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Recession-Proof White House Sports 37 Xmas Trees

Despite the recession and a recent directive by President Obama to the agencies to try to save money on the little things, the Obamas have spared no expense decorating the White House, deluging the place with with an army of Christmas trees and baking enough gingerbread to single-handedly defeat Michelle’s anti-obesity campaign.

From Investors Business Daily:

They have also installed 37 different Christmas trees. Thirty of the trees are live, or were, including one nearly 19-feet tall from Wisconsin. Seven of the three dozen Christmas trees are artificial or homemade including, of course, one from recyclables.

“We have 37 Christmas trees here at the White House–37!” Michelle Obama excitedly told a recent group of visitors. “That’s a lot, right? Yes, that’s a lot of trees. And we also have a 400-pound White House gingerbread house.”

Yes, that’s a lot, right! And the royal family’s Portuguese Waterdog is everywhere.

Virtually every room has also been decorated for the holidays with some kind of a replica of the Obamas’ dog, Bo, who’s being made into a kind of first family Christmas canine symbol.

The Bo’s are made of all sorts of materials and come in all sizes. There are Bo’s made of pom-poms (750 of them), Bo’s made from about 2,000 pieces of licorice, Bo’s made from some 35 yards of wool felt and Bo’s made from nearly 7,000 feet of plastic trash bags. There’s even a nine-inch Bo made from hundreds of buttons.

The first lady’s theme for the decorations was “Share, Give, Shine.”

How about “Spend, Spend, Spend!”

H/T to Instapundit, where I saw this.

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  1. The outrage, besides the points you made, is that they won’t even see these decorations in 5 days when the fly to Hawaii. I imagine they’ll be taken down soon or before they return after the 17 day sojourn. It’s almost criminal. It’s just all for show.

    1. It’s not totally gone to waste. There are tours during this time period and lots of people will see the decorations. I’ve been there during Christmas and the WH is just magical! There are volunteers who do all of the decorating (doubt the oblowmes lift a finger) and they turn the WH into a place of awe! So the PEOPLE will get to enjoy their house while the -resident is gone!

      I was so mad the first year they left at Christmas time, knowing how beautiful the house is I couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting to stay and celebrate there. Now I’m glad they leave.

      1. Mrs. Compton,
        That was funny that you had to note that the Oblameos didn’t lift a finger to decorate. Of course we know that stuff is for the serfs. Escept maybe a picture of Moochelle and Mr. O hanging an ornament together and pretending to like each other.
        Also, I take exception to you wondering why they would not want to stay and celebrate at the White House. It made me laugh, of course they don’t celebrate Christmas, silly.

    2. Janice
      You need to read about the BIG Hollywood Halloween party friend at the White House…
      Talk about big bucks flying out the window once the kiddies left will turn your stomach. I am still in shock.

  2. A garbage bag Bo, the dog. A candy Bo, the dog.
    Bo, the dog does not represent Christmas in my world no matter what he’s made of. Placing the 1,000 buttons Bo, the dog under the trees doesn’t take the place of the manger and the Three Wise Men.
    A tree made of recycled garbage doesn’t make the cut either.

    Who are these people and where did they park their pod?

    1. And you vociferously objected to the Barney the Dog videos the Bushes did at Christmas, right?

      The White House Decorations are not for or about the Obamas, they are for the people who come visit and tour. If you Google how many Trees the Bushes had you can’t find the info…because it didn’t matter one bit…until now :O

        1. In other words…now it’s bad because you don’t like this President but it was fine when it was the “other guy”. I believe that is what they call “hypocrisy”.

          1. Our country wasn’t bankrupt until Obama took over. It’s time to tighten the belt and stop spending but instead the Obama’s are flaunting a luxurious lifestyle, paid for by taxpayers, while many struggle to pay bills and children go to bed hungry. Both Presidents Bush always kept the staff in mind and spent Christmas at Camp David instead of dragging the whole derned staff, secret service, Navy seals, press pool so far away from their families at Christmas. There have always been multiple Christmas trees in the WH but this is the first year the number was increased to 37. I love handcrafted items but really, isn’t it a bit sleazy to put a garbage bag BO in the WH? That is something they should have put in their private residence.

          2. The only person who compared Bush and Obama was you. Call it what you want but please educate yourself about what is happening to this country in the here and now. We can do nothing to change the past.

          3. The country wasn’t bankrupt until Obama took over? Really, because if I remember correctly there was a budget surplus until GW got in there and when he left in 2008 the country was already in the crapper. Susan I think you are sadly mistaken about the here and now, you are right we can’t change the past but we should learn from it.

          4. MT for re-redistribution

            In W’s defense, 9-11 happened at the beginning of his watch. The country’s economics drastically changed after that. I personally don’t like what changes were made, I think it spelled victory for terrorists, but the country felt as if we had to respond in certain ways. On top of that, the liberal dems in congress forced the mortgage industry to make loans to people that couldn’t make payments. Those 2 items singlehandedly spelled doom for W. Now Obama’s excuse is…? Even Bubba had surpluses. Why can’t O?

          5. Amen to that!! When will Mr. “O” start to take responsibility for the mess he has put the Country in now?? Oh, right, NOTHING he does can possibly be wrong as he is so very innocent of anything that is messing up our Country. Denial is not a good thing. Lying is even worse. I feel sorry for the USA if he is re-elected. I pray he is not.

          6. Please tell me how I am “sadly mistaken about the here and now”?
            Can you address Fast & Furious? A program of the Obama administration that bought automatic weapons (with taxpayer money no less) to give to Mexican drug gangs in an effort to undermine our 2nd Amendment?
            How about Obama’s DOJ suing a number of states for trying to enforce immigration law?
            How about how the Obama administration using the Dept of Energy as way of laundering payback to campaign donors (with taxpayer money again)?
            How about the Federal Reserve, under the leadership of Obama, doling out more than $7 trillion from our treasury to American and foreign banks?
            How about the $50 billion Obama gave to Brazil to drill for oil, while he threatens to veto the Keystone pipeline that would bring jobs and prosperity to America?
            I could go on, but hopefully you get the point Dave. I hope you are right about learning from the past. Hopefully the American people have learned from the mistake of electing a totally unqualified individual to the office of President in 2008.

          7. Fast & Furious was instigated during Dubya’s reign.
            Dole out to banks was also instigated by Dubya.
            Jobs and Prosperity??? The Keystone pipeline debacle would, if given the go ahead, provide some 200 US permanent jobs..its a pipeline for *^$# sake! The Canadian tar sands are just that..TAR! Payback to campaign donors?? Are you deaf, dumb and blind or have you just never heard of the Koch brothers.

  3. Share=Michelle to all designers of clothes, jewelry and anything else costly
    Give=all of the above to me for free don’t worry about those pesky rules
    Shine= If you all do the above I can shine because it’s all about me after all!

    1. Share=your money with the government
      Give=your money to the goverment
      Shine=shoes on the corner (if you can front the money for shoe polish)

  4. “That’s a lot, right? Yes, that’s a lot of trees.”

    Michelle Obama always sounds like a second-grade reading lesson primer.

    Is this why she likes hanging out with children so much? They are on her intellectual level?

  5. They may have 37 trees ostentatiously decorated in the White House, but standing a few blocks away is a national disgrace. The American Christmas tree is diminutive, misshapen and has a poverty of ornamentation( see article America’s Christmas tree: A National disgrace in the Baltimore Examiner). Its true, its sad and its how Obama feels about America.

    1. Yes they decorated on the cheap at the White House but they don’t care
      because they knew they’d be watching the palm trees in Hawaii. And
      the monstrosity that they lit is shameful looks like a used car lot decoration I feel sure that was Michelle’s special touch a show of how
      proud she is of our country and it’s long held and treasured traditions.
      Makes you sick and sad and a bit angry. Yes this is the Obma’s slap in
      the face to us for Christmas.

      1. I agree. They have taken the traditional symbols of an American Christmas as something to be fooled with; a garbage tree, ornaments of military medals, Bo, the dog as a Christmas fixture and so on.

        They wouldn’t take the symbols of other religion’s holidays and bastardize them, The candles that MrO lit while celebrating the Jewish holiday were not placed in red apples, but in the traditional and respectful candle holder.

        And while I’m ranting, I have a bone to pick with Keith, too.
        His reference to NASCAR as the “other.. people’s church” was insulting. A “church” is a Christian house of worship. A “mosque” and a “synagogue” are houses of worship for other religions
        NASCAR is a racing organization, and while many people attend their racing events, they don’t go there to pray. .

  6. America’s Christmas tree stands a short distance away from the White House and it is a national disgrace. Diminutive, misshapen and with a paucity of ornaments it reflects Obama’s true feelings for this country. Less than kind words could be heard from those in the crowd who braved the cold a few days ago.For more details review the article America’s Christmas tree: A national disgrace.

  7. “Bo, who’s being made into a kind of first family Christmas canine symbol.”

    A Christmas Canine symbol? What about real Christmas symbols? Are we supposed to worship the dog now?

    As Charlie Brown would say: “Good grief.”

    1. They’re going for the dog owner vote. Bush had those kinda cute videos of his dog – I believe they did a tour with him around the decorated house? It was pretty tongue in cheek, I thought. Of course, they were directed at those who didn’t get to tour the white house … which has to be over 99% of us.

  8. Some of the comments are vague, others off the mark. America’s tree a small distance from the WH denigrates the holiday and its meaning. The tens of thousands who view the tree daily know their government could have done much better, but were ordered to provide this misshapen diminutive tree. Those few who get into the WH will be treated to three dozen plus trees, each with a better presentation. Those who referenced GWB, there must be a website to treat your ailment.

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  10. I take it no one at this site has read about the big $ Hollywood Halloween party they had at the White House after the little children went home…..

  11. stumbled on this website and realize you are all a bunch of racist obama haters. whassup? you suddenly realise that there are other immigrants (we’re all immigrants or from immigrant stock…only true bloodied americans are all drunk or dead) that might get a chance to be rich and successful? you know i hope you all realise that you are way outta step and that your number is up…obama got reelected…and by a landslide…get used to it or bugger off somewhere else..back to where you came from……THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

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