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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 15, 2011

10:50 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm
All times Eastern

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 15, 2011”

  1. Let’s hope that VPBiden can give MrO some advice on the art of the bluff. The latest reports are that the Dems are caving on the eat-the-rich tax so that they can pass the House bill and get home for a long vacation. They’re going to pass the pipe-line bill, too.

  2. Are you kidding me? He’s not even part time maybe he has to spend time with
    the little woman in which case I would almost feel sorry for him…almost.

      1. I was hoping it would be condescending and rude:). Boy can you imagine if he called her the little woman? He must be scared to death
        of Darth Michelle!

  3. You have got to be kidding me. The White House should be embarrassed to even put out “schedules” like this. A less than thirty minute briefing at around 11 am, and that’s it? Oh, there’s that lunch thing with Biden too. Give me a damn break! This PO(TU)S doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “work”. He can’t even be bothered to try faking it anymore.

  4. WHOA get back! I feel sleepy even reading that !


    Can’t wait for the debate I am so hoping Santorum will buy a backbone-if he doesn’t oh well-I will vote for him or Bachmann if they make it on the ballot

    -the others? NO WAY

    I’ll sit out-it made me sick enough to vote for McCain

  5. You h8ters. He’s got to pack! Hawaii in TWO DAYS. Woohoo. I’m going to live vicariously through the Obama’s vacation, because we haven’t had one in two years.

    In these trying times, we should be happy that we can still – somehow – afford to send the Obamas on vacation first class.

    1. No vacations for us either, Car in. Just holding out hope that we elect some people with some common sense who can lead this country out of this mess we’re in. Unfortunately, I’m not as generous as you. It really ticks me off that these two grifters are living the high life while the rest of America suffers.

      1. Aw–just close your eyes and think of the warm surf lapping at your toes, the palms swaying, the houseboys bringing libations, maybe a nap before a five-course dinner…ah…

        Oh–by the way–one out of two people is now considered low income (Census)…although the requisite guy with the big job (Heritage or someplace) said poor isn’t poor if you have a vehicle, TV and roof. Yeah–tell us ALL about it.

        1. Poor in the US is certainly not the same as poor in any third world country. After the Obama’s and their ilk are through with us, we may just find out what being poor is truly like.

          1. I am not in a third world country–or are you admitting we are now. Poor is no money, no car (in our case), regular used TV from sister that is not set in a wall, stove with one burner left, etc. One in two people is now officially low income. In the paper–this morning. Yes, we have indoor plumbing.

  6. The Czars he has appointed have taken on a whole new definition for me. Based on these last few weeks of. of his schedule, they seem to be running the Executive branch.

  7. If “Pres.” Obama does nothing all day…
    What-the-heck! does the WH “press corps” do all day??!!…what is there to report?
    (since the “press corps” only parrots what Carney & the Propaganda Office say and would NEVER report-investigate anything on their own…)

  8. Well, really, he’s so good at delegating he doesn’t have to do anything himself. He’s delegated our executive branch to his czars, he’s delegated our foreign policy to Iraq, and Kagan and Holder will be fine with the courts. What did I miss, oh, Andy Stern, GE, Soros and Buffet can dictate corporate regulations. Really, I don’t know why all the past presidents didn’t do the same thing. I guess he really is smarter than them.

    The briefing at 1, will that be a recap of his lunch? I really want to know if he had fries with it.

  9. The actual site for the schedule is fairly broken. comes up completely blank. I then “imported to iCal” and looked at today’s sched. It came up with “The President visits the Agriculture Exposition” which actually happened in India on Nov 7, 2010. Clicking the link (in iCal) puts you through to Sunday, Nov 7 2010. The best and brightest are most certainly not working for the White House, it appears. I wonder how whomever is responsible for this incredible lack of professional adequacy would respond to his/her job being outsourced overseas to be done correctly.

  10. I think he spends the rest of the day huddling with his advisors to come up ways to get re-elected. He said the job would take more than one term to get done.

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