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Special Michelle Hawaii Flight Would Cost Thousands

President Obama’s decision to send Michelle and his daughters to Hawaii ahead of him if he is delayed by a fight with Congress could cost taxpayers tens of thousands of extra dollars to fund two separate vacation flights and related costs. The move would also violate the intent of an executive order he issued just last month urging federal employees to cut back on expenses like travel.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that Obama told Senate Democratic leaders during a White House meeting that he would delay his scheduled December 17 departure for Hawaii to keep Congress in town until it extends the payroll tax holiday. Said Reid:

I’ll paraphrase it, but I’m pretty close. He said, ‘Michelle and the girls are going to have a great time in Hawaii. They don’t need me there.’

But sending his family ahead of him could easily cost taxpayers an added $100,000, and possibly much more.

Last year, when Obama was delayed by Congress, Michelle left early for Hawaii, and the cost of her separate flight alone totaled about $63,000. This did not include related security and staff costs or the money for a cargo plane that may trail the first lady’s jet on such a trip.

Obama joined Michelle a few days after she landed in Hawaii, and they extended their vacation past their scheduled return date to make up for the president’s lost vacation time.

Sending Michelle to Hawaii ahead of him this year would provide the first lady a convenience that Obama himself is trying to deny government workers.

In an executive order issued Nov. 9 titled “promoting efficient spending,” which was touted by the White House as a sign of Obama’s commitment to cut the deficit, Obama instructed agencies to try to avoid unnecessary plane trips.

. . .  to ensure efficient travel spending, agencies are encouraged to devise strategic alternatives to Government travel, including local or technological alternatives, such as teleconferencing and video conferencing.  Agencies should make all appropriate efforts to conduct business and host or sponsor conferences in space controlled by the Federal Government, wherever practicable and cost effective.

Perhaps a nice “strategic alternative” for the first lady would be to cool her heels at the lovely Camp David, just a short chopper ride from the White House.

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  1. Folks, the Obamas are high-end welfare recepients. They are takers of the highest order, living off the goverment, and will continue to take all they can until the voters of this nation wake up and fire his sorry backside.

  2. If they took separate vacations because they do not enjoy each others company at their own expense ( not ours ) prior to this presidency, I do not have a problem with this. Otherwise; you and I should find it be thoroughly disgusting.

    1. I don’t care what they did on their own dime (although I’m sure they didn’t take such extravagent vacations when they had to pay) but I absolutely have a problem with us continually paying for all the extravagent and frequent vacations they take together and Moochelle takes without hubby. Many of their so-called ‘business’ trips are nothing more than vacations but they have a meeting or something so they can get it paid for by us. What about Indonesia? Ireland to ‘search for his roots’? South America? They’re seeing the world on our dime and we’re out of dimes!

  3. So Michelle gets a waiver from her husband’s most recent “executive” order?

    Waivers are nothing new with this admin. And in fact, this one is slightly less offensive than the others it’s given out … waivers for tax cheats, lobbyists galore, and waivers from complying with Obamacare.

    No big deal.

  4. Whenever the president flys, a second plane, usually a Air Force C-135, goes alone with the president’s limo, the Secret Service vehicals and some of the Secret Service agents. Michelle would get the same treatment, and since it’s a long haul flight, she would use Air Force 1 (any plane is called that when the president is on board, otherwise its just know by it’s tail number). Thus 2 trips to the island would result in 4 aircraft used. The Obama’s like playing royality and love the perks that come with being president (remember their “date night: to NY the first year in office and all his rounds of golf). I’m sure they will miss those perks in the coming year.

  5. Well, thank GOD that Michelle and the girls won’t have to miss their umpteenth vacation! Who cares what it costs the people of the U.S.? The queen has spoken and wants the serfs to obey.

      1. Remember the African Safari trip that Michelle took not that long ago for was it two or three weeks? Malia and Sasha were allowed to have their two “little cousins” accompany them. Sasha and Malia’s “little cousins” are actually 16 and 20 yrs old! It took a long time for one media source to come out with that information. When Obama said to spread the wealth, he meant the taxpayer money is first spread around to benefit His Family and Their Friends and Their Relatives.

      2. Sorry, but that means SIX planes. Bo always has his own plane. Remember when he flied solo to Martha’s Vineyard?

        We have to have a set of travel guidelines so this type of behavior will stop and NEVER happen again.


  6. As usual, Mr and Mrs.Obama want all of us who cling to our God and our guns to do as they say, not as they do. They know what is best for all of us.

    I cannot look forward to a discussion of this in the left wing media, because the formerly main stream press is now part of the Obama propaganda ministry.

  7. John E Begood … you said, “Folks, the Obamas are high-end welfare recepients. They are takers of the highest order, living off the goverment, and will continue to take all they can until the voters of this nation wake up and fire his sorry backside.”

    Wow, I never thought of it that way. But of course that would be their attitude. Their own beliefs about redistributing wealth … well, of course they wouldn’t be averse to partaking of it in regard to themselves.

  8. My first thought after reading this headline was; Where is this fight with congress taking place? Could it be on the 18th green? Could it be with John Boehner?

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  10. It is a real shame the nation’s business interrupts mamma’s vacation plans. People, let’s do something to correct this injustice. Make sure mr obama is not reelected. It’s for the good of his family, after all.

  11. Hohnnie Flukie Redding

    How about the time she could not wait two extra hours to leave for Marfa’s Vinyaaad because it would have delayed her vacation from doing nothing just this past August.

  12. Self Organized Criticality

    Brace for collapse, anarchy and revolution. The election of Obama was what set off the global economic collapse. He is the ultimate black swan. We have had a paradigm shift among the public with regard to personal debt. The paying off of long term debt is exponentially collapsing of the globalized fiat debt/ponzi scheme.

      1. Self Organized Criticality

        The FEMA camps are for mid 2013 when a massive flux transfer event fries the electrical grid. The Feds and NASA know this is coming, that’s why they are getting the FEMA camps ready.

        1. Hope_and_Change_Police_State

          I’ve seen the Govt. Contract – KBR and it’s subcontractors must be on-site within four hours from the word “go” from DHS.

  13. Perhaps this is the time to lead by example. For most of us folks, when Dad is delayed, the family sucks it up and deals. Not this crew. The mantra of royalty has been looked at as a right by this crew. How about a couple of seats on United Airlines in coach class rather than Air Michelle. I really don’t see the big security risk. I am sure her plan is to enjoy it while she has it. Mercifully we have the chance of sending this crew back to Chicago in November.

  14. Ugh, has anyone ever asked why they never vacation at the very expensive house in Chicago? You will remember it, the one Tony Rezzco(?) had a hand in getting for the O. Looks like a real nice place.
    When O leaves the WH in January 2013, if not before, maybe he will have “encouraged” some rich dude to “sell” him another house in Hawaii.

    1. I read that the house The One and The Wife are so fond of in Martha’s Vineyard just underwent some sort of super secret changing of hands. Perhaps The One and The Wife and the Princesses Obama will be frolicking in it as their own come the de-election?

      Does anyone know anything specific about this real estate action?

      1. A Tony Rezko “shell company” bought the house in Martha’s Vinyard.
        Man/Child loses election Nov. 2012.
        Tony Rezko’s shell company transfers ownership to friend of Odumbo.
        Tony Rezko gets pardoned by Odumbo Jan. 2013.
        Friend of Odumbo “sells” house to Odumbo for $1.00
        Feb 2013, the Odumbos move on up to Martha’s Vineyard.
        Rezko continues his life of crime.
        It’s the Chicago Way –

  15. Of course Michelle will travel separately, as in her mind this is “shared sacrifice.” As Barack does the “hard work” in Washington, her family will forge ahead to Hawaii and have a good time. Taxpayers will be dammed as she loads up her entourage of of forty attendants, her make-up and hair stylists, her mother Mariann Robinson, her daughters Sasha and Malia, and Bo the dog…

  16. Another friggin vacation? This guy is an elitist. Bush doesnt even compare to this elitist snob. Just one MORE reason to send this clown packing in 2012, anyone But OBAMA. ANYONE!

  17. There’s a tasteless, very politically incorrect term for the way these characters are spending money — OUR money. They’ve just taken it to a greater order of magnitude than even their National Felons League and ignorant leaping mutant thug counterparts.

  18. I predicted this. Queen Michelle has taken a seperate plane on almost every one of the Presidents (numerous) vacations. She uses the US Air Force as her own private luxuery aircraft. She has flown a seperate jet to Hawaii, Massachusetts (twice), and their vacation to Maine last year she flew her jet, he flew his, and the dog got a seperate jet. I’m not even counting the numerous trips to Chicago, or his campaign trips aboard AF-1. She has also taken her own vacations, without Barry to South Africa and Spain. Of course Barry doesn’t take her to the golf course, which he has been on some 88 times this year alone.

    So in less than 3 years Barry has taken at least 4 vacations of at least 10 days each, and the Queen has taken at least 6 vacations of at least 10 days each. These do not count the 5 trips they have taken to Camp David of 3-5 days each trip.

    1. Not to forget her short jaunts to Oregon to visit her brother and Vail. I’d like to know what the official White House travel budget is and how much they’ve exceeded it.

  19. Can we say “hypocrite”? This does not surprise me in any way. B.O. reeks, of hypocrisy, narcissism, arrogance, and the “Don’t-do-as-I-do-Do-as-I-say” policy.

      1. Kenyan/Indonesian Thug in the White House

        LOL – Michelle doesn’t want any photos of her holding a leash while Bo is squatting and laying a coil of cable in Hawaii!

  20. If she wants to leave for vacation ahead of the president, she should pay for the flight with their own funds. This is a terrible extravagance. And what about the increased carbon emissions into our atmosphere?

    1. MSM will portray it as how the bad Repubs have tried to ruin the Obama’s “Holiday” vacation, but how Michelle will “try” to make it a happy vacation as Barack does the “heavy lifting” in DC…

  21. As we had into the 2012 presidential election campaign, I suggest everyone pull out their copies of “Animal Farm” and “1984” and read them again.

    “All animals are equal; but some animals are more equal than other.”

  22. They behave like royals, yet whine and moan daily about “the evil rich…” Are these two just the most clueless, selfish, dysfunctional couple since the Macbeths?

  23. This is, and was, an outrage. No media outlets, that I have seen, have addressed this outrageous act(s). American voters did not elect Mrs Obama to any office and so her jetting around on taxpayer $$s for purely personal use is totally unwarranted. If she is on an official trip representing the government then it would appear to be at least somewhat warranted. For personal use she should be riding with her husband, whom we did elect and so gets the access to public transportation. This type of behavior should not be tolerated by any First Lady now or in the future, and should not have been tolerated in the past.

    1. Kenyan/Indonesian Thug in the White House

      The Hawaiian MSM and welfare recipients will roll out the red carpet for them. Their ivory smiles will be plastered be on the first page of every newspaper, and they’ll be the first story on the TV local news…

  24. In the Obamas’ minds, Congress spent this money by not finishing up their work on The One’s schedule.

    You can be certain that the rationalizations are firmly in place when these two grifters are involved.

    Funny how Michelle Antoinette and the Princesses Obama can’t be denied their Christmas in the sun. Some people might consider it a privilege to open their Christmas gifts in the White House on Christmas Day.

  25. He said, ‘Michelle and the girls are going to have a great time in Hawaii. They don’t need me there.’

    Let me add –not paraphased — We don’t need him here and we’ll make it clear to him the evening of 6 Nov 2012.

  26. LOL…so “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama puts out a “royal” decree that his goverment worker subjects MUST cut back on travel,etc….BUT that does NOT apply to him and mooochelle “antionette”!!!
    For the Love of GOD! NO MORE obama in 2012!
    NO MORE “resident” obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!

  27. Awesome! I don’t mind having my taxpayer money squandered by the Obama administration like this at all! The economy is doing great so let them blow all the money they want on special flights for Michelle!

  28. Who didn’t see this coming?

    I have twenty bucks that says Moochelle’s 757 will be full with ‘last minute’ guests for a 17 day sojourn to HI (on the US taxpayer of course) Don’t worry, she’ll list them all as ‘consultants’ of one type or another.

  29. The cost is not in the tens of thousands — it’s in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions if you include her motorcade and security. She flies on Air Force One at the cost of over $187,000 per hour. How many hours is it from DC to Hawaii??? Send them to Chicago. The flight alone is probably a million. The lies and manipulation need to stop.

  30. Here’s proof postive that President Obama speaks with fork tounge and what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander.

  31. Please go Barry-be on time for once. You are doing nothing but damage to the country in DC. Take a long vacation and relax. Do NOTHING. Don’t even bring a phone.
    Take a long, long vacation. The American People need it.

  32. Re: Executive Order Nov 9..
    Thank god! I can’t tell you how many times the husband has had to travel to other bases for meetings when a teleconference would have been just as effective, if not more. Perhaps this may also convince the higher-ups at a certain Naval base that actually building a computer system that can run the program their engineers are working on might be a good idea, rather than forcing them to drive 4 states away to do their testing and compilations.

    This might be the first thing PotUS has done right. Might.

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