As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama-Maliki News Conference

The event has concluded.

11 Responses to Live Stream || Obama-Maliki News Conference

  1. What a fricken loser… Stole his way into the Chicago politics, only to shyster his way into the presidency…Im gonna laugh when it comes out this fool didn’t even have enough VALID signatures to get nominated let alone elected.. Maybe his next move will be to invite the Iranians to buy some B2’s or atleast a shout out to Achmadinijad…. Must go asap

    • Just an aside:
      How did Barack Hussein Obama get his start in ‘Chicago politics’…?
      Why has NO ONE in ‘Chicago politics’ come out with ‘dirt’ about the young “community organizer?” Obama? After watching “Boss” on Starz (I know its a TV drama :-) but it seems everyone in ‘Chicago politics’ knows each other… So why hasent someone REALLY dug on dirt on Obama? (former Gov. Rod Blago to save his a** from prison after trying to “sell” Obama’s senate seat…)
      How did this no-body “community organizer?” be allowed to become an Illinois state politican and US Senator with NO political experience from Chicago? (one of the most ‘political’ and ‘corrupt’ cities in America)

      • All. Been. Bought. Or damning info leaked about them. It’s the Chicago way.

        There used to be an old saying about why no one from Chicago had ever been elected to the Presidency: It was because by the time the Election came around, they were all under indictment.

  2. We have asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond” from Obama.
    Speaking later in the afternoon Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was doubtful the US would get its “equipment” back.
    OMG: These clowns aren’t even on the same book, much less page.
    Please if there are any Obama Blog watchers perusing this site please relay my deepest apologies for the loss of Mr. Obama’s spine.