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Live Stream || Republican Debate from Iowa

I will live stream tonight’s GOP debate from Iowa. This one should be pretty good, with Newt and Mitt starting to go after each other and the rest of the candidates getting desperate.

Please feel free to comment along in live time. The fun begins at 9 pm ET.

UPDATE: I’m not able to take the live stream from ABC or Yahoo, so here is the link to watch. Everyone can still comment here as it goes along.

25 Responses to Live Stream || Republican Debate from Iowa

  1. My HOPE is that the Presidential Candidates STAY on Message:
    Obama, ObamaCare, BHO’s Czars/Advisers MUST GO!
    Holder MUST be fired as the “peoples’ lawyer…! Incompetent/Corrupt
    Smaller intrusion of Govt into our lives! Stop over-reach of Regulations!
    Stop Obama from circumventing Congress & Illegally giving away tax-payers monies to USA enemies!
    STOP the stranglehold BHO Adm & Dems have on “Jobs Creation”!

    The Liberals/Left hope the “Sniping” and “Divisiveness” by the Cons/Repubs will continue to destroy each other! Each of the Debate Candidates must treat each other with respect and dignity & STAY On MESSAGE.
    Each of them can be of extra-ordinary value serving as Cabinet Chairs/Advisers/etc., etc., AFTER BHO is defeated!
    First things First! jb

  2. My prediction:
    The questions will be loaded toward Dem talking points.
    ol’Newt will be professional, polite and on topic
    MrRomney will sound whiney and give convoluted answers to simple questions.

    Don’t care who the Repubs put on the ballot. Anyone will do for me.

  3. These “impartial” moderators will be asking ridiculous questions as srdem mentioned. These candidates need to break out of the format and start challenging Obama. Stop playing defense with the lame stream media and go on the offense. Sack their quarterback.

  4. Ron Paul desperate. It’s going to be a blow out. The only thing they have to use against the Dr. is he won’t throw out the constitution and the bill of rights for false safety. He cares more about the people in the country then anyone of these puppets.

    • uh, and the fact that he thinks it’s hunky-dory if Iran gets the bomb. that’s a deal-breaker for most people–probably why his numbers never go much above 10%.

      • His numbers are way above 10% and if you think Iran will do anything to the U.S you’re high. we could wipe em off the face of the earth in a heart beat. Also Ron Paul advocates Israel has a right to defend her self with out having to wait for approval of the U.S.

      • Iran wants nuclear power for energy. The kinda stuff you use for energy is pretty weak. I forget the scientific term and measurment but its somewhere in the area of 10% processed uranium. For weapons grade stuff, you need to be pushing atleast 90%. All this fear mongering because a country wants nuclear energy for its people is stupid. You may as well say Africa and Mexico are also planning to make nuclear weapons, because there persuing nuclear power as well. Poverish countrys that are struggling would greatly benifit from the kinda technology we’ve been using for decades, while shaking our finges at them not to.

      • He doesn’t think it’s “hunky dorky”. He has repeatedly stressed that nuclear proliferation is highly undesirable. But he also believes that US policy toward Iran since the end of WWII has encouraged Iran’s pursuit of the bomb.

        He is the only candidate in this race with a shot at beating Obama. He’s also the only person on the stage who is both honest and well informed.

      • I’m with you rulierose. Ron Paul’s isolationist foreign policy platform is terrifying. He blames America for 9/11. I, for one, am tired of having a president who blames America first. And that fairy tale about them wanting nuclear technology for energy is nothing but hogwash. Iran wants to annihilate Israel which they consider little Satan. The powers to be in Iran also want to destroy US, who they consider big Satan.

        • you people need to read more (except for you Susan!). the IAEA recently came out with a report that confirmed what most everyone already knew: Iran is indeed building a nuclear weapon.

          Iran “wouldn’t dare” do anything to us? are you kidding? Iran tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador IN WASHINGTON DC this summer.

          Ron Paul asks: “if Israel can have a nuke, why can’t Iran?” if Ron Paul cannot see any difference between the democratic state of Israel, a close US ally (or used to be, before Obama anyway), and the mullahcracy who want to destroy Israel while they wait for the 12th Imam to show up, well, then, he really shouldn’t be president.

  5. I hardly think that Ron Paul is ‘getting desperate’! He polls 2nd in Iowa, 1st for Twitter followers & has the top amount of internet searches. It’s his time to shine, esp with Cain out of the race now. Ron Paul 2012!

  6. I”m sorry–I really cannot take Gingrich. I didn’t think there was anyone who had a bigger ego than Obama. I was wrong.

    if there’s a G-d in heaven Romney will be the nominee.

    • …and then he goes and says something like “the Palestinians ARE an invented people” and I’m thinking well…ok…I might be able to vote for him…

  7. I liked santorum, he said stand with israel because they are an ally – forget the academics

    I like bachmann too but she was too stiff and the 999 references were kind of tacky

    perry was lost in space

    romney and newt were playing gotcha-they reminded me of beavis and butthead

    dang i LIKE santorum! so does palin and mark levin-he should stop saying he WON this or that otherwise he is more serious and that is welcomed

  8. I am very much in favour for Australia becoming a Republic. We are now a country on our own. Also I would like to remove the Union Jack, from our flag.