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Obama: Unemployment Could be 8 Percent by Election

In an interview taped for broadcast Sunday on CBS’ 60 Minutes, President Obama said it is “possible” that the unemployment could go down to 8 percent by Election Day. Take a look.

The “8 percent” barrier has taken on magical properties since Obama economic team said early in 2009 that the stimulus bill would take unemployment below it. At 8 percent, the rate would still be about 3 points higher than the average under George W. Bush

The stimulus didn’t lower the unemployment rate, which rose instead to nearly 10 percent. By last month it had made its way down to 8.6 percent, but job creation still isn’t occurring at a pace that will bring it much lower.

35 Responses to Obama: Unemployment Could be 8 Percent by Election

  1. Remember the business owner somewhere in the South that put signs on his trucks ” No Hiring until Obama is Gone”? This is a prevalent feeling among small biz owners.
    Obama’s policies are like opening the bilge and scuttling the ship, to use his silly metaphor.

  2. I can see the whitish line they put down the middle of his nose shading in the sides darker to make it look thinner. Michelle O does that, too but I’m surprised they would do this shading trick on a man.

    Other than that: blah, blah, blah.

  3. I agree with Mrs. Compton and also think the Administration has been lying for some time, to keep that number under 10%.

    Does anyone keep track of how many of those “new” jobs will be initiated by the Feds, and Federal spending, i.e. Obamacare hiring of thousands? And that’s just one program. Consider how many SEIU jobs are in store to supervise Michelle’s loony plan to put salad bars in school lunchrooms.

    • If you’re counting on the assigned governmental agencies to give accurate numbers on unemployment rates then you are a candidate for beachfront property in the Everglades. There is NO truth in this administration. He did say, “It might take more than one presidency” … or something like that. Whatever. He’s absolutely correct. The next president is on the way.

  4. No second chance for you to destroy America Mr. Obama. You are one and done. Reversing the structural damage this deceitful man has done to our Republic will probably take more than a generation. We may never discover where the $5 trillion looted from the treasury on his watch has gone.

  5. Once employers permanantly eliminate jobs, or once those on unemployment give up looking, the % will go down. It’s a meaningless statistic that any first year high school student should be able to evaluate. But of course, let’s not teach the kids any math, or lets not reveal how we got our percentage and voila! the economy is fixed!

  6. Well, if the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare, businesses might start hiring again. Although I doubt that’s what Dear Leader had in mind during that interview.

  7. Of course they’ll lie and say unemployment is 8% or lower. When the Obama admin releases figures they came up with, it’s propaganda and not fact.

    • If you are right, if the civil servants who collect the statistics are dishonest, why didn’t they report that Obama’s stimulus drove the unemployment down to 5% or so?

      If you are right, then how come nobody has blown the whistle? Most civil servants are Democrats, but I assure you lots are conservatives who dislike Obama. Someone would have blown the whistle.

      The unemployment figures have problems and can be misleading. But if they have problems for one period, they have the same problem for the next period. The delta should be more or less right.

  8. wasn’t kroft the guy who was a teensy tiny bit tough on cruella daville?

    guess he was bitchslapped by cbs

    (sorry if that is a no no to say-please remove if needed)

  9. I “could” win the lottery too!
    We really need to get this fool out of office in November. The USA cannot continue on the path it is currently on!!

  10. Sadly I think if anyone in this group of fools is talking it’s a lie. As the saying goes ‘ if his lips are moving he’s lying’ that goes double for Obama and Holder!

  11. If you use whatever “numbers” you want you could have “2% unemployment” by next week!

    What was that qoute by Twain (I think)… ‘lies, more lies and statistics’…?

  12. No one, including yourself, should comment on Obama’s efforts to right our economy without acknowledging two things: 1. It was wall street’s inability to cost the risk of derivatives that led to the economic melt down; 2. conservatives fought tooth and nail to keep the stimulous at a level where it could not succeed. The battle which is joined here is between the competing philosophies of individualism and democracy. Obama is the champion of democracy.

    • I can’t speak for the others here, except to say you won’t find many takers. The battler is between big intrusive confiscatory govt and the stewardship and sensibility we thought we were voting for. The latter would include watching the financial store, which of course did not happen.

    • How can we acknowledge as fact your premises which are totally false? Another Twain quote seemed appropriate here Mr. McKinney…

      For in a Republic, who is “the country?” Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant – merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.

      • Are individualism and democracy opposites–I would say that would be individualism and collectivism. And that would be an incredible oversimplification. As for the “stimulus”–it was almost a trillion in old leftover pet projects Pelosi and Reid had in the drawer. It was not even designed to revamp so-called infrastructure or pep up the hopes of business to take another run at things. Quite a bit has not been spent and could be put back in the hopper.

  13. That’s about as likely as me joining the group of drooling wingnuts who
    worship MO and her clothes, hair, makeup, shoes and of course the bling.
    They are truly scary CindyLou talk about a group who need to be b—-s!
    I bet not one of them works.

    • Had to get in another phoney I am a Christian and we are a loving family photo-op before the multi million dollar vaycay to the beautiful island country of Hawaii in Asia.

  14. Here’s a number to throw out to the media Mr. Obama: 10 million more people on Food Stamps compared to this same time 2 years ago. What number will it be in November 2012? 12Million? 15 million? Proud of that “accomplishment?”