuary cities. The Supreme Court halted the implementation of the new maps and now the Texas 2012 elections are in limbo. Just the kind of chaos these usurpers want to create. The Obama administration will stop at nothing to steal the next election.

  4. Some wacko woman from the DNC actually suggested using your DWP bill as ID, LOL

    A good place to stop voter fraud is the door-to-door registration drive by the SEIU and other ACORN thugs to sign up illegal aliens! Obama probably got at least 3-4M illegal votes just in CA in 2009! Absentee ballots are also big business here in CA – impossible to track – no ID required .

  5. Why even argue with their talking points – they’re nothing more than a smoke screen and everyone knows they don’t hold water yet we continue to “prove” their argument wrong – to no avail. Hopefully, we’ll take the Senate the WH and retain the House and shut them up once and for all.

  6. The DOJ acting as a political arm of the far-left Dem organization is hardly news anymore. From MrHolder’s remarks about “his” people, to suing several states, to Fast&Furious’ real intent to further regulate or outlaw certain firearms, this adminstration is all about the re-election of B.Obama.

    The millions of people that MrHolder is concerned about also are forbidden to fly on a commercial airplane, can’t cash a check, can’t get medical care, enroll in college, and on and on.
    If a person is too stupid, too lazy, or too uninvolved in modern life to get a photo ID, then they forfeit the right to vote.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      It goes further than that, srdem, this group they are trying to get into the voting booth is terribly on the dole, this is representation without taxation and it will kill the United States if it continues.

      How short-sighted and evil is it to lift up and encourage a group that doesn’t contribute squat to society just for their own re-election?

  7. In the state where I live ID is required to vote. However, in the last general election I was at my polling place, and the woman in front of me presented an ID with a different address than what was on the voter roll. She advised the poll worker that she had moved several months earlier, and had not changed her ID address.

    She provided no other proof of her current address, and was still allowed to vote. After I left the voting booth I contacted the local GOP office, the woman with the questionable ID was making all kinds of disparaging remarks about the Republicans, and informed them of the situation. I even provided them with her name. The response was that there was nothing that could be done about this voter, or the situation. I contacted the county election office about what their poll workers were doing and was told the same thing. I also contacted the Secretary of State’s office, and was told that they would check on the situation, but there was little they could do at this point.

    If we, as a nation, are going to have honest elections, then those charged with protecting the integrity of the elections need to take their jobs seriously. Allowing a person to vote without proof that they live in the precinct in which they are voting opens the door to someone casting multiple votes.

    It truly disheartened me to hear three different offices state that there was nothing they could do about the above issue. Voter ID is no more an inconvenience to the voter than having to present ID to cash a check or open a bank account. In my state they have free ID cards to anyone over the age of 18 so people can have a legitimate ID to vote.

    Holder and the entire DOJ needs to go, along with all the enablers in DC and locally.

  8. MT for re-redistribution

    “I am my brother’s keeper”?? A “fundamental American belief”?? If that’s not Orwellian, I don’t know what is. Nice job Mooch. Wow, lobster in, marxism out.

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  10. I didn’t know he, Eric “Snake in the Grass” Holder was that close to me yesterday, I live in Dobbin Texas east of Austin and I couldn’t figure out what the putrid aroma that was in the air. Now I know what caused the foul odor.
    I apologize for that vile remark, that was just not right.
    But I couldn’t resist. HAH

  11. Eric Holder is Mr. Black Man.

    He’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with a nicer suit and better articulation.

    He is a racist. He uses race to further his personal ambitions. If he were not black he would be nothing more than a good looking man with relatively few brains. But because his ancestors came from Africa, Mr. Holder has ambitions. Look for Mr. Holder to run for Senator, President, or aim to grab a nice cushy position at the UN.

  12. Holder just came down on Sheriff Joe out here–breaking news. Profiling Hispanics. If I also cannot stand Sheriff Joe, does that mean I agree with Eric? Oh the humanity!

  13. They are so open about it because they think we’re too stupid to know what they are saying. They sound so smart – way smarter than those ‘little people’. Waiting eagerly for Nov 2012…..

  14. It sickens me to think that supposedly intelligent people support these clowns who are hacking away at our right to self-govern and self-determination. I suppose they are in on it too, but do these fools really want to live in a socialist state? I guess they do, life is so much easier if you drink the Kool-Aid and vote democrat. I’ve lost my country to soulless, politically correct, diversity drivel spouting, multi-cultural elites who have the hubris to think they know what is best for everybody. If the enemies of American exceptionalism are re-elected in 2012 I believe there will be open revolt to the USG. Love my country, but despise the federal government for the life sucking, over-reaching bastard it has become.

  15. This should not be a surprise. Obama has repeatedly used the phrase “I’m going to have my Justice Department look into it.” Justice department is a misnomer. The president uses th JD as his own political attack dog. Just ask Sherrif Joe Arpaio in AZ.

    Pres. O. has also used the threat of investigation for political purposes. The “investigation” of Standard and Poors after the credit downgrade, IBM etc after they announced a write down for Ocare etc. It is shameless bullying.

    1. Do you live in AZ. Mr Berge? I do. Arpaio is…what is the word I am searching for..a complete jerk. Just because Holder is the one after him does not erase all the high-handed things he does everyday! Just my humble, of course. The Arizona Republic had several articles this morning saying nothing will change Arpaio-wise…probably not. We are stuck with this clown. Pulling over brown-skinned people is only part of it. He refused to look into more than 400 abuse cases–then said IF anyone was harmed by his lack of attention to his job, sorry. He mistreats prisoners so badly and refuses them medical help to the point where one guy had to have his privates removed the cancer was so advanced. He keeps human beings (yes, jail prisoners–not prison prisoners) in tents at 130 degrees. These charming abodes are overrun with lice–we hear first-hand about this. He picks fights with officials that try to counter him–and this costs muncipalities gazillions of bucks. Some of his staff has been fired under pressure for corruption. Somehow he has charge of dogs–and they have air conditioning. Yes, he is so tough…yeah, yeah. He is the total bully. But, he probably isn’t going to stop, Holder or no Holder.

  16. The Holder justice department has decided that, in order to be absolutely certain that state voting laws are fairly applied, a Black Panther election monitor will be present at each polling location, AND, each minority vote will count twice with each white honky vote representing 1/2 of a vote.

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